the roof of snow and ice to drop in should choose companies that have experience snow loss of work, the central chamber of commerce to remind the release.“When the subscriber has selected a snow drop as the contractor, before starting work on the reason to draw up a written agreement, the agreed rules of the game and a liability of subscribers and possibly to a third party arising from personal and property damage,” said central chamber of commerce, lawyer Raisa Harju.Ridge recalls that as a proactive measure and contract basis before winter maintenance starts, it would be sensible to make use of the roof surfaces review, which will provide clarity about what the potential problems on the roof is the previous winter's snow drops retarded, for example, the old holes.“the roof in the snow pudotuksissa is important to take into consideration below of the walking and car traffic areas of delineation, marking and traffic control of the drop time.City or urban area, it is also important to trail work, such as pedestrian route cleaning lumikasa as well as anti-icing,” said the central chamber of commerce approved by the commodity inspection (HTT), the builder Juhani Leijamaa.
apartment building log dam road in Helsinki, Oulu, on the roof of the village is one of Finland's first self-investment in housing corporation for photovoltaic systems. - If the panels produce more electricity than what is used, it can be sold back to the national grid, Chairman Roger Santala explains. Housing cooperatives are not used to invest in productive investments Energy expert and tietokirjaiija Janne Käpylehdon, Finland has some 80 000 summer cottages, which is independent from the power supply a solar power system. network-connected systems is currently a little less than 2 000. - Plumbing renovations are accustomed to do, but an investment in photovoltaics is very different. Energy expert Janne Käpylehdon According to the Finnish Housing Company cooking slowly in position to take advantage of the enormous potential of solar energy economically viable.
Google Wave Long before Slack, Facebook at Work and its own Google Drive tried to get us to work on the same wavelength. Google Glass 2012 Sergey Brin goes out on stage with some of the ugliest spectacle the world has ever known. The highlight - that moment when ashamed cushion needed hugging hardest - was when skydivers equipped with Google Glass jumped on the roof of the Moscone Center, and then ran and cycled! The ball was worked as a streaming hub for Android devices, but missing most of arch-enemy functions. In addition, cost Nexus Q, the entire $ 300 - three times as much as the then-generation Apple TV. 2012 JRC abolished everywhere except on Blogger, who stubbornly fought on the outdated system until January this year.
Honda is stepping up its self-driving game with a second-generation autonomous prototype that will be unleashed in California this year.The new test vehicle is much sleeker than the automated RLX unveiled last year, thanks to a lower-profile LiDAR sensor that replaces the spinning turret mounted to the roof of the previous car.Honda says the entire suite of sensors — which also includes radar, cameras, and GPS — is new, along with virtually everything else.The RLX also boasts higher-performance CPUs and GPUs, with improved cabling, heat management, and circuitry, according to Honda.Radar is good at detecting the relative speed and position of objects, while cameras are better at identifying objects based on size and shape, Honda notes.While Apple s car plans are still quite opaque, Honda says its test program is part of a plan to put self-driving technology into production by 2020.
Power: 180 kW 245 hp Torque: 370 Nm / 1300-4000 rpm Acceleration:. 5.8 s 0-100 km / h Top speed: 250 km / h Combined consumption: 5.8 liters / 100 km The SLK was born in 1966 in a bit of a miracle: a snappy two-seater with a hard roof opening and closing the first serial produced Roadster push of a button fully automatically. The appearance of the bow update has been filed on the most. Nine-Section automatic transmission gets the job done slickly. Smaller is equipped with an automatic kuusiportisella. Uneven road surfaces and töyssyissä hard surface interferes with, even if the turn moodinupin comfort. The three-liter V6 twin turbo murjaisee 520 horsepower and 520 Nm of torque.
Machine learning is an integral part of Google s strategy, powering many of the company s top applications.It s so important, in fact, that the search giant has been working behind closed doors for years developing its own custom solution to power its experiences.Norm Jouppi, a distinguished hardware engineer at Google, said they ve been running TPUs inside their data centers for more than a year now and have found them to deliver an order of magnitude better-optimized performance per watt when handling machine learning.From the first tested silicon, the engineer said they had them up and running applications at speed in data centers within 22 days.As companies like Apple can attest to, good things happen when both hardware and software are developed under one roof.Machine learning is transforming how developers build intelligent applications, he concluded, and they re excited to see the possibilities of it come to life.
Courtesy of VISUALHOUSEFourteen years from now, New York s skyline will be one vastly different than the recognizable profile visible today.With dozens of new projects set to make their mark on the city, the creative design companyVisualhouse — specializing in 3D visualizations — has released a rendering of New York in 2030.This image shows the who s who of modern architecture — with buildings designed by Jean Nouvel,Rafael Vinoly, Bjarke Ingels Group, SOM, Foster Partners, and Kohn Pedersen Fox, just to name a few, said Visualhouse CEO and Founder, Rob Herrick.How these modern day masterpieces all fit together in the sky space, that will be the legacy for New Yorkers in 2030 and beyond.Some of these additions include Nordstrom Tower, which, when completed, will have the tallest roof in the United States; BIG s nearly complete VIA 57 WEST; 432 Park Avenue; and various projects around the newly developed Hudson Yards site, such as 30 and 35 Hudson Yards both by Kohn Pedersen Fox , 15 Hudson Yards by Diller Scofidio Renfro, and SOM s nearby office and residential complex, Manhattan West.While many of these projects have already begun construction, only time will tell if this hypothetical New York materializes, and we can only wonder what other surprises may be in store for one of the world s most recognized skylines.
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It s been a big month for trucking innovations.In addition to Otto s autonomous truck announcement, there s the unveiling of Nikola Motor Company s electric long-haul rig concept.It s similar to how the Chevy Volt works, where the gasoline tank recharges the batteries.That s not the only similarity to another company that Nikola Motor Company has.For a $750 reservation $42,000 MSRP , you can get in line for 520 hp of all-electric, waterproof driving.The Zero plugs in like most EVs do to recharge the 440-volt lithium-ion batteries rather than using CNG and a turbine, though it does have solar panels on the roof to power the 12V battery.
Drivers in Pittsburgh should have no problem spotting the research vehicle—it's carrying an array of sensors on its roof that includes a radar, lidar, and cameras.It's not the only ride-sharing service looking to ditch the human aspect, either.In January, we reported that General Motors invested $500 million in Lyft with the goal of developing a network of self-driving taxis.It's also a somewhat confusing move for Uber given the company's current business model.But don't expect a driverless taxi any time soon.Outside of some very well-mapped areas like Palo Alto, we're still quite a long way from having sufficiently developed autonomous driving technology to be able to deploy proper level 4 cars that can drive from A to B with no human interaction beyond telling the car the destination ; almost every expert Ars has spoken to thinks 2030 might be a realistic target.
And now we've been formally introduced to Uber's first self-driving car, currently being tested on the roads of Pittsburgh.Hardly the 'car that looks like it should be driven by a superhero', as claimed in the post, the driverless Uber car would be considered relatively unassuming were it not for the array of radars, laser scanners, and high resolution cameras affixed to the roof.The company also says in the post: "While Uber is still in the early days of our self-driving efforts, every day of testing leads to improvements."Right now we re focused on getting the technology right and ensuring it s safe for everyone on the road — pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers."This is the first time the San Francisco-based ride-hailing firm has made its self-driving ambitions official, although its efforts in Pittsburgh have hardly been a secret up to this point.While personal driverless cars are still a long way off, many companies, including Ford, have made clear their view that the first autonomous vehicles to be released are likely to be for-hire vehicles.
REUTERS/Shannon StapletonNEW YORK Reuters - Some of the best deals at big retailers like Macy's, Staples and Gap are not in their stores but on the stock market: their dividends are through the roof.After a Wall Street selloff hit shares of stores that turned in weak earnings for the latest quarter, the companies are sporting yields at historically high levels.Weak first-quarter results for some retailers have raised fresh fears about their ability to compete with Amazon and other online sellers.Charles Sizemore, who focuses on dividend stocks as chief investment officer of Sizemore Capital Management in Dallas, said he owns and is bullish on shares of Wal-Mart and Target , both yielding roughly 3 percent and with histories of raising their dividends."Retail is volatile because consumer tastes change, and the entire sector is undergoing a structural change because of e-commerce."Coach , for example, has a coverage ratio just under 1, as does Abercrombie & Fitch Co .
The transmitter used in a record transfer is on the roof by a 45 storey building in Cologne. photographer: Fraunhofer The contents of a DVD sent wirelessly over a distance of 37 km in ten seconds is the new transfer record for the data on the free E-band. This is achieved in the project Access Advanced E-band Satellite Link Studies in collaboration between the University of Stuttgart, Institute of high-frequency technology at KIT and the Fraunhofer Institute IAF. In order to obtain sufficiently powerful transmitter and receiver in millimetervågsområdet have special semiconductor gallium nitride developed to manage the transmit power 1 W. The receiving antenna is an amplifier with a high-speed transistors made of indium gallium arsenide. Extremely large transmission capacity of the data is a step towards the Internet of things and Industry 4.0. But even in future satellite communications is required that large amounts of data can be transmitted over long distances.
Credit: Derek WalterIf you have a group of Android devices in your family, you ve probably been impatiently waiting for Google to implement some type of digital sharing option.The family library finally flips on July 2, as Google detailed in a recent change to the Google Play Developer Support documents.It would make sense for Google to enable the same features, though the current changes to the Google Play Developer Support documents only detail Android apps, for now.Apple s efforts also integrate with other services like family photo albums or Find My Friends, but Google doesn t have any similar service for the latter and image sharing is a separate entity under Google Photos.Much like Google Play Music s family plan, there will be one individual who serves as the family manager, who can manage who gets into the group.And now that Chromebooks will be running Android apps, it s even more important for buyers to feel like they can bring their family s digital content under the one roof.
But almost as soon as Icahn took over in March, he wavered on investing the full $100 million, spooked by the prospect of two new casinos in the northern part of the state.Icahn will wait until the referendum to commit to spending that much money on a casino that could be at an even worse competitive position with new in-state rivals.Less visible repairs include fixing leaks in a roof.Trump, the Republican presidential front-runner who has received some help from Icahn courting political donors, lost majority control to bondholders in the casino's 2004 bankruptcy filing.The Taj Mahal took $180 million from gamblers last year, ranking it 7th out of Atlantic City's eight casinos.Should Icahn agree to go all-in on upgrades to the Taj Mahal, Rodio envisions new nightclubs, branded restaurants and other attractions to fill the vast empty spaces that exist in numerous areas of the sprawling casino complex.
In the tit for tat battle between music streaming services, Spotify's family plan is one thing that's lagged behind its rivals - but today that changes.You can now have up to six people on a Spotify Family Plan for a flat £14.99/$14.99 per month.Previously it allowed for two members for the same price, with every extra person costing an additional £5/$5.If you're already on the plan, everything will continue as normal but with the new lower price, which Spotify says will be updated from your next payment date.Spotify does ask you to confirm all users are at the same address by adding everyone's address, but to be honest, there's nothing stopping you pretending your friends live under the same roof.This all means Spotify's Family Plan is now on parity with Apple Music, which offered the same plan from launch, and Google Play, which changed its plan to match Apple's late last year.
The vehicle would become an instant classic, one that did sports cars in an approachable, user-friendly way while still maintaining excellent performance and a playful attitude.26 years later, the highly anticipated successor has rolled off the assembly line.Rick Hendrick earned the keys to VIN 001 after placing a $1.2-million winning bid at a Barrett-Jackson auction in January, the proceeds of which went to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation and a non-profit organization called Camp Southern Ground.Hendrick s new ride features plenty of custom-ordered accoutrements, including interwoven wheels, Alcantara interior trim, and a variety of carbon fiber upgrades on the engine cover, roof, rear spoiler, and brake rotors.Taking delivery of this first new Acura supercar and knowing the proceeds will benefit two remarkable organizations for children makes this a very special moment for me and everyone on our team, said Hendrick.Instead of the 3.0-liter, 270-horsepower V6 that powered the first-gen model, the 2017 version boasts a 573-horsepower hybrid system that includes a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 and three electric motors.
Two kilometers of the E16 between Sandviken and Kungsgården has been equipped with air lines that directly feed electric trucks through the pantograph on the cab roof. - We test different voltages, do some mechanical tests, we test the system simply. The entire route is not quite ready yet, but it all goes according to plan, says Magnus Ernström, project Region Gavleborg. In short, it is based on low voltage overhead lines 750 volts, designed as a two-pole system for bidirectional transmission. When leaving the electrified road network, or temporarily breaks the contact, for example when overtaking, hitting the truck automatically switches to the combustion engine. The pantograph can connect to and from the air line at speeds of up to 90 kilometers per hour.
Two kilometers of the E16 between Sandviken and Kungsgården has been equipped with air lines that directly feed electric trucks through the pantograph on the cab roof. - We test different voltages, do some mechanical tests, we test the system simply. The entire route is not quite ready yet, but it all goes according to plan, says Magnus Ernström, project Region Gavleborg. In short, it is based on low voltage overhead lines 750 volts, designed as a two-pole system for bidirectional transmission. When leaving the electrified road network, or temporarily breaks the contact, for example when overtaking, hitting the truck automatically switches to the combustion engine. The pantograph can connect to and from the air line at speeds of up to 90 kilometers per hour.
The Facebook billionaire and reported pesky neighbour appears to be turning his Palo Alto estate in California into a fully-formed compound by razing four neighbouring homes and building four smaller structures — including one that could be a damn doomsday bunker.According to planning documents filed with the Palo Alto Planning and Community department, His Zuckness plans to bulldoze the four neighbouring houses, which he bought for around $30 million £20m , and replace them with smaller, updated versions .One of the structures, as pointed out by the New York Post, sounds awfully like a panic room-style bunker.The three other structures will utilise a simple palette of painted wood shingle siding, natural cedar shake roofing, painted windows and french doors, and stained wood doors where they are solid.You can find the full plans here.Facebook did not reply to questions about Zuckerberg s plans for the property.