If you have a modest income and a simple tax situation Accounting Firms Calgary, a volunteer from the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP) may be able to do your taxes for you, for free.Find a tax preparation clinic near you or learn more at canada.ca/taxes-help.You can also find a tax preparation clinic using the MyCRA mobile web app.View More
Most of the business owners always get confused with the types of expenses that can be claimed to minimize corporate tax Accounting Firms Calgary.Versatile Accounting has put together the list of the expenses that can be deducted for tax purposes.
Versatile accounting is a full-service accounting agency based in Bookkeeping Services Calgary, AB.In addition to small business bookkeeping services, we educate our clients about what we’re doing so they can make better financial decisions for their company.    
Whenever there are tax concerns Accounting Firms Calgary, never try to deal with it yourself.You must seek professional advice.Discuss the matter with your qualified accountant to see if your business qualifies for the deduction.Somehow, being incorporated lends your business an amount of perceived credibility and trust.Some people will only do business with corporations.You may see an increase in business solely on the fact that you have the word “Inc.” or “Corporation” in your business name.Click here