00:00 03:31 Auto Apple WWDC 2016 Loading Advertising .. Siri coming to your PC, and payment solution apple pay built into Safari. These are some of the innovations presented at yesterday's Worldwide Developers Conference. This robot is built to hurt people - and remind us of the doomsday
It is about a small robot that randomly pierced on human fingers. Reben has primarily built the robot to create a discussion about the author Isaac Asimov's first robotlag saying that a robot may never harm a human. He tells Fast Company: "No one's actually made a robot that was built to intentionally hurt and injure someone. I wanted to make a robot That does this That actually exists ... That was an important issue to, to take it out of the realm of thought experiments into reality, Because once something exists in the world, you have to confront it. You can t just pontificate about it " Below are three Asimov's robot laws: * A robot May not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. * A robot must obey orders given it by human beings except where Such orders would conflict with the First Law.
Earlier today, they were but flashes on the big screen at Microsoft s big E3 kickoff event.The Xbox One S console is, of course, noticeably more svelte than its predecessor – 40-percent so, in fact.The first thing you really notice about the device, however, is that bright white coat of paint, the starkest of contrasts from its much darker predecessors.Balanced precariously up top is the new controller, which also sports a sleeker design not 40-percent sleeker, but sleeker, nonetheless , along with redesigned, textured grips for a better feel.For those who want to stand out from the robot white crowds, Microsoft is also showcasing its new Design Lab site, which lets users customize the peripheral for a starting price of $80 a $20 premium over the standalone controller .The design site is now live, featuring fifteen color options for customizing the front, back, bumpers and triggers, thumbsticks and buttons.
Robot already has plenty to captivate viewers, but the show will soon add one more element that is bound to do just that: Season 2 will include at least one scene shot in virtual reality.VR is still on its way to becoming mainstream, and watching it on a network TV series is a unique experience for those who can .More series will undoubtedly incorporate the technology in the near future, but at the moment, the VR scene puts Mr.The episode in question is directed by show creator Sam Esmail, who helms all 10 episodes of season 2.We definitely go for a cinematic quality, especially in our shots and our framing, Esmail told Digital Trends in January at New York Comic Con.The second season is supposed to get even darker than the first as it continues to follow the journey of young hacker Elliot Alderson played by Rami Malek and his activities with an underground group of hacktivists led by the mysterious Mr.
That's a long way off thanks to the newest update to Siri, which lets app developers integrate their services.Until now, Siri was locked down and limited to the handful of outside services Apple chose.Photos When Google released its amazing new photo app last year, I gave up on Apple Photos immediately.iMessage is one of the top services that keeps users locked into iOS, but it's felt largely ignored over the years.There are also several new ways to send iMessages, from adding cute stickers, to better emoji search, to animations and doodles, to changing the background of your chat window to reflect your mood.More from Tech Insider:There's a terrifying new 'Resident Evil' game — and you can play it entirely in virtual realityOne of the most gorgeous games we've ever seen lets you play as a robot detectiveOne of the PlayStation 4's most anticipated games just got a release date'God of War' is back and it's totally differentThe way you use your iPhone is about to change foreverNOW WATCH: Apple s new Siri upgrade will change the way you use your iPhoneLoading video...
I've been a runner since I was in high school, and everytime I step out to jog I always have the same conundrum: Do I really need to take my phone?In an ideal world, I would run freely without my phone and its constant notifications, whether that meant taking an iPod or ditching technology altogether.But now when I step out to jog in the evening, by myself, in New York City, it seems so foolish to leave behind the one way I could communicate if anything happened.That's why when Apple announced the Watch's new SOS feature, I reconsidered my opposition to wearables for the first time.Apple will roll out the Watch's new operating system, Watch OS 3, this fall.If I'm already using the watch to keep track of my run, the fact that it can help me if something happens on said run is a solid perk.Just tap your wrist.It makes sense that if we're going to wear smart technology on our wrist, that it should be able to help us in addition to counting calories and pushing through text messages.Tiny updates like this are what push reluctant people like myself to give the Apple Watch a real shot.Read the original article on Tech Insider.More from Tech Insider:There's a terrifying new 'Resident Evil' game — and you can play it entirely in virtual realityOne of the most gorgeous games we've ever seen lets you play as a robot detectiveOne of the PlayStation 4's most anticipated games just got a release date'God of War' is back and it's totally differentThe way you use your iPhone is about to change foreverNOW WATCH: An Apple demo froze during the big WWDC keynote and nobody noticedLoading video...
RoBattle is a six-wheeled unmanned ground vehicle UGV developed by Israel Aerospace Industries IAI and can be modified with different equipment and weapons according to the mission at hand.For better or worse, robotics are becoming a common sight on today's battlefields as militaries turn to technology to maximise operations while limiting the risk to troops' safety.For example, RoBattle's tyres can be switched for tank tracks, allowing it to tackle pretty much any terrain, meanwhile it can also be kitted out with various sensors, vehicle control, navigation and real-time mapping.As a result, the UGV is equally suited for intelligence, surveillance and armed reconnaissance missions, as well as convoy protection, decoy, and ambush and attack operations, said IAI.RoBattle is the latest UGV from Israel Aerospace IndustriesMeir Shabtai, IAI's deputy general manager of ground robotics systems, said in a statement: "The RoBattle system is based on IAI's vast experience and heritage in development and manufacturing of unmanned systems including unmanned ground vehicles.RoBattle is the latest robot in IAI's family of UGVs which also includes Sahar, an autonomous improvised explosive device IED detection and clearing robot, and Guardium, an unmanned ground system that can be used for security and reconnaissance missions and for border patrols.
Last year, we got introduced to ReCore, a third-person adventure game that s exclusive to Microsoft s Xbox One and Windows 10.It s co-developed by Comcept, which was founded by former Capcom employee and Mega Man illustrator Keiji Inafune, as well as Armature Studio.The relationship between robot and human seems pretty evident — each robot represents a particular skill and can help Joule in their own special ways.Seth is an escape artist, and looks like it can provide help in reaching distant areas.She can use a grappling hook to move around — she also uses it on Seth at one point in the trailer.The game is set to launch September 13, and will be available on Xbox One and Windows 10.
That s because they ve created a 3D-printed robot called Root, designed to teach kids how to code.One way of doing this is to get learners to program a robot; instructing it to move about, perform tasks, and interact with its environment.Coding with robots is a dynamic experience, lead robotics researcher Zivthan Dubrovsky tells Digital Trends.Robots are a great way to bring coding to life, and give a physical presence to both simple and complex coding problems.As students become more adept at coding, Root s interface becomes more complex — starting with a basic if/then system for younger students, while more advanced learners can graduate to fully text-based coding.The $199 robot is currently only available on a small print run using 3D printing technology, but it is hoped that it can be mass-produced and made available to schools everywhere as early as 2017.
MicrosoftKeiji Inafune's ReCore will be released worldwide in September for Xbox and Windows 10 PCs, Microsoft has revealed at its E3 2016 press conference in Los Angeles.The game stars Jewel a girl hoping to bring humanity back to a deserted planet with the help of her robot companions.Why advertise with usThe release date was revealed at the end of a new trailer, showing off new characters, planetary locations and hinting at a few of the game's gameplay elements.The game also supports Play Anywhere - the new Microsoft initiative bringing together the PC and Xbox consoles.Inafune, who created MegaMan and was responsible for the Metroid Prime series, surprised many when his next title was confirmed as an Xbox exclusive.The famed developer has been involved in numerous Capcom series over the years, including Resident Evil, Dead Rising, Street Fighter and Onimusha.
Sony gave PlayStation 4 fans a new look at the action game Horizon: Zero Down during its event ahead of the Electronic Entertainment Expo this evening in Los Angeles.Horizon was first shown during Sony s E3 event last year.It s from Guerrilla Games, the studio behind the Killzone series of first-person shooters.Horizon will come out on February 28, 2017.It is set during an overgrown future filled with robots, while humans have reverted back to scavenger ways.The new demo shows a woman running through a large, lush enviroment while hunting large, crawling robots for parts.She then disembarks to fight another large robot that jumps around and attacks with a long, scorpion-like tail.When knocked off, she fights back with a weapon that pins the creature to the ground.
However, it will seemingly be business as usual inside the video game industry's annual trade show this week.EA, which has a studio in Orlando, did not directly address the shootings Sunday afternoon while hyping such games as the World War I-set military shooter "Battlefield 1" and the robot-filled sci-fi shoot-'em-up "Titanfall 2."Microsoft began their Monday morning presentation with a moment of silence led by Xbox chief Phil Spencer before actress Laura Baily demonstrated a bullet-riddled level from sci-fi shooter "Gears of War 4.""I don't know that it will directly affect the mood at E3 , but anyone who is a parent or feels they have a voice is certainly going to be thinking about how we as a country and culture move forward and address it," he said.The trade show has long featured presentations and demonstrations of mature-rated, over-the-top games featuring photorealistic grisliness, bone-crushing violence and other high-definition gross-outs.The organization said security and personnel were already in place before Sunday morning's shooting to ensure the safety of E3 attendees.
Microsoft s got you covered.Along with that shiny new robot white Xbox One S, the company unveiled Xbox Design Lab, a site that lets users customize their controller s color.That includes pretty much every part of the controller, from the front and pack faces to the various buttons.In all, there are around eight million different or so possible color combinations, according to the company s numbers.The controls are colorful versions of the new Xbox One controller, also unveiled today, which feature Bluetooth connectivity with increased range, a more robots thumbstick and a textured grip for better feel.The custom controllers are set to run $80 through the Design lab site a notable premium over the default version s $60 , with laser engraved Gamertag customization adding on an addition $10.
"A robot may not injure a human being or, by not intervening, allow a human being gets hurt," is the first of the three laws that science fiction writer Isaac Asimov wrote in the 1940s. Google wants to build a death button to prevent robots to rebel against us. An experiment to show that bloodthirsty and whimsical robots is not a future scenario. Technology giants say it far away, but let's think about it now, before it is too late. I want to prove that malicious robots can exist even now, says Alexander Reben the BBC. But Alexander Reben am not entirely sure that the solution is sufficient.
isn t a baby anymore.The blocky robot is ready to leave its world and explore the moon.At Ubisoft s press briefing for the Electronic Entertainment Expo, the publisher announced Grow Up, which is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC this August.Grow Up is the sequel to Grow Home, an adorable climbing game that originally started as an animation experiment at developer Ubisoft Reflections.You play as B.U.D.the Botanical Utility Droid , who must take his first steps in a new world by bouncing, shooting, and catapulting himself through the air with beanstalk-like Star plants.GamesBeat reviewer Gavin Greene gave Grow Home a 65/100 last year, saying it s worth getting for the cool tech, but that it will also take some serious dedication for players to want to get back up after you land.You can watch the trailer for Grow Up below.
The US secret service NSA wants to be able to monitor online pacemakers and other biometric devices, writes the intercept. During a military conference at the end of last week, the Authority's chief executive Richard Ledgett said that the NSA "currently we are looking at it quite theoretically from an investigative perspective". He describes the online medical equipment as a possible "tool in the toolbox." Asked about the Internet of Things is a security nightmare or a gold mine for probation, he replied "both". - Because my job is to penetrate into people's networks is the complexity on my side. Last fall were researchers at the University of South Alabama headlines after they managed to "kill" a test robot by hacking an offline pacemaker.
Microsoft wasted little time getting down to business at its E3 briefing, opening with the remodeled Xbox One that leaked over the weekend.The Xbox One S is more or less what we expected but there were some surprises in store.The sleeker machine is 40 percent smaller than the original Xbox One, white in color Microsoft calls it Robot White and includes an integrated power supply no more massive power brick .It can be configured with up to a 2TB hard drive, can be situated vertically thanks to an optional vertical stand and now offers 4K Ultra HD video support and HDR capabilities for both games and videos.The Xbox One S goes on sale in early August priced at $299 with a 500TB drive or $349 for a 1TB system.A limited-run launch edition will be sold with a spacious 2TB hard drive priced at $399.
iRobot Roomba 870, $450Life s too short to vacuum every other day, but luckily, you can pawn that tedious chore off to your very own robot, and one of the best is on sale today.The iRobot Roomba 870 is designed for pet owners and allergy sufferers, and can even detect the dirtiest areas of your floor to give them extra attention.I got a Roomba 770 a few months ago, and I absolutely adore the thing.Today s Gold Box deal is a whopping $150 less than usual, and I wouldn t be surprised if it sold out early.Commerce Content is independent of Editorial and Advertising, and if you buy something through our posts, we may get a small share of the sale.Click here to learn more, and don t forget to sign up for our email newsletter.
Photo credit: GoogleThe key to implementation of automated vehicles will be the use of our existing roads, a well-organized spoke-and-hub system connecting our business, shopping, entertainment, residential and transportation centers.Heathrow Airport began piloting an automated vehicle system in 2010, using pods designed by Ultra Global running on dedicated roads created by Arup.The advocates hope rule makers will consider the benefits to those with disabilities as regulations governing automated vehicles are put in place.Discussions about fixing the country s aging roadways by replacing the per gallon gasoline tax with a tax on mileage have been frustrated by privacy concerns.According to a story on National Public Radio on February 24, 2016, a Ford study surveyed people in India and China and asked if they could imagine themselves in automated vehicles, 84 percent of the Indian respondents and 78 percent of the Chinese respondents said yes.I predict an automobile like a Mustang, a Ferrari, or a Lamborghini will become like a snowmobile, something you use on weekends to have fun.
Mr Reben has nicknamed it "The First Law" after a set of rules devised by sci-fi author Isaac Asimov.The tech giants are saying it's way out there, but let's think about it now before it's too late.Kill switchMr Reben's work suggests that perhaps an AI "kill switch", such as the one being developed by scientists from Google's artificial intelligence division, DeepMind, and Oxford University, might be useful sooner rather than later.In an academic paper, they outlined how future intelligent machines could be coded to prevent them from learning to override human input."It will be interesting to hear what kill switch is proposed," said Mr Reben.Mr Reben has built a number of robots based on the theme of the relationship between technology and humans, including one which offered head massages and film-making "blabdroid" robots, which encouraged people to talk to them.