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You’re reading Sex Diaries, a HuffPost UK Personal series about how we are (or aren’t) having sex. To share your story, get in touch on [email protected] years ago, I was in a long-distance relationship where we confessed our undying love to each other daily but never defined what we were. To other people trying to conduct a partnership between Australia and the UK, I would recommend any more clarity whatsoever.After our initial hookup, our sexual relationship was a virtual one. We created a powerful narrative of what we missed about each other’s bodies and micro-analysed our magic connection. We also subconsciously penned a script that we would one day need to act out, after a 14-hour flight and no shower. It was a lot of expectation to meet when we first slept together again. Safe to say, we didn’t meet it.After this, the trajectory of our relationship soured. I became his pseudo-secretary proofing job applications from afar, before he dumped me from Mexico. Arguably the first legitimately unforeseen beat in this story was his decision to arrive in the UK unannounced two weeks later. He had no money and nowhere to stay but, in his defence, a solid plan to leave for India next month. Obviously I thought this was incredibly romantic.But I also had no idea if this person cared about me. Pretty quickly, I stopped being able to justify paying for Airbnbs in my own village and brought him back to my parents’ house. Just afterwards, I found out he’d lied about sleeping with other girls. I felt myself breaking in a hurricane no one could see. The next day, he emailed me at work. Ten thousand miles between us usually recommended email as a platform, but he sent this one when I was seeing him an hour later. Two sentences, describing why he’d cheated, stuck: “Our latest trip made me worry about our sexual connection. I was concerned it wasn’t as special as things I have had with previous girls I have been in love with.”He left the UK a few days later. I drove him to the airport because I am a moron. I didn’t have sex for a long time afterwards – not because I thought his words had weight, but because I was heartbroken. I promised myself I wouldn’t let his email screw with my head. But I can still pinpoint the moment I read it as one of the worst moments of my life. I didn’t have sex for a long time afterwards – not because I thought his words had weight, but because I was heartbroken. And when I’m heartbroken, I behave like a very devoted nun, with all the celibacy that implies. Eventually I noticed that it wasn’t grief holding me back, but confidence. I’d come to associate sex with shame and sadness: I couldn’t separate it from this email or its author. I deleted sex from my life.Months later, I was working on a stallion yard in Colombia (which was also a tattoo studio). As my love life had disappeared, I committed to making my writing assignments extra funky. I had never been around such sexually liberated people in my life, which made being sexually insecure and repressed quite stressful. I worried that these people might, having never had sex with me, assume I’m bad in bed if they knew about the email.When I eventually opened up at a tarot reading, I did not get pity. I got told off for not prioritising sex, and reminded it’s part of my health and happiness. Heading back home, I put sexual liberation on my to-do list. I arranged a date and miraculously met a boy I fancied on the first go. My sex life had a future! Sadly, not with this man it didn’t. Despite him being hot as hell, intelligent and kind, he stood me up one night because his fridge broke. He didn’t rearrange. I left it there. After nearly two years without sex, a pandemic bang on date two was not what I’d planned for my comeback. The months which followed were not the hardest or the saddest, but the naffest. Having treated sex as the enemy before falling for someone but not scoring, I was bored. Thankfully, coronavirus arrived and passed my dry spell into law.In truth, the pandemic invited a refreshing sexless chapter into my life. It made dating without physical interaction possible, without it being personal. I had some cinematically cute woodland walks with one guy before acknowledging the spark wasn’t there.When lockdown lifted, my next date involved tinnies from Budgens in the park. After nearly two years without sex, a pandemic bang on date two was not what I’d planned for my comeback. Some panic surfaced when sex returned so casually back into my life, after being so absent.Thanks to my unhealthily silent concerns, this guy and I arranged date three. I wore lacy underwear, made the executive decision to have fun and reclaimed my sexuality. Crucially, we had a laugh. He freed me from contrived narratives or comparisons to previous women. I was finally being physically present, instead of thinking about the physics of it all.After being haunted by an email telling me I wasn’t sexually special enough, I realised it had never been a realistic review of my sexuality but a scapegoat for someone else’s bad behaviour. What had been lacking was a partnership. Sex itself is simple: with trust and chemistry, anyone can do it really well. My current partner recently said he’s never experienced a physical connection like ours. It’s no coincidence that I’ve been having the best sex lately. We’re a good team.Have a compelling personal story you want to tell? Find out what we’re looking for here, and pitch us on [email protected] from HuffPost UK PersonalI’m Realising How Much Problematic Gay Porn Influenced My Sex LifeThis Is How Sex Is Changing For Me As I TransitionGood Old Phone Sex Is Getting Us Through Lockdown
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After living through the Covid-19 crisis for a year now, many of us are understandably exhausted, depleted and just burned out. When you consider the unrelenting stress we’ve been under — from fears about the virus to job insecurity to social isolation to political unrest — it’s no wonder people have hit a wall.“Your bandwidth pre-Covid is not your bandwidth now,” Branden Crawford, a cognitive behavioural life coach at Kaleidoscope Family Therapy in Atlanta, told HuffPost. “Even though we are a year into this global pandemic, it’s OK to gently remind yourself that you don’t operate how you did pre-Covid. Be aware of where you are and show yourself some grace.”So what can you do when you feel like you’re running on fumes? Below, experts offer advice on how to deal.1. Pinpoint what’s causing the burnout so you can address the root issue.Maybe it’s being isolated from your friends or the fact that you’ve been stuck in your tiny apartment for months on end. Maybe it’s trying to work from home while taking care of your kids — or something else entirely.“Once you have a sense of what’s causing the burnout, you can take the appropriate steps to improve the negative feelings,” said Samantha Elkrief, a therapist and health coach in New York City.Then focus on tackling whatever element you’re struggling with most. For example, if you need a break from the constant togetherness with your family, maybe you could coordinate something with them so you can have a night to yourself.“One patient I work with has taken turns with his wife the past two weekends because they were both short on alone time after a year working from home and homeschooling two young children,” Elkrief said.If you’re craving connection and a new experience, plan an online activity that isn’t the same ol’ virtual happy hour you were doing last spring.“My friends and I had some fun Zoom cocktail hours and then a few months in, we just burned out on connecting by video,” said Nicole O-Pries, an LGBTQ+ therapist in Virginia. “Instead of just giving up, we took an inexpensive online art class with an instructor in Spain. Our relationships were fostered while experiencing an opportunity to try something new and creative.”2. Incorporate more pleasure into your life.Chances are, pleasure is sorely lacking in your life these days — and no, we don’t just mean sex (though that totally counts, too). We’re talking about any feel-good experience, however small, that helps you slow down and savor the moment.“Check in with yourself and rate your current level of pleasure from 1 to 10,” said Lauren Donelson, a Seattle writer and astrologist who’s training to be a therapist. “See what you could do to increase that even by one number. For example, if you usually take quick showers, but a long, luxurious shower would bump your pleasure up from a 5 to a 6, go for it!”3. Shake up your routine.The schedule you established early on in the pandemic may have given those confusing days and weeks some much-needed structure while providing a sense of normalcy. Now, that same routine may feel stale and monotonous, which could be contributing to your state of apathy.“If you have the option, try changing one or two aspects of your routine for some freshness,” Donelson said. “For example, if you always make coffee at home, get coffee from a coffee shop once a week. A little bit of novelty can go a long way.”4. Make plans for the future.Now that the vaccine rollout is underway, there’s finally some light at the end of the tunnel. While we still have a ways to go before we can let our guards down, we can, at least, begin to plan — or at least dream — about what we’ll do when it’s safe again.“That might include booking a vacation for a certain date in the future that seems reasonable to imagine being feasible,” O-Pries said. “Or you might simply begin to save for the vacation and start doing your research on all the details of your future trip.”She also suggested creating a vision board to create some healthy anticipation.“This situation is temporary, and we need some visual reminders to help us remember that is the case,” O-Pries said.5. Carve out more time for rest.Sleep is essential to our mental and physical well-being, but being truly rested goes beyond how many hours of shuteye you get each night. According to physician and researcher Saundra Dalton-Smith, there are seven different types of rest: physical rest (like sleep or restorative activities like stretching), mental rest (like taking breaks from work), sensory rest (like turning off the lights or disconnecting from our devices), creative rest (like soaking up the beauty of nature or listening to music that inspires you), emotional rest (like saying “no” or being honest about how you really feel), social rest (like limiting your interactions with people who drain you) and spiritual rest (like praying or meditating).“With pandemic burnout, we need a fresh new way to rest that’s more than deep breaths and adequate sleep,” said Dara Bu Elliott, a life and career coach at Wellspace SF in San Francisco.Reflect on which types of rest are lacking in your life. Then schedule a “rest date” with yourself, Elliott suggested. For example, if you need more physical rest, take a restorative yoga class instead of going on your morning run. If you need more sensory rest, dim the lights, close your laptop and sit in silence for a few minutes after you finish work for the day.6. Connect with your inner child.Think back to what things used to light you up as a kid. How can you reintroduce some of those into your adult life?“For example, if you loved playing soccer as a kid, get a soccer ball and play around at the park,” Donelson said. “I loved playing the piano as a kid, and I’ve been playing a lot since the pandemic. My inner child loves it.”Sprinkle more of these joy-inducing activities or items into your week.“Those past positive experiences are the fuel we need to climb out of burnout and to create new ones,” Crawford said.7. Talk to a therapist.When left untreated, burnout can lead to clinical depression or other mental health conditions. If you’re struggling, consider making an appointment to connect with a mental health professional now. (And if cost is a concern, know that online therapy services, such as BetterHelp and Talkspace, tend to be more affordable options.) “It’s normal for folks to be feeling burned out right about now. Having someone there to focus on nothing but you can be a huge help,” Elkrief said. “Mental health concerns are at an all-time high, so finding a therapist can be a great way to help manage feelings of burnout.”Related...How To Be Proactive (When You're Stuck At Home)6 Subtle But Serious Signs You Have A Heart ProblemHow To Look After Your Mental and Physical Health In The Face of Uncertainty
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There is no denying that Shower Filters has become a vital part of our life.Drinking enough Fluoride can keep you away from serious dental problems like cavities, and helps make your teeth and bones stronger.The only sure solution to all this is to own a strong system of fluoride drinking water filters or shower filters for home.So, this whole concept of drinking water filters, shower filters etc is certainly a big myth.A Fluoride drinking water filter definitely helps you in reducing the fluoride levels in your water.Such a system includes multiple stages of filtration technology at all put together to provide you with the purest drinking water.One of the most common water filtering technologies includes activated carbon and ion exchange filters.The only way to be absolutely sure of the absence of contaminants is by using reverse osmosis.It is one of the most effective methods available and has been used in manufacturing for many years now.
Bluetooth Shower Head Filters for home use can improve your health and quality of life.Here's what to look for.Countertop water filter systems: These are probably the most popular filter units you see on homes and businesses.Four types of filter in use: an activated carbon filter, multi block and a spring final filter.Multi-block and spring final filters work together by adding extra filtering stages to cover the chemical contaminates leaving the tap clean.Inline Filter Replacement Filter For countertop and under-sink filters, a part called a filter sock is used.The filter sock will go into the faucet to catch the contaminants, before they can even get onto the spout.The purpose of this is to prevent a serious chain reaction that can cause major damage to your plumbing or heating system.