You’ll have to cut Iraq some slack for being late to the tech startup party.It eventually caused more than 150,000 deaths, and cost trillions of dollars.The seemingly endless cycles of warfare have triggered a massive humanitarian crisis, with over four million people internally displaced in the country.“Ordinary Iraqis have seen little or no benefit from the proceeds of the country’s multibillion-dollar oil industry, much of which has been siphoned off by corrupt politicians,” wrote Ghaith Abdul-Ahad in an extensive feature for The Guardian last year.Iraq received pledges of $30 billion, mostly in credit facilities and investment, from neighbors including Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey.Re:Coded, a nonprofit organization that aims to train conflict-afflicted youth to enter the digital economy as software developers and tech leaders, set up its base in Erbil.
Yak app still cleaning up after four-year-old cyber-break-inThe Discord-for-Suits developer said on Thursday that it was resetting the passwords for roughly 1 per cent of its 10 million or so accounts after an investigation revealed that stolen credentials were being sold online.These included customer profiles, hashed passwords and also some passwords in clear text that were harvested on the fly.Arriving as a tip through Slack's bug bounty program, the stolen account credentials were originally thought to be the result of isolated malware infections or phishing operations.After investigating further, the usernames and passwords were found to have been lifted from a Slack network intrusion that occurred more than four years ago."We immediately confirmed that a portion of the email addresses and password combinations were valid, reset those passwords, and explained our actions to the affected users," Slack said in a post explaining the move.
In response to recent developments in a 2015 data breach incident, collaboration software company Slack has announced that starting July 18, it will reset the passwords of some of its user accounts that it believes may still be affected by the breach.According to a statement on Slack’s blog, the company recently discovered new information regarding a 2015 data breach incident.Apparently, Slack recently received reports about “potentially compromised Slack credentials.” Initially, Slack was able to confirm that some of “the email addresses and password combinations were valid,” and so the company reset these passwords and notified the users affected.But upon further investigation, Slack discovered that most of the compromised credentials “were from accounts that logged in to Slack during the 2015 security incident.” And so, in response to this new information, Slack will reset the passwords of all the accounts that were active during the 2015 data breach.Slack also went on to note that it would only be resetting the passwords of those accounts that meet the following conditions: The account must have been created before March 2015 and the password must not have been changed since thenAffected accounts also do not use a single-sign-on (SSO) provider to log in.Slack also emphasized that this week’s password reset was just a precautionary measure and that the company has “no reason to believe that any of these accounts were compromised.” Slack has also said that users who have accounts that meet all of the previously mentioned criteria will be “notified directly with instructions.” Slack estimates that only 1% of its user accounts will need to have their passwords reset.
Slack is resetting roughly 100,000 user passwords for accounts that were active in 2015.The company has only recently learned that an old security breach from four years ago was perhaps worse than previously thought.The news, first reported by ZD Net and confirmed by Slack in an announcement on its website, will only affect about 1 per cent of Slack’s 10 million total users.Slack discovered that “unauthorised individuals” had gained access to Slack’s internal infrastructure in 2015 but the company only recently learned the hack may have included some usernames and hashed passwords obtained through malware.The hackers injected code onto some user computers to capture plaintext passwords in real-time back in 2015, something that Slack only put together after its bug bounty program recently yielded some usernames and passwords.But Slack says the password resets are merely precautionary.
To read the full article, simply click here to claim your deal and get access to all exclusive Business Insider PRIME content.The app, which launched in March, is designed to replace both Slack and collaboration programs such as Jira and Asana.Since it's lost the first-mover advantage, the company boasts that it's taking a more thoughtful tack that sets it apart from its better-funded competitors.Tech investors and entrepreneurs talk a lot about the so-called first-mover advantage — the idea that startups can get a leg up on the competition by launching their product or service before their rivals.Swit launched its collaboration software in March, long after competitors including Slack, Asana, and Atlassian's Jira pioneered the market for such apps."This market is...saturated with great incumbents," he said.
Hey Dropbox users, how has Dropbox been for you lately?Major changes are coming to the Dropbox desktop app.This new version of Dropbox wants to be... a file manager?Instead of the minimal sync app, the Dropbox icon now opens a big, multi-panel, blue and white window showing all your Dropbox files.It kind of looks like Slack, if Slack was a file manager.You can search for files, sort by name or date, and do all the usual file operations like cut, copy, and paste.
If you're a long time Slack users, you might get a notification today that your password needs to be reset.The work messaging app said Thursday that it's resetting passwords for approximately 1% of Slack accounts due to the 2015 security incident.Slack said its resetting passwords for all accounts that were active at the time of a 2015 incident, except those that have already changed their passwords since March 2015 and accounts that use a single sign on service, like Okta or OneLogin.Roughly 65,000 accounts are getting reset, according to ZDNet."We have no reason to believe that any of these accounts were compromised," Slack said in a blog post, "but we believe that this precaution is worth any inconvenience the reset may cause."Back in 2015, hackers gained access to a Slack database that stored user profile information, including usernames and encrypted passwords, according to the company.
Slack is set to reset password for thousands of users as it looks to respond to a data breach.The popular messaging app has confirmed it will reset the passwords of users it believes could be affected by a historical data breach.Around one percent of all Slack users are thought to be affected by the attack - equivalent to over 65,000 customers.Slack was hit by a cyberattack back in 2015 when hackers to its user profile database.This included access to the scrambled passwords of users, however the hackers inserted code that scraped the user’s plaintext password as it was initally entered.Slack said it did not believe accounts were compromised in the attack, but did not provide any further details as to why this would be - although it said that accounts that require single sign-on through a company’s network are not affected.
Slack says it is resetting the passwords of some of its users after new information has come to light about a security breach from March 2015.Any users who created their account before this date, who have not changed their passwords since, and who do not use single-sign-on can expect to have their passwords reset by the company if it hasn’t happened already.Slack says that around one percent of its users fall into all three of these categories, which ZDNet reports amounts to around 65,000 users.The company chose to reset the passwords after it learned that a collection of user email addresses and password combinations had been compromised.After an investigation, the company linked the credentials to a hack it suffered in 2015 when hackers were able to insert keylogging code into its software that was capable of reading user’s passwords as they entered them.The hackers also accessed a database of usernames and hashed passwords.
Apple, in their eyes, was going all in on the little touch-sensitive OLED strip above the number pad, and it was a travesty.Someone complained that the only time they used the Touch Bar was when they activated the Siri touch button by accident several times a day.Traditionally, they were programmable keys that could execute a user-defined series of characters.There’d be the contextual buttons created in apps, by app developers, as well as the Control Strip, a row of up to 12 buttons users could configure from 21 options Apple provided.Like buttons for a pre-defined list of gifs to drop in Slack or iMessage.I’d hazard that the main reason people navigate to System Preferences then Keyboard and click the Customise Touch Bar button tucked out of the way is that they want to deactivate the Siri key.
Slack will reset the passwords of users it believes are affected by a historical data breach that affected the company more than four years ago.In 2015, the company said it was hit by hackers who gained access to its user profile database, including their scrambled passwords.But the hackers inserted code that scraped the user’s plaintext password as it was entered by users at the time.Slack said it was recently contacted through its bug bounty about a list of allegedly compromised Slack account passwords.The company believes the case may relate to the 2015 data breach incident.Slack said the security incident does not apply to “the approximately 99% who joined Slack after March 2015” or those who changed their password since.
iOS 13, coming later this year, is packed with useful new features for your iPhone.But there's still no way to search through the hundreds of emojis that are available through your phone's keyboard — even though other services like Slack have solutions to this.I love emojis, and I love that Apple keeps adding new symbols to the iPhone every single year.What I don't love is how arduous it is to actually find the emoji you're looking for.Emoji search seems like something Apple should have implemented years ago — yet, it's nowhere to be found on the iPhone, or in iOS 13.The best Apple has right now is its predictive text feature, but it needs to be turned on, and it's not true emoji search.
The Chatbot platform helps you add more functions to your bot by building flow, providing machine learning capabilities and API integration, etc.Some popular Chabot Development Services publishing platforms are FB Messenger, Kik, Slack, Telegram, and WeChat.The chatbot publishing platform is a medium where chatbots can be accessed and used by users.The chatbot development platform, on the other hand, is a tool/application where someone can create chatbots.The Chatbot platform helps you by letting you add more functions to your bot by creating flow, providing machine learning capabilities and API integration, etc.7 most powerful platforms to build a ChatbotHere are the top seven chatbot platforms!1.This is limited to several certain conversations, where the subscription must be made for further use.4.To distinguish it from others, WotNot allows you to modify the flow of conversations through Google Sheets (an interface that almost everyone knows).WotNot gives you a personalized experience by allowing you to preview chatbots on your website.Bots can then be used in minutes with user interaction data stored in Google Sheets so you can see it in real-time and act accordingly.5.BottrBottr is an interesting concept to make your bot from your original Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter account.We set up our bot using Bottr in less than five minutes, and it creates questions automatically from Facebook data.
Microsoft has been leveraging its popular Office 365 service to bundle Microsoft Teams into its offering to businesses, and the strategy is paying off.Slack founder and CEO Stewart Butterfield took out a full page ad in the New York Times more than two years ago, welcoming the Microsoft competition and showing that Slack was more than a little nervous about the software giant.Now that Microsoft has caught up and overtaken Slack in terms of raw user numbers, Butterfield says he’s not worried about the rapid growth of Microsoft Teams.“If it’s based on the bigger distribution [Office 365], I don’t think that’s really a threat,” said Butterfield at a business conference on Monday, reports CNBC.Butterfield dismissed Microsoft’s push and compared it to the company’s failed attempts with Bing to compete with Google’s massive search engine dominance.In a further comparison, Butterfield noted that Google+ failed despite Google’s attempts to bundle it with all of its services.
RaCom Chatbot for Ecommerce is best platform to build chatbot for ecommerce business.Chatbots work in Facebook Messenger, Slack, Skype, Telegram.
TechCrunch is beginning to publish podcasts from industry experts, with transcriptions available for Extra Crunch members so you can read the conversation wherever you are.Speaking from experience at companies like Airbnb, Brex, Docsend, Edmodo, Facebook, Google, Lyft, Mint, Slack, Uber, WeWork, etc., these experts share insider tips on how to break into fields like design and enterprise sales.This week’s edition features Gülay Birand, UX Lead and Product Design Manager at Facebook, and Tim Rechin, Head of Design at Edmodo, the leading education technology company.Gülay and Tim bring experience from other great companies including Google, Amazon, Mint, and SAP.Having seen and grown in their disciplines from a variety of companies and customer types, they share deep insight from across tech.Tim is the CEO & Founder of Media Mobilize, a media company and ad network, and a Venture Partner at Digital Garage.
Today marks the seven-year anniversary of the Nexus 7.This device got Google noticed in the tablet business.It helped spawn a number of devices over the next few years, like the Nexus 10, Pixel C, and Pixel Slate.So low, in fact, Google decided to shutter its tablet division altogether, shifting employees to work on Chromebooks and other projects.The Samsung Galaxy Note created a race for size still taking place today, and the instructions per clock (IPC) improvements in smartphone chipsets have evolved even faster than their traditional computer counterparts.Over the next few years, people’s needs rapidly shifted from “more ways to consume entertainment” to “more ways to be productive.” Games like Angry Birds were being still being downloaded, but productivity apps like Slack and Todoist took off on a global scale.
Microsoft Teams is on the up-and-up with some impressive growth, primarily driven by being bundled with Office 365, and that comes at the expense of rival chat and collaboration service Slack, according to a new survey.This comes from ETR, a market research firm that shared findings from its ‘2H19 Technology Spending Intentions Survey’, which as the name suggests attempts to find out what companies will be investing in tech-wise in the second half of 2019.Going by net spending intentions for 2H19, the results so far gathered (not everyone has responded yet) show major gains for Microsoft Teams, while interest in Slack is dwindling considerably.To be precise, Teams is holding fast at a rating of 67% for net spending intentions, the same as three months ago, although it’s an improvement of 8% compared to the second half of 2018.Slack, on the other hand, has a net score of 28%, which represents a drop of 26% on three months ago, and a worrying decline of 45% compared to the second half of last year.This trend is even more pronounced amongst big companies (public and private alike).
Microsoft’s Teams collaboration app is now used by 13 million individuals on a daily basis, according to data released by the company Thursday, surpassing rival Slack for the first time.Microsoft introduced Teams in 2017 as a competitor to Slack, which had attracted significant interest as an alternative to email for internal communications following its launch in 2014.Unlike Slack, which is a standalone application, Microsoft Teams is available at no additional cost for Office 365 customers, of which there are 180 million monthly active users globally.Microsoft - which reportedly considered a multi-billion-dollar acquisition bid for Slack before developing its own tool - has thrown significant resources behind Teams and has quickly built out new features to cater to a wide range of uses.Microsoft, however, had declined to reveal daily or weekly active user information in the past - metrics that give a better indication of how an application is used regularly within an organization.At its Inspire event this week, Microsoft also said it has 19 million weekly active users.
Inspire Microsoft is set to launch something called the Business Applications ISV Connect Program at its Inspire conference in Las Vegas next week.This program will, essentially, strong-arm makers of business applications into getting their software reviewed for quality and security before it can appear on Redmond's online AppSource bazaar.Apps already in the cyber-souk will be booted off unless they too pass the Windows giant's QA checks.Dynamics 365 covers Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as well as sales, customer service, HR, finance and operations.PowerApps is a low-code application builder based on the Common Data Service, data supplied by Dynamics 365 and Office 365, plus connectors for other cloud services including Salesforce, Slack and Dropbox.ISVs (that's independent software vendors) can build pre-packaged applications for these platforms, making them available to customers via AppSource, an online marketplace.