The phablet will be in the form of the Xperia XA Ultra, a mid-range device with one big headline feature.Overall, the way the device looks – apart from being larger – is the same.Despite being a big 6ins device, the battery is rather small.It's a 2,700mAh cell which Sony claims will give you two days of battery life.To put it into perspective, the iSight camera used on the iPhone 6S – the device's main camera – is a 12 megapixel sensor, likewise the new though highly optimised camera hardware found on the Samsung Galaxy S7.No prices have been revealed yet and neither have the markets the XA Ultra will be available in.
It matches the earlier leaked photos see below top to bottom aside from colour scheme, which is... a bit odd.Blass identifies it as gold but opts to call it "desert camo" instead, and we'd say it's more beige than we usually like in a gadget.Still no word on a release date or pricing for the likely AT exclusive in the States.If these photos leaked out of Vietnam are any indication, Samsung wants the Galaxy S7 Active to look more comfortable in a battlefield than a fashion show - unlike the standard Galaxy S7.Water and dust resistance were collectively one of the big enhancements for the Galaxy S7 this year, and that that same IP68 rating is reportedly maintained on the Active model, unsurprisingly.Leaks suggest the Galaxy S7 Active will have much the same specs as the Galaxy S7 in the States, including the Snapdragon 820 processor and 4GB RAM, plus the Quad HD display.
GIFFirst revealed earlier in the year at CES, Speck s ultra-thin folding Pocket-VR viewer is finally available for those who want to dabble in virtual reality and are looking for a cost-effective solution that falls somewhere between Google s cheap Cardboard and Samsung s pricey Gear VR.What your $70 alternative to Oculus Rift gets you is a VR viewer made of durable plastic—not cardboard—that cleverly folds flat so it s slim enough to stash in a pocket.Designed for either the iPhone 6/6s or the Samsung Galaxy S7, the Pocket-VR won t actually work with other smartphones since it requires them to be wrapped in an included case for the viewer to properly and securely assemble.The Pocket-VR s open design gives full access to the touchscreen and buttons on whichever smartphone you re using it with, which solves a an annoyance with Google s Cardboard viewer.You re definitely paying a premium for that convenience here, but also its well though-out design that you can quickly whip out and use anywhere.
Japanese mobile operator NTT Docomo has said it can track smartphones on its network using remotely activated GPS, without the owner s knowledge or consent.Without the need to get permission, Docomo developed software that could discreetly track phones, while leaving the owner unaware.The network will introduce five smartphones over the next months with the functionality installed.Information like this is valuable to companies and advertisers.Keeping data stored on smartphones secure, and our privacy in general, has been under the spotlight for some time.Most recently, Apple s very public spat with the FBI over breaking the encryption on an iPhone highlighted the issue, but Docomo s stance isn t quite so pro-consumer.
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge dealsThe Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is a phone I'd hate to have had to make.But Samsung believes we unlock our phones over 150 times a day, and by stopping us doing that the device is no longer waking up, starting the CPU and connecting to reams of data services, which in turn saves battery.But it's really limited: it takes from sources that you can't define, and while I spent time trying to tell it what I did and didn't like it wasn't as good as other services, or dedicated apps that do the same thing.The Galaxy S7 Edge lost 10% battery overnight, which is a little high, but I did have the always-on display enabled though – a repeat test with it turned off and do not disturb mode enabled saw the battery drop just 2%, demonstrating that the S7 Edge is pretty good at not drawing too much power when it's asleep.The Galaxy S7 Edge now has a very similar 'screen flash' method of illuminating faces in the front-facing camera to the iPhone – it's hard not to note the similarity when this feature wasn't present in the S6 duo and has popped up since Apple introduced it last year.And when it comes to gaming, given the amount of power being offered by Samsung's Exynos chip or the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 choice in the US and the gruntiest GPUs alongside, there's a lot to be excited about.
Has Apple zigged when the rest of the world has zagged, and come up with the direction everyone has been clamoring for, making a powerful-yet-palmable phone?Gaming was a similar experience, with the power of the iPhone SE easily taking on any title that needed a bit of raw grunt to run smoothly.It's fortunate that Apple's upgraded its default keyboard in recent years, as the older version was just terrible.Despite that, Apple has managed to shrink down some of the components inside to plop a slightly larger power unit inside the SE, up from 1560mAh to 1624mAh and that's more impressive when you consider the iPhone 5 had a 1440mAh power pack .I'm not saying that this will be the sort of thing many people like, but I kept feeling like the pictures I was getting off the iPhone SE were a little muted in comparison to something like the Samsung Galaxy S7.But in this instance I think it's worth pointing to the larger phones as a superior photographic experience - in terms of holding the phone if you're thinking of sticking with the iPhone, or just checking out the brilliant snapping ability of the Galaxy S7.
The S7 and S7 Edge are Samsung's flagship phones, and both are now waterproof.
Samsung and AT are poised to release their ruggedized version of the flagship Galaxy S7 smartphone, the Galaxy S7 Active.As usual, the specifications for this water- and dust-resistant handset closely match those of its mainstream linemate, according to an official spec sheet shown to VentureBeat.The design of the S7 Active pictured above, in black and gold has not changed much from last year s Active model.However, its measurements are slightly larger across all three dimensions, including an increased thickness of 9.9 millimeters — over a millimeter thicker than the 8.6-millimeter Galaxy S6 Active.There s also been a 15-gram weight gain, from 170 grams to 185 grams.That increase is likely due to the S7 Active s significantly larger battery, whose 4000mAh capacity is almost 15 percent greater than the prior model s 3500mAh pack.However, the bigger dimensions do not house a larger screen, as has been rumored previously about this device; instead, its 5.1-inch, 1440 x 2560-pixel Super AMOLED display is the same as both the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S6 Active.Besides the addition of a microSD slot, most of the S7 Active s changes occur under the hood.It s powered by a Snapdragon 820 system-on-chip from Qualcomm, and features 4GB of RAM 1GB more than last year and 32GB of internal storage.Once again, the front-facing selfie cam offers a five megapixel resolution.Finally, like last year s Galaxy S6 Active, the S7 Active will be exclusive to AT when it launches in June — likely on June 10, as the date on the renders screens suggests.
Fingerprint scanning is commonplace on many devices, but the lack of widespread adoption of iris scanning would make it a standout feature.It is also used by an assortment of smaller, Chinese manufacturers.The latest word suggests Samsung will make it water and dustproof, albeit with an IP67 rating compared to the IP68 seen on the Galaxy S7 – the compartment in which the stylus sits could prevent the device from receiving full IP68 protection.They are much larger, though, something Samsung calls "Dual Pixels", and they lock on quickly and accurately for one of the fastest autofocuses on a smartphone.HardwareAccording to Trusted Reviews, Samsung will make the Note 6 in two hardware configurations – one for the Asian market and another for the west.However, the idea of Android N on the Note 6 in 2016 hasn't been completely sunk.
Samsung, amusingly, decided to take that literally.In Sokot, Moscow, at the side of the road that leads to the Sheremetyevo International Airport, the around 800,000 people that pass there daily will be able to gawk at a gigantic Galaxy S7 edge.Of course, it's just a signage, but it is definitely one of Samsung's most ambitious, if not obnoxious, marketing stunt to remind people that it has a smaller version of that same curved edge monstrosity.Last year's Galaxy S6 edge caught Samsung off guard, leading to supply and inventory problems.There is still some question on whether Samsung will follow through with a Galaxy S7 edge like last year's generation.There is talk that the Galaxy Note 6 might combine both designs, though there is still some uncertainty about that.
The Samsung Galaxy S7 Active sounds like it ll have a pretty impressive spec sheet to counter its rather questionable fashion sense.After leaked renders showcased a gaudy gold and grey handset last week, the same source has returned with the specifications for the device.Apparently, the Madonna of smartphones will rock a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor with 4G of RAM, up on last year s 3GB handset.Related: Galaxy S7 Active and 12 hideous handsetsThere ll also be a whopping 4000mAh battery, which is another improvement on the 3500mAh served up to consumers with the Galaxy S6 Active.That extra girth adds 15g to the weight 185g while the tough phone gains more than a millimeter in thickness, from 8.6mm to 9.9mm, according to the report.Blass says the device will be exclusive to AT in the United States.
The Samsung Galaxy S7 Active has got to be one of the worst kept secrets in smartphone land, with numerous official looking renders leaking out, and now what's believed to be an official spec sheet doing the rounds too.To put it into perspective the standard Samsung Galaxy S7 has just a 3000mAh battery, last year's Samsung Galaxy S6 Active has a 3500mAh one, and even the massive Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has a smaller 3600mAh juice pack.Sounds like an S7The rest of the specs seem to be identical to the Samsung Galaxy S7, with a 5.1-inch 1440 x 2560 Super AMOLED screen, a Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, a 12MP rear camera, a 5MP front-facing one and Android Marshmallow all listed.Where the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active differs from its less rugged namesake is in the design, as it has a chunky 9.9mm thick, 185g build.Still, the S7 Active looks as though it's more likely to survive a fall and that's the whole point.It's believed to be an AT exclusive, so if you're outside the US you might be out of luck.
So you'd like to get yourself a lovely new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge?We don't blame you as it's an early shout for Phone of the Year around the techradar office.As with any hot new handset though, prices can be a little steep if you don't know where to look.As it turns out, most of the deals we've chosen here are available through, though that's not because we favour that site above others - it's more that Mobiles prices itself very aggressively and always aims to be cheaper than its competitors.Total cost over 24 months is £843.This week's best Galaxy S7 deals:If you're not too bothered about the S7's fancy-pants Edge version or know too well you'd slap a huge protective cover on it anyway and remove its key feature , the standard Samsung Galaxy S7 is still an excellent phone.
Known for products that have relatively high specs at significantly lower prices than the established brand equivalents, the Chinese OnePlus is gearing up to launch its fourth phone by giving away 30,000 Loop VR headsets.OnePlus is giving away 30,000 of its VR headsets to screen the launch of its next phoneThe next device on its roster, to be called the OnePlus 3, will go head-to-head with Apple's iPhone SE, the HTC 10 and Samsung's Galaxy S7."Forget cardboard, this year we're excited to bring you the OnePlus Loop VR Headset," said Carl Pei, chief executive of OnePlus.OnePlus is yet to set a date for the launch, but the headsets will be shipped from June 6.Yet to be announced, rumours suggest that OnePlus 3 will have contactless payment capability, thanks to an NFC chip, and an enhanced processor.That means it has similar specs to the iPhone SE and latest Android models such as the HTC 10 and Samsung Galaxy S7, but will probably have a significantly lower price tag - if the £240 price tag for the OnePlus 2 is anything to go by.
The Samsung Galaxy S7 Active will offer a more powerful battery than ordinary flagship was to be reckoned with, but exactly how much is the increase? Latest rumor says that the battery capacity is 4000mAh whole. In combination with the 5.1-inch screen teaches the battery life to be extraordinary, despite the high resolution WQHD. Other specifications mentioned is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, memory card slot, and a 12MP camera. Last year's Galaxy S6 Active was not released in Sweden, but the Galaxy S5 Active reached contrast to the Nordic countries. Recent articles on the SAMSUNG GALAXY S7 ACTIVE Visit Androidarkivet
Huawei, the world s third biggest smartphone manufacturer, tells Samsung, the biggest, that enough is enough in patent disputeHuawei is suing Samsung in China and the US, seeking compensation for the Korean manufacturer s alleged infringement of the Shenzhen-based firm s mobile parents.Huawei Samsung lawsuitsamsung galaxy s7 edgeHuawei says it is absolutely committed to these principles, but says that it is only fair that it is compensated given it spends 15 percent of its annual revenue, or CNY 59.6 billion £6.2bn , on research and development.As of December 31, 2015, Huawei had been granted more than 50,000 patents around the world, and last year agreed a cross-licence arrangement with Ericsson for standard essential patents for wireless communications.With such a belief, we have actively negotiated with other patent holders in the industry for cross-licensing over the years.Patent battlesIt is unclear whether the lawsuits will affect the availability of Samsung s products in the two countries.TechWeekEurope has contacted Samsung for comment.
In the last couple of years, the Chinese smartphone makers are all racing to achieve the same goal: Launch a premium, flagship phone at a fraction of the price of an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy.On paper, its new flagship Axon 7 passes the specs test with flying colors — even surpassing most rivals in certain areas.The Axon 7's biggest claim to fame, however is RAM: The phone comes in two configurations, either with 4GB or a whopping 6GB of RAM, which is 2GB more than the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, or 4GB more than an iPhone 6S Plus.Of course, it's not just how much RAM the phone has — how the memory is handled makes far more difference in real-world performance.Other specs of note are a fingerprint scanner, dual stereo speakers coupled with what ZTE calls a dual Hi-Fi chipset and Force Touch tech similar to Apple's 3D Touch display , which is only available in the most expensive variant.The Standard edition costs 3,299 RMB or $503, while the Force Touch-equipped Premium edition costs 4,099 RMB or $625.
Samsung has introduced a new Galaxy S7 edge Injustice Edition to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of Injustice: Gods Among Us.The special edition is themed around DC s Batman, and will be available in limited quantities in certain regions starting next month.Certain territories, as the video suggests, will include a themed Gear VR headset and vouchers for in-game credits and Oculus VR content.The Batman-theme is kept with the entire ensemble, including the box.There s a gold Batman emblem inside, too.It isn t yet clear whether the phone will be available in North America, though Samsung says it will announced additional availability soon.
Believe it or not, the newly announced ZTE Axon 7 promises to be a more powerful Android phone next to the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, and it looks almost as good.You'll also find front-facing speakers on front of course and a fingerprint sensor on the back.It costs $450 in the US, with UK pricing to be confirmed soon.That's leagues better than what we've seen from the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6S, which smaller screens and around the same benchmarks the Axon 7 is promising.It's gold, like the Ion Gold ZTE Axon 7 and works with the phone making it a true Samsung Gear VR clone .While ZTE hasn't revealed its plans for content, it has promised that it'll be one of the first Google DayDream VR devices and is future-proofing it for that very reason once the Android N maintenance update becomes available.
GSMArena adds that skipping over the 6 name could also be part of a drive to compete against Apple, which introduces its iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in September.At the moment, the only premium brand to incorporate the tech is Windows, with its Lumia 950 and 950 XL handsets.It is also used by an assortment of smaller, Chinese manufacturers.The Note 6 is set to be a powerful, hardware-driven mobile device.Rumours so far suggest it could come with the as-yet-unrevealed Snapdragon 823 chipset mated to 6GB RAM and make use of a 5.8ins OLED display.A less powerful and cheaper Galaxy Note 6 Lite making use of the same internals as the Samsung Galaxy S7 has been touted to release alongside the flagship version.