Remember the days before smartphones, when television remotes were bulky devices that burned through batteries with a vengeance?Universal remotes were a lifesaver — though huge, they worked with nearly any TV and made it easy to control your VCR, TV, and, later, your DVD player from one source.Now most devices are controlled from your smartphone, but it can feel like every device has a different app.Sevenhugs has introduced a modern-day equivalent to those old-school remotes in the Smart Remote U and the Smart Remote X.Both models are an evolution of the smart remote Sevenhugs first released in 2018.The remote is built around the idea that you can point it at any compatible smart home device and the interface will automatically show the proper controls for it.
Sevenhugs’ smart universal remote is getting a cheaper sibling, with the Smart Remote U trimming $100 from the price but still keeping the touchscreen interface.The addition to the range also sees the original model renamed as the Sevenhugs Smart Remote X, two years after it made a splash on Kickstarter.Back then, the promise was straightforward.Sevenhugs’ answer was to bypass jumping between menus and instead allow you to control a device simply by pointing the remote at it.$299.99 to be exact, for which Sevenhugs says the remote could boast support for more than 650,000 different devices, across WiFi, Bluetooth, and infrared.A single remote can handle up to 80 devices, 20 of which can be IR.
One could argue that remote controls are in the process of going away thanks to voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa.Logitech, the industry leader in universal remote controls, has noted this and even incorporates Alexa into its latest Harmony Express.For those who still hold affection for the venerable, no-voice clicker there are still some options out there.One of the wackiest is the Sevenhugs Smart Remote which uses "contextual awareness," via a series of stick-on sensors, to tell what you're pointing the remote at and then controlling it.I haven't used the Smart Remote but it's still unclear how the system would control components stacked on top of one another in an AV rack.If you a) don't want to stick sensors on your walls or b) want to save a little bit of money, the newest version could be for you.
Sevenhugs is doubling the number of universal remotes in its lineup today, bringing the total options available to two.The new Smart Remote U joins the original Smart Remote (now known as the Smart Remote X) and costs $100 less at $199.The original Sevenhugs Smart Remote was launched on Kickstarter over two years ago and aims to be a single remote to control both your home’s entertainment systems as well as any smart home gadgets you might have installed.Instead of physical buttons, it utilizes a touchscreen that can adapt itself to whatever device you’re currently controlling.You can even point the Smart Remote at whatever gadget you want to control, such as a smart light, thermostat, or TV, and it will automatically present the appropriate controls for that device.It uses sensors installed in the room as well as its own motion sensors to orient itself.
For a design lover, CES can be a—how should we put this—challenging experience.Several hundred vendors from around the world fill not one, but two convention centers on the Las Vegas Strip with every gadget you can imagine—and a few you can t. Like, say, a dental floss dispenser with a microchip.The sheer quantity of stuff on show can make the search for compelling designs feel like hunting for an affordable cocktail at the Venetian.And yet, if you can look beyond the hoard of bright, plastic wearables, there s some legitimately smart designs to be found.Here are the 10 most intriguing products from this year s show.With its new Smart Remote, Sevenhugs makes a cogent case for universal remotes.
No compatible source was found for this video.One Remote to Control All Your Smart DevicesI am a skip button.With its new Smart Remote, Sevenhugs presents a compelling use case for a universal remote.The gadget connects to a proprietary indoor positioning system that uses sensors to triangulate the exact location of the remote.What that means is when you point the remote at one of more than 25,000 different connected devices, it will know exactly what it s looking at.
OPINION: Deputy Editor Andy Vandervell finds something useful among all the connected hairbrushes and smart water bottles.The TV is king at CES 2017.From OLEDs to QLEDs, with a fresh dollop of quantum dots as an appetiser, it's the show where I stare in wonder at pretty TVs I can't afford.But there's another side to the show, a side I could politely call 'connected crap' or less politely 'The Internet of S**t', as one popular Twitter account dubs it.The Smart Remote from Sevenhugs is a nice antidote to these solutions-in-search-of-a-problem.Here s a product that tackles a genuinely annoying problem – how to control all your random smart home gadgets – in a way that even a Luddite can understand.
As useful as smart devices like Philips Hue bulbs or music streaming systems can be, controlling them using separate apps on a smartphone isn't always the quickest or most convenient way to use them.Enter the Sevenhugs Smart Remote, a universal remote with a compact 3-inch screen that promises to control any smart device in your home just by pointing at it.
Remotes that control your home are nothing new, and we're huge fans of Logitech's excellent Harmony Elite, but the Smart Remote by Sevenhugs does things a bit differently.Rather than having a load of buttons and forcing you to manually select the device you want to control, the Smart Remote automatically switches its settings depending on where you point it.Point it towards your Sonos and volume controls will appear, point it at a lamp packing a Philips Hue bulb and you'll be able to change the colours or turn it off.To accomplish this almost wand-like quality, the remote connects to base stations that can be scattered around your home and packs in a load of sensors from a gyroscope to an accelerometer and a more common IR blaster.There's also Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and Sevenhugs claims you can control more than 25,000 devices with the remote.It's pretty impressive stuff, especially when you consider it's much smaller than the competition and is barely bigger than the Siri remote that comes with the Apple TV.
Universal remotes were probably hailed a godsend when they were invented in the 1980s, but since then there has been an explosion of home entertainment, comfort and security systems that require some form of remote input.Enter the Sevenhugs Smart Remote, an all-in-one device capable of controlling everything from your TV to games console and lighting system, and can order you a cab, to boot.Sevenhug's $229 £190, €220 device is compatible with more than 25,000 devices from well-known manufacturers including Nest thermostats, Sonos speakers and Philips Hue lights, thanks to a clever combination of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and infrared.Unlike your usual universal remote that requires you punch in a combination of numbers to pair it with a device, Sevenhug's Smart Remote boasts a 3.4in LCD touchscreen that automatically detects what you're pointing it at and displays custom controls on-screen.This means you can use it to control everything from speakers and media players to blinds, thermostats, security cameras and fans.The remote can be programmed to beam out various inputs depending on where it's pointing, using an indoor positioning system comprised of wall-mounted sensors and built-in accelerometer, gyroscope and compass.
In fact, there s very little this Indiegogo-funded puck of clever tech can t control.From Nest thermostats and Philips Hue bulbs to Sonos speakers, Apple TV and more, all you have to do is point and tap.It ll currently play nice with more than 25,000 devices - including IFTTT gear.Won t I need to go through all that pairing code nonsense?Mercifully, no: adding a device is handled through the partner app compatible with iOS and Android .Once you ve located it, Sevenhugs' Smart Remote will cleverly change its display based on what bit of kit you re pointing it at.
In theory, smart homes promise untold convenience.Controlling every upstairs lightbulb, bedroom blind, garage door lock, speaker, TV, and kitchen appliance from your smartphone sounds like a future straight out of science fiction.If you have five to 10 devices in your home, you need to unlock the phone, select the device you want to control, company co-founder and CEO Simon Tchedikian told Digital Trends at CES Unveiled.The team of almost 20 employees spent the last two years developing an ambitious solution: the Smart Remote, a remote capable of controlling almost every smart appliance in a given room — more than 25,000, to be exact.Here s how to prevent your smart home from being hackedThe Smart Remote is deceptively simple.
The smart remote we re getting to take a peek at – and get our hands on – at CES this year is made by Sevenhugs.The company s name is Sevenhugs – and despite that oddity, they ve got a really, really nice piece of hardware on their hands.The Sevehugs Smart Remote is capable of controlling multiple devices in a single room, working with smart Bluetooth markers to decide the direction it s pointing.The Sevenhugs Smart Remote was first introduced to the public this past November.At that time, they were seeking money for a Kickstarter campaign.Now they ve got over 6,000 backers and $1.1-million in backer funds, so they re ready to roll with pre-orders.
Over 5,800 Kickstarter backers support the first remote control for everything, proving market demand for smart home simplification and unification SAN FRANCISCO– BUSINESS WIRE –December 14, 2016– Sevenhugs announces reaching $1 million in Smart Remote pre-orders on Kickstarter.Awarded the most innovative product in the CES 2017 Smart Home category, Smart Remote allows users to control any device simply by pointing at it.We re excited and honored by the support of the Kickstarter community to help us reach our initial goal of $50K in record time and then quickly accelerate to over $1 million, says Simon Tchedikian, Sevenhugs co-founder and CEO.For years, we ve anticipated the digital home becoming a reality, but we also recognized that there would be an issue with the integration of multiple devices due to proprietary software, continues Tchedikian.We knew we could build a solution to the fragmentation problem, but it also needed to be simple and user-friendly, coupled with easily connecting to any device.After two years of development, we achieved our vision with Smart Remote and are so excited to see such an impressive response from the market.
the Amount of gadgets that Sevenhugs remote control can be connected up against the dazzle of New Technology prylexpert Peter Ottsjö.When 21 days left of the fundraising campaign had Sevenhugs received 6.7 million of the audience.Their original goal was to collect about 500000 dollars.Yes, one reason is that Sevenhugs is promoting its smart remote control they are careful to avoid the term universal with the promise that it more or less just to touch on home gadgets in order to establish communication.of course, It is not magic, just a new way to use existing technology.With the smart remote control follow the three sensors placed on the walls in for example the living room.
Sevenhugs has a very cool remote control that is on Kickstarter and has destroyed its funding goal.The product is called the Smart Remote by Sevenhugs and this remote claims to be able to control any device you aim it at.The screen on the remote will adapt to the device you are aiming it at to give you control you need.The people behind the Smart Remote clam that it will be able to control TVs, media players, speakers, lights, thermostats and anything else.If there are multiple devices in the area where you are aiming, the remote allows you to choose which of the devices you need to control via a virtual carousel at the top of the remote.Smart Remote can control any device via Bluetooth, WiFi, or IR.
So Sevenhugs is today announcing its Smart Remote that allows users to control any device by pointing the remote at it.The San Francisco-based company is also launching a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign today for the project.Smart Remote can control your TV, lights, music, and thermostat.The remote aims to make the smart home experience more enjoyable.Sevenhugs has applied for patents for its point and control technology that enables Smart Remote s screen to adapt automatically to any device.When a user points at a device, Smart Remote instantly displays custom controls to operate that particular device as intuitively as possible.Compatible devices include Samsung Smart TVs, Philips Hue lights, Sonos speakers, Nest Learning Thermostat, and others.Customers today are frustrated that every device requires its own app or controller, which leads to clutter, confusion, and wasted time, says Simon Tchedikian, Sevenhugs cofounder and CEO, in a statement.
Could Sevenhugs' Smart Remote prove to be the killer smart-TV remote that's always been one innovation away?Sevenhugs CEO Simon Tchedikian says his company has come up with an even better idea: A universal remote that automatically configures itself to control whatever device you point it at, whether it s a smart TV, a smart light bulb, or a connected speaker.Haptic feedback will help you master the remote.Or if you point it at the door, it could call an Uber for you, displaying the fare and the driver s ETA after you ve placed the order.Motion and indoor positioning sensors are what makes this magic possible.The Smart Remote already works with more than 25,000 Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and infrared devices, according to Tchedikian.
The remote relies on an indoor positioning system to know where it is, and the devices you d have it control are located within the room.Could Sevenhugs' Smart Remote prove to be the killer smart-TV remote that's always been one innovation away?Sevenhugs CEO Simon Tchedikian says his company has come up with an even better idea: A universal remote that automatically configures itself to control whatever device you point it at, whether it s a smart TV, a smart light bulb, or a connected speaker.Haptic feedback will help you master the remote.Or if you point it at the door, it could call an Uber for you, displaying the fare and the driver s ETA after you ve placed the order.The Smart Remote already works with more than 25,000 Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and infrared devices, according to Tchedikian.
Best Sleep Tracker App 2016The Apple Watch is by far the best smartwatch the world has ever seen.It s sleek, it s stylish, it s elegant, and it features software that is leaps and bounds ahead of where Android Wear is right now.There s really no comparison.But just like the original, the Apple Watch Series 2 is meant to be used as a watch, so at night you have to take it off and leave it on the charger since the device s battery only lasts for one day at most.As a result, the Apple Watch is missing a key feature that wearable device owners really care about, but that s where the hot new Sevenhugs hugOne Sleep Tracking System comes in.