Nintendo, Sony, Sega, SNK, and even Atari have all put out their attempts at reviving old, beloved consoles and making them new.While Atari’s VCS is a full-sized modern version of its iconic entertainment system, the rest have opted to shrink their revivals down in both size and the games they can play.Konami, who is probably better known for making games than any actual console, is jumping on the latter bandwagon with the TurboGrafx-16 Mini, a console that few might actually remember.The original full-sized TurboGrafx-16 was launched way back in 1989 but it started out life in 1987 as the PC Engine in Japan.The latter gained a bit of popularity but, unlike Nintendo’s game system, failed to take hold in the US.What better way to make up for lost time than with retro mini version.
If you speak a certain language about classic video games, you probably know about M2, a Japanese game studio responsible for dozens of impressive arcade and console ports to newer home consoles.Yet even if you don't, a new hour-long documentary about the studio should still be considered required viewing for anybody who loves the best Japanese games of the '80s and '90s.Produced by My Life In Gaming, a video channel known for a laser focus on retro gaming, the M2 Complete Works documentary (embedded below) is a sweeping, decades-long look at a game studio renowned among dedicated gaming fans.That's because M2 has produced some of the most impressive ports, emulations, and even fully blown remakes of classic series by Sega, Konami, Capcom, and SNK.(Listing them all would bury the embedded video below, but to get a sense of how impressive M2's work is, look into the Sega 3D Classics Collection.This series saw M2 deconstruct many original Sega arcade and console games, then fully rebuild them with pitch-perfect emulation and 3D depth effects for the Nintendo 3DS.)
The fare included an update for the lucrative Lineage 2: Revolution, Rich Wars, and King of All Fighters AllStar.Simon Sim, CEO of Netmarble US, announced last week that Lineage 2: Revolution had generated more than $1 billion in revenue in its first year as a massively multiplayer online role-playing game on mobile devices.A version of it was successful in Asia and we are bringing it to the West.”The update includes new pet companions called Agathions for its in-game hero characters.The Agathion System offers equipable pets that follow the heroes, along with mounts and summons.15 and do not participate in combat.
Mobile developer Netmarble announced today that The King of Fighters: All Star will launch in North America, Latin America, and Europe sometime this year, reported Gematsu.The game launched in July 2018 and November 2018 in Japan and Korea, respectively.Based on SNK’s long-running The King of Fighters series, All Star is a free-to-play action RPG that takes the form of a side-scrolling brawler.You battle waves of enemies, bosses, and rival teams as you complete levels and tournaments with your own team of three fighters, three strikers, and support fighters.Living up to its name, All Star features every character from The King of Fighters series up to The King of Fighters XIV.All Star also features six crossover characters from the Gintama manga and four original characters, though the latter four characters are unplayable.
Early in December, rapper Soulja Boy began selling multiple emulation-based game consoles, which contained games from companies such as Nintendo, Capcom, and SNK.The consoles were also apparently just cheap Chinese plug-and-play consoles that Soulja Boy had added his name to in order to mark up the price, and this decision appears to have caught the attention of some litigious companies.He’s no longer selling the consoles.On the SouljaWatch website, which previously sold the SouljaGame console and a separate handheld system, you can no longer find any game consoles available for purchase.His watch, phone, tablet, headphones, and knockoff Apple EarPods are still for sale, but the website doesn’t give an explanation for why the consoles were pulled.Soulja Boy was reportedly contacted by Nintendo regarding the violation of trademarks, which isn’t an unexpected development in the story.
We’ve already seen “Classic” plug-and-play systems from the likes of Nintendo and SNK, packing tons of retro games into a tiny system you can almost fit in your pocket, and Sony is the latest company to get in on the fun.The PlayStation Classic includes 20 of the original PlayStation’s best games, and it’s out this December.Launching on December 3 for $100, the PlayStation Classic is nearly half as small as the original PlayStation, and it includes two controllers so you can play through its library with a friend.The system does not include an AC adapter, so you’ll need to purchase one separately in order to power it, and the included controllers aren’t the later DualShock type with analog sticks.They’re wired controllers, but it isn’t clear how long the cables will be.This was an issue with the NES Classic, and to a less extent, the SNES Classic, as they were far too short for most players’ setups.
Then you have a bunch of free games waiting for you.Every month, Twitch Prime members get free games, subscriber discounts and other rewards for simply linking their accounts.This month, the deal is even sweeter: as part the company's Amazon Prime Day celebration, Twitch is giving away more than 20 free games.The promotion lasts until July 17, with a new game to download every day, including fan-favorite SNK classics like Metal Slug 3 and The Last Blade 2, and notable indies such as Tacoma and Broken Age.Once you download a game you can keep it and play it as long as you like, says Twitch, and it's adding new titles all month long.(You may notice only 19 games in the image above, but Twitch is also giving away The Framed Collection and Serial Cleaner from July 18-31.)
With it's detachable controllers and handheld screen, the Nintendo Switch makes for the perfect on-the-go retro gaming machine.And while Nintendo itself is taking its time before bringing its classics to the transforming console, there will be some vintage titles on the way thanks to SNK later this year.The SNK 40th Anniversary Collection packages up a host of much-loved coin-up titles in a pixel perfect format for Nintendo's handheld.Launching on November 13, the first wave includes the amazing Rambo-inspired shooter Ikari Warriors, Athena, Alpha Mission and Guerrilla War, among others.There are 11 titles announced so far, with more to join the line-up ahead of that launch date.You'll be able to grab all 11 as part of a pre-order deal, while each will be available individually, too.
SNK is celebrating its 40th birthday and it’s definitely doing overtime to make everyone remember their childhood.It has recently unveiled the NEOGEO mini, it’s own take on the miniaturized gaming console of your childhood.That one comes with 40 classic SNK games to enjoy again or for the first time.But for those who want that piece of nostalgia with having to shell out for another piece of seldom-used hardware, the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection for the Nintendo Switch might be more to your liking.Depending on your age and gaming loyalties, you may or may not be familiar with what SNK is offering in this bundle.At the same time, even hardcore gamers might not exactly have strong memories with what has been revealed so far.
It might be a good time to become a Twitch Prime member.Livestreaming platform Twitch is giving away more than 20 free games this month to its Prime members.The promotion lasts until July 17, with a new game to download every day, including fan-favorite SNK classics like Metal Slug 3 and The Last Blade 2, and notable indies such as Tacoma and Broken Age.Once you download a game you can keep it and play it as long as you like, says Twitch.(You may notice only 19 games in the image above, but Twitch is also giving away The Framed Collection and Serial Cleaner from July 18-31.)Are the free games worth signing up?
Old consoles have been resurrected by they are only a fraction of their former selves.Inspired by the success of Nintendo’s NES/SNES Classic (Famicom/Super Famicom mini, respectively, in Japan), SNK has decided to put out a mini arcade cabinet to celebrate its 40th birthday.Those who have been waiting for NEOGEO mini piece of nostalgia need not wait much longer.Unless you’re not in Japan, in which case the wait is a bit more indefinite.Announced last month, the NEOGEO mini puts a slight twist to the mini console trend.Since the original Neo Geo was an arcade cabinet first before a home console, the mini version is designed similarly as well.
Another mini-console has been revealed, joining a market that’s starting to look a little saturated.The new contender is a miniature version of SNK’s arcade cabinet-cum-home console, the Neo Geo.The details: The Neo Geo Mini is built like a tiny arcade cabinet, and I do mean tiny: according to SNK, it’s 135mm by 108mm, or about 4.5 by 5.5 inches at the base.SNK contends it “fits perfectly in the palm of one’s hand,” and that may be true, but the shape might make it a little awkward for prolonged handheld play.The NEOGEO mini, a video game console celebrating the 40th Anniversary of SNK’s brand is announced!40 legendary NEOGEO titles will be included!
Nintendo has had plenty of success with NES and SNES Classic consoles, and now SNK is getting in on the fun.The Japanese gaming company on Wednesday announced the Neo Geo Mini, its very own retro gaming console.Like the Classics before it, the Neo Geo Mini comes with dozens of games preloaded -- 40 of them in this case.What all of those will be have yet to be announced.Based on the promotional material, though, games like Metal Slug, Samurai Showdown and King of Fighters, a franchise that still rocks on today, will be included.Unlike Nintendo's retro consoles, though, the Neo Geo Mini comes with an in-built screen (3.5 inches), looking exactly like a miniature version of an arcade unit.
There are two trends that seem to still be going strong in the gaming market: nostalgia and miniaturization.The unsurprising success of the NES mini, followed by the SNES mini, has undoubtedly given console and arcade cabinet makers of old some confidence that their loyal fans not only still exist but are also very willing to throw some cash in the name of nostalgia and history.Japanese game company SNK is definitely hoping so.To celebrate the company’s 40th anniversary, it is announcing a shrunken down version of its NEOGEO (Neo Geo) arcade cabinet called, what else, the NEOGEO mini.Launched in 1990, the Neo Geo MVS or Multi Video System earned the distinction of being the first cartridge-based arcade system in the market.It was able to accommodate up to six cartridges in a singe cabinet, which was a huge space and money saver.
If you’ve worked through the amazing selection of games provided by the NES and SNES Classic Editions, you may be in luck: SNK, the legendary arcade game creator behind the likes of Metal Slug and Samurai Shodown, is teasing what looks like its own tiny arcade cabinet.The tall, boxy outline suggests a small arcade cabinet, and the slab in front of it looks a lot like an arcade controller.It wouldn’t be a particularly original creation — there are dozens of tiny arcade cabinets with built-in games, but the truth is none of them is particularly good.They’re novelties, perfectly fun for a laugh, but the hardware – compared with the impressive solidity of real arcade controllers and the NEO-GEO’s itself – just isn’t there.If I had to guess, I’d say this is an arcade cabinet-style console with improved internals, a decent screen to accommodate games newer than 1996, and a separate, perhaps even wireless arcade controller.I could easily be way off, though.
In celebration of SNK’s 40th anniversary, the Japanese game company will release a new system that will come pre-loaded with Neo Geo games.今年、SNKブランドは40周年を迎えます。『KOF』『餓狼伝説』『サムスピ』『メタスラ』など、SNKの作品を支持して頂いているファンの皆様への感謝の気持ちを込め、NEOGEOの人気タイトルを収録した新しいゲ ム機が登場します!ご期待ください。The Future is Now!SNK SNK40th NEOGEO ネオジオ— SNK JAPAN (@SNKPofficial_jp) April 19, 2018Now, we don’t want to read too much into the shape of whatever is beneath the Neo-Geo-branded cloth (it could mean nothing at all), but does it not remind you of an arcade cabinet?It’s worth noting that before SNK manufactured home and portable consoles, the Neo-Geo name was used in arcade cabinets with the moniker Neo Geo MVS, and later Neo Geo AES.
With no Virtual Console for the Nintendo Switch in sight, publishers seem to be deciding that they aren’t going to wait on Nintendo to launch one (if it ever does at all).On the heels of NIS America announcing that it will release a compilation of classic SNK games on the Switch, Sega is following suit.The company has announced that it will bring its classic titles to the Switch as part of a series called “Sega Ages.”Unlike the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection, Sega Ages titles won’t be released in a physical compilation.Instead, they’ll be released digitally through the Switch eShop, with more than 15 different games planned for the first phase of releases (if you could call it a phase).These won’t be straight ports, either, as Sega is planning to make enhancements to each one, even though right now we’re not clear on what that means.
While most people seem to have a lot of great things to say about the Nintendo Switch, there’s still one lingering problem with the system: no Virtual Console support.Though the Virtual Console has been a major component of Nintendo systems since the original Wii, Nintendo hasn’t announced any plans to create one for the Switch.Instead of waiting on official word from Nintendo one way or another, NIS America has revealed that it will bring classic SNK games to the Switch by way of a new compilation.While a number of classic Neo Geo games have already been released on the eShop under ACA branding, this compilation will bundle together a number of titles that have yet to be re-released.Even better is the fact that players will have access to the arcade and home versions of a number of titles in this compilation.Have a look at the full games list as it was revealed today:
It was one of the last consoles ever to use cartridges and featured some legendary games such as Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, 007 Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Fable, and Pokemon Stadium.ClassicBoy is one of the better multi-system emulators.It supports the NES, SNK NeoGeo, most Game Boy systems up through Advance, Playstation, and Nintendo 64.Each platform has its own set of features along with a set that works on all of them.Some of those features include save/load states, gesture controls, sensor support, and more.There are some stability issues here and there.
Retro controller maker extraordinaire 8bitdo is at it again with the NES30 Arcade Stick, which packs Bluetooth connectivity for wireless compatibility with Nintendo Switch, Windows, Android, Mac and Steam.The design borrows from the classic NES design from Nintendo for its color scheme and graphics, but unlike the original NES Arcade Stick, 8bitdo’s version has a full complement of buttons for modern games, is customizable with Sanwa joysticks and has built-in turbo capabilities.The battery in the NES30 Arcade Stick will get you up to 18 hours of continuous play time, and it includes eight big red 30mm size buttons for easy combo chaining.Nintendo’s been releasing a lot of classic SNK fighters on the Switch, as well as the Ultra Street Fighter II remaster, so it’s a good opportunity to put this large controller to use for anyone who has a strong predilection towards fighting games.Speaking from experience, 8bitdo’s controllers consistently deliver in terms of reliability and ergonomics, so I’ll definitely be looking forward to taking this new one out for a spin.This company has carved out a unique niche with its ability to create flexible controllers with modern features that still play into nostalgia felt by longtime gamers, and it’s cool to see them try more unique designs.