The exploit targets a zero-day discovered in the UEFI firmware of ThinkPadsA newly released exploit can disable the write protection of critical firmware areas in Lenovo ThinkPads and possibly laptops from other vendors as well.Many new Windows security features, like Secure Boot, Virtual Secure Mode and Credential Guard, depend on the low-level firmware being locked down.ThinkPwn targets a privilege escalation flaw in a Unified Extensible Firmware Interface UEFI driver, allowing an attacker to remove the flash write protection and to execute rogue code in the SMM System Management Mode , a privileged operating mode of the CPU.According to Oleksiuk, the exploit can be used to disable Secure Boot, a UEFI feature that cryptographically verifies the authenticity of the OS bootloader to prevent boot-level rootkits; to defeat the Credential Guard feature of Windows 10 that uses virtualization-based security to prevent the theft of enterprise domain credentials, and to do "other evil things."However, implementations can still vary considerably between computer manufacturers.
The same critical vulnerability was found in the firmware of an HP laptop and several Gigabyte motherboardsA critical vulnerability that was recently found in the low-level firmware of Lenovo ThinkPad systems also reportedly exists in products from other vendors, including HP and Gigabyte Technology.An exploit for the vulnerability was published last week and can be used to execute rogue code in the CPU s privileged SMM System Management Mode .This level of access can then be used to install a stealthy rootkit inside the computer s Unified Extensible Firmware Interface UEFI —the modern BIOS—or to disable Windows security features such as Secure Boot, Virtual Secure Mode and Credential Guard that depend on the firmware being locked down.However, since then Oleksiuk has found the same vulnerable code inside older open source firmware for some Intel motherboards.Lenovo said in a security advisory that the vulnerable code originated in a UEFI package provided to the company by one of its independent BIOS vendors IBVs .
A security researcher has identified a serious flaw in Lenovo PCs that may also implicate other PC makers and chipmaker Intel.Posting on GitHub, Dymtro Cr4sh Oleksiuk said he discovered a Unified Extensible Firmware Interface UEFI bug in Lenovo s ThinkPad System Management Mode SMM that would allow an attacker to bypass Windows security protocols.Exploitation of the vulnerability may lead to the flash write protection bypass, disabling of UEFI Secure Boot, Virtual Secure Mode and Credential Guard bypass in Windows 10 Enterprise and other evil things, claimed Oleksiuk.This all stems from a common code from Intel allegedly provided by independent BIOS vendors IBVs , which is where Lenovo appears to be placing the blame, but it added in its security advisory that the investigation is ongoing.Following industry standard practice, IBVs start with the common code base created by chip vendors, such as Intel or AMD, and add additional layers of code that are specifically designed to work with a particular computer.Lenovo currently works with the industry s three largest IBVs, read the advisory.
Looking for tips and tricks marketing professionals use in digital marketing.Need platforms with niche in SEO, SMM, and AdWords.
Ten folding masts with sails covered by solar cells help to reduce CO2 emissions.Ecoship is called a 55000-ton by 2020 to take the 2000 cruise passengers on a sea voyage with 40 per cent less carbon dioxide emissions.Ten solcellstäckta sail to help.At the big sjöfartsmässan SMM in Hamburg in a week wrote the classification society DNV GL and the japanese organization Peace Boat, a letter of intent to develop the energy-efficient cruise ship Ecoship to be able to start sailing trips in 2020.the Project began in Hamburg two years ago, where the sketches were drawn up of the company Oliver Design for a cruise ship with a lower environmental impact than conventional vessels.the Machinery shall be adapted in order to be able to run on LNG, liquefied natural gas, as well as biofuels.
I've worked for this small IT company for about 1.5 years, but I couldn't keep working there because it interfered with my college.I tried to quit, but they offered me instead to work remotely and do all the SMM work, because previously we didn't have anyone to do that kind of work.So, I'm sitting here with a corporate twitter account 60 followers and a FB account 140 likes .I want to move things forward, improve our SMM, promote the company, etc.I reckon I can get some ad budget if show that I need it.But don't know where to even begin.
Which is the best Paid Social Media Management service to automate our SMM efforts?
SEO and SMM are like pizza and cheese: you can get one without the other, but, believe me, it isn t worth it.
Threw together a list of my 11 favorite marketing resources, specifically the shit I would have wanted to know when starting out.Morning Social Media Marketing Talk Show Presented by the fantastic folks at Social Media Examiner, the Morning Social Media Marketing Talk Show is a great place to learn about what s happening in the SMM world today.It s one of the first shows to report on new happenings in the Social Media Marketing realm, and can offer you valuable insight into the future of social.Episodes air Friday mornings on Facebook.To start, check out the resources section for a good overview of what you can learn.Adweek is still a leader in advertising industry news, and their separate channels are all worth following online.
Hey Guys, starting a webinar to talk about the main reason online marketing is geared to people starting out in digital marketing or business owners with a keen interest to understand the basics.i started with seo and ppc and wanted some feedbacks before i go into smm, remarketing and so it too boring and does it make sense.i have an accent as well
i am a one person sm consultant who started doing this professionally just recently, i do have a degree in marketing ridiculously useless in the real world as i have come to find out .currently i have 2 clients that i am doing business with both for free for now because i want to have a couple of tangible results before i start asking for monetary compensation and on the side i am building my own brand as well through documentation and content creation on my personal social of the my clients is actually a close friend of mine and the startup he founded and asked me to handle the marketing aspect is doing very well after i implemented some of my marketing i am confused as to the business model i should take.should i keep him as a client and charge a consultation fee?should i handle his content distribution on social for monthly compensation?should i design marketing strategies and charge per strategy?
So I see a lot of posts around the following things: Links to everyones articles although a lot of it helpful, let's keep it inhouse I wanted to bring this reddit some value and keep it on the platform.So give me some stuff you guys want to know or get some info on.I have been working on marketing for around 4 years now.Have had a real focus in my job on SMM and email lately so very well versed in those areas .
I've tried audio podcasts a few times but I'm more of a visual "attention keeper".If I look at my phone during audio it's all gone right over my head.I'm looking for some series on topics related to: Marketing Advertising Copywriting Psychology SMM SEO or anything else useful I've watched a decent number of them previously just want suggestions.Want to watch it on my TV/Laptop
We're testing different social media channels form "organic" promotion of our startup.But the efficiency of Facebook, twitter and others is reducing significantly (and this is not only my opinion - I have read many posts from smm specialists who say that FB changes algorithms and reduced organic outreach).So while seeking for new marketing channels which really work, I have found some interesting posts about Telegram messenger, which say that the audience in Telegram is much more responsive and the marketing effect is much higher than in other more traditional channels.But I couldn't find enough useful stuff, posts instructions or guides on how to promote your telegram channel/account.So my question is: does any of you use Telegram for your marketing efforts?What do you think about it?
Over the past few years, the world has seen ransomware threats advance from living inside browsers to operating systems, to the bootloader, and now to the low-level firmware that powers a computer's hardware components.Earlier this year, a team of researchers from security vendor Cylance demonstrated a proof-of-concept ransomware program that ran inside a motherboard's Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) -- the modern BIOS.On Friday, at the Black Hat Asia security conference, the team revealed how they did it: by exploiting vulnerabilities in the firmware of two models of ultra compact PCs from Taiwanese computer manufacturer Gigabyte Technology.The two vulnerabilities affect the GB-BSi7H-6500 and GB-BXi7-5775 models of Gigabyte's Mini-PC Barebone (BRIX) platform.They allow an attacker with access to the OS to elevate their privileges and execute malicious code in System Management Mode (SMM), a special operating mode of the CPU that allows executing low-level software.UEFI vulnerabilities are not new and researchers have presented such flaws over the years at security conferences.
p I have made a few websites for people in the past and am in the process of making a digital marketing website for myself.Am I better off going specific technically and geographically or as broad as possible?For SEO i can see the benefits of going specific.To clarify what I mean:Geographically: Dublin - Ireland - Europe - GlobalTechnically: SEO - SEO Web dev - SEO, SMM, PPC Web DEV
Long gone are the days when marketing was done only with multiple physical-world media, such as billboards, radio and TV ads, and so on.Today, international, national and local companies push hard to market their brands in the digital space using a wide variety of tools and methods: SEM, PPC, SMM, content marketing, email marketing, etc.They realize the importance of being on the potential clients’ radar in the digital space.If you truly want to go digital as well, you can choose any of the aforementioned promotion methods but make sure that search engine optimization is on your priority list.Utilizing the power of SEO, your get long-lasting results in search and build a continuous stream of clients from Google and Bing.The SEO niche is pretty competitive, and it makes sense to do your homework before choosing an agency that will be responsible for optimizing your site.
Hello, I've got music stream on twitch.I stream 24/7 music which people should listen while studying/working.Average number of people on stream these days: 26 viewers (this number has not change for like a month or two).SMM doesn't help: statistics says 97% of people find my stream on twitch.How can I increase nomber of average viewers?
For several years now, social media experts have been trying to understand how and why some posts in social networks are becoming unprecedentedly popular. The question is really complicated, and the results of all the studies and experiments do not say anything concrete. Meanwhile, brands, celebrities and rank-and-file SMM-players, are ready to give much for the opportunity to learn how to write such materials that will fly through the network, get into the very heart of the audience and cause her exclusively positive emotions. Try to write about some particular person, but so that the record is clear to everyone and touches everyone personally. Here's a great example: during the Olympics in Sochi, the owner of the Novosibirsk pizzeria "Bird Titmouse" managed to joke about the theme of unrevealed rings (long before the acclaimed Audi advertisement):  4. Correct feed Ambiguous topics, as a rule, have a good effect on the rating, especially if you learn how to properly submit them.
An international team of researchers has developed a nondestructive imaging technique that can peer deep inside of silicon to locate and characterize various structures.While this should be a boon for testing and measuring conventional silicon chips currently used in information processing, it could have its greatest impact by enabling the next generation of devices for quantum information processing.In research described in the journal Science Advances, researchers from the University of Linz in Austria, University College London, ETH Zurich, and École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland have adapted the well-established microscopy technique known as Scanning Microwave Microscopy (SMM) to identify dopants deep inside the silicon without causing any damage to the material.It’s done by combing an Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)—which has a nanoscopic probe that’s scanned over the sample of interest—with a Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) that sends out a microwave signal from the AFM probe.The signal is reflected within the volume of the sample and measured by the VNA, which gives information about the three-dimensional structure and electrical properties of the sample.The researchers used this SMM technique to image the electrical properties of a patterned layer of phosphorus atoms under a silicon surface.