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(University of Innsbruck) So far, quantum computers have been one-of-a-kind devices that fill entire laboratories. Now, physicists at the University of Innsbruck have built a prototype of an ion trap quantum computer that can be used in industry. It fits into two 19-inch server racks like those found in data centers throughout the world. The compact, self-sustained device demonstrates how this technology will soon be more accessible.
When it emerged today that Dido Harding had indeed applied for the top job to run NHS England, the verdict from Labour’s Justin Madders was drier than the Sahara.“I would hope that all candidates’ applications are judged on the basis of their recent performance in public sector roles, which in her case speaks for itself,” the shadow health minister said. “Failing which, Dominic Cummings WhatsApp ought to provide a candid assessment.”Trying to replace NHS chief exec Sir Simon Stevens is certainly a bold move by the former head of Test and Trace. The litany of failures is well documented, but it’s worth a swift recap of some. The Commons Public Accounts committee said there was “no clear evidence” her organisation had cut Covid rates despite its huge cost (£22bn last year, £37bn over two years).Former Treasury permanent secretary Nick Macpherson said Test and Trace “wins the prize for the most wasteful and inept public spending programme of all time”. The National Audit Office discovered the DHSC’s business case for the spending last year was “the avoidance of a second national lockdown”. (Narrator: a second, and third, national lockdown took place).Harding is characteristically unabashed, however. She recently told Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour that her “one regret” was that the expectations for the service were “set too high”. She suggested that the big mistake at its conception was the hope that “testing and tracing and isolating, on its own, would stop the course of the disease”.Part of the problem, almost certain to be highlighted in the forthcoming “lessons learned” report by the joint health and tech committees inquiry, was the lack of local expertise in contact tracing. While testing capacity was hugely expanded, much of that progress was undermined if each person’s contacts were not being tracked down quickly or effectively enough.Yet the real clue to the problem lay in the organisation’s very name. It was always ‘Test and Trace’, never ‘Test, Trace and Isolate’. And all the tests in the world, and all the contact tracing in the world, count for nothing if at the end of the process there are large chunks of people failing to stay at home in self-quarantine.As Jeremy Hunt has pointed out, there was such an obsession about the numbers of tests done per day that the government failed to focus on the metric that mattered: how many potentially infectious people were isolating. At times, the proportion of those who were not doing so was upto 40%.To be fair to Harding, she eventually grasped this and admitted in February that perhaps as many as 20,000 people a day were ignoring calls to isolate. There are lots of reasons, from boredom to lack of shopping and childcare, for people breaking 10-day isolation. But lack of cash is certainly a key one, as many in public health will attest.The Tory peer did manage to get some more state support, notably in offering £500 isolation payments for people on low incomes, often administered locally. But as with most means testing, the take up is far less than it would be if there was a universal, across the board, salary replacement system.And the blame for that may ultimately lie with chancellor Rishi Sunak. When a flat-rate payment was floated earlier this year, the Treasury ruled it out on the grounds that the cost would be too high because of the sheer numbers who were getting Covid. That ignored both just how dynamic the situation was (the cost reduces as cases reduce) and also the huge savings to the public purse achieved by avoiding lengthy lockdowns.This whole issue reignited today when Politico revealed emails from senior civil servants complaining that the furlough scheme was being used to help those temporarily off work because of Covid isolation. The most telling line, written in January at the height of the third wave, was this: “Incentive payments are too low to incentivise employees to take tests due to risk of loss of income.”Even aside from using furlough more flexibly to cope with illness, the chancellor has refused repeated requests to increase statutory sick pay (the UK has one of the lowest rates in Europe).That seems to be partly because of a fear (possibly misplaced given the government’s majority) that such a hike could not be reversed in future. Yet the sums needed for isolation payments are minor compared to the £37bn earmarked for Test and Trace.Of course, surge testing still matters (and Test and Trace should get credit for its ability to help councils rapidly boost testing). So too does surge vaccination, although as Blackburn’s public health director today pointed out, jabbing the over-12s is desperately needed particularly in areas with high Asian populations, many of them young.But it’s the lack of a surge in sick pay that is perhaps the most baffling part of the government’s response. With vaccine protection taking two weeks, getting the infected to swiftly stay at home arguably matters more even than getting them jabbed.And with Chris Whitty warning today of an “exit wave” that will follow the July 19 unlocking, and “winter surge” later this year, the need for higher levels of self-isolation is as pressing as ever.The economic risks of further possible lockdowns ought to be enough to prompt a rethink on isolation payments from Sunak, before he’s inevitably urged to do so by the parliamentary inquiry.If not, he may just gift Keir Starmer the present he desperately needs to tie both No.10 and No.11 in a joint enterprise on Covid failures.Related...Test And Trace Boss Dido Harding Has Applied To Run The NHSJust 18% Of People With Covid Symptoms Use Test And TraceConsultants Deloitte Paid To Draft Ministers' Parliamentary Answers On Test And Trace
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Keir Starmer has hit out at claims that the government suppressed furlough funding for sick workers self-isolating at the height of the Covid pandemic.The Labour leader waded into the row after it emerged that senior civil servants had complained that the Treasury was worried about publicising a relatively unknown provision in the furlough rules that allows temporary payments for staff forced to quarantine.The website said it had seen emails, dated from January and February this year, showing that officials had complained about the failure to make employers and staff aware of the guidance.“Furlough can be used to cover self-isolation, but [the Treasury] are reluctant to say this explicitly in guidance because it could lead to employees being furloughed who do not need to be,” one email read. “This is a live issue being worked through.”One senior official explained in their complaint: “Incentive payments are too low to incentivise employees to take tests due to risk of loss of income.”Both Downing Street and the Treasury insisted that the guidance was clear on the government’s own website that the furlough scheme had never been intended to be used as a substitute for statutory sick pay.But Labour said the revelations were “shameful and reckless”, with Starmer adding he was “really concerned” about any suggestion of restricting cash help for home quarantine.“One of the big issues for the 14 months or so we have been in the pandemic has been whether people feel that they can afford to self-isolate,” he told reporters during a visit to Airbus in Bristol.“Self-isolation is a huge tool in the armoury when it comes to defeating the pandemic, but too many people felt that they couldn’t afford to self-isolate.“We have been saying this for a year or more, so the idea now that this has been suppressed I think is so wrong in terms of how we fight this pandemic.”Shadow Treasury minister Bridget Phillipson added: “It is shameful and reckless that the Chancellor ignored professional advice and put countless people and workplaces at unnecessary risk when he had the opportunity to help.”The government guidance for firms makes clear that short-term illness or isolation “should not be a consideration when deciding if you should furlough an employee”.But it adds: “If, however, employers want to furlough employees for business reasons and they are currently off sick, they are eligible to do so, as with other employees. In these cases, the employee should no longer receive sick pay and would be classified as a furloughed employee.”Government sources said that the reason for the rules was that HM Revenue & Customs would have no mechanism or way of identifying those being furloughed for short term sickness, and it could open the whole scheme to fraud risk.The prime minister’s official spokesperson said: “The guidance on sets out that the furlough scheme is not intended for short-term absences from work due to sickness and self-isolation should not be a consideration when a business is deciding if a business should furlough an employee.”A Treasury spokesperson added: “It has always been clear that the purpose of the furlough scheme is to support jobs – we’ve been upfront about that from the start.“We have a specific support package in place for those self-isolating due to coronavirus, including £500 one off payments for those on low incomes.“If an employer wants to furlough an employee for business reasons and they are currently off sick then they are eligible to do so as with other employees. This has been set out in guidance since April last year.”Separately, Downing Street tried to play down reports that ministers would legislate to allow a legal right to work from home because of the pandemic.“We’ve asked people to work from home where they can during the pandemic but there are no plans to make this permanent or introduce a legal right to work from home,” the PM’s spokesperson said.“There’s no plans to make working from home permanent or introduce a legal right to work from home.”But he added the government was committed in its manifesto to a possible default right to flexible working. “What we’re consulting on is making flexible working a default option, unless employers have good reasons not to.”He defined flexible working as “a range of working arrangements around time, place and hours of work including part-time working, flexi-time or compressed hours” but not necessarily working from home.Related...Test And Trace Boss Dido Harding Has Applied To Run The NHSMichael Gove Faces A Double Grilling In Fiery BBC Breakfast And GMB InterviewsHancock Confirms Plan To Make Covid Vaccines Compulsory For All NHS And Care Workers
Getting more clients to your car mechanics shop is consistently the objective.Stay-at-home requests have been given and individuals are confining themselves in self-isolate.Notwithstanding, this doesn't mean your car mechanics shop can't endure, and even flourish, during these tempestuous occasions.Individuals are as yet driving — regardless of whether to get fundamental merchandise or get in a genuinely necessary getaway from the sensation of being stuck at home.Regardless of whether your apparatus is canvassed in rust openings, marks, or it's missing trim, each time you approach it you're reminded that your valuable ride is starting to show its age.There are arrangements, obviously.For more modest scratches or marks, a smidgen of body filler clay, otherwise called Bondo, may help smooth the body for paint.Or on the other hand you can go to a body shop, and for a couple hundred dollars have a portion of the minor flaws and blemishes adjusted by a confided in proficient.At the point when the rust or opening in your vehicle's skin is greater, the second is by a long shot and away the most ideal alternative.You know what, what's the point?
Some decades ago we were expecting that by now we’d be comfortably riding in our own self-driving car. Clearly, that didn’t happen, but, folks, don’t despair. We have the world’s first all-electric flying race car. Do we really need a flying race car? Well, I think not, but in any case meet the Airspeeder MK3 that made today its first flight over the deserts of South Australia. The Alauda Airspeeder Mk3, defined by the company as a full-sized remotely-operated electric vertical take-off and landing vehicle (eVTOL), weighs 100kg and can fly at speeds over 120 kilometers per hour.  Matthew Pearson, the founder of…This story continues at The Next Web
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