Thanksgiving is fast approaching, but how fast will your journey home be?Have no fear, Google Maps is here to expedite the trip to the best of its abilities by way of some early data.On Monday, the Google Maps and Google Trends teams published a blog post to help folks plan the start of their holiday season.From figuring out the best time to leave for grandma s house to searching for the tastiest pumpkin pie recipe to wow your guests, the internet giant wrote, Google s your guide to a successful and gluttonous turkey day.First and foremost, Google wants to ensure you can get to the food.For Turkey Day 2016, it looks as though the best time to get on the road would be early in the morning on November 20, the Sunday before Thanksgiving.
The Tesla Model 3 may be the talk of the town in 2016, but in the car world, it s important to know where you came from.Here s what we know so far.Tesla s controversial Autopilot system is getting a significant upgrade with Version 8.0.Namely, radar sensors have a tendency to reflect and distort metallic objects such as road signs, which is obviously a major drawback.All the necessary sensors are already in place in Teslas newer than October 2014, with the 8.0 software going out via an over-the-air update near the end of September.The new battery allows the sedan to sprint from 0 to 60 miles per hour in a mind-boggling 2.5 seconds, making it the quickest accelerating production car in the world.
Account-Based Marketing ABM is a strategy that concentrates sales and marketing on targeted accounts within their market, using personalized campaigns designed to the individual account.Be the Wizard of your organization.Know your customers desires a brain, a heart, courage, home , and you ll be able to guide them down the path the yellow brick road to your business.What do your customers need?Traditional marketing has been compared to casting a wide net over potential customers to see what you catch.Material is developed, and then sent out to lists or advertised.
Next summer, the fully electric truck to go with the mail between the terminal in Rosersberg and Arlanda, via a small stretch of road to be electrified.When New Technologies come to have a closer look at the unique vehicle is the heavy snowfall.– There is a motor in each wheel, and the power comes from the battery, which sits where the engine previously was.Now, the included Elways in one of the two major elvägsprojekt is going on in Sweden.– It is a big step forward that we are preparing to go out on a public road, it is a milestone, " says Gunnar Asplund.In the second planned to add a two-kilometer long rail in the way on a minor road that runs between Rosersberg and Arlanda.
SUVs are more popular than ever, and automakers are all too happy to meet that demand.Sometimes that means turning a regular car into something approximating an SUV, even if that car is a tiny subcompact hatchback.The 2017 Chevrolet Spark Activ really is just a regular car with some SUV-like styling cues, in the same vein as the Subaru Outback and XV Crosstrek or Volkswagen Golf Alltrack.But the Spark Activ, which debuts this week at the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show, applies the concept to a much smaller package.The Activ isn t any more off-road worthy than a regular Spark, but it does have what Chevy calls trail-inspired accents.These include extra plastic body cladding, rocker moldings, roof rails, round fog lights, and a 0.4-inch higher ride height.
the World's first electrified the public road for trucks have attracted visits from all over the world.A converted Scanialastbil with pantographs on the roof running on a two-kilometre-long electrified stretch of the E16 to the west of Sandviken, sweden.– We run with a truck that has the first generation of pantographs.We were a little afraid that things would break down, fall down, not able to withstand water... but everything has moved on, " says Jan Nylander, who is the project manager at the side of Magnus Ernström on the Region of Gävleborg.During the test drive the truck for one or two weeks a month back and forth continuously along the elvägen.measuring how strömöverföringen works in different situations and how different types of weather affects the technology.
the World's first electrified the public road, it has attracted visits from all over the world.A converted Scanialastbil with pantographs on the roof running on a two-kilometre-long electrified stretch of the E16 to the west of Sandviken, sweden.– We run with a truck that has the first generation of pantographs.We were a little afraid that things would break down, fall down, not able to withstand water... but everything has moved on, " says Jan Nylander, who is the project manager at the side of Magnus Ernström on the Region of Gävleborg.During the test drive the truck for one or two weeks a month back and forth continuously along the elvägen.measuring how strömöverföringen works in different situations and how different types of weather affects the technology.
Police in England and Wales are conducting a week-long crackdown on motorists who use their mobile phones while driving.The operations will include dedicated patrols and messages on road signs.The move follows government plans to double fines and points for using a mobile while driving.The National Police Chiefs' Council said the campaign aims "to make 'driving distracted' as socially unacceptable as drink driving".The national week of action comes after a previous one in May, which the police said resulted in the detection of 2,323 offences across the week.It comes after an RAC survey in September suggested the number of motorists illegally using mobile phones while at the wheel was rising.
View photosMoreAn Audi logo is seen at the Mondial de l'Automobile, Paris auto show, during media day in Paris, France, September 30, 2016.BERLIN Reuters - Audi cars with automatic transmissions have technology capable of distorting emissions when they are tested, Volkswagen said, as its luxury flagship is battling allegations over a reported discovery of a new cheat software device.Germany's Bild am Sonntag newspaper said a week ago that the California Air Resources Board CARB had this summer discovered cheating software in an older Audi model, which is unrelated to the device that triggered last year's diesel emissions test-cheating scandal at parent VW.The software in CARB's discovery lowered carbon dioxide CO2 emissions by detecting whether a car's steering wheel was turned as it would be when driving on a road and was used in diesel and petrol models in Europe for years, Bild had said."Adaptive shift programs can lead to incorrect and non-reproducible results" when the cars are tested, VW said by email on Sunday in response to an article published in Germany's Sueddeutsche Zeitung on Saturday.If the software that controlled the automatic transmissions of certain Audi models detected testing conditions, the cars shifted more rapidly and in a way that would lower emissions of CO2 as well as nitric oxides, Sueddeutsche Zeitung said, citing a confidential VW document.
Snapchat created a lot of buzz a few days ago by launching its new Spectacles wearable — sunglasses equipped with a camera — through a bright yellow vending machine placed in Venice Beach, California.The surprise release came without warning, and what s more, the vending machine is the only way to buy a pair of the $130 glasses.But the big yellow box has appeared in a second location today, giving those in central California another chance to snag a pair.The new spot is near the Big Sur state park, not far from Loma Vista, on California s Route 1.Snapchat teased the vending machine s location by sharing a photo on Twitter early this morning.When the Spectacles turned up in Los Angeles on Thursday, the vending machine turned out to be a huge hit.
the Three houses the company owns jointly a couple of hundred seats-car garage where a single electric motorist had received a property management office for permission to install, at its own expense to his car download location, which electricity costs he also paid for itself.Permission given to the property management office at least had done a survey about how many electric car in the garage can be usually download places to build, as the real estate of the electrical system capacity is usually limited.Juha Sipilä from among is currently being decided by the Finnish climate strategy, where consumers will be to encourage electric car buying above all in urban areas.If the incentives work, the Finnish 2.6 million passenger car fleet should quickly get reformed so that in 15 years the electric car would increase up to almost 10% of the cars on the road – 200 000 car."Equal treatment rises to the housing stock in companies featured well in different types of cases.for example, If the house in the company the board is asking shareholders, the willingness of the charging plugs to install, if all shareholders have been offered the possibility of building to download the score of expense, the principle of equality principle is fulfilled", Hienonen said.
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is taking a much more conciliatory tone towards President-elect Donald Trump, after publicly criticizing him on several occasions prior to the election.Why the olive branch?It could be as simple as Bezos taking the high road, despite his differences with Trump.But there s a much more pragmatic reason for Bezos to make nice with the 45th President of the United States: Amazon has grown so big, it needs Washington on its side to keep up its crazy growth.Amazon is no longer just an online shopping site.Over the past 20 years, the company has evolved from a small online book seller to the 5th most valuable company in the US.It now sells everything from detergent to cloud computing power, while expanding into new areas like voice-controlled technology and delivery drones.Add that to Amazon's increasingly dominant position in online retail, and you have a company whose business interests are tightly linked to government policies, across areas like sales tax, cybersecurity, net neutrality, and shipping, just to name a few."More lobbyingAmazon has moved to strengthen its ties with the nation's capital in recent years.The clearest sign can be found in its lobbying expenditures.In 2015, Amazon dramatically increased its spending on lobbying to $9.07 million, a whopping 91% jump from the year before.
Spectacles are on sale again, in their second ever pop-up location the first was at Venice Beach in LA on November 10 – and people in and around Loma Vista near Big Sur state park are the new lucky lotto winners who can now purchase a pair of Snapchat s Snap-capturing eyewear.The new location is way more remote than the first, but judging by the example of the Snapbot vending machine s stint in LA, it should be selling Spectacles through today, and be refilled multiple times provided there s interest.The long lines from Friday, along with high selling prices on eBay that are hitting 20x the original Spectacles spelling price, suggest a lot of people could be looking to pick them up – but the somewhat remote location might make for a very different scene.If you re curious about what it s like to use Spectacles feel free to check out the first impressions of TC s Editor-in-Chief and resident hypebeat Matthew Panzarino, but everyday users seem to love the things, too, so if you don t mind a lineup plus beautiful California coastal highway views and you re in the area, there s probably no reason not to go down and get in line.The second location indicates that contrary to prevailing theories, Snapchat won t be making Snapbots available first at big urban centers like SF and New York.Instead, the company seems to want to provoke some interesting road trips with its rollout strategy – something which may, in part, be driven by Spectacle inventory scarcity, but which also finds with its brand advertising, wherein beautiful millennial take beautiful road trips while enjoying the social app.
Google recently published the full text of a patent for a contact lens that can monitor blood glucose and dispense insulin automatically, while Samsung patented a contact lens with an integrated camera just a few short weeks ago.The next great wave of tech innovation may come in the form of the one of the most intimate of all wearables: contact lenses.But the golden age of research in contact-lens technology has officially begun.As CEO of some of the world s largest online optical companies, I can say that contact lenses are poised to get a dramatic overhaul.Here s a look at innovations, both in the near term and further down the road, that are leading us toward the fabled smart contact.Since mass-produced contacts first emerged in the 1970s, advancements have come mainly in the form of thinner, softer, and cheaper lens materials, most notably silicone hydrogel, which allows more oxygen to reach the cornea.Contacts are now more comfortable than ever and even come in colors , but their actual functionality hasn t changed.In many respects, traditional manufacturers have been content to play it safe, sticking with a high-margin business even as Lasik and other new technologies have eaten into their share of the market.Still, contacts account for a more than $10-billion-a-year business, with more than 100 million wearers around the globe.That rate of progress is about to take a major tick upward, however, thanks to advances in materials science.They are backed by very real science, using the wonder-material graphene to detect light well into the infrared spectrum and fit a traditionally large detector into a tiny contact lens.
Just ahead of next week s 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show, Jeep has taken the wraps off two new special edition trims of its Renegade crossover SUV.The first is the desert-themed and thus appropriately named Deserthawk, while the second is the Altitude, a trim design that has appeared on several other Jeep models.Both vehicles will be appearing at the LA Auto Show, but you can check out the details now right here.The 2017 Renegade Deserthawk is essentially a spruced-up version of Jeep s Renegade Trailhawk, but with a slightly bigger price tag.The Deserthawk takes the Trailhawk s off-road stylings and puts a desert-themed twist on it: there s black leather seats, black painted 17-inch wheels, a unique Mojave Sand paint color, hood and body panel decals, and equipment for towing a trailer.The Deserthawk also features a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine and nine-speed automatic transmission, Jeep s Trail Rated 4 4 capability, and 8.7 inches of ground clearance.
Honda Civic Tourer: Without being a giant of the road, it s a giant of the boot.I never fell for the Honda Civic Tourer and I felt bad about that, like I d fostered a dog and could see how hard it was trying but in the end it was still a spaniel and the love never came.This is the car you would drive if you were one of only four taxi drivers in a seaside town; it doesn t look fancy and that s fine, because if people want glitz, they can damn well move to Canterbury.The only people it will overtake on dual carriageways are the three other taxis, but that s fine, too; if people want to race, they can buy their own car.Passengers get stuff usually reserved for the driver, though I have to say I had several passengers and nobody thanked me for the lumbar support.Whatever happens, it will start: I can t think of many new cars you couldn t say that about, except for an Audi I met that reacted badly to engaging drive and hitting the start button in the wrong order.
The New York Times reports car manufacturers are tweaking interior auto sounds with a balance of active noise cancellation and digital tuners.The primary goal is to provide a quiet ride, masking irksome mechanical sounds and road noise as much as possible.An additional benefit of electronic sound deadening can even improve fuel economy by cutting the weight of unneeded insulation.Nissan product planning manager Aaron Gauger said, It s about the driver s comfort.But we also want the driver to have a good experience during acceleration.Nissan uses both technologies with the automaker s Maxima, quieting engine sounds with noise-cancellation but amping it up under acceleration.
A good hug is what everyone needs at any time on any day.It s a certain type of closeness combined with a sense of security, and a shared warmth that makes it necessary.Some hugs are sad and emotional, others are happy and relieved, but after watching these 50 hugging scenes from various movies like Interstellar, Mad Max: Fury Road, Sucker Punch, and more, I just want to hug the next person I see today.I hope that won t be weird?
China has big plans for Mount Everest-the mountain of commercial space.Earlier this year, has been opened a little over four kilometres of new paved road and parking lot base camp.Planned addition to the international mountaineering center, which is a hotel, restaurant as well as training and search and rescue services.the museum Also has kaaval estimated, told the news agency Bloomberg.China hopes the magazine according to create a Tibet economic growth, promote tourism as well as promote its winter sports before the Beijing 2022 olympic winter games.the Growing competition is bad news for the people of Nepal, who is still struggling the tourism industry to re-build in 2015 after the earthquake.
Follow us here every Friday or add us via RSS, iTunes, or Stitcher at the links below to take BtS on the road!As usual, our solace comes from trips to the other alternate dimensions found in TV shows and movies, which provide not only the sweet numbness of escapism we all crave, but also some fleeting moments of reverie about our place in the stars, and occasionally humanity itself.The latter is the promise of our first topic on today s show: Arrival, the cerebral new sci-fi thriller opening this weekend from Sicario director Denis Villaneuve.We ve been excited about Arrival since the very first trailer, and it appears our optimism was far from unwarranted.The film begins as an alien race descends on earth in the form of ancient-looking stone pods.But the real hook appears to be that even mathematics, often heralded by the scientific community at large as a universal language, is proved to be far from it.