It makes sense to want a part of the uniform, an iconic aspect of sporting, to represent a particular team, player, or type of sport.Whether you like to shop for your jerseys by players past or present, no one can blame you for wanting a piece of that player's history.When you are browsing around online and visiting shops to find the biggest and brightest names in Major League Baseball, there is one name you do not want to leave out.But while on the topic of collecting sports jerseys, we should definitely shine some light on what makes a Roberto Clemente jersey a must-have for a collector.Legendary NameOne reason to purchase a Roberto Clemente jersey is pretty simple and straightforward.His name holds a place in the Baseball Hall of Fame and for good reason.Roberto Clemente is a giant in the game, so it should go without saying that owning a baseball jersey featuring his legendary number 21 is a must.Honor the Life & LegacyWith such a successful career in baseball, Clemente had already made a name for himself after a handful of years in the game.
Roberto Clemente's legacy as one of baseball's greatest players is matched only by the memory of the selfless sacrifice he made trying to help others in need.The son of a sugar cane worker in Puerto Rico, Clemente showed athletic promise at an early age, joining the Puerto Rican amateur league in 1952 at the age of 16 and signing a minor league contract with a Brooklyn Dodgers affiliate two years later.Later that year, the Pittsburgh Pirates made Clemente its first selection of the rookie draft.As a Pirate, Clemente would go on to win 12 Gold Gloves (tied for most among outfielders), four National League batting titles, two World Series rings, and the World Series MVP for 1971.He had a batting average of over .300 for 13 seasons and is credited with professional baseball's only inside the park, walk-off grand slam.He recorded his 3,000th and last hit during the final regular season at-bat of his career in 1972.
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