The FCC’s space-focused meeting today had actions taken on SpaceX satellites and orbital debris reduction, but the decision most likely to affect users has to do with Galileo .No, not the astronomer — the global positioning satellite constellation put in place by the E.U.over the last few years.It’s now legal for U.S. phones to use, and a simple software update could soon give your GPS signal a major bump.But because it is U.S.-managed and was for a long time artificially limited in accuracy to everyone but U.S. military, it should come as no surprise that European, Russian and Chinese authorities would want their own solutions.Devices already existed that would take advantage of Galileo signals — all the way back to the iPhone 6s, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and many others from that era forward.
The Chinese company has just officially launched in the UK , so it’s a name you can expect to start seeing more of.Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro is their latest handset, and it's being released here before any other country that isn't called China.I’ve had a week with the Mi 8 Pro, and I’ve got to say, I’m pretty impressed with what it offers.6.21” AMOLED display, 2248 x 1080p159.4 z 64.8 x 7.6mm, 177gSnapdragon 845 chipset with Adreno 630 GPU
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Let’s face it, we all have that one desk drawer filled with old phones that we promise ourselves we’ll sell — when we can get around to it.With eBay’s new Instant Selling program for smartphones, the process might now be a little bit easier.With Instant Selling you’ll receive an instant voucher after listing your device, to be used toward the purchase of a new phone through eBay.That’s also after you find out whether your phone is even eligible for the service.You can access the service via a mobile web browser or on desktop, at which point you’ll be asked to enter your device information — such as the model, color, capacity, and carrier.Once all the details are filled in, you’ll receive an instant quote if it’s eligible.
We’ve already taken a look at the best Verizon phones, but now let’s go through the best Verizon prepaid phones.Samsung also included its own creepier version of Apple’s Animoji, called AR Emoji, allowing you to make GIFs and send cartoony videos to your friends.This is the newest Samsung flagship, featuring top-of-the-line specs like a 5.8-inch Quad HD+ Super AMOLED display, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and the Snapdragon 845 SoC.Its certainly among the best Verizon Wireless prepaid phones you can buy right now, available for $799.99.5.8-inch Super AMOLED display with 2,960 x 1,440 resolution, 570ppi64GB of onboard storage, microSD expansion up to 256GB
One of the biggest game releases of the summer was Fortnite.At first, the game was only available for Samsung devices, but it didn’t take long for Epic to start issuing invitations to owners of a very specific subset of Android devices.Even with limited device support, Epic saw 15 million players install the game within the first 21 days of its launch!Why are only certain devices supported?The official answer is that Fortnite is a highly demanding game and only devices released within the last two years are capable of playing it smoothly.Epic has published a blog post detailing its battle against Android fragmentation and how it has overcome the huge differences in hardware and software implementations to widen its support to include all of Samsung’s flagship devices since the Samsung Galaxy S7; all of Google’s Pixel smartphones; several devices from Huawei, including the Honor 10, the Mate 10 and the P20; the LG G5 and upwards, as well as the LG V20 and newer; the Nokia 8; the OnePlus 5, 5T and 6; and some popular devices from Xiaomi, Asus and ZTE.
The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 cooling system is bigger and more efficient than any prior system.Samsung posted an infographic as well as a blog post describing how it works in detail.The Water Carbon Cooling system ensures that your Note 9 doesn’t overheat and can handle processor-heavy tasks with ease.Samsung introduced what it calls the Water Carbon Cooling system in 2016 with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S7.The cooling system does what you’d expect: it helps regulate the internal temperature of your smartphone to keep things running smoothly.The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – which just landed on store shelves last week – features the largest and most ambitious Water Carbon Cooling system yet in a Samsung device.
Samsung is the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer, and the Samsung Galaxy S series is the most successful Android smartphone brand.Even with the popularity of the Samsung Galaxy S9, sales so far are lower than for the Samsung Galaxy S8 – and the sales for that device were lower than sales for the Samsung Galaxy S7.Samsung even admitted in its recent earnings report that it purposely pushed up the release date of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to compensate for this issue.To add insult to injury, Samsung lost some of its top spots this year, most notably to Xiaomi in India and even recently to young upstart OnePlus in the same country.With all that in mind, one thing becomes perfectly clear: Samsung is betting big on the Galaxy Note 9, and its success (or lack thereof) will have a profound effect on Samsung’s future smartphone strategy.Now that we know all there is to know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, I’m going to go ahead and make a prediction: the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 isn’t going to be sales hit that Samsung is banking on.
We finally have a Fortnite for Android release date of August 9, but there's a catch.It will only be available on a handful of Samsung handsets on that date.The beta of Fortnite on Android will be available on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and above from today, August 9.If you play Fortnite on a Galaxy Note 9 or Galaxy Tab S4 you'll also get an exclusive character skin called 'Galaxy'.It's currently not clear when the game will be available on more Android smartphones, but we're waiting to hear the details on that.Samsung's Unpacked launch event is still happening, and we'll update this article when we know more about the Fortnite for Android plans.
Researchers warn that Samsung smartphones are vulnerable due to the Meltdown flaw with Intel chipsAn Intel chip within the Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone can be exploited by the Meltdown flaw, to allow hackers to spy on people.The Galaxy S7 smartphone was released in 2016, and there are thought to be approximately 30 million people still using the Samsung phone.The Graz Technical University told Reuters, that they will release their findings on Wednesday at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas.The researchers are also examining Meltdown’s impact on other makes and models of smartphones and expect to uncover more vulnerable devices in the near future, researcher Michael Schwarz told Reuters.“There are potentially even more phones affected that we don’t know about yet,” he said.
We know refurbished phones can divide your opinions.Refurbs aren’t brand new, but they are virtually tip-top in terms of functionality, and the big win is that they’re usually less than half the price.Dailysteals is offering GSM unlocked Samsung Galaxy S7 Active phones for only $229.99.What’s more, AA Readers can get a further $10 exclusive discount with our promo code.The Galaxy S7 Active is a rugged version of it’s flagship counterpart, built to withstand dust, water and drops.It scored an impressive 9.1 out of 10 when reviewed by one of our team on release.
Android and Google Fit syncing can now work with Motiv Ring, the basic but tiny fitness tracker.The Motive Ring measures steps, sleep, resting and active heart rate.It syncs to your phone via Bluetooth.We complained about the lack of Android support in our Motiv Ring review, and it seems we weren't the only ones.Android and Google Fit support were the top requests from users.In its announcement, Motiv only listed compatibility with a handful of Samsung and Google phones: Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S8, S8+, S9, S9+, Note 5, and Note 8, and Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.
The Motiv ring is a surprisingly capable fitness tracker.Look, I said so right here in my review.Up until now, however, it’s had one glaring omission: it didn’t work with Android.After a year and a half of promises, the company has finally addressed the issue, making its wearable compatible with the world’s largest mobile operating system.The company offered up compatibility in an open-beta back in April, and the final version of the app is now live to all users on a slew of different Android handsets, including the Samsung Galaxy S7, S8, S9, Note 5, and Note 8, Google Pixel and Pixel 2.In a press release tied to the news, the company’s CEO Tejash Unadkat called Android compatibility Motiv’s “most requested ask.” As to what took the company so long to roll it out, I suspect it’s a combination of having a fairly small team and wanting to get all of the issues with Android just right.
Protect your shiny, new Galaxy S7 with one of these 25 cases and coversThe Samsung Galaxy S7 is gorgeous, but it’s also a fragile blend of metal and glass.If you don’t want your new smartphone screen shattering or that shiny body picking up scuffs and dings, then you really need to invest in some protection.On top of that, it sports a tough polycarbonate frame outfitted with a faux leather covering that’s available in either black or brown.There’s a magnetic closure for the cover, open it up and you’ll find three card slots and a handy pocket for cash.It’s finished in a kind of synthetic leather in black, gold, silver, or white.
Until now the only real Samsung Galaxy S10 release date rumor we’d seen had it down for a January launch, likely at CES 2019, while the same source said that the foldable Samsung Galaxy X would land in February 2019, but now it seems those two timings might have been reversed.According to leaker Ice universe – who has a reasonable track record – the Samsung Galaxy X will arrive at CES 2019, which runs between January 8-11, while the Samsung Galaxy S10 will land at MWC 2019, which takes place from February 25-28.Doing things this way around arguably makes more sense, since the Samsung Galaxy S9 range launched at MWC 2018, so this would be a year later.Plus, MWC is a bigger event for phones, and as exciting as the Galaxy X might be it’s the S10 which will probably be the company’s main flagship for the year, so it’s probably a better fit for the bigger show.On the other hand, we still haven’t really heard all that much about the Galaxy X yet, so a launch date in the next six months is one we’d take with a pinch of salt.Still, an extra month in the oven could prove more beneficial to the Samsung Galaxy S10, as according to analysts speaking to Reuters, the Galaxy S9 series is selling less than the Galaxy S8 range – a range while itself didn’t sell as well as the Samsung Galaxy S7.
According to industry analysts’ reports on Samsung Galaxy S9 sales around the world, the numbers don’t match the Galaxy S8.The Galaxy S8 itself reportedly didn’t sell as well as the S7.According to industry analysts speaking with Reuters, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is not selling as well globally as the Samsung Galaxy S8.This is particularly alarming, as the S8 reportedly didn’t sell as well as the Samsung Galaxy S7.In fact, the most recent Galaxy S models can’t hold a candle to the numbers of peak Samsung – the Samsung Galaxy S4, which reportedly sold a whopping 80 million units.It should be noted that it can be difficult to get a firm grip on how well smartphones sell.
RCS is the next-generation text messaging standard that’s designed to make traditional texting a bit more like dedicated messaging platforms, with features like multi-person chats and read receipts.Adoption of the Google-backed standard has been slow in the US, but it’s making a big step forward with T-Mobile now rolling out RCS Universal Profiles to select Android users.Both T-Mobile and Sprint have supported RCS messaging for a few years, but it’s RCS “Universal” that allows the standard’s advanced features to work for users across networks, as opposed to only those on the same carrier.It’s RCS Universal that promises to bring a unified texting experience to Android users, regardless of carrier or device type.Unfortunately, there’s bad news: T-Mobile’s RCS Universal update is only rolling out to the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge for now.The carrier says more Android devices will get support later this year, which should be too difficult to achieve, since every Android phone it sells already supports standard RCS.
T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray announced that the T-Mobile RCS Universal Profile rollout has begun.However, the rollout only is for the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, and doesn’t work with Android Messages.This is a good start, but the vast majority of T-Mobile users won’t be able to take advantage of the update.RCS Universal Profile – the technology that will finally bring text messaging into the modern era for all Android users – isn’t accessible to everyone yet.However, T-Mobile committed to being one of the leaders when it comes to bringing RCS to all its customers, and yesterday it made good on that promise…sort of.According to a tweet from T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray, the Universal Profile update is rolling out now to owners of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge only:
RCS will likely change the way we interact with text messages on our phone, bringing a number of great features — like read receipts, better group messaging, and more.Only one problem — unlike apps like Facebook Messenger, where you can simply download an app, carriers have to first support the feature.T-Mobile teased that it would soon start supporting RCS Universal Profile back in March.Now, however, it looks like that is finally happening — T-Mobile is adopting RCS Universal Profile for Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge phones, with wider adoption likely to come in the near future.This isn’t the first time T-Mobile has dabbled in RCS as a standard.It has supported different versions of RCS since 2015 for in-network communications — but with other carriers adopting the RCS Universal Profile standard, which was developed by Google, users on T-Mobile couldn’t take advantage of the features while messaging other users on a different carrier.
My current phone is the Samsung Galaxy S7, which I bought two years ago as part of a 24-month contract.That means I’m now eligible for a ‘free’ upgrade so long as I stay on the same contract.And that’s well worth doing because the super AMOLED screen is one of the real strengths of this phone, it seems to have higher resolution and richer colours than the others, which makes looking at it a downright pleasure.The other big change is that the whole chassis is made of a ceramic-like glass, which feels really premium and classy but also a tad fragile and pointless since I’d be whacking a case onto it as soon as I got it out of the box anyway.On that note the Spigen case I’ve had on my S7 as contemptuously shrugged off many drops over the past couple of years.Other positives include a distinct upgrade in general performance over my phone, surprisingly good built-in speakers (The day is my enemy by The Prodigy and Hardwired by Metallica were my chosen test tracks, on the assumption that if they could handle them they could handle anything, see below), a top camera and a face unlock feature that worked very smoothly.