The result was a kaiju-inspired battle reminiscent of Pacific Rim and with clear nods to Voltron and other mecha cartoons and anime.By the time the robot was being constructed within the map’s once-active but now-dormant volcano, it became quite clear to players what Epic was planning: a world-shaking showdown between the two titanic beings.Players who had been watching the build up to the event were able to buy one of two emotes, a pro-monster and a pro-robot one, while Epic also designed an in-game skin of the pink, cat-themed robot.Weapons were disabled, so trolls couldn’t spoil the fun for other players.Once the battle became a close-quarters bout, the monster ripped off the robot’s arm and seemed on the verge of winning.But drawing source from some element of the island’s power — we’ve seen it before with the rocket that created a massive rift in the sky and past events that have transported players to another realm — the robot drew out a sword buried beneath the ground.
It was the Polar Peak Monster vs. the Giant Robot from Pressure Plant and it was the robot that won.It began shooting lasers from its mouth as it destroyed everything in its path.At the same time, the giant robot was activated.As the giant robot performed its victory floss dance, it flew to the sky heroically.Every season of Fortnite has a story that plays out over the course of 12 weeks and ends with a closing event.Developer Epic Games confirmed the name via a tweet later in the day.
Epic is planning a big event later today that’ll involve the giant colorful robot located in Pressure Plant and, possibly, the sea monster that was unleashed from Polar Peak.The event will be taking place this afternoon (more on that below), but a big change has already happened: Epic just disabled the portals in Creative Mode and Playground, making it impossible to play either mode.If you get on Fortnite this morning, you’ll be greeted with a new banner advising you that Playground and Creative are not available in the game at this time.That’s not due to a technical issue, Epic confirmed on Twitter, but rather a deliberate disabling of the portals in the Playground/Creative hub that prevents players from accessing either game mode.Epic’s tweet states, “The countdown is nearly over, and preparations are underway!Portals to the Battle Royale Island have been disabled in Creative, and Playground has been disabled.”
Spoilers on the Internet are inevitable, but particularly frustrating when they arrive in the form of leaks before the actual content airs or is released.All signs point toward a major battle that’s going to take place in the Fortnite battle royale island, but we don’t know the details yet.Here to ensure that doesn’t change are the game’s most prolific leakers.Though Epic has taken steps to hide files and therefore cut down on the number of leaks that happen, a small percentage of Fortnite plans have still managed to trickle out ahead of upcoming updates.That will be the case for the season 9 finale event, which will be at least partially revealed in the game update files.Though leaking is their job, a number of popular Fortnite leakers have agreed that they won’t spoil the upcoming showdown involving the giant pink robot currently jutting out of the island’s volcanic crater.
Season 10 will start on August 1, but before that happens, the island will become a battleground between a giant robot and a monster in an event called The Final Showdown.Each season of Fortnite has a story that plays out over the course of 12 weeks and ends with a season-ending event.The event changes the island and gives some new life to the game in time for the start of the next season.Data miners found the name of the event Wednesday within the v9.40 update: The Final Showdown.Developer Epic Games confirmed the name via a tweet later in the day.For this season, players saw something strange at Polar Peak.
A young girl with psychokinetic powers, known only as Eleven (Milly Bobby Brown).She escaped the lab and was befriended by a group of preteens whose friend Will (Noah Schnapp) mysteriously disappeared into an alternate dimension dubbed the Upside Down.Eleven managed to close the portal, but the final scene showed the Mind Flayer still lurking ominously in that dark mirror image of Hawkins.Chief Jim Hopper (David Harbour) isn't dealing well with Mike and Eleven's teen romance, while Will's mother, Joyce (Wynona Ryder), is struggling to cope with the great personal loss she suffered last season.Given the complicated narrative and sheer size of the cast—not to mention the need to give all the leads key roles in the approaching showdown—that's no small feat.While Eleven, Mike, and the rest of the gang are just as delightful as ever, the colorful supporting cast frequently threatens to steal the show, most notably the "Scoop Troop."
LE HAVRE France (Liberal Tribune): Lucy Bronze is playing in England’s 3-0 World Cup quarter-final succeed over Norway was so remarkable it had her coach, Phil Neville, restoring calls for the 27-year-old to win the Ballon d’Or.Also Read: UN-WOMEN reveals Lionel messi net worth more than 1,693 top female footballers.That England ran out such good winners in the in Le Havre (Commune in France) on Thursday was mainly down to the marauding right-back, who set up her team’s starter for Jill Scott earlier than scoring the third goal in the second half.Phil Neville insists Lucy Bronze should win Ballon d’Or:Bronze’s aim was a spectacular strike high into the net from the edge of the box following a free-kick that she had succeeded on one of her charges ahead that so terrorized the Norwegian defense.It was a wonderful way to cap a success which takes England through to a last-four showdown next to either holder the USA or hosts France.
For months, politicians have been echoing calls from Elizabeth Warren, a senator and presidential candidate, to break up big tech.Now, Capitol Hill is going to hold a hearing on it.In what could be a dramatic showdown, executives from Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon will be appearing at a hearing at the House of Representatives next week on antitrust issues, according to a report by Politico (subscription required).The companies didn't immediately respond to requests for comment.We tested 5G speeds in 13 cities.Here's what we found: Faster speed versus more coverage.
Yet again Marvel has continued on its upwards trajectory that has persisted ever since Thor inexplicably caught the Tube to Greenwich in Thor 2: The Dark World.The fact that Spider-Man: Far From Home is not just a fun and exciting superhero adventure – but it is an adventure that keeps the geography really impressively accurate.The film begins by taking our hero and his class to Venice.So good and plausible there.For the rest of the Venice leg, and the showdown on the Rialto Bridge, my geography knowledge is unfortunately relatively limited – I’ve been to Venice, but essentially the entire city is twee little buildings optimised for Instagram, so determining whether the actions taken are accurate is better left to Italians in the comments section below.Unfortunately, I’ve never been to Prague so I can’t really comment on the geography here, Though if it is wrong, presumably Marvel can just claim it was all an illusion created by Mysterio anyway.
A stacked UFC 239 card is just around the corner this Saturday, July 7 as the fiercest MMA fighters in the land head to the T-Mobile Arena in Nevada.There's no doubt what the main attraction will be when the UFC heads to the desert this weekend - Jon Jones defending his Light Heavyweight title against Brazilian veteran Thiago Santos.The controversial Jones has dominated the division for almost a decade and will be looking to avoid an upset in Nevada.But that isn't the night's only title fight as the awesome Amanda Nunes puts her Women's Bantamweight belt on the line against the official 1 rated bantamweight contender, Holly Holm.Both have wins against the legendary Ronda Rousey on their record - this should be a classic.Also on a typically packed card is the still-undefeated welterweight Ben 'Funky' Askren taking on Jorge Masvidal, while European fans are represented by Polish Jan Blachowicz as he faces Luke Rockhold.
Microsoft has finally revealed its Xbox Games with Gold lineup for July 2019, and it includes hit title Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.As expected, the lineup includes two games for the Xbox One and another two games for the Xbox 306, both of which can also be played on the newer console.The games are free for Xbox Live Gold subscribers.During the entire month of July, Xbox Live Gold members can download INSIDE, an Xbox One game that ordinarily retails for $19.99 USD.This game is a puzzle adventure title from Playdead first released for console in 2016, and it revolves around a boy who must explore a dark, monochromatic and ‘surreal’ world.Joining the lineup will be Big Crown: Showdown, a game that ordinarily retails for $12.99 USD.
Apple’s much-vaunted US production of the last-generation Mac Pro won’t continue with the new “cheese grater” model, it’s been reported, despite increasing political pressure for American tech companies to shift manufacturing out of China.The Cupertino firm made headlines back in 2013 with its willingness to prioritize American production of the cylindrical Mac Pro, despite the costs involved.Assembly of the previous Mac Pro in the Austin, Texas plant required $100 million in tooling, the company confirmed, along with specialist training for the workforce there.Although the vast majority of the components were still produced abroad, it was enough to brand the computer as having been assembled in the US.Instead, sources tell the WSJ, Apple has contracted with Quanta Computer to build the macOS machine in a facility near Shanghai, China.If true, it’s further evidence of the extent to which Apple has gone to correct the mistakes of the old Mac Pro.
A further incentive for Brazil is that a win here today will set up a potential semi-final showdown with their historic rivals Argentina at the Estadio Mineirão.Today's match takes place at the Arena do Grêmio in Porto Alegre, the 55,662-capacity home stadium of Grêmio.Kick-off is at 9.30pm BRT local time on Thursday, meaning a 1.30am BST start for viewers in the UK in the early hours of Friday.The hosts have so far managed not to miss their injured talisman Neymar, with Everton making an able attacking replacement.Playing at his club side's home stadium, expect the Merseyside-monikered striker to start for Brazil tonight.While they were unbeaten in four outings, they lost their last match against what was essentially a second-string Colombia side.
The battle for the future of this and all other Earths hangs in the balance... even if the details are a little hard to make out.One YouTuber has recreated Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man’s epic battle with Thanos from Avengers: Endgame – finishing with the team coming together for the final showdown.YouTube channel Mr. Sunday Movies released the latest episode from its series “16 Bit Scenes,” showcasing the final battle of Avengers: Endgame.With animation by John Stratman and music by Kenny Mac (who also shared a behind-the-scenes look at the track he created), the video is a fun recreation of our heroes’ battle with Thanos, as well as the giant and frankly overwhelming call to banners that happened all because they were able to undo the Snap.Avengers: Endgame is heading back to cinemas soon with a new version that includes a deleted scene and some other “fun surprises.” The film is narrowing the gap with Avatar as the most-successful movie in global box office history, and this re-release could be the thing that sends it over the edge.
A legal challenge to a data transfer mechanism that’s used by thousands of companies to authorize taking European citizens’ personal data to the US for processing has been delayed.As we reported last month, the General Court of the EU had set a date of July 1 and 2 to hear the complaint brought by French digital rights group, La Quadrature du Net, against the European Commission’s renegotiated data transfer agreement, the EU-US Privacy Shield.La Quadrature du Net has argued for years that Privacy Shield is incompatible with EU law as a result of US government mass surveillance practices — filing its first complaint back in October 2016.Nor is it alone in its concerns, with the European parliament, European data protection agencies, and privacy and data protection experts all raising questions about the legality of the arrangement which went into operation in August 2016.But in a series of tweets posted to Twitter today the digital rights group says it has been informed by the court that the hearing has been cancelled — in favor of waiting for the upshot of July 9 hearing.Irish judges went on to ask Europe’s top court to weigh in on a number of legal questions — including whether Privacy Shield ensures an adequate level of protection for EU citizens’ personal data, as EU law requires that it must.
According to leaked benchmarks this week, Intel’s soon-to-be-released 10th-generation mobile chips will be capable of outperforming comparable chips from AMD’s Ryzen 5 line.The tests pitted the i7-1065G7 model from Intel’s 10th generation of CPUs, more commonly known by its “Ice Lake” moniker, against the Ryzen 5 3500U from AMD and found that the Intel hardware had a clear performance lead over its competitor.Even more impressively, the Ice Lake chip managed a higher number of instructions per clock (IPC) than the Ryzen 5 despite its comparatively slow clock, at only 1.3GHz compared to the Ryzen 5’s 2.1GHz.Against the backdrop of the recent dramatic showdown the two companies played out at Computex 2019 less than a month ago in dueling keynote announcements, the leaked benchmarks lend themselves well to the narrative of the established player reasserting dominance over an upstart rival.AMD was able to evoke a palpable wow factor at its Computex address this year with the unveiling of its 7nm die Zen 2 Ryzen 3000 line, an announcement that Intel was hard-pressed to match with only 10nm chips by comparison and 10th-generation desktop chips nowhere in sight.Intel is also starting to lose ground in the high-end performance space with AMD’s Ryzen 9 3900X giving Intel’s i9-9900K a run for its money.
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His unique mix of boxing ability and undeniable showmanship means that any Tyson Fury fight is going to be worth watching.The showdown is all set for the MGM Grand in Las Vegas (the ideal setting!)So that's an early Sunday morning at around 4am BST in the UK and afternoon 1pm AEST in Australia.The boxing is taking place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.But even that was a controversial 12-round split draw against WBC World Champion Deontay Wilder.Whereas Schwarz has the age advantage at 25 years-old but is shorter at 6ft 6in and also has less experience with 24 fights.
Over the past 18 months, Google has pushed to improve Chrome extension security—a welcome goal given the sketchy morass of extensions that have been out there for years.But one proposed change related to this effort threatens to hobble ad blocking extensions.And the pending transition has set up a showdown between Google, ad blocker makers, and even other browsers.Ad blockers use the latter to comb your browsing data and look for ads.Google says that the new iteration better protects your data, and helps ad blockers work more more efficiently."This has been a controversial change since the Web Request API is used by many popular extensions, including ad blockers," Google wrote in a blog post shared with WIRED on Wednesday.
On paper Gennady Golovkin's super-middleweight comeback clash against Steve Rolls in New York should be a routine affair.Will Rolls cause another upset to shock the boxing world?The showdown between Gennady Golovkin vs Steve Rolls takes place on Saturday, June 8 at New York City's iconic Madison Square Garden.Looking to put his devastating points defeat to Saul Alvarez in September last year behind him, Kazakh ring king Gennady Golovkin is on the comeback trail.Armed with a new trainer and a lucrative six-fight broadcasting deal in the States with DAZN, tonight's fight will be seen as a stepping stone for GGG to set up a third showdown with the Mexican unified champ Canelo.Next to nobody is giving 35-year-old Canadian Steve Rolls a chance to defeat the former middleweight world champion, but while he is yet to face anyone of Golovkin's stature, he does at least boast an unbeaten record in his 19 professional fights.