Tips to extend battery life of Galaxy S7 or S7 EdgeSamsung provides users the ability to customise settings in its new Galaxy S series handsets – S7 and S7 Edge – to conserve power.You might consider turning this feature off.Check if the battery or charging indicator is appearing on the phone's display while charging.You should also charge your phone using a wall outlet, not via computer for best results.Enable Power saving modeThe Power saving mode conserves battery life while limiting the CPU performance, reducing the screen brightness and turning off the touch key light and vibration feedback.To turn on the Power saving mode do the following steps;Go to the home screen and tap AppsTap Settings then scroll down to and tap batteryTap Power saving modeToggle the slide to turn Power saving mode onTap Start power saving mode and select when you want the Power saving mode to take effectEnable Ultra power saving modeTurning the Ultra power saving mode will switch your phone phone's screen to grayscale, while disabling mischievous apps, so that you get maximum battery life.
Samsung Galaxy S8 expected to pack 4K UHD screenNew details of Samsung's next Galaxy S series flagship have surfaced revealing some interesting hardware details of the handset.Dubbed Galaxy S8 for the time being, the new model is expected to sport a 4K ultra-high-definition UHD 5.5in screen.Speaking to the Korean Herald, an official of UBI Research, a Seoul-based research firm, said, "Samsung Display showcased a 5.5 ultra-high definition 4K display with a pixel density of 806 ppi for virtual reality devices at the Society for Information Display, a display trade show, in California in March.""Considering various factors including the production yield rate for the next-generation display expected to improve in the coming months, the 5.5-inch AMOLED will be deployed in the next Galaxy smartphone, presumably, named the S8," the official added.The research firm predicts the smartphones with 5in screen or larger than that would take up about 71% of the smartphone lineup of the firm.The Galaxy S3 came with a HD screen, the S4 and S5 with full HD and the S6 and S7 with QHD screen.
Back in late May, we first reported on a rumor that the next Galaxy note smartphone would change the naming convention that Samsung has used.The original rumor claimed that the move to Galaxy Note 7 as a name for the new device was to bring the Note family to parity with the Galaxy S series of smartphones.Samsung reportedly felt that having the current generation of Galaxy S devices at S7 and the Note line at Note 6 would make the Note seem like it was an older phone compared to the Galaxy S.The fix was to skip the Note 6 and move directly to Note 7 making both of the Galaxy smartphones the same, at least in numerical sequence.The earlier rumor came from a source in the industry who claimed that Samsung is already calling the next device the Galaxy Note 7 internally.So far, the name is all we have heard about in rumors, we still don t know exactly what sort of hardware will be inside the next Note.If the rumors about the name change turn out to be true, Samsung wouldn't be the first smartphone maker to get out of sequence with itself.
For years, companies like Apple and Samsung got away with charging absurdly high prices for their flagship smartphones.Carrier subsidies created the illusion that high-powered smartphones like the iPhone and Galaxy S series were affordable, even though the real price was much higher.You only had to pay the $100-$200 subsidized price for a high-end brand name phone a few years ago.If you want a flagship phone that s truly top-of-the-line, you re also no longer locked into $650 phones from Samsung, Apple, HTC, or LG.There s a new breed of smartphones on the scene that is redefining what it means to be powerful and affordable.Meet the ultimate flagship killers: the $400 OnePlus 3 and the $400 ZTE Axon 7.These phones have the exact same spec sheet as the Galaxy S7, HTC 10, and LG G5, but they re available for almost half the price.
Samsung has finally removed the covers off the Galaxy Note 7, perhaps one of this year's worst kept secrets.But why is this phablet, whose size and stylus has already been vindicated by Apple, failing to capture the hearts of even some of Samsung's stalwart fans?The reason is less about the specs, which are excellent in themselves, but more about a trend that has the stylus-faithful a tad worried.I will not go over all the features and properties of the Galaxy Note 7.No, it was because the Galaxy Note dared to be different, not just from others in the market, but even from its own Samsung siblings.The dance between the S and Note lines was almost perfect.
the Galaxy Note 7 has, as known, a screen that slopes down along the sides – but it is not Edge-edition.Samsung has simply opted out of a flat, traditional panel for the benefit of the company's new screen format.this Means that the standard model of next year's Galaxy S8 will also be equipped with a kantskärm and Edge series go?the Korea Herald citing Koh Dong-jin, head of Samsung Mobile, which vaguely suggests that the kantskärmar is the future of flaggskeppsserien.Edge models have sold better than their plattskärmade siblings and it is possible to kantskärmarna in the long term will be Samsung's new standard for top of the range.
SEE ALSO: India will have 730 million internet users by 2020 and is already in a 'Post-PC' eraFrom Apple to Xiaomi to Samsung, every major smartphone brand are increasingly focused on India, as other markets globally show signs of saturation and are slowing down.Apple's plans to import refurbished iPhones in India might have hit the wall but the government did bend over backwards to tweak the rules to pave the way for the company to open its iconic retail stores.Samsung already manufactures most of the smartphones it sells in India, including its flagship Galaxy S series.Xiaomi, which is going through a terribly rough patch in China, sees India as a bright spot where it is registering annual growth.Foxconn, the world's largest contract manufacturer has already set up manufacturing plants here with plans to have multiple such facilities spread across the country.
When Pokémon Go became a smash hit for mobile games in July, many people found that the augmented reality game ate up their smartphone batteries.So they hit the stores, buying all sorts of Mophie Juice Pack mobile battery cases and Mophie Powerstation external chargers.Now the company is unveiling a whole new line-up of universal external power chargers for mobile devices.They include Powerstation USB chargers, Powerstation USB-C chargers for the newest smartphones, and Powerstation Plus chargers with removable tips.1 battery-charging case maker in North America, according to market researcher NPD Group.We are known for battery cases, but we are the market leader in external power too, said Ross Howe, vice president of marketing at Mophie, based in Tustin, Calif. Mophie s line-up includes the previously announced Charge Force Powerstation, a wireless charging solution that allows you to set an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S series smartphone with a Mophie Juice Pack charging case on top of it and charge it.You can also plug a wire into the USB port and charge a second device using the wire.Mophie also is catching up with the times by launching its Powerstation USB-C charger, for the new connectors being introduced in many devices this year.
Samsung could advance the launch of Galaxy S8 smartphoneSamsung might advance the launch of its next-gen Galaxy S series flagship, dubbed S8, following the global recall of the Galaxy Note 7, believe analysts.This could be possible as Samsung did not have enough time to focus on the sales of Note 7, reports Sammobile.The company had started selling the device on 19 August in select markets such as the US, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, the UAE and South Korea.Before the handset could see a European release, Samsung announced a global recall and stopped the sales after incidents of the handset exploding while being charged emerged.Samsung will offer a new Note as replacement in some markets including the UK, Korea and Australia from 19 September.
Samsung considering using LG batteries for Galaxy S8Samsung is reportedly planning to use batteries manufactured by LG Chemical LG Chem for its next Galaxy S series flagship, after the company halted the sales and production of Galaxy Note 7 devices due to faulty batteries that led to explosions.Samsung is said to be in talks with LG Chem for a possible partnership to supply batteries.At present, Samsung SDI, which is a sister company of Samsung, and Chinese battery maker ATL are its suppliers.Samsung SDI supplied 70% of the batteries used in the Note 7, while the rest of the batteries were from ATL."We are looking at diverse suppliers, including LG Chem," a Samsung executive is said to have told Maeil Business Newspaper, according to a report by Korean Herald.
Samsung delays the development of Galaxy S8 flagship smartphoneTo continue providing news and award winning journalism, we rely on advertising revenue.To continue reading, please turn off your ad blocker or whitelist us.Samsung has pushed back the development of its next-gen Galaxy S series flagship by two weeks as its engineers are still looking into what exactly caused the Galaxy Note 7 fires.The Galaxy S8 has attracted a lot attention after Samsung announced an unprecedented recall of the Note 7 for the second time and then decided to discontinue it permanently.Following reports about the Note 7 catching fire in early September, Samsung executives debated how to handle the situation, people familiar with the situation told the WSJ.
Samsung turns its focus to the upcoming Galaxy S8 flagship following the Galaxy Note 7 fiascoTo continue providing news and award winning journalism, we rely on advertising revenue.To continue reading, please turn off your ad blocker or whitelist us.Samsung's next-gen Galaxy S series flagship, the S8, will sport a slick design, improved camera and enhanced artificial intelligence service, according to a company executive.Earlier this month, Samsung announced it would buy artificial intelligence company Viv founded by Dag Kittlaus, Adam Cheyer and Chris Brigham — the creators of Apple's Siri intelligent personal assistant.The acquisition shows Samsung's new focus on the virtual personal assistant as the firm wants to deliver an AI-based ecosystem across all its devices and services.
Samsung really wants people to forget about its exploding Note 7s and washing machines .The Korean company believes the best way to do this is by looking forward to its next generation of smartphones: the Galaxy S8.On Sunday, the firm said the upcoming handset would feature an all-new virtual assistant to rival the likes of Siri and Cortana.It was only last month when Samsung purchased Viv Labs, a startup co-founded by the team that created Siri.The company will be integrating its newly acquired artificial intelligence platform into the next iteration of the Galaxy S series.Reuters reports that Samsung hasn t revealed many details about what services the virtual assistant will offer, though it did say it will feature third-party integration.
Samsung had a better than expected holiday season despite the loss of its flagship smartphone for the second half of the year, the Galaxy Note 7.While Apple s iPhones collectively accounted for an estimated 44% of all holiday activations while Samsung phones accounted for just 22%, Samsung s estimated share of activations during the period actually climbed 1% compared to the holidays in 2015.But now, all attention turns to the future and Samsung is wasting no time in the new year.Early Monday morning, Samsung took the wraps off of three different Galaxy smartphone models that will begin launching just a few weeks from now: The Galaxy A7, Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A3.Although most Android fans are dying to know exactly what Samsung s flagship Galaxy S8 has in store for us, the Galaxy S series is just one piece of a much larger smartphone portfolio for Samsung.And before we get to the Galaxy S8 in 2017, Samsung has several other new handsets to show the world.
Following a series of beta testing, Samsung has finally begun rolling out Android Nougat upgrade for its 2016 Galaxy S series flagship devices — Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.Those who have opted for the Galaxy Beta Program, which lets users get a sneak peek of the pre-release version of the software including Samsung's latest UX, are the first lucky owners to receive the new OS upgrade.For members of the Galaxy Beta Program, the update weighs in around 215MB.Regular users will also receive the update gradually.Last month, Samsung issued a notice to the beta team informing them the Beta Program is ending on 30 December.The beta notices mentioned the official version of Nougat is coming in January.
The Samsung Galaxy S8 seems to have reached the point in its pre-release timeline where we re privy to most of its release details.This is before Samsung has shared much of anything officially, of course, but with a phone this highly anticipated, there s little chance it seems that data leaks would occur.As such, we re running down all the details that we ve gathered over the past several weeks, lining them up into the best picture of what Samsung will show off this Spring in the Galaxy S line of smartphones.As it is with everything else we re writing about in this article, this is not an official statement from Samsung, but a very, very likely possibility given the information we ve gathered over the past several weeks.This time around, it s slightly more likely than before that the Galaxy S series will go all-edgy, and will therefore remove the Edge from their name.All unofficial or otherwise anonymous to protect their own identity, these sources together have created a fairly precise picture of what we re to expect out of the Galaxy S8 and its larger sibling.
Dual curved-screens — think the Samsung Galaxy S series — is all the rage in smartphones these days.Not only do Samsung’s phones have them, but so do every Chinese phones released in late last year and this year.LG, however, is one company that is staying away.The South Korean electronic company just unveiled its G6 smartphone in Barcelona (I’m writing this from the event as we speak), and the G6 ticks every box for “features that smartphones of 2017 will have.”First, the phone has really small top and bottom bezels.LG has always been a leader in this (check the LG G3, released three years ago) but the G6 is really something (at least until the Galaxy S8 comes along and does the same thing).
For years, Huawei’s sub-brand Honor was known as the little brother of the Chinese tech giant, with a budget price point and clearly middle-of-the-pack features and specs.Think the dual-curved sides on the Samsung Galaxy S series are cool?The Honor Magic takes the idea and goes crazy, unleashing a glass-and-metal unibody phone with eight curves (on all four edges of the phone, front and back).The 5.1 display here is an AMOLED panel, which is a marked improvement over the cheaper, inferior LCD panel found on the Huawei P10.But Honor knows good looks can only get you so far.For example, the Magic’s screen turns on automatically whenever it’s picked up from a table, but from there the Magic can tell whether the person holding it is the device owner or a stranger.
The larger of the two, aptly called the Galaxy S8 Plus, features a beautiful 6.2-inch display that is packed into a body that feels far more compact than that size would suggest, and comes with the same gorgeous design, features, and capabilities as its smaller sibling.Which is why, we’ve rounded up some of the best protective cases and covers that are currently available for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus!In addition, a bumper case adds extra gripability, which considering the slippery nature of glass could really come in handy.At $24.95, the Rhinoshield is far from the cheapest case found in this list, but could be perfect if you simply want a little extra protection and grip without adding any noticeable bulk.The buttons are covered, and the case features precise cutouts for the charging port, speaker, headphone jack, camera, and fingerprint scanner.This case is just 0.35mm thin, yes that is not a typo, it’s that thin.
p Update, 10:45 AM: While Samsung sold 5 million Galaxy S8 units to end users – measured by counting device activations – the number of devices shipped to retailers and carriers is actually 10 million.A Samsung representative told Chosun Ilbo that the number of devices sold is 20 to 30 percent higher than the Galaxy S7/Edge.When counting device shipments, the Galaxy S8 is the best performing phone in the Galaxy S series, according to the Korean publication.Original post, 06:55 AM: Samsung has sold more than 200,000 Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus units every day since their release on April 21.“Although we cannot provide detailed figures, the sales are going smoothly around the globe.The milestone is more impressive when you consider that the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus have only been available in a limited number of markets, albeit major ones.