Galdor's channelNokia phones are making a comeback thanks to a licensing deal struck between Microsoft, FIH Mobile—a subsidiary of Foxconn—and HMD global Oy.Those facilities, as well as Microsoft's feature phone technology, will be used to create new Nokia phones as part of an "exclusive global" licensing agreement between HMD global Oy and Nokia Technologies.The deal will allow HMD to produce phones and tablets bearing the Nokia brand name for the next 10 years.While no devices have been announced just yet, HMD plans to invest $500 million into the venture.Microsoft stopped developing feature phones—the likes of the Asha, Series 40, and Nokia X handsets—back in 2014, with one of the last to appear being the Nokia 215, which was notable for sporting a promised month-long battery life.As for the rest of Microsoft's smartphone business, the company promises that it will continue to support the likes of the Lumia 650, Lumia 950, and Lumia 950 XL.
It s easy to forget that Microsoft makes cheap feature phones, a quirky inheritance it received in its $9.5 billion acquisition of Finnish company Nokia in 2013, but apparently not for much longer.As part of the arrangement, Microsoft has agreed to transfer its feature phone division s manufacturing plant in Hanoi, Vietnam, along with its 4,500 employees, to FIH.In addition, it will grant FIH the exclusive right to use its Nokia branding, feature phone software, services, and any customer contracts and supply chain agreements it has in place.Microsoft s feature phone has been in maintenance mode since 2014, when the company made massive reductions in both personnel and manufacturing capacity.That s all to say that today s announcement won t drastically impact Microsoft s products domestic or abroad, at least from a customer perspective.Following the cuts in 2014, Jo Harlow, then-head of Microsoft s handset business, indicated that investment and development of Microsoft s low-end handset lines — the Asha, Series 40, and Nokia X, among others — would slow to a trickle in the intervening 18 months and eventually cease.
Despite having recently announced plans to kill support for hundreds of devices, the Facebook-owned messenger has had a last minute change of heart.With support for BlackBerry and Nokia devices having been scheduled to be knocked on the head by the end of 2016 , WhatsApp has now reversed its decision.Instead, WhatsApp has confirmed that support for BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry OS, Nokia Series 40 and Sybian Series 60 based handsets will be extended until June 30, 2017.Sure, that s only six months away, but if you re still rocking one of these aged handsets, that s six crucial months to score yourself and upgrade or make a casual migration to a new messaging platform.Related: iPhone 8 everything you need to knowDespite offering a stay of execution for some devices, not all platforms are escaping the cull.
The first of Nokia s mobile phones was a car phone produced by its Mobria partnership with TV-maker Salora.It was available on the world s first roaming international mobile phone network called the Nordic Mobile Telephone service set up by Mobria.The 7110 was notable for a couple of reasons: it was the first Series 40 phone, had a WAP browser and a navi-roller bar thing, and it was the first mobile phone with T9 predictive text input.Before the 7110, SMS messages had to be bashed out using multi-tap only.It wasn t the Matrix phone – that was the 8110 – but it looked like it and the spring-loaded slider seemed exciting.One of the most popular phones in history, selling more than 160m units since release, and the first mass-market phone with an internal antenna.
WhatsApp is is now available for JioPhone devices in India, which run on the Linux-based mobile operating system KaiOS.The Facebook-owned messaging app has been available for iOS and Android device pretty much since its inception, but in recent years the company has been gradually winding down support for other platforms, including BlackBerry, Nokia’s Symbian, and Series 40; however, the latter of those has been given several stays of execution, and support is currently scheduled to end in December.JioPhone, for the uninitiated, is basically an advanced 4G feature phone from Indian mobile network operator Jio, which runs on the lightweight mobile operating system called KaiOS.The developers behind KaiOS, San Diego-based KaiOS Technologies, recently raised $22 million in a round of funding led by Google.News emerged back in July that JioPhone would eventually support WhatsApp, while Facebook itself, YouTube, and Google Maps had already landed on the platform, so today’s announcement isn’t exactly a surprise.The first JioPhone launched in India last year, and it seems it has proven pretty popular — some reports suggest it now holds as much as a 47 percent share of the Indian feature phone market.
Phones like the $1,000 Cat S61 and the $800-plus Land Rover Explore are excellent choices, but not everyone has a budget that can accommodate such extravagances.A tough design with plenty of strengthIt goes without saying that a solid and strong build is key in a rugged phone, and thankfully, the S40 delivers that in spades.I dropped the S40 onto a variety of materials to test the MIL-STD-810G drop-resistance, and it came away without a scratch each time.I didn’t come across any situations where I needed to press it, but it could certainly come in handy if you come a cropper while adventuring.However, this isn’t a sleek smartphone by any stretch, and there are large bezels around the display and a raised edge around the outside.
DOOGEE S40 promotional activity starts today, the highlight is that the trending rugged flagship ‘S40’ is on a whopping 74% discount.After a long time, the price of DOOGEE S40 (3+32GB) has hit rock-bottom, dropping from $159 to $119.So, what’s special about the S40?Well, the S40 is an indestructible flagship featuring the tri-proof design of the rugged generation and with IP68/IP69K/MIL-STD-810G certifications.It’s 1.5m anti-break, waterproof, dustproof and shockproof.Considering the hardware, it carries the trending dual camera 8+5MP setup with Dual Tone Flash and AF along with a 5MP front camera with wide-angle photography.
I think the one moment that summed up the overall naffness of the Doogee S40 was when I tried to take some product shots on a bright summer’s day.My brother-in-law was holding the phone with his arm outstretched, the screen showing TNW’s homepage.I’m not just talking about day-to-day usage; its utterly crap hardware even conspired to prevent me from finishing this article.Let’s talk about one of the worst phones that ever crossed my desk.The Doogee S40 is a curious beast.I can’t understate how unusual that is; even the most barebones rugged handsets from no-name Chinese manufacturers cost several times that amount.
Nokia 8800 là chiếc điện thoại di động thuộc phân khúc điện thoại cao cấp được Nokia chế tạo, máy hoạt động dựa trên nền tảng Nokia Series 40.Nokia 8800 được thiết kế với lớp vỏ ngoài bằng kim loại cao cấp, trọng lượng của máy là 150 gram.Mang trong mình thiết kế truyền thống của các dòng Nokia.Nokia 8800 vẫn giữ nguyên tông bố cục thiết kế  thon gọn đậm chất kĩ xảo.Nokia 8800 được lấy cảm hứng từ việc sử dụng những chất liệu cao cấp trong những mẫu xe thể thao đời mới và nghành công nghiệp chế tạo máy bay.Sự khác biệt lớn nhất ở đây là việc Nokia 8800 được Nokia ưu ái trát lên mình một lớp vỏ Gold vàng 18k bóng loáng và lớp da trăn màu trắng/nâu cao cấp.Được Nokia 8800 tích hợp 2 tính năng độc đáo độc quyền là thao tác vỗ nhẹ liên tục 2 lần để hiện đồng hồ xem thời gian và xoay úp máy để tắt chuông cuộc gọi đến.
Notwithstanding text informing, clients can able to send each other pictures, video, and sound media messages.The customer software is accessible for Android, BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry 10, iOS, Series 40, Symbian (S60), and Windows PhoneThe administration is free for the primary year at that point costs $0.99/Yr.It very well may be utilized organizations, for example, instructing focus, cafés or a land organization wishing to welcome their client with custom WhatsApp messages on client's birthday's, commemorations and so forthEverybody realizes that WhatsApp is an incredible instrument for informing companions anyway what you cannot deny is that WhatsApp can be utilized as mission apparatus to produce marketing leads.The App is free and it can fill in as a solid marketing channel with the capability of getting customers for your business more than everything else.Why Choose WhatsApp for your marketing Campaign?The App is almost free!You can send now huge measure of messages without any cutoff points.Everyone is utilizing it since you do not need to go to site to fill in subtleties or affirm your character to utilize it.
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