I'm disappointed, I'm not worried , commenting on the long Finnish shipyards led to the mountain councillor Martin island fabric evening newspaper Viking Line's decision to acquire a new passenger ship from China.a Retired island the fabric does not want to comment on the trade in more detail, because not know its details.I don't know if that was the reason for the price or that in finland, the delivery time was too long , he said to the press.the island fabric remind you that this is not the first time.Viking Line acquired in the 1970s, the ships of the Split shipyards of the then Yugoslavia.Silja Line's ships were made in Finland and Viking Line didn't want to, that their ship was made in the same shipyard.
Media Portal is one of the closest alternatives to Windows Media Centre, and one of the slickest Photograph: Media PortalWhat do I need to do to watch a DVD in Windows 10?It was disabled when I upgraded from Windows 7.PC manufacturers normally add it to the PCs that ship with a DVD or Blu-ray drive, often including Cyberlink, Roxio or similar third-party software.Also, Microsoft probably recognised that there was even less point in paying for a DVD player when users either had one already eg Cyberlink or could easily download a free one.Briefly, Windows Media Player is a media player that can rip and burn audio CDs, and sync with portable devices.
in Otaniemi, the students designed and constructed a Wave-2 satellite is scheduled to go to space today, at least, florida's Cape Canaveral.the Ship sent to the Atlas V launch vehicle geosynchronous to the International space station, where astronauts will later release it to fly independently.the Atlas V, a departure time is at 11.11 in the morning, local time, at 18.11 Finnish daylight saving time.Yesterday, the United states air force meteorologists predict the weather to be a 90% probability of a suitable rocket for takeoff remain at go.Nasa shows the rocket launch was broadcast live.
Xiaomi s VP teased that the company would have a presence at Google I/O, and, true to his word, the Chinese firm has unveiled a new set-top box bound for U.S. shores.Voice commands, as on Android TV devices like Asus Nexus Player and Nvidia s Shield TV, are parsed by Google s dedicated search app, and the Mi Box s Cast integration will support the standard library of Chromecast-compatible video, photo, and music apps available on iOS and Android.The 4K Mi Box will also ship with the newest version of Android, tentatively named Android N. It features picture-in-picture support, APIs for live video recording, and playback of High Dynamic Range content.In terms of inputs, the 4K Mi Box sports an HDMI outport, a USB port, and an AV port.At an I/O developer session, Sony announced that Google s operating system will power its 2016 Bravia TV line.On the set-top box side of things, Sharp s releasing the Net Player.
operating in the Baltic Viking Line's operating loss was EUR 11.6 million in January-March. Back in the comparable period of the year operating loss amounted to EUR 9.8 million. The Group's operating profit declined mainly due to the larger context of the operational costs of planned and implemented the ship dockings. Volume and price developments during the remainder of the year is crucial to the Group's earnings. The economic downturn in Finland increases the uncertainty, but fuel prices have so far had a positive effect on the result. "During the 2016 operating result weakened slightly compared to the 2015 operating result as a result of several ship dockings.
The company claims that its Jet Fusion 3D Printing Solution revolutionises prototyping and printing by delivering "superior quality" end products at half the cost, and up to 10 times faster, than current rivals FDM and SLS printer solutions in the same price bracket .It offers printing at the individual voxel level the 3D printing equivalent of a single pixel in 2D printing, as it were so boasts high levels of accuracy, and also speed with the ability to print over 340 million voxels per second.And while this is aimed at commercial usage and the hardware is very expensive, it's exciting to see what sort of technology is in the wings and could potentially trickle down in some form to desktop 3D printing.Businesses and manufacturers can completely rethink how they design and deliver solutions to their customers."Pricing for the 3200 starts at $130,000 around £90,000, AU$180,000 , with the full solution comprising the 3D printer and Processing Station which you can see on the right in the above image - this provides faster cooling and a cleaner finish, among other benefits starting at $155,000 around £108,000, AU$213,000 .The Jet Fusion 4200 will ship late this year, and the Jet Fusion 3200 will follow in 2017.
By plumb signals from sonobuoy submarines can determine its position. The satellite navigation system GPS was originally developed for the US armed forces. But today it can be used by everyone and covers the entire globe. When the direction of several of them pejlas by for example a submarine or unmanned drone, the position determined in a similar manner as in GPS. This is done through the careful calculations of ship speed, traveled distance and direction from a known starting point. Some of the challenges for BAE Systems, the system must deal with noise pollution from other sources in the seas shipping, borrningsexepeditioner and military exercises.
Siri is a major feature of iOS, and its speech interface may soon be coming to the Mac, possibly as soon as the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference WWDC in June.MacRumorsProof that Siri for Mac is upon us comes from MacRumors.The site gained access from a reliable source to screenshots that show a Siri wavform icon in the Dock, and a Siri menu bar icon.According to MacRumors, clicking either icon shows an indicator that Siri is listening for you to say a command, and the user can also activate Siri by saying, Hey Siri, as you would on iOS.MacRumors points out that the icons may change between now and WWDC, and that the company may decide to not ship the feature at the last minute if it doesn t meet set standards.With the growing popularity of Amazon s Echo and the unveiling of Google Home on Wednesday, Apple needs to demonstrate that Siri is versatile and worth it for a third party to implement.
Try these cheeky codes.Paradox InteractiveDiplomacy and exploration are a huge part of the Stellaris experience.Paradox Interactive's real-time strategy sci-fi opus follows the basic tenets of the 4X structure: expand, explore, exploit and exterminate.However, your first few hours spent nursing your civilisation will focus more on politics and resource-gathering than on all-out skirmishes.Stellaris Console Commands list and guideai – Toggles enemy AI on or offcash amount – Adds 5,000 cash by default or specified amountcontact – Toggles contact with other empires on or offcontrol planet ID – Instantly occupy planet if not at war with colonydamage amount – Selected ship takes specified damage amountdemocratic election – Start an electiondeposits – Toggle deposit visibility on or offengineering amount - Adds 5,000 engineering by default or specified amountfast forward value – Jumps forward in-game days by specified valuefinish research – Instantly finishes any active researchftl – enables/disables unlimited FTL travelhuman ai – Toggles AI for human empires on and offinfluence amount - Adds 5,000 influence by default or specified amountinstant build – Instantly finish building active upgrades, ships, stations and buildingsinvincible – God modekill country country ID – Instantly kills entire countryminerals amount - Adds 5,000 minerals by default or specified amountpeace on player country ID – Selected country offers peace to playerphysics amount – Adds 5,000 physics by default or specified amountplanet happiness amount – Selected planet given happiness buffpopulate – Selected planet reaches maximum populationresearch technologies – Instantly finishes any active technology researchresource resource type amount – Adds 5000 to specified resource by default or specified amountskills amount – Adds specified amount of skill to all player leaderssociety amount – Adds 5000 to society by default or specified amountsurvey – Surveys all planetswar on player country ID – Selected country declares war on playerThe 'planet resource' code allows players to gather materials quickly for a specific location.Stellaris Planet Resource Console CommandsThe 'planet resource' command fills random tiles on a selected planet with a definable resource.
Google didn't the opportunity to showcase its self-driving car at I/O this year, but Android Auto still had a presence.MyHyundai is an OEM app that operates inside of the Android Auto interface, enabling the automaker to run its own apps on the side.Hyundai was the first auto manufacturer to ship Android Auto-equipped cars, and it'll soon be the first to add embedded extras to the platform.At launch, it'll allow drivers to access to one-touch Hyundai Roadside assistance, a Monthly Vehicle Report, and a Valet Mode.I asked an onsite spokesperson if Hyundai had plans to integrate a more elaborate trip tracking feature - something akin to Land Rover's InControl Protect - for those who need granular data for expense and reporting reasons.I was told that it wasn't yet on the horizon, but the mere existence of MyHyundai means that it's possible for the company to tack on extras as it evolves.
Melville's story is a horror film is loosely based on the sinking of the whaling ship Essex in 1820, now makes a Ron Howard film adaptation of the hunt and the hard life in the 1800s whalers. The film is a visual treat, incredibly dramatic and technically well made - but it is not devoid of flaws altogether. Tough guy Owen Chase Chris Hemsworth is the underdog who comes from humble and working his way up to first mate, but just as he promised a promotion to captain will spolingen Pollard B. Walker and steal the job in front of him. It is the beginning of a predictable conflict between the two cockerel are when they go in search of the coveted valoljan. We sit and feel a bit cheated. We feel moved 170 years back in time, all accompanied by alluring photo with beautiful close-ups and sweeping natural landscape, with a lovely color palette that matches the season, the sea and run the ship and its crew, which increases the tension in the hunt for the giant elections.
Icebreaker Voima's hull, machinery and cabin space is renewed in the summer. Icebreaker force moves dry dock in early June. Turku, Naantali ship repair yard will be renewed frame steel structures, machinery, cabin space and deck equipment. Special docking making it, that the power is put into operation in 1954 and is thus the oldest ship Arctia's icebreaker fleet. "The docking of the force to ensure the operating capacity of at least the next 10 years," says Arctia's technical director Kari Patrakka release. Arctia has a total of eight icebreakers, the youngest of whom was completed in 1994 multipurpose icebreaker Nordica.
At this point, most of the discussion is mere speculation because it will be months before Google s currently nameless assistant will be in a ready-to-ship form later this year.The lack of details about privacy is ironic considering Google, of all cloud companies, routinely raises privacy flags the most.Smart home securityGoogle IO 2016 Sundar PichaiBoth of these issues are critical because privacy and security get very short shrift in the vast and unregulated Internet of things.Other devices that are now populating home and office networks, including smart refrigerators, smart lightbulbs and smart white boards, are often bereft of any provision for security or any means to protect the information they transmit on the network.That information could be in their hands in a matter of seconds, but it gets even worse.The chances are actually pretty good that Google will embed some actual security into their Home device when it ships later this year, but then the next question becomes how well it can protect data on an insecure network.
Now Werner Herzog is promising to teach budding directors the art of guerrilla film-making online for the small matter of $90 £61 .As scenes from the Oscar-nominated director s best-known films play in the background, Herzog labels film-makers thieves, who get away with loot from the most beautiful, scary and spectacular places you can ever find , advising pupils to hit and run, and get away with film .Students hoping for an insight into the art of storyboarding may, however, find themselves disappointed, as the Berlin film festival winner dismisses such methods as an instrument of the cowards .In 2009 Herzog opened his Rogue Film School in Los Angeles, featuring a course taking place over a single weekend.The director promised attendees would experience the exhilaration of being shot at unsuccessfully , while learning skills including the neutralisation of bureaucracy .Herzog cautioned timid types to give the course, which cost $1,450, a wide berth, but said those who had worked as bouncers in sex clubs or as wardens in a lunatic asylum might be suitable.
Sea Wasp is an underwater robot, which Saab has developed primarily to locate and defuse bombs on the seabed, or attached to boats. The robot can operate at depths of up to six meters and can operate at a speed of 2.5 knots. It is controlled by an operator of a ship, or land, and is provided with a jaw to be able to defuse or otherwise render harmless bombs under water. In the video below you can see when the US bomber groups testing the Sea Wasp. saab.com
Its primary demographic is young people with too much money and a deep, existential, bordering-on-bonkers affinity for technology.People in suits going to either finance jobs or job interviews; people in hoodies going to their job as CEO of something; this one guy I saw in a bathing suit at 7:15 in the morning.That s saying something, too: hoverboards came and went, there are countless versions of the self-balancing unicycle, and you can Razor your way around town for a lot less than a grand.Boosted is smart to not go after exciting, woah-brah kinds of updates.The company wants you to be able to roll out of bed, throw on your shoes, blearily press down the trigger with your index finger, and let your board drag you to work the same way a BART train or Uber Pool might.And increasingly, it s a board they can get on as well.
VR developers looking to get started on readying content for Google s new Daydream VR platform can get started today thanks to an Unreal Engine preview version 4.1.2 that adds support for the Google platform.In addition, Google Product Manager Nathan Martz told the audience of developers at I/O s morning VR session that Unity native integration would be coming in the summer and that there was a plug-in available today that would let people get started on building for Daydream.Epic Games Technical Director Nick Whiting told me that the Unreal Engine integration would also be back-compatible with Google Cardboard class apps so developers could reach out to users who have already embraced Google s fun little headset and start developing for both.This can be both constricting to developers in reaching maximum users, but it also gives developers the ability to design for a unified experience.The importance of mobile to the VR landscape seems to be lost on few at the I/O developers conference, Unity CEO John Riccitiello spoke to this onstage and detailed how support would be coming soon for their engine s 5.5 million developers.Mobile is going to drive this in the fullness of time, and we re there to support that, Riccitiello said.
Forty feet wide and 80 feet long, the Stiletto is nearly three times the size of a World War II PT boat yet less than a third of the weight.With a carbon fiber hull, the Stiletto is light enough 45 tons, unloaded to be craned onto a cargo ship for transport—but it can also carry 20 tons of cargo and tear through most sea states at high speeds.Now operating from Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek near Norfolk, Virginia, the Stiletto was originally intended to be part of a new Navy combat concept—groups of small, highly networked boats carrying sensors and weapons and working as a group to take on enemies in coastal, river, and shallow ocean waters.Built with special operations in mind, the Stiletto has a stealthy profile and a unique pentamaran hull that essentially acts as a surface effect hull at high speeds, allowing the craft to rise out of the water and reach speeds of 60 knots 69 miles an hour, or 110 kilometers per hour .But it is funded directly by the Department of Defense's Office of Research, Test, Development and Evaluation RDT .Earlier this year, Stiletto served as the "sea" leg of a Marine Corps Warfighting Lab test of using teamed ground robots and aerial drones to find and direct fire against targets ashore.
This morning at Google I/O 2016 the company showed Chrome OS's newest ability - running Android apps via Google Play.In this, Google expands the reach of Android apps to a whole new cross-section of laptop users and Chrome OS-lovers, making way for new Android apps for personal, work, and/or educational use.Google has begun lying out the requirements - and benefits - of creating an Android app for Chrome or optimizing an already-made Android app for use on a Chromebook.• Keyboard, mouse, and touch input will seamlessly work together• Users will get Android notifications on their Chromebooks• Android apps benefit from the Wifi or Bluetooth connectivity setup by the user or the administrator• File sharing is seamless between Chrome and Android apps through the Files app• Performance of demanding apps such as games or design apps is excellentMulti-window mode will be supported.As such, developers have been shown the following examples:• Portrait: Similar to Nexus 5• Landscape: Similar to Nexus 9• Maximized: Similar to Nexus 9 aspect ratio but uses all available screen pixels• Maximized touch view: For convertible Chromebooks, allows you to use the full screen of the device but with no window decorationsAndroid apps on Chromebooks will initially ship with Marshmallow APIs, according to Google.According to Google's Reto Meier, this Android apps on Chromebooks feature will be made available to devlopers in early June as part of the M53 developer build.
This July 26, 1956 photo shows the Andrea Doria before it sank.For six hours a day during the week-long mission, the Cyclops I will survey "the premier shipwreck in American waters," take high-definition video, and use sonar imaging "to create a very accurate digital map," OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush tells the AP and Boston Globe.The ship rests 240 feet below the surface, a depth that prevents divers from spending more than 20 minutes there, and raises the risk of nitrogen narcosis, in which nitrogen levels in the blood get too high and one's judgment is impaired.The wreck still houses money and items like china, things sometimes nabbed by divers attempting what is known as the "Mount Everest of Diving," per the Washington Post.But this mission won't bring anything to the surface."There's a great scientific need for data on thousands of wrecks all over the world."