But is it just a matter of looking tough with elections around the corner?Rear entry ... French interior minister Bernard CazeneuveA meeting this week between the interior ministers of France and Germany has focused on the issue of encryption and its potential impact on security.In the lead-up to the meeting and in subsequent public comments from the ministers, they both made repeated mention of the issue of data encryption, even calling out the app Telegram as an example of a problem they wish to find a solution to.French interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve even went so far as to argue that the European Commission EC should draft a new law that would require companies to work with the authorities to decrypt secure communications on demand and help track down terrorist suspects.This proposed law would "impose obligations on operators who show themselves to be non-cooperative, in particular when it comes to withdrawing illegal content or decrypting messages as part of an investigation," Cazeneuve said to reporters.
Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak isn t impressed with the company s plans to ditch the headphone jack.According to rumors, the next iPhone will be so much thinner, Apple may have to drop the headphone jack.Instead, customers would use the same lightning port used to charge the phone as a headphone jack — or go wireless and use Bluetooth.But that s not a one-size-fits-all solution.I would not use Bluetooth … I don t like wireless.I have cars where you can plug in the music, or go through Bluetooth, and Bluetooth just sounds so flat for the same music.
So far, the realm of additive manufacturing, which is the industrial side of 3D printing, has been limited to what is essentially a problem with scale.While 3D printing can be an appropriate solution for some problems, it isn't for all of them, since manufacturers who need large parts can't always make them with current 3D printing methods.Stratasys is looking to change that, demonstrating a new "infinite-build" system that could change the way various industries use 3D printing.Stratasys announced today that it's Infinite-Build 3D Simulator will be showing off next-generation 3D printing techniques.Not a whole lot has changed, save for one major detail: Stratasys says this system takes traditional 3D printing and flips its side, giving manufacturers a vertical plane with which to craft larger items.With that in mind, it isn't much of a surprise that companies like Boeing and Ford have shown interest in testing the system.
Want a great cup of coffee, but hate standing around grinding beans and waiting for it to brew in the old French press?Well, here's your solution - the Nespresso Pixie coffee machine is available for half price in the UK for a limited time.Amazon UK is listing a deal from the manufacturer for just £69.99, down from the regular retail price of £139.99Last year, a slightly different version of the Nespresso Pixie earned a commendable four star review from TrustedReviews, so it's certainly no weak cup of Joe.Deal: Get a half-price Nespresso Pixie from AmazonIt offers a 700ml capacity, removable tank and heat-up time is under 30-seconds.
SPACE: Amazon is launching a unlimited cloud storage offerAmazon has just announced that it's launching a new Unlimited Storage plan.The new service will allow its millions of customers to upload and securely store infinite amounts of photos, videos, movies, music and other files to the cloud.Customers can also auto-save all photos and videos from their mobile devices, or back-up all the content on their personal computer, with all content easily accessible at full resolution from nearly any device.This should help smartphone users who often find themselves running low on memory.They now have an affordable, secure solution to store unlimited amounts of photos, videos, movies, music, and other files
From its inception, banks have all but dismissed Bitcoin while embracing the technology that powers it — blockchain.Bitcoin is volatile, prone to theft and confusing for the average customer.The blockchain, however, is merely a digital ledger or transactions, a tool that could decrease costs significantly for major banks.Several of these big banks have now teamed up to create their own solution.Led by UBS, the group — Deutsche Bank, Santander, BNY Mellon and ICAP — teamed up to create Utility Settlement Coin, USC which — if we re honest — sounds a lot like the in-game currency for a dystopian RPG.Unlike Bitcoin, the currency isn t designed to bypass central banks.
Lynch, Head of Product Marketing at Oracle Marketing Cloud, was explaining that Oracle views the marketing cloud as a set of foundational technologies which people need—such as Eloqua and Responsys for orchestrating B2B and B2C customer experiences—and with which point solutions can readily be integrated."We're devout about an open platform strategy," he said."The existence of a marketing cloud need not be at the expense of other best-of-breed solutions."Our conversation was sparked by my interview with Kraig Swensrud of Campaign Monitor published last week, in which Swensrud offered data suggesting mid-market companies found large-scale marketing clouds too expensive to implement and too complicated to use effectively."Marketing automation has been pretty awesome in the Fortune 1000 space," he said, "but what about the rest of us?"Oracle, of course, highlights "customer success" stories on its marketing cloud website which feature non-enterprise brands, but Lynch also offered some specific rebuttals of the cost and complication claims.
There's a fantastic new video game called "Deus Ex: MankindGet yourself acquainted: It's super fresh.The big sell point of "Deus Ex" is being able to play the game Enix Looks like a typical difficulty selection screen, right?The description notes that it's "how the game is meant to be played."
The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus first went on sale nearly two years agoApple has been accused of failing to address a "design flaw" said to be causing many iPhone 6 and 6S handsets' screens to flicker and become unresponsive to touch.The repair specialist iFixit published a lengthy blog on Tuesday detailing the issue, and emailed its thousands of followers."There doesn't seem to be any quantification about precisely what percentage of iPhones have been affected, so it's difficult to tell if this is a minor or major problem," Neil Mawston, from Strategy Analytics, told the BBC."But if there is a serious iPhone 6 touchscreen issue, Apple will need to acknowledge it openly, respond promptly and offer a reasonable solution to affected customers.iFixit says two chips - marked in red - are prone to becoming disconnected from the phone's logic board
Thunderbolt is basically an extension of the computer's pci-expressgränssnitt, which makes it in theory possible to plug in the video card for desktop computers in a small laptop like the Macbook Air, and thereby increase the performance many times over.Unfortunately, this has so far been very complicated and something only a few enthusiasts have given up on.in Addition to an external pci-expresschassi with thunderbolt, you have had to fix a external power source that fits the video card, and then we start to not even give us the software.this will the developers of The Wolfe to do something about.It is a complete solution for external graphics card in thunderbolt-equipped computers both Mac and pc , and is funded right now via Kickstarter.The Wolfe promises to deliver a true plug-and-play solution with either a Geforce GTX 950 or GTX 970, and the product is scheduled to begin shipping in February next year.
News: Big Blue has also expanded all-flash storage offerings for cloud and cognitive computing.IBM has announced Flash In, a storage migration programme designed to help Dell and EMC clients transition to its storage solutions.IBM s Flash In is a free migration initiative that offers organisations to move other vendors' customers to the IBM family of all-flash arrays.Under the programme, clients will receive data migration and installation services for five consecutive days for either on-site replacement or upgrades.Big Blue has also launched a new range of cost-conscious all-flash storage solutions for companies of all sizes.The new IBM Storwize V7000F and IBM Storwize 5030F are all-flash arrays intended at data centre and cloud environments.
Apple s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are almost two years old, and their age is starting to show.According to iFixit, a manufacturing defect is affecting a growing number of iPhone 6 Plus devices, and some iPhone 6 units.The defect creates an unresponsive touchscreen and shows a flickering grey bar at the top of the display.Eventually, the touchscreen stops working entirely.Repair experts were the first to point out the the defect, dubbed Touch Disease, but have yet to find what causes the bug.It could be simply linked to everyday wear-and-tear, which means that millions of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices could be potentially vulnerable, according to iFixit.
No welcome mat for this dog.Dis is not welcome so we're going to diss it.That's Cisco's view, in a nutshell, of Nutanix jumping on its UCS servers as a means of selling its hyper-converged system software into the Cisco customer base and channel.A source in the channel has provided us with the text of an email Cisco sent to some of its partners:The Cisco solution partner program Cisco Solution Partner Program – SPP promotes the integration of complementary solutions partners with Cisco architecture and go-to-market initiatives together.With the introduction of HyperFlex ... technology, Nutanix became a direct competitor of Cisco's own technology.
Yandex may not have quite the same name recognition it does in Russia, but the Russian search engine positively dominates its domestic search market — in 2015, it handled 57.3 percent of the country s web queries.But while search is the company s bread and butter, Yandex has branched out in recent years — it offers antivirus software, a real-time bidding platform, a topographical mapping solution, language translation, and more.And this week, it dipped a toe into yet another territory: user feedback interpreted by machine intelligence.Yandex said the new technology, which it began rolling out on Tuesday, is an attempt to build a better relationship with its users.It s debuting in the form of a complaint button within its web browser for Android.The search giant s servers then initiate a custom-tailored ad filter that, using machine learning algorithms, tailors future ads to the user s tastes.
A US-based company has released a game-changer for tired passengers on planes everywhere.Say goodbye to the neck pillow and say hello to the NodPod – a cushioned hammock for your head which attaches itself to your seat.The advert for the ultimate sleep travel solution raises many questions, not least why is that woman staring off emotionally into some trees at the end and does the man doing the voice-over know what emotions are?Well, perhaps the lady looking in the woods is just showing off her relaxed neck with all that head-turning.The NodPod boasts that it keeps your head at a 90 degree angle or the exact same position in which you sleep in a bed while keeping your head from falling forward or leaning left or right.The advert rightly notes this falling about of a sleeping head can cause problems such as a kink in your neck or a bit of awkwardness from sleeping on the person seated next to you .
Virtual reality has finally arrived but the package as a whole is far from a finished product.Aside from additional polish that s needed in terms of the visuals, we still haven t quite figured out how movement and control will best work in the digital world.A Chinese startup by the name of Dexta Robotics believes it has a solid solution that ll afford users the ability to feel things in the virtual and augmented realm.The result of more than 20 prototypes over two years, the Dexmo is an exoskeleton glove that tracks 11 degrees of freedom of motion.It processes this data and applies variable force feedback to each digit to mimic what it would feel like to hold an actual object.As you ll see in the clip above, Dexmo is said to be rather lightweight and operates wirelessly so there are no clunky cables to get tangled up in.
Sullivan/Getty and Melia Robinson/Business Insider San Francisco's public transit system, BART, came up with a solution to stop its elevators from serving as public restrooms — or at least, to stop them from smelling like one.This week, the agency will start misting a bacteria-eating enzyme in a single elevator shaft at the well-traveled and particularly stinky Civic Center station.
the Night mode is a feature that is difficult to be without once you get used to it.It is becoming increasingly common with blåljusfilter and manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, Huawei and OnePlus have built it into the system.Initially, it was thought that the Nougat would offer a night mode that makes the screen more pleasant to look at on the evenings and nights.It was in the prerelease versions, but was concealed later Google could for some reason not get to a satisfactory solution.the night Mode is missing, therefore, in sharp Android 7.0.But some of you who updated directly from the prerelease version still has it, and the night mode is there for all – though it is completely hidden.
Forge, a level-creation toolkit for 343 Industries multiplayer first-person shooter Halo 5, will launch for Windows 10 PCs next month with an array of platform-specific tweaks and improvements.Previously available within the Xbox One version of Halo 5, the updated Windows 10 version of Forge will allow players to make precise changes and additions to their created multiplayer maps thanks to a refined mouse and keyboard setup and support for 4K resolutions.Forge has long been a staple of the Halo series, allowing players to build out custom environments and test them during live multiplayer sessions.Forge offers numerous options for terrain formation and object placement, making it an ideal solution for amateur mapmakers.Last year s Halo 5: Guardians continued the series tradition with its own version of Forge that retained many familiar elements from previous Halo games while introducing new layout possibilities.Up until now, player creativity has been limited by Forge s controller-based input, which often makes it difficult to tweak in-game elements with precision.
Loving all of the options Bontact provides, this could be the solution we need when we launch a live chat feature for our online store.The first tool looks very interesting, people go on and on about how they need more traffic to their websites but the truth is that if most of the traffic you do get actually converts, you don't need as much as you think.It really seems useful for making the most out of each person, especially for B2B prospects where a single sale can land a huge paycheck.