VADUZ, Lichtenstein–(BUSINESS WIRE)–November 11, 2019–The aBey Foundation today released the full text and video of Dr. Ciprian Pungila’s keynote address during the opening session of the Malta Blockchain Summit 2019.Dr. Pungila is co-creator of aBey blockchain technology and serves as chief scientist of the non-profit aBey Foundation.View the full release here: Pungila’s speech addressed technological supremacy through high-performance blockchains.Introducing innovative ways to empower blockchains through heterogeneous architectures and high-performance computation, a notable topic in Dr. Pungila’s talk covered what he called “performance-based retail transactions.”
On Tuesday, Tavis Ormandy of Google's Project Zero released an exploit kit called ctftool, which uses and abuses Microsoft's Text Services Framework in ways that can effectively get anyone root—er, system that is—on any unpatched Windows 10 system they're able to log in to.The patches for this vulnerability—along with several other serious issues—went out in this week's Patch Tuesday update.We independently verified Ormandy's proof-of-concept, and it's precisely what it says on the tin: follow the directions and you get an nt authority\system privileged command prompt a few seconds later.The TL;DR version is that Microsoft's Text Services Framework, which is used to provide multilingual support and has been in place since Windows XP, includes a library called MSCTF.DLL.The Text Services Framework needs to monitor—and alter—user input to application windows in order to provide language services such as Simplified Chinese (Pinyin).With language set to Pinyin, you can type in any window and suggestions for Chinese characters that can match either your phonetic typing (or entire words you've typed in English) will appear in a sub-menu.
A long-awaited service for readers in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and some other overseas Chinese communities have finally come true: Amazon has just started offering Traditional Chinese books for its Kindle e-reader.The release filled an obvious gap for Kindle, which debuted back in 2007 and has been growing the number of languages it supports over the years.2012 marked a major step in its Asia expansion as it began providing e-books in Simplified Chinese — the type of characters used in mainland China — under its China-specific site.That was a prelude to Kindle’s entry into China the next year.We will see if the same pattern of regional push will repeat for Taiwan and Hong Kong, where Kindle isn’t officially distributed at the moment.Previously, people who read Traditional characters had to find roundabout ways to access the language on Kindle, such as buying Simplified content and converting it into Traditional using customized fonts that became available since Amazon’s 5.9.6 firmware update.
Instagram introduced a stand-alone Instagram Direct application in December 2017, but the app does not look like it will survive June 2019.Users of the stand-alone messaging app began seeing the following notification: “The Direct app is going away.In the coming month, we’ll no longer be supporting the Direct app.Your conversations will automatically move over to Instagram, so you don’t need to do anything.”An Instagram spokesperson confirmed the demise of the app, saying, “We’re rolling back the test of the standalone Direct app.We’re focused on continuing to make Instagram Direct the best place for fun conversations with your friends.”
Netflix has simplified its TV interface by adding a new sidebar with quick access icons.The redesign somewhat resembles the YouTube TV interface, making it easier to access the items you’d previously have to scroll to the top to find.The company is rolling out its new interface to subscribers around the world while teasing similar future updates that are already in the pipeline.The Netflix TV interface is presented when the service is accessed using a smart TV, set-top box, or streaming stick device.Unlike smaller devices, such as a smartphone, a TV has a large amount of screen real estate, making it possible to show more information at any given time while also potentially complicating navigation.Until now, Netflix’s TV users had to scroll all the way to the top of the screen to reveal an otherwise invisible row of tools, such as search and accounts.
If yes, you are no more a newbie in this subject.Let me surprise you with a local SEO stat that 90% of smartphone users use their search engine's to shop locally.Thanks to Google for bringing this ultimate change for helping small business owners in local to stand out from the massive crowd.These submissions can be visible on the first page of local Google search results.This is a great non-paid ad and results in good ROIYou can get important inbound links that help you to enhance your Page Rank and also your search engine ranking
360-degree tours are the closest thing to exploring a new location without leaving your couch — and now Google is helping anyone create a tour, no images required.Users can start with their own 360 photos — or use existing images from Google Street View instead.Tour Creator is designed for students, teachers, and pretty much anyone else that doesn’t have the tech savvy to create a virtual tool using advanced tools, including potential applications for realtors and small businesses.The program allows users to add multiple scenes to a single tour.At the start, Tour Creator prompts users to start with a name and a photo.Then, the Tour Creator can generate multiple scenes within the same tour using uploaded 360 content or by searching for a location on Google Maps to upload Street View content instead.
Announced March 29, GoPro’s latest camera is a simplified, streamlined model simply called the Hero.At $199, it is the cheapest model in GoPro’s lineup that includes a built-in LCD monitor.The Hero looks much like the latest generations of GoPro, the Hero5 and Hero6 Black, with the same gray body that’s waterproof without a case and a 2-inch touchscreen at the back.That’s because the Hero integrates some of the best features from those higher-end GoPros while offering a narrower focus on ease of use that should make it attractive to first-time action cam buyers.Like it’s more expensive peers, the Hero is compatible with the GoPro app (iOS and Android) and will auto-edit videos via QuikStory.It also offers similar durability, being waterproof down to 30 feet — just 3 feet short of the Hero6 Black specs.
In a press event in New Delhi, India, Google introduced a simplified way to search for addresses on Google Maps.The new open sourced solution, called Plus Codes, represents a simple and consistent addressing system that works across India and globally.Plus Codes are based on dividing the geographical surface of the Earth into tiny ‘tiled areas’, attributing a unique code to each of them.This code simply comprises a ‘6-character + City’ format that can be generated, shared and searched by anyone using the Google Maps app.Plus codes are free to use, forever.Feel Years Younger By Boosting Your Stem Cells At Home
But it had its downsides: SAN kit was expensive (particularly the SAN switches) and Fibre Channel networking was non-trivial to comprehend.Not just the cost of purchase, provisioning of facilities, support staff cost and so on but form hidden things like power and cooling – all that had to be paid for.These costs combined with the effort of swapping out existing equipment have created another issue: the rise of hierarchical storage models.Rather than replace old or slower storage with new, faster systems it’s common to implement the systems for high-performance apps and demote the older stuff to tasks like file-and-print that don’t need the performance.This can help you eke out a few years more use of the older infrastructure, but it leaves you with a multi-layer setup that becomes harder to manage as it ages and the number of layers increases.Centralising your storage brings opportunities to de-duplicate data.
Existing investors Breyer Capital, Coatue Management, Entree Capital, Goodwater Capital and Valar Ventures also participated.These apps have particular appeal to the often younger, less experienced investors who are uncomfortable using traditional toolsHowever, Stash isn’t just targeting the millennial crowd – though its average user is aged 29 – it’s also broadly going after anyone who felt like they couldn’t participate in investing because they didn’t make enough money.In Stash, users can start building a portfolio with as little as $5, choose those investments that reflect their beliefs and goals, and continue to fund the account with automatic or manual transfers, as they choose.Along the way, Stash offers tips and articles to help people learn more about investing and financial strategies.The educational aspect is a big differentiator as well.
The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has announced a new round of recalls concerning various hoverboards, a move that follows two new house fires resulting from faulty boards.The issue of poorly made hoverboards catching on fire span back years now, but news on that front has been somewhat quiet.That changes with the CPSC’s latest announcement.The CPSC released a statement recently, saying that a second house fire has resulted from a hoverboard that caught on fire.The agency points toward the LayZ Board brand, saying that there’s evidence that it was involved a fire in Pennsylvania that demolished a townhouse and damaged another four of them.The most recent incident happened on October 23.
We live in a practically paperless, digital age, but there s one paper product that just won t die: The business card.Let me guess—leave them in your bag and forget about them until the next tradeshow rolls around.It s quick, accurate, and cheap, with two versions to suit different needs—its entry-level free version offers full functionality but limits your card-scanning to 200, where its premium version offers unlimited scanning.CamCard s optical character reader OCR can read and digest card information in 17 different languages, including English, traditional and simplified Chinese, Japanese, Hungarian, Swedish, and Russian.The app does let you share your card digitally with users via QR code or through its Card Radar, a feature that alerts you to nearby CamCard users.SamCardSamCard free lite version and $4 premium version is a simple, straightforward business card reader that scans cards and saves them to your iPhone s local Contacts list.
Nintendo's upcoming titles Pokémon Sun and Moon will be released in traditional and simplified Chinese in mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.The Japanese game developer's decision to release the games in traditional and simplified Chinese in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan for the first time ever, however, has agitated many longtime fans, particularly those residing in Hong Kong."Pokémon in Greater China will be officially called 精靈寶可夢, or Jingling Baokemeng in Mandarin Jingling means "spirit" or "elf," and Baokemeng is a transliteration of Pokémon ," Zheping Huang explains.Although the unified Chinese translation might just be a commercial decision on Nintendo's part, the shift does come amid rising concerns that the Cantonese language and unique cultural identity of Hong Kong are gradually being eroded.According to a recent survey by the Neo Democrats party, less than 40% of local primary schools in Hong Kong are teaching young children Cantonese.Protesters have collected 6,000 signatures for a petition against the change as well.