REUTERS/Mike Blake Reuters - United Parcel Service Inc, the world's largest package delivery company, said on Wednesday it will expand the 3D printing services provided through its UPS Stores to create an on-demand manufacturing network starting this summer.Atlanta-based UPS and SAP SE also announced a partnership in which Europe's largest software company will provide supply chain solutions to help manufacturers get products to market more quickly and at a lower cost."Speed is critical to us and we see tremendous value" in extending SAP's capabilities further down the supply chain via UPS, said John Dulchinos, vice president for strategic capabilities at contract manufacturer Jabil Circuit Inc, in a telephone interview with Reuters.UPS already offers 3D printing services using ABSplus, an industrial grade thermoplastic, at more than 60 UPS Stores around the United States.Under the new system, customers will be able to upload digital designs to First Radius, a company specializing in 3D printing in which UPS holds a minority stake.IDC Research Inc analyst Robert Parker said the network will bring UPS only modest benefits at first because 3D printers have limited capabilities at present and few printable materials available.
Amazon s released AWS instances packing 2TB serving mega memory-hungry workloads such as SAP HANA.X1 instances use four Intel Xeon E7 2.3GHz processors with 10Gb per second of dedicated bandwidth and large L3 caches targeting high-performance, memory driven apps.According to AWS, these big bandwidth, mega-memory instances are ideal for running in-memory databases like SAP s HANA, plus Apache s Spark or Presto.The news comes in the wake of SAP announcing HANA is now ready as a certified – and therefore supported – option on Microsoft s AWS rival, Azure.X1s were already slated for delivery in the first half of 2016 but AWS was keen to point out SAP HANA on AWS was, all the same, just better.X1 instances are certified and available for SAP S/4HANA, Business Suite on HANA SoH , and Business Warehouse on HANA.
SAP and UPS combine software and logistics to let customers order parts instantly – if it s cheaper than traditional manufacturingSAP and UPS are working together to deliver an on-demand 3D printing service that links the former s supply chain software with the latter s industrial manufacturing and logistics networks.Customers will be able to approve and order custom 3D printed parts directly from within SAP software, which will then be manufactured at one of 60 UPS facilities cross the US.SAP UPS 3D printing partnershipUPS 3D printing 2It is claimed the partnership will allow companies to simplify supply chains and open up 3D printing to smaller companies without access to a machine, those who cannot justify a long production run or those who need a prototype made quickly.This agreement with SAP adds an important UPS capability to help customers right-size inventories and lower short-run production costs, and help entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life faster than ever, added Stan Deans, president of UPS Global Distribution and Logistics.3D printing has come down in price in recent years with analysts predicting the technology will become more mainstream.Makerbot has targeted small and medium businesses, while HP s recently announced 3D Jet Fusion range is looking at bigger firms, costing between £94,000 and £114,000 per unit.
SAP Digital Consumer Insight aims to help marketers tailor their efforts on the flySAP's Digital Consumer Insight service offers information about visitor demographics.Marketers can tap virtually limitless volumes of data about customers' online activities, but the offline world isn't nearly as forthcoming.Called SAP Digital Consumer Insight, the service taps consumers' mobile data to deliver details on where they're coming from, their age groups and gender, and the devices they're using.Equipped with the result, marketers can tailor their advertising, proximity marketing, location planning, and sales strategies and campaigns to the people currently present at a particular location.A crowd can change from night to night," said Emma Matthieson, director of marketing for Brooklyn Bowl, an entertainment venue with locations in New York, Las Vegas, and London.The service is currently based on U.S. mobile data, but SAP plans to add data from additional locations by the end of the year.
SAP has released a beta version of its Hana Cloud Platform for Cloud Foundry.The software giant yesterday released a Cloud Foundry beta service that works on the Pivotal-inspired open-source cloud.Coming with the beta is support for Java, Node.js, HTML5, MongoDB, Redis, PostgresSQL and RabbitMQ.SAP said this would let developers build apps and services using the combination of Cloud Foundry and SAP s HANA Cloud Platform.Also announced was a cloud edition of its HTML5 Fiori UI environment.It includes monitoring and analytics, ability to manage mobile applications and systems management.
But if we slow down a minute to take a closer look at modern-day news organizations, we might ask ourselves: can they really provide accurate, unbiased information on current events at Twitter speed?The explosive growth of the Internet and mobile devices has anyone and everyone broadcasting their opinions.This question is incredibly important to consider when we as a society come together to make informed decisions that impact everyone s future.As the exclusive sponsor of Reuters Polling Explorer, SAP is working with Reuters to provide journalists and consumers the latest polling data, stories about the election, and more.Real-time data is fueling Reuters with the tools needed to execute news with accuracy, speed, and integrity.By providing technology platforms that are easy to use and scalable for any sized business, technology providers can give news providers across the world a trove of insights that impact their readers in real time, especially during momentous, breaking news cycles.
The SaaS provider bounced back into the black for the first three months of 2016, its fiscal 2017, reporting net income of $38m.Revenue was up 26.8 per cent to $1.91bn, leaving Salesforce with an EPS of $0.06 versus $0.01 for the prior year.Profit came after three successive months in 2015 – Salesforce s fiscal 2016 – of loss.The first three months of the firm's fiscal year to end of April has become a period when Salesforce manages to actually turn a profit.Salesforce is thriving because - according to chief executive Marc Benioff - Oracle and SAP are doing so badly when it comes to cloud.Buoyed by fortune, Salesforce upped its ante for the full year results to making between $8.16bn and $8.20bn, an increase of between 22 and 23 per cent.
CBR highlights the biggest announcements from the show.HANA Cloud Platform for Cloud FoundrySAP released a Cloud Foundry beta version in order to help developers build apps and services using a combination of Cloud Foundry and HCP.Digital Customer InsightThis is the first data-as-a-service offering that SAP has created and is designed to deliver insights that can be bought from the SAP store.In addition to these insights, marketers will be able to gain competitive insight into store locations and how they compare to the competition.SAP says that the data is both anonymised and encrypted so that individual privacy is protected.Integrations between Microsoft Office 365 and cloud solutions would form an important part of the deeper relationship between the two.
ANALYSIS: SAP is counting on its HANA in-memory database to help retain established customersThe tale of the large, established enterprise IT vendor in the 21st century is now quite familiar.Enterprise resource planning giant SAP made sure it stuck to the story line at its Sapphire user group conference here this week.Modernizing data centers and applications?SAP, EMC and the other usual suspects are all saying the same things.Cloud stacksSAP s effort in the cloud, the HANA Cloud Platform HCP , is the key to the company s future—it is that simple, said SAP Enterprise Platform President Steve Lucas.The good news for SAP is its customers don t always have a viable choice of moving to another vendor or provider.
Software as a Service has become an essential component of any businesses operations.It has allowed them to reduce overheads and move much more quickly than they could with legacy software.SalesforceSalesforce has utilised the cloud to be an integral part of businesses.Salesforce works as a contact and pipeline manager that allows sales reps to function more efficiently whether working remotely or in the office.The German company is increasingly being seen as an integral component of operations inside a business.With well over 2.3 million paying subscribers to its Creative Cloud and more than two-thirds of Fortune 50 companies using its Marketing Cloud, the company is paving the way to SaaS success.
For example, this year s challenge gave participants the option to gain feedback during both the design and development phases.Bakhtalovskaya directly applied her learnings to her role at BearingPoint, where she manages financial transformation projects on SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA.Two-time winnerAfter winning the openSAP challenge for the second year in a row in two categories , Jacob Tan, an SAP HANA and Fiori app developer at SAP Business One partner Blue Ocean Systems, couldn t agree more with the value of MOOCs.He plans to use the feedback he received from peers during the course for improvements like adding collapsible icons by loan category.This blog was originally posted on SCN Business Trends.Follow me on Twitter, SCN Business Trends, or Facebook.
SAP gives Germany even more tools to boost on pitch performance at Euro 2016, but would help England too if the FA makes the callIt s a development that will strike fear into the hearts of every English football fans, but the Germans are using big data analytics to get better at penalties in their quest to become European Champions for the fourth time.SAP, which has a long standing partnership with the German football association DFB , has added a penalty insights function into its commercially available SAP Sports One software, which will help German goalkeepers and coaches predict how opponents will take penalties at Euro 2016.Sports analyticsGerman football team SAPThe function is built on SAP s HANA in-memory analytics platform and analyses data in real time, allowing coaches to show players before and during matches on a mobile device.A demo of France s Antoine Griezmann s penalty record showed the most likely part of the goal he would aim for, along with other details such as run up style – reducing the likelihood of German goalkeepers being tricked by stuttered approaches.This data is supported by video clips provided by third party providers.German partnershipSAP has worked with the DFB for more than a decade, mainly for back office operations, but attention has recently turned towards using software to improve team performance.
However, Verniaut then really shook things up by citing Marx, saying that the digital world could eradicate the alienation that has been the lot of the workers under traditional capitalism in Karl s worldview.He then went on to sketch out a somewhat California-esque vision where a worker would do some light Ubering or Amazon delivering in the morning before studying or teaching on an education platform in the afternoon, and maybe picking up a little extra cash by renting out their spare room in the evening via Airbnb.Of course, many readers, particularly those yet to reach their mid-30s, would argue that that this Marx dude's idea of freedom via the sharing economy is another man s nickel and dime-ing of America, and indeed the rest of the world, in favour of an elite with access to capital.Or at least to the data centres that underpin the infrastructure and superstructure of the digital economy.So we felt compelled to ask Verniaut whether the removal of those traditional "shackles" was also in danger of leaving people adrift in the absence of any new social contract covering, for example, what the responsibilities of Uber, and their ilk, were to their workers, sorry, contractors, and society at large.As for SAP s role in fomenting global revolution, Verniaut said the company obviously provided the underlying technology for digital platforms, and, perhaps more importantly helped companies on a consulting level, both on the execution on the technology rollout and to identify the nugget on which they can build their new value model.
SAP has released patches for more than 20 vulnerabilities, including a fix for a flaw first detected three years ago.Software updates to resolve vulnerabilities in SAP s Business Intelligence and Business Warehouse products star in the 13-bulletin batch, whose release yesterday coincided with Microsoft s regular Patch Tuesday security update.Information disclosure vulnerabilities are underestimated but they are the first step in every attack chain.A separate flaw in SAP s Business Intelligence Reporting and Planning Module software is also a candidate for immediate triage.BI solutions are all about storing data, so all the risks of stealing business critical data such as financial reports, Sales Planning, Financial planning, Production Planning, and Strategy decisions are possible, Polyakov added.The update is available in SAP Security Note 2197262, as summarised in a blog post by SAP here.
SAP s head of sport says it got involved for the marketing potential, but now it sees a sustainable business as it helps Germany at Euro 2016Like many other technology companies, SAP was attracted to the sports industry because of the branding opportunities created by associations with sports organisations and high profile athletes.Sports operationsSAP Cricket analytics 2 It is confident its ability to offer end to end packages of software that allow back offices to run more smoothly, help organisations connect and attract fans, and improve athletic performance set it apart from other vendors in what is a growing market.The German firm s technology will be used in every day management of the clubs, such as finance, HR and marketing, using analytics to improve processes and communication tools to convey concepts and data across all four territories.Indeed, one of the main things that SAP has learned in its endeavours thus far is that it is impossible to make an impact in sport without the assistance of partners, like the DFB, that help influence the direction of its product.But he was keen to emphasise that it s not just world famous sports leagues and teams that can benefit.Without a successful back office, you will not be successful.
It was there that he first heard about and applied for SAP s Refugee Code Week; quickly moving from translator to session leader, he now teaches coding skills to young kids.Younger participants 8-17 of SAP Refugee Code Week are introduced to Scratch , a highly visual and playful coding program developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.Governments, citizens, non-profits and the private sector have a role to play in responding to the refugee crisis.One area in particular where innovation has the potential for large scale impact – while also delivering value to businesses and society — is in providing refugees with high demand digital and Information and Communications Technology ICT skills.Refugee Code Week is a practical example on the role of corporations in impacting the lives of refugees, said Houssam Chahin, UNHCR s Senior Private Sector Partnerships Officer for MENA.In preparation for October, experienced teachers and SAP volunteers have been hosting Train The Trainer TTT sessions during the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul as well as in the Zaatari UNHCR refugee camp and several Universities in Jordan.
Reuters – Business software maker Oracle reported a higher-than-expected revenue in the fourth quarter, boosted by a surge in sales from its cloud business.Shares of the company were up 1.7 percent at $39.29 in extended trading on Thursday.Like its rivals such as SAP SE, IBM and Microsoft, Oracle has focused on moving its business toward the cloud-computing model, essentially providing services remotely via data centers rather than selling installed software.Total revenue from company s cloud-computing software and platform service rose 49.1 percent to $859 million in the fourth quarter ended May 31.The company added more than 1,600 new cloud software as a service SaaS customers and more than 2,000 new platform as a service PaaS customers in Q4, Oracle Chief Executive Mark Hurd said.Oracle Chairman Larry Ellison said he expects the hyper-growth experienced by the company s cloud business in 2016 will continue for the next few years.The 39-year old company, a late entrant into the cloud market, recently acquired cloud companies Textura and Opower.However, Oracle has come under considerable pressure from nimbler companies in the industry such as Inc, whose chief executive Marc Benioff has constantly taken potshots at the company.The company s total revenue fell 1 percent to $10.59 billion, beating analysts average estimate of $10.47 billion, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S.Oracle s net income rose to $2.81 billion, or 66 cents per share, in the quarter ended May 31, from $2.76 billion, or 62 cents per share, a year earlier.Excluding items, it earned 81 cents per share, meeting average analysts estimate.Up to Thursday s close, Oracle s stock had risen 5.8 percent this year.Reporting by Narottam Medhora in Bengaluru; Editing by Shounak Dasgupta
REUTERS/Robert Galbraith/File Photo Reuters - Business software maker Oracle Corp reported a higher-than-expected revenue in the fourth quarter, boosted by a surge in sales from its cloud business.Shares of the company were up 1.7 percent at $39.29 in extended trading on Thursday.Like its rivals such as SAP SE, IBM Corp and Microsoft Corp, Oracle has focused on moving its business toward the cloud-computing model, essentially providing services remotely via data centers rather than selling installed software.The company added more than 1,600 new cloud software as a service SaaS customers and more than 2,000 new platform as a service PaaS customers in Q4, Oracle Chief Executive Mark Hurd said.Oracle Chairman Larry Ellison said he expects the "hyper-growth" experienced by the company's cloud business in 2016 will continue for the next few years.The company's total revenue fell 1 percent to $10.59 billion, beating analysts' average estimate of $10.47 billion, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S.
Chris Salis was, until recently, global vice president and general manager for procurement at SAP.According to papers filed today PDF in the northern district of Indiana, in 2007 Salis was marketing director at Business Objects BO when the company started talks to be bought out by SAP.On October 1 that year, SAP entered into formal talks on the matter and on the same day, Douglas Miller, a college friend who picked Salis as his best man, activated a dormant Scottrade account and deposited a $9,900 check.The agency notes that while Salis – now at SAP – had no role in the takeover, he shared an office floor with four people who did, and worked close by an employee involved in the due diligence.While they were still in town, Salis deposited $4,900 in cash into his account in various ATM transactions, which the SEC believes was a payoff for the tips.The trade pattern in Concur's stock caused the SEC to launch a probe and alert SAP that something might be wrong.
A former Silicon Valley tech executive is facing insider trading charges over allegations that he tipped off a college friend about SAP's impending acquisition of Concur Technologies.Christopher Salis was a global vice president at software company SAP America when he spilled confidential information about the deal to close friend Douglas Miller, who was in debt and struggling to run a failing carwash business, according to a complaint filed Thursday by the Securities and Exchange "When corporate insiders exploit confidential information to enrich themselves and their friends, they undermine the level playing field that is fundamental to our capital markets," Scott Friestad, associate director in the SEC's Division of Enforcement, wrote in a news release.Salis could not be reached for comment.In an emailed statement, SAP representative Atle Erlingsson noted Salis left the company in October.AdvertisementSalis, a San Mateo resident who worked in SAP's Palo Alto office for three years, found out in 2014 about the company's confidential plans to acquire business-travel software company Concur Technologies, according to the SEC complaint.He allegedly told Miller, a close friend whose wedding he attended as the best man, and Miller relayed the information to his brother Edward Miller, his parents, their mutual friend Barrett Biehl and another unnamed friend.They then scrambled to buy call option contracts, which gave them the right to purchase Concur stock at a set price -- and set them up to make a windfall when the stock price shot up after news broke of the $8.3 billion acquisition by SAP.Marisa Kendall covers startups and venture capital.