South Korea is the plastic surgery capital of the world — to such an extent that parents will often pay for their children to have double eyelid surgery before they start college.A plastic surgeon in Seoul's Gangnam District explains the obsession with plastic surgery.Produced by Will Wei and Drake Baer
Us defense secretary Jim Mattis warned on Friday the North Korean nuclear weapons use and insurance at the same time the United states support a firm in South Korea.any attack on the united states or our allies we will be destroyed, and any use of nuclear weapons against him in reaction, which will be effective and withering , Mattis said the South Korean ministry of defense visit at the end.Mattis's comments come amid concerns that North Korea may be preparing a new missile test, which, in turn, could be a challenging thing to Donald Trump's new government, told Reuters news agency.North Korea against regular threats naapuvaltioonsa South Korea, which is, in turn, the United states allies.North Korea conducted more than 20 test launch of a missile last year as well as two nuclear test despite UN opposition and sanctions.North Korea will continue missile launches, his nuclear weapons programme development, as well as threatening behavior and rhetoric , Mattis said.
Fang Binxing was forced to use a VPN to circumvent the Great Firewall of China Photograph: Kevin Frayer/Getty ImagesThe Father of China s internet censorship infrastructure, known as the Great Firewall of China, has been caught having to circumvent his own creation after attempting to display a website during a talk at the Harbin Institute of Technology in the Heilongjiang province of China.According to local reports, Fang Binxing attempted to display a South Korea website, which he said showed the views of South Koreans attempting to build similar infrastructure to China s firewall, but was blocked by said censorship system.Fang then had to resort to setting up a virtual private network VPN to circumvent the censorship, in full view of the lecture attendees, to display the site.Using VPNs to effectively make a tunnel through the Great Firewall of China to the outside internet world is a common, but frowned upon, practice used by many within China wishing to access western sites such as Facebook and Twitter.The UK also operates a system of censorship through court-ordered blocks of piracy sites by internet service providers, including the notorious Pirate Bay, which requires users to employ similar techniques such as VPNs to access.
Samsung is gearing up to launch a new smartphone that uses parts from its ill-fated Galaxy Note 7, which was recalled last year after a series of battery fires.Called the "Note Fan Edition", the company says the new mobile will utilise parts from the 2.5 million recalled Note 7 handsets to minimise the environmental impact of the faulty units.While the handset will share much of its design with the old phone, the South Korean tech giant says it gets a new battery that has been "enhanced with multiple safety designs and a rigorous eight-point battery safety test".This is expected "to calm the fans that the Fan Edition is aimed at", says Alphr, referring to the fault in the design of the original Note 7's battery that resulted in multiple device fires and the recall of every unit sold.The Fan Edition is expected to recover some of the £2.5bn lost as a result of the fiasco, adds the website.It is also believed to be a response to environmentalists who called for Samsung to handle its defective Note 7s using methods that would "reduce the amount of so-called e-waste", reports the BBC.
Chaired by President President Park Guen-Hye, the meeting will focus on proposed changes to current laws that will allow pilot programs for drones and driverless cars.Limitations on the exportation of map data created by the South Korean government to other countries means that Google Maps currently lacks many of the functions—such as 3D maps, driving and walking directions, and indoor maps—available to users elsewhere.South Korea approves map data exports only if certain satellite images are edited or obscured for example, blurring army bases or disguising them as forests , even though they are visible for users of Google Maps, Apple Maps, and similar services in other places.Ironically, the Google says the restrictions mean that Google Maps actually has more features in North Korea, including driving directions, than in South Korea.The South Korean government promised to make English-language digital maps available for companies in 2013, but Google said at the time that the new data did not have enough information to ensure that it can provide accurate directions.According to Joongang Daily link via Google Translate , the automaker sells its Sonata sedan with built-in Android Auto in 30 markets, but not in South Korea because the in-car operating system needs full access to Google Maps features.
A hair salon in Seoul in South Korea has got a right nice upgrade in the form of Samsung mirrors which are fitted with OLED panels. The 55-inch mirrors shows various tips on modern haircuts, information hairdos and flashy hair colors. When the mirrors do not show information and images so they function as ordinary mirrors. Hair Salon is one of the first in the world with these mirror displays and it seems that Samsung will start selling the panels to more businesses in the future.
A South Korean mobile hit is going to try its luck with a global audience.Nexon announced today that Heroes of Incredible Tales, an action role-playing game for mobile, will get a worldwide release this summer.It has already been downloaded more that 5 million times in South Korea.The mobile industry was worth $34.8 billion last year, according to market research firm Newzoo.NAT Games, a studio created by Yong-Hyun Park who was the lead designer for popular online games Lineage 2 and Tera , developed Heroes of Incredible Tales.Built on Unreal 4, we are able to push today s powerful mobile devices to deliver truly immersive, visceral gameplay, said Lawrence Koh, general manager at Nexon, in a press release sent to GamesBeat.Yong-Hyun Park creates incredible RPG experiences that resonate with players globally.We are very excited to bring his epic slasher to mobile devices worldwide later this year. 113 Facebook vs Asia Messaging Apps with Sameer Singh.mp3Sameer Singh from joined us to reflect on major themes that have been ongoing in the technology space from messaging apps to self-driving cars.In the first part, we discussed Facebook s recent F8 announcements on their new chatbots platform and video livestreaming.From there, we analyzed the implications of Facebook s announcements and examined how it will impact Asia from video advertising to messaging apps, thus foreshadowing an upcoming showdown between Asian messaging apps, such as WeChat and LINE.Finally, we dissected the different business models behind artificial intelligence companies and how they will play a role in the technology space from the US to Asia.Download MP3 25.2 MB or Subscribe via RSSAnalyse Asia with Bernard Leong is a weekly podcast dedicated to the pulse of technology, business & media in Asia.10:30 Why do Facebook use chatbots where the UI is not working in the emerging markets?16:45 Facebook Videos: Live Fast, Die Young Source: TheInformation Implications to Facebook livestreaming to video advertising and virtual reality.
Blizzard has come up with a classy, and creative, way to celebrate the upcoming release of Overwatch on May 24th: a series of huge sculptures installed in several locations around the world, depicting some of the game's characters as boxed-up action figures.There are three Overwatch figures/statues in total: the character Tracer appears on Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California, while Paris, France has received a Genji display, and Pharah has appeared in Busan, South Korea.There's even a hilarious fine print found on the back of the packages.Here's the full text emphasis mine :"While there is no physical or legal possibility to 'play' with the giant figures, you can play as 21 different heroes in Overwatch, releasing on the 24th of May, 12:00 GMT, on major consoles and PC.Prices and participation will not vary.It seems the giant figures were created by Steve Wang, an artist who has made statues for Blizzard in the past.
Photograph: Jung Yeon-Je/AFP/GettyDozens of people in one of the world s most wired nations have taken part in South Korea s space out competition aimed at promoting a life free from stress and information overload.About 60 contestants spent 90 minutes sitting in a public park in Seoul without talking, sleeping, eating or using any electronic devices during the event – under the slogan of Relax Your Brain.Blank-faced contestants – including a mother and a young child and middle-aged men in suits – sat or lay still in temperatures of over 30C 86F .Participants are also not allowed to look at their watches or move around too much.More than 80% of South Korea s 50 million people have smartphones, with a growing fixation on everything digital seen as a serious problem.The country s smartphone users spend an average of four hours a day tweeting, chatting or playing games, with about 15% showing symptoms of addiction, according to state data.
Emerging-market stocks climbed for a second day as a rally in technology companies drove Taiwanese equities to the biggest gain in eight months and shares from China to Hungary advanced.The Taiex index led advances as Apple Inc. vendors such as Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. surged.Hungarian equities were higher and 10-year government bonds rose after Fitch Ratings upgraded the nation s credit.The concerns among investors remain and the risk for Federal Reserves to raise its rate in June is still there.Fitch Ratings lifted Hungary s long-term rating one step from junk to BBB- on Friday, citing the country s current-account surplus and falling external debt.Equity indexes in Indonesia and South Korea gained at least 0.4 percent.Stock gauges in Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Russia sank at least 0.7 percent.
View photosMoreTesla Motors' mass-market Model 3 electric cars are seen in this handout picture from Tesla Motors on March 31, 2016.REUTERS/Tesla Motors/Handout via Reuters/File PhotoSEOUL Reuters - Mando Corp is in talks with Tesla Motors to supply parts for its Model 3 car, an industry source said, as it seeks to join other South Korean firms supplying components for Tesla's more affordable electric cars.Tesla currently sources steering racks for its Model S vehicles from Mando.By 2020, the company aims to generate half of its revenue from next-generation products, including semi-automated driver assistant systems, used in Hyundai Motor's Genesis G90 luxury sedan."Tesla is turning to South Korean parts makers, which are more cost-competitive than Japanese rivals, as the electric car start-up plans to drastically cut costs for the cheaper Model 3," said Eim Eun-young, an auto analyst at Samsung Securities.Reporting by Hyunjoo Jin in SEOUL, Additional reporting by Alexandria Sage in SAN FRANCISCO and Dahee Kim in SEOUL; Editing by Richard Pullin
The launch of Samsung's exercise bracelet Gear Fit 2 is approaching. Now more alleged images surfaced on the device, which is said to be presented in South Korea next month. According to rumors, the new Gear Fit equipped with a curved and 1.84-inch AMOLED screen and 4GB storage. Gear Fit 2 can be the first device that blessed with Samsung's latest biosensor. It was introduced in December last year and pass through its all-in-one approach, among other things, to measure skin temperature, stress level, body fat level, muscle mass and heart rate.
Of course you do, it was the flip phone that everyone wanted during the early 00s, and for good reason.Motorola s V3 RAZR was a design masterpiece, it was thin, extremely well-built and featured that glorious laser-etched metal keyboard that made using a T9 keyboard an absolute dream.Well it looks like Motorola has a surprise up its sleeve, because if this teaser is anything to go by then the company is looking to bring back one of the most iconic smartphone designs.Bloomberg via Getty ImagesThe RAZR name did indeed continue past the flip phone design, and even led to some very good Android smartphones but since then it has all been very quiet.Flip phones have had something of a resurgence of late, particularly in countries like South Korea and Japan so if Motorola is looking to make a modern Android version of the RAZR flip phone then that wouldn t actually be too far-fetched.Thankfully we won t have long to wait before we find out.
While Samsung is better known for its consumer electronics, the conglomerate has plowed billions of dollars into the biologic drug industry in the past five years, betting that growth in the field for complex drugs will help it offset a slowdown in Samsung s mainstay businesses such as smartphones and semiconductors.Samsung Bioepis s FDA application comes as the company s planned initial public offering on the Nasdaq Stock Market NDAQ -0.08 % in the first half of 2016 remains on ice, halted amid market volatility at the beginning of the year.Meanwhile, its subsidiary Samsung Bioepis is developing its own biosimilars of existing drugs whose patents have expired or will expire soon, including Enbrel and Remicade.The FDA has approved only two biosimilars so far, including a knockoff of Remicade developed by Celltrion Inc., 068270 0.21 % whose headquarters in Incheon, South Korea is a short walk from Samsung Bioepis s offices.In all, the FDA received seven biosimilar drug applications as of September last year, according to a February report commissioned by the regulatory body.Samsung Bioepis is 91.2% owned by Samsung BioLogics, which is in turned 47% owned by Samsung Electronics Co. and 51% owned by the conglomerate s de facto holding company Samsung C Corp. 028260 0.42 % Earlier this month, Samsung BioLogics filed an application for an initial public offering on South Korea s main stock exchange, which analysts say could raise billions of dollars.
LG certainly has, so it gave a champion climber two of its CordZero vacuum cleaners, and pointed her in the direction of a suitable building — the idea being the suction created by the cleaners through special cups would be enough to see her scale the outside.To make sure there was no actual doom-plunging going on, the stunt was carefully orchestrated by LG, as a way to show the power of its cordless CordZero Cyking vacuum cleaners, and the amazing ability of pro rock climber Sierra Blair-Coyle.The cleaners aren t exactly like the ones you ll buy from the shops, having been modified to make them suitable for use during the climb, including the addition of those all-important suction cups.She then had to lug all that to the top of a 33-story building located in Songdo, Incheon, in South Korea, using only her upper body strength and any grip she could get from her climbing shoes.Amazingly, she completed the mission in just half an hour, and that includes a stop to grab a pair of fully charged CordZero packs.There are echoes of the famous scene from Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, where Tom Cruise scaled the outside of the Burj Khalifa hotel in Dubai, but arguably Blair-Coyle s achievement is somewhat more impressive.
"It should be ensured that data can move freely across borders, both within and outside the EU, by removing all unjustified barriers to the free flow of data and that regulation does not constitute a barrier to development and adoption of innovative data-driven technologies," the letter reads."As both consumers and businesses can benefit significantly from cross-border e-commerce within Europe, we need to step up efforts to make it easier to trade online across the internal market and not impose new burdens on businesses," the ministers wrote in a letter.Last year, the Commission announced its Digital Single Market strategy, a broad plan to get rid of barriers in the digital space to allow Europe to gain a better opportunity to compete with other tech giants, particularly with those in the US.Though the European Commission's vice-president Andrus Ansip has discarded the possibility of a single regulation for all online firms, it may address issues in areas such as copyright and telecoms.The call comes in the wake of the union remaining behind the US, Japan and South Korea in broadband network.The European ministers wrote:"The Digital Single Market should be characterised by openness towards innovation and new business models, by stronger competition and minimal barriers, and a favourable environment for new entrants.."A market-based approach where businesses do not face unjustified burdens, can operate freely across borders like they do in their home countries, and all legislation is digital by default is equally essential."
Scientists in the US and South Korea have developed a new catalyst making lithium-air batteries that can store far more energy and offer more stability than lithium-ion batteries possibleUS and South Korean scientists have discovered new catalyst materials that could make it possible to create lithium-air Li-Air batteries that can store five times more power than lithium-ion Li-On batteries do today.Lithium-air batteries work by taking oxygen from the air and using it in chemical reactions that produce electricity, rather than storing an oxidiser internally like lithium-ion batteries.This is very exciting, but the potential abilities of lithium-air batteries are just theory at the moment, and numerous scientists around the world are racing to discover how to make the technology possible.Scientists at University of Texas at Dallas UT Dallas have discovered new soluble electrolyte catalyst materials that, when combined with oxygen, produce chemical reactions to create the power in a battery and have many advantages over conventional solid catalysts used today, and they are much more efficient.Making better batteries possibleHowever, only certain organic materials can be used to make such a catalyst, so they have teamed up with researchers from Seoul National University to develop a new catalyst is called "dimethylphenazine" that has an increased voltage efficiency and much higher stability.Several car manufacturers and telecommunications companies are interested in this research and Cho is providing them with updates, but it will still take between five to 10 years before lithium-air batteries can be commercialised and actually used in consumer mobile devices and electric vehicles.
Huawei Technologies Co. filed patent suits against Samsung Electronics Co. in the U.S. and China after the two weren t able to reach a licensing deal over the use of technology fundamental to how mobile networks operate.In a lawsuit filed Tuesday in federal court in San Francisco, Huawei claims Samsung infringes as many as 11 patents related to the industry standard for fourth-generation mobile devices.In the public portion of the complaint, Huawei doesn t seek any order to block sales of Samsung products in the U.S.The public version of the complaint is heavily redacted to mask confidential information.The patents cover communications networks and software to operate LTE networks established through international standard-setting organizations, Huawei said in the complaint.Huawei said it spends 15 percent of its revenue on research and is one of the biggest contributors to the industry standards for telecommunications so devices can talk to one another.The case, as well as a suit filed in Shenzhen People s Court in China where Huawei is based, threatens to become engulfed in a broader debate over how to value patents that are related to standardized technology such as mobile communications.Companies that get together to develop industry standards pledge to license any patents on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms.Tech companies are split on how to define what exactly that means, and the issue has led to lawsuits and policy arguments around the world.Plummer said that Huawei has fulfilled all of our obligations to make a fair offer to Samsung.The administration of President Barack Obama vetoed an import ban Samsung had won against Apple because of concerns a trade agency hadn t addressed questions about such patents.Ericsson AB, which vies with Huawei for title of top global networking company, also claimed Samsung refused to pay fair and reasonable rates.The companies later settled, an outcome Plummer said Huawei is seeking.Officials with Suwon, South Korea-based Samsung didn t immediately return queries seeking comment.The case is Huawei Technologies Co. v. Samsung Electronics Co., 16cv2787, U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California San Francisco .
Emerging-market stocks rallied, led by exporters and energy companies, as oil prices gained and strong U.S. housing data boosted confidence in the world s biggest economy.Chinese shares listed in Hong Kong jumped the most in Asia after oil s climb drove a rally in energy shares.Oil extended gains to near $50 a barrel as weekly U.S. industry data showed crude stockpiles declined, easing a glut.Optimism of improving global growth is outweighing most investors fears on higher U.S. interest rates, while oil prices add another lifeline for developing countries equities,  Mongkol Puangpetra, an investment strategist at KTB Securities Thailand Co., said by phone in Bangkok The expected rise in U.S. rates still remains a major risk to emerging markets.Taiwan Semiconductor climbed 2.3 percent, sending the benchmark Taiex up to the highest level in almost four weeks.The won rose 0.8 percent, boosted by optimism that strength in the U.S. economy will shore up demand for South Korean exports, which have contracted for 16 straight months.