the next president of the Donald Trump praises Exxon Mobil ceo Rex Tillersonin "world class player", who has made a "massive contracts", told the BBC.Tillersonin, 64, are expected to have in several international journals to rise to Us secretary of state as a Trump administration.tillersonin have said to have good relations with Russian president Vladimir Putin.He has also been criticized by the international, against Russia imposed sanctions.He led the oil company, which is almost twice as large as its nearest competitor", Trump praised Tillersonin Fox News in an interview.Trump, according to Tillerson knows many international leaders and they know him.
in Order to be able to understand who Vladimir Putin is, you must first know where he came from.The New York Times Moscow correspondent Steven Lee Meyers has built a broad portrait of the eastern neighbour of the master.the Book explains how the background stay in strasbourg to block, colourless but the peak always faithful intelligence service of the third series of officers became russia's new tsar.the Book begins with putin's grandfather who put the food themselves to Stalin and still managed to survive.putin's childhood home was a 17-square of the joint housing unattractive in the floor of the house.Judo saved from being bad for you.
Russia is the biggest threat to international freedom order, assesses Us vice president Joe Biden in the last large-scale speech on Wednesday.He urged the united states to cooperate with Europe to oppose Vladimir Putin.Västyvä the vice president warned that Putin is trying to is likely to affect several European corridors elections in Europe this year.the Russian has been accused of meddling in the Us presidential election in which Trump was elected as the new president."president Putin under the power of Russia to use all means nakertaakin of the European integration project, to test the western division lines and to return to the sphere of influence of determine the policy," Biden said."Because in many countries in Europe, elections must take place this year, we should expect that Russia will continue to seek to get involved in the democratic process.
general radio, the former ceo and former mps, the communications agency kreab's ceo Mikael Jungner sd keeps broadcasting and the armed forces and minister of defense Jussi niinistö of the ps argument "really exceptional" and worrying.according to him, the stir of the benefit those that want to pull the carpet from under the feet of Yle and the armed forces, or to weaken Finland's image in Russia.Yle news yesterday, Tuesday, that the Finnish and Russian dual citizen is not taken for the military to work.Excessive information based on conscripts in the secret instructions.Niinistö knocked Yle news, saying that the case can be about an information operation that fed false information to the Disdain of the season.Niinistö, however, said the evening newspaper, that the law of dual citizenship, the terms will be changed to.
Russia must prove that it can once again trust your line to the British foreign minister, Boris Johnson today, Monday, according to Reuters."Let's be honest: the Russian intentions are not always good," Johnson said foreign ministers meeting."Russia needs to change and showing that the country is once again trust worthy.I think it is very important," Johnson said."in Addition, it is important to emphasize that we are not in a new cold war with one has a aikeitakaan", the foreign minister Johnson added.
The Group's Director General Nikolai Molibog told that the reason for the difference are the publishing houses and editors consistently conflicting views on the development of the company. RBC has Kommersant and Vedomosti addition to key business media in Russia. It turned out that Putin's friend, the cellist Sergei top Roldugin was recycled Panama pot worth an investment of two billion dollars. Russian opposition parties, the purpose of inspections is to give up Mikhail Prokhorov RBC Group President of someone obedient to the businessman's favor. Whether RBC kohussa the pressure exerted by bus or disagreements, so the situation in the Russian media as a whole predicament. The media is similar revenue model than in the West, and the additional burden is a serious economic crisis, which has made the publication of the most independent papers unprofitable.
The baby's mother was diagnosed with the Zika virus during pregnancyThe Zika virus, which has mainly affected areas of central and South America, may spread to Europe this summer, the World Health Organisation WHO has warned."We call particularly on countries at higher risk to strengthen their national capacities and prioritise the activities that will prevent a large Zika outbreak."The assessment took into consideration two factors: the likelihood of the virus spreading and the "existing national capacity to prevent or contain local transmission".Countries and areas at highest risk included Russia, Georgia and the Portuguese island of Madeira.WHO recommended a number of preventative measures to countries at high risk, including strengthening activities to prevent the spread of mosquitos, equipping health professionals to detect transmission of Zika and to ensure that communities "reduce mosquito breeding sites"."We stand ready to support European countries on the ground in case of Zika outbreaks," said Nedret Emiroglu, Director of the Communicable Diseases and Health Security Division, WHO Regional Office for Europe.
Yesterday Runa Capital, a venture investment firm operating globally from its offices in Moscow, London and San Francisco, announced that it has closed its second fund, Runa Capital Fund II, having raised $135 million.As a result, Runa has $270 million under management, taking into account its first fund, which also amounted to $135 million.The firm declined to disclose any information about the new fund s backers.Focusing on Series A and B investments in the USA and Europe, Runa Capital Fund II targets companies with high ambitions on the global market, essentially in the fields of complex enterprise software and cloud applications, education, public services, finance and health.The new fund logically follows our development over the past years,  said Dmitry Chikhachev, Managing Partner at Runa Capital.We will support those who aim to gain significant shares on highly competitive markets.Runa Capital Fund II — which began operating two years ago — has already made 13 investments, coming in addition to the first fund s 30 portfolio companies.Launched in 2010 by Sergei Beloussov, Ilya Zybarev and Dmitry Chikhachev, Runa Capital I initially focused on Russia.The fund progressively expanded its scope to investing globally, following a strong invest-abroad trend among Russian venture capitalists.Over the past few years Runa — which Dow Jones Venture Source ranked among the top three European funds in 2015 — has invested significantly in Californian and Western European startups.Most recently, Runa led a $5.6 million round for SchoolMint, a leading provider of mobile and online enrollment systems for US public, charter and private schools.
Machines, after all, can perform many manufacturing tasks more efficiently, effectively and consistently than humans, leading to increased output, better quality and less waste.SeongJoon Cho/Bloomberg via Getty Images Of the more than 229,000 industrial robots sold in 2014 the most recent statistics available , more than 57,000 were sold to Chinese manufacturers, 29,300 to Japanese companies, 26,200 to companies in the U.S., 24,700 to South Koreans and more than 20,000 to German companies.The basic economic trade-off between the cost of labor and the cost of automation is the primary consideration.AP Photo/Kin Cheung Other countries that have been rapidly integrating robotics into manufacturing, but not quite as quickly, are Canada, China, Japan, Russia, the U.K. and the U.S. China is an interesting case because it s automating rapidly despite the fact that Chinese wages are still comparatively low.Countries moving more slowly in the adoption of industrial robotics include Australia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Mexico and Poland.German Chancellor Angela Merkel shakes hands with a robot at an industrial fair in 2006 alongside Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. store Convenience Store Pins-out program is not considered a problem, as customers choose to purchase true for other reasons. Finland's Local Store purchased by Kesko to Siwoissa and Valintatalo the use of the K-Plussa customer loyalty program as and when the stores will change to K-markets. Pins loyalty program change is a hard blow, because the convenience store had 600 stores in the biggest contributors to the program. His replacement would be good to have a new food store chain. Loyalty program operates in Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia. Guests will receive after the change pins purchases.
The region is a hotspot for malware-based spying campaign thanks largely to the conflict between the Kiev government and rebels in the East who identify with Russia.The majority of such campaigns feature booby-trapped content themed around the current Ukrainian geopolitical situation and the war in Donbass in order to trick marks into opening malicious attachments.Whether these secondary targets are been deliberately selected or represent collateral damage remains unclear.ESET detects the malware associated with the attacks, which may have been going on since as long ago as 2008, as Prikormka.The attacks seem to have slipped under the radar for eight years but now that one anti-virus vendor has caught onto the campaign, widespread detection by other vendors can be expected to follows within days or weeks.The security community in general is playing particularly close attention to malware-slinging in the Ukraine after the BlackEnergy malware was linked to attacks that results in power outages last December.
REUTERS/NASA/Tim Peake/Handout Good fences make good neighbors, which is why the United States is building a space fence.The new space fence, since it promises to be more accurate, will shrink those uncertainty bubbles, Mercurio said.I think tracking more of the space debris, and particularly the smaller space debris objects, is a very good goal, Weeden added.With that in mind, the space situational awareness capacity of the Joint Space Operations Center has a deterrent aspect to it, because we are able to identify, characterize, and attribute actions in space.Omar Lamrani, a senior military analyst for Stratfor, an intelligence firm, said that the space fence could help the U.S. move a satellite away from another satellite that could harm it, and could also help attribute aggressive actions if they occur.In other words, if a country like Russia or China knows that the United States would be able to attribute a hostile action in space, they are less likely to do it.
Image caption LinkedIn only took limited measures to encode its users' passwords prior to 2012A hacker is advertising what he says is more than one hundred million LinkedIn logins for sale.The IDs were reportedly sourced from a breach four years ago, which had previously been thought to have included a fraction of that number.Invalidated IDsAfter the breach first occurred, a file containing 6.5 million encrypted passwords was posted to an online forum in Russia.LinkedIn reacted by saying it had invalidated all the accounts it believed had been compromised and emailed affected members saying they needed to register new passwords."They've looked at the passwords in the dump and confirmed they're legitimate.""A salt involves adding a few random characters, which are different on a per-user basis, to the passwords before they are hashed ," explained Rik Ferguson, chief technology officer at the cybersecurity firm Trend Micro.
To recap, the right-to-be-forgotten ruling, or right to delist from search engines, as it could be more accurately described, was the result of a 2014 ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union CJEU and was designed to help individuals hide web pages that contain out-of-date, irrelevant, and ultimately damaging information about them.Over the past couple of years, Google says it has delisted about 40 percent of the roughly 1.5 million webpage requests it has reviewed.So far, so simple.After a long battle, Google finally gave in to a certain extent — it agreed to restrict access to the delisted URL on all Google Search domains, with the provision that the restriction would only apply within the country of the person who requested the removal.But if French law applies globally, how long will it be until other countries – perhaps less open and democratic – start demanding that their laws regulating information likewise have global reach?Google has also managed to scoop a coveted slot in France s national Le Monde newspaper, where Walker s opinion piece was published today.Google s right-to-be-forgotten battle is one of many fights faced by the Internet giant in Europe just now.This came shortly after Google lost an anti-monopoly appeal in Russia over the same issue and while it s facing a similar probe in the U.S. And all this before we even consider the existing accusations from the Commission that Google uses its dominance to bias search results.As with all these other cases, there s little question that a lot is at stake in the right-to-be-forgotten saga — more from a precedent-setting perspective than anything else.
The "superbug" now kills 20,000 people each year.Photo: DTKUTOO/iStock/360/Getty ImagesDrug-resistant infections - or "superbugs" – could claim 10 million lives a year and could cost a cumulative US$100 trillion of economic output by 2050 if the world does not act to slow down the rise of drug resistance, a new report warned.O'Neill said that it was fair to assume, at current rates, that over one million people had died since his review had started in 2014.O'Neill is renowned as the economist who coined the term "BRIC" in 2001 to refer to the then- emerging economic powerhouses Brazil, Russia, India and China.O'Neill noted that many of the urgent problems posed by AMR are economic, "so we need an economist, especially one versed in macro-economic issues and the world economy, to create the solutions."O'Neill noted that the U.K. and China had already agreed to contribute US$72 million each into a new "Global Innovation Fund" to research AMR and called for other governments to contribute.
Natalia "Supernova" Vodianova is probably best known for her work as the face of Calvin Klein's Euphoria perfume.Vodianova, 34, is the fifth-highest-paid model in the world, but she has used her fame to promote nonprofit causes that are close to her heart.In 2004, she set up the Naked Heart Foundation, which supports families raising children with special needs and seeks to create an inclusive and inspiring environment in which to play for every child in urban Russia and internationally.And this year she became a tech entrepreneur by launching Elbi, an iPhone app that lets people donate small amounts of money to good causes and interact with the people and charities who receive the money.The name stands for "Little Big" LB , and the philosophy behind it is that you can make a big difference through little actions.Download the app here.Elbi's advisory board includes Jimmy Wales Wikipedia founder , Michael Birch Bebo founder , Arianna Huffington Huffington Post , designer Diane von Furstenberg, and Brent Hoberman cofounder of and .Business Insider asked Vodianova to show us, in words and pictures, what a typical day in her life is like.Here's what she came back with.View As: One PageSlides
Photo: Lisi Niesner / Reuters As early as three telecommunications mast is suspected to have been an act of sabotage in Sweden. 300-meter-high mast collapsed in south-western Sweden on Sunday. - It can be something international, that someone wants to test what the destruction of such a mast follow, he adds. On Tuesday, the bomb squad to investigate a suspicious package exported close to a third of the mast. - I would estimate that this is an international connection, the Swedish Defense University analyst Hans Brun says the Swedish radio. Mastosabotaasista news about the newspaper Dagens Nyheter recalled the Swedish security services previously warned that Russian agents have mapped the critical infrastructure in Sweden.
Fresh NSA files reveal 2002 probe into Putin's suspected links with organised crime in St PetersburgIn the early 2000s, intelligence experts at the US National Security Agency NSA successfully intercepted calls from the phone of a Russian crime boss in order to probe suspected links with Vladimir Putin, it has been revealed."State wanted to learn whether there were any links between the St Petersburg syndicate and Russian President Vladimir Putin, who had been deputy mayor of St Petersburg in the mid-1990s," said the 2003 document from an internal NSA newsletter called SIDToday, produced by the agency's Signals Intelligence Directorate.As such, the release, which is labelled TS/SI for Top Secret, provides previously unknown insight into how the NSA – in its own words – "attacks" new intelligence targets from scratch."The Office of Crime and Narcotics OCN is now issuing SIGNT reports based on intercept of Kumaran's telephone," wrote the chief of NSA's Transnational Organised Crime Branch at the time.Headquarters of the National Security Agency in Fort Meade, Maryland, USAllegations of corruptionLast year, a number of officials with reported links to Putin were named in a high-profile Spanish investigation that examined how members of the Tambov crime syndicate expanded into Spain in 1996, while Putin was the deputy mayor of St Petersburg.In the investigation after his death, it emerged that Litvinenko, a former KGB spy, claimed in a report that "Putin's enforcer" Viktor Ivanov had close ties with crime gangs involved in cocaine smuggling.
Deutsche Bank has compiled a list of what various gadgets costs around the world. As for the iPhone is the mobile phone as the cheapest in the US and most expensive in Brazil. Sweden is the third most expensive country after Brazil and Indonesia, which hardly comes as a great surprise to us. Compared with the US, we pay 45 percent more for Apple's mobile phone, which is partly due to the high VAT. Below, countries are ranked from the most expensive to the cheapest: Brazil $ 931 Indonesia $ 865 Sweden $ 796 India $ 784 Italy $ 766 Denmark $ 754 Finland $ 743 Belgium $ 732 Netherlands $ 732 Spain $ 732 France $ 732 Germany $ 727 Australia $ 707 New Zealand $ 697 Russia $ 695 China $ 693 Canada $ 692 Malaysia $ 691 NM $ 687 Philippines $ 682 UK $ 671 Switzerland $ 666 Singapore $ 661 South Africa $ 660 Japan $ 637 Hong Kong $ 604 US $ 598
Colourbox Russian Sberbank chief analyst Mikhail Matovnikovin by the Russians, the average wage has fallen below 450 dollars, or about 400 euros, which is less than the average wage in Chinese, The Moscow Times reports. "Labour is now in Russia cheaper than in China," said Matovnikov. According to the Russian Matovnikovin the current month, the average wage is $ 433, or approximately EUR 385, which has not only China but also less than in Serbia, Romania and Poland.