the Sdp mps, former finance minister and party leader Jutta Urpilainen I hope that the social - and healthcare reform returns to the government and the opposition parties to cooperate."If the opposition truly says, so the committee's work is not enough.the Issue is so important, that solution should apply to the party leaders in the middle", Urpilainen said the Economy in an interview.the reform of the biggest problems associated, in his opinion, the municipal healthcare and social services spin-off and the patients ' freedom of choice.Urpilainen refers to the freedom of choice given to expert opinion, according to which the cost savings are kysennalaisia."the Government's current model leads to an increase in public expenditure, and I don't think that kokoomuskaan wants it."
Oracle Chief Executive Officer Safra Catz put an Old Testament spin on her company's software copyright battle with Google as she told jurors about an encounter with her adversary's top lawyer at a bat mitzvah in 2012.Catz's testimony in San Francisco federal court was intended to buttress what Oracle claims was Google's brazen theft of Java code to build its Android operating system, and to begin to explain how that theft caused the database maker damages of $9.3 billion.Catz's message: Google undercut Oracle's licensing revenue by co-opting Java to develop Android into the operating system now used in 80 percent of the world's mobile devices.Google took a language designed to "write once, run anywhere" across different computing platforms and "forked," or split into two, Oracle's Java community of programmers, she said.AdvertisementGoogle lifted and employed the code so that it would only run on Android, leading smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung Electronics, ZTE., and Motorola to adopt that platform, which the search engine company offered for free, and to cease paying Java licensing fees to Oracle, Catz testified."They use Android instead of taking a copy of our software."
Shares of the small tech company MGT Capital Investments were up more than 37% on Tuesday at $4.08 per share.With over 108 million shares traded, it was the most active stock, ahead of Bank of America.Tuesday was another day in a stream of strong upward moves for the stock after the company announced on May 9 that it was naming John McAfee, founder of antivirus firm McAfee Security, as CEO and re-branding the firm John McAfee Global Technologies Inc.The surge followed the McAfee announcement, which included a sudden shift in the business from online gaming to cybersecurity.MGT acquired D-Vasive, a company that produces software that protects cellphones, on May 9.Before the shift, the company focused on online games such as slots simulator SlotChamp and had a 10% stake in daily fantasy site firm had no holdings regarding cybersecurity before the acquisition, according to its most recent annual filing.Here's what we know about the abrupt pivot so far:September 8, 2015: MGT sells all but 11% of its stake in, according to its annual report.April 14: After delaying its annual report from March 31, MGT files its report, saying it has $359,000 in cash on hand.The report does say that following the sale of DraftDay, the firm is "considering all methods to create value for shareholders, including potential mergers, spin-offs, distributions and other strategic actions.Brauser has been sued numerous times for fraud involving small, publicly listed firms, though some of those allegations have been dismissed.The most recent was dismissed in September 2015, for the company IDI Inc. Brauser was also CEO of an email-marketing company, Naviant, which was acquired and eventually sued by credit agency Equifax after the firm accused the shareholder sellers of fraud.According to that filing, Silverman and his firm no longer have any representation on the board.May 9: McAfee is named chairman and CEO, and the company buys Wyoming-based cybersecurity firm D-Vasive for $300,000 in cash and 4,760,000 in shares of MGT.
With rent prices in cities like San Francisco, Portland, and New York soaring to astronomical heights as of late, hearing about the new rent-bidding service Rentberry is sure to put prospective renters in a tail-spin.So instead of going about renting an apartment the old-fashioned way — you know by submitting an application for the price that s listed — interested tenants now have the ability to place bids on any residences they re keen on, be it over or under the posted list price.This isn t just about people offering a lot of money, Lubinsky told Digital Trends.Application fees are a pain in the neck — especially if a renter doesn t actually move into a place they ve already spent money on — and not hearing back from a landlord causes undue stress during an already strenuous time.While the above examples are purely speculative, it remains to be seen just how exactly landlords and tenants will react to a venture like Rentberry.To address its main criticism, Lubinsky remained firm in asserting that if prices are destined to rise in the housing market, they will with or without a service like Rentberry.
Glu Mobile, the mobile game developer behind Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is out to do it again with a new game, this time following the chronicles of pop princess Britney Spears.The game lets you design outfits, play live shows, record singles, build a band, generate album art, and enjoy master versions of all the classic Britney singles.While it s not surprising that Glu Mobile has decided to spin off a game with another pop culture, it s interesting that it chose someone who appears, well, much less often in the media than she used to.But hey, teens and millennials still remember and love Britney, right?We re guessing the umbrella attack and head shaving part will be left out of the storyline.Whether or not you end up playing a residency at Las Vegas, of course, is another story.
The idea for this tennis robot was born after years of table tennis matches against each other and when they began studying in different parts built one brother a prototype robot to practice in secret. A dozen prototypes later, has now launched Trainerbot on Kickstarter. The project is seeking 80,000 dollars and if you want one you have to donate at least $ 329 excluding shipping. With Trainerbot can, via an associated mobile app, create your own workouts so you can get better at the different tennis teams. You can set each on the table the ball will land, how fast it will go and whether there should be any spin on the ball. Bonus Cut below where people from Ars Technica and The Verge takes a closer look at this device.
GIFThanks to the big network upfronts, there s been a barrage of TV updates this week.Note: some of the new shows may not air until 2017 if they are chosen to be midseason replacements.ABCCancelled: Marvel s Agent Carter star Hayley Atwell had already been cast as the lead on another ABC show, legal drama Conviction ; Galavant; The MuppetsReturning: Agents of SHIELD; Once Upon a TimePassed over: Agents of SHIELD spin-off Marvel s Most Wanted, which would have focused on the adventures of Mockingbird and Hunter; Spark, that weird-sounding it s 2016 but everything is somehow totally steampunk dramaNew: Imaginary Mary, about a woman Jenna Elfman whose new relationship is complicated by the fact that her new boyfriend has three kids.It stars Geena Davis and looks to be more of an inspired-by take on the Exorcist concept rather than having much to do with the original movie.Next, there s time-travel comedy Making History previously known as In Time .That s Jason Sudeikis voicing the Hot Pocket-obsessed warrior who cuts quite the odd figure in suburbia.
Better-than-binary multi-level memoryMemory could be getting an upgrade beyond the two states used in binary, as researchers have designed a magnetic element with six stable magnetic states, according to a paper published in Applied Physics Letters.They consume less power, allow memory to be written and read at a quicker pace, and last longer."Furthermore, since MRAM is different in its nature from flash, there is no reason that it should suffer from the drawbacks of multi-level-cell flash memory."This technique, known as spin-orbit torque switching, shows that more memory can be packed over a tighter space.Researchers believe that even more magnetic states can be created by adding more layers of magnetic film – crossing four ellipses could give eight magnetic states.The researchers said they would like to "progress towards fabricating a prototype" that would help them "convince the magnetic memory industry to make a shift towards multi-level magnetic memory."
While the open multiplayer was hit or miss for most players, now that the new Doom has been released, reviews have been praising the campaign mode of developer id Software's reboot.The game manages to walk the tightrope of staying loyal to the classic originals, while still bringing something new to the table and incorporating modern FPS mechanics.One such detail is a new difficultly level called Ultra Nightmare, a new spin on the originals' most challenging level, Nightmare which the new Doom still has .Doom has been out for less than a week now, and one player has already beaten it on this difficulty.You can see the entire 4 hours, 47 minutes completion here.Quite an achievement indeed.
Save for the almost-forgotten Mighty Empires spin-off, Warhammer focuses on small-scale battles.So in this amalgamation, building-sized monsters such as Giants, Shaggoths or Arachnarok Spiders wade through enemy troops, sending them flying.And at its best, the magic is more than overpowered artillery, summoning undead hordes or spinning vortices of death or just inspiring terror in their enemies.By mid-game which may be 20 hours in , the limited troop variety for each faction presumably to be expanded by DLC means battles get repetitious - but by then you ll likely be auto-resolving most battles rather than fighting them yourself.The Vampires gradually corrupt provinces, causing uprisings, before invading.City management, army stances, province taxation, public order, cultural distaste, trade goods, diplomacy, quest lines, army replenishment, underground battles, alliances, battle reinforcement, short and long-term objectives and missions, the winds of magic, siege construction, chaos corruption, and a hundred statistics … everywhere you look on the screen is another tough concept, poorly explained.
Dell has updated its Storage Centre Operating System 7 SCOS 7 in its latest attempt to grab a piece of the expanding flash-based storage architecture market.In addition, the SCOS 7 has been designed to enhance support for virtualisation and cloud strategies, and help increase portfolio-level investment protection."One of the core capabilities of the SC architecture over the last few years it has been to mix different kinds of drives together, so we can blend the characteristics of performance, capacity and cost.According to the company, the SCOS 7 also elevates storage management control as a future-proofed capability.With Dell's new Live Migrate feature, storage administrators can now move volumes quickly and seamlessly between arrays, optimising and re-balancing the environment without interrupting workloads and without purchasing additional virtualisation hardware or software.Lastly, Dell also released the Dell Storage Manager DSM software, to help unify the storage ecosystem in the data centre.
SUPER IDEA: Wakanda s Population IncreasingThings are beginning to heat up in Wakanda, with both Lupita Nyong o and Michael B. Jordan in talks to appear in director Ryan Coogler s Black Panther alongside Chadwick Boseman.If the Harley spin-off is fast-tracked, it s possible that Warners will have two female-led superhero movies in theaters before Marvel finally releases its first.Why this is villainy: Well, why this is particularly crappy needs no explanation.Recently, X-Men: Apocalypse director and franchise executive producer Bryan Singer has dropped a couple of unexpected hints about the future direction of the series after this month s installment.Another thing that s been introduced in the comics is a big alien, interstellar tenant within the X-Men universe that hasn t been explored in the movies , he said.Also, if it means we get to see the Shi ar on the big screen, consider us fans.
Among a number of massive Android and Google related announcements at the Google I/O Keynote, one raised more questions than it answered – Daydream.LCD screens don t refresh fast enough, so when you spin your head the old image resides for a few milliseconds, enough to cause disassociation and dizziness.Not every Android N device will be Daydream ready, but those that are will use some special software fixes to achieve results that are closer to those found on a PC, or the Samsung GearVR.It s very much a group effort, with support for both Unity and Unreal Engine rolling out today.The Daydream team has been working on everything from experiences to underlying performance, and everything they ve learned will be a part of the general knowledge base when designing for VR.Google will release its own version of the headset and controller, while Samsung, HTC, Huawei, LG, ZTE, Asus, Alcatel, and Xiaomi have all pledged to release Daydream ready phones.
However, it will be possible to test user-created maps in multiplayer games with people on your friends list - complete with mouse and keyboard support and user-defined win conditions.As for the map building element itself: it s said to be big improvement over the Xbox One, thanks to the precision and control offered by the PC s peripherals.There s also support for multiple resolutions, including 4K.Forge on the PC will finally give the mouse/keyboard editing precision the community has always been clamoring for.On top of that, an updated and optimized UI geared towards mouse interactions makes a lot of the inputs in Forge easier/faster than before, said 343 Industries UGC Director, Tom French.While this free, limited version of Halo 5 may be a disappointment to those waiting for the first PC Halo title since the Halo 2 port in 2007 not counting the Spartan Assault spin-off , it could be a sign that Microsoft is testing the waters before bringing the full game to Windows 10 at some point in the future.
One that particularly stood out to us from a practical perspective was a video of ultra-precise indoor navigation in use, complete with a waypoint overlay on the phone's display.It looks a bit like a modern first person shooter game, except those little digital breadcrumbs lead to a delicious meal or an important appointment rather than a virtual bloodbath.Also shown off was the potential to map large buildings in 3D from the outside, which another demo showed how Project Tango could detect and remove moving objects from a captured 3D image.It really is like your own personal Google Maps capturing device.Google even showed off how Project Tango could help space robotics, enabling operators to accurately track the position and movements of their robots from thousands of miles away.Next, check out our Oculus Rift unboxing video:It's all looking very impressive indeed, and with Lenovo's first commercial Project Tango handset just around the corner, we're rather excited to give it a proper spin.
For the rest of us, it's never been easier to give the latest edition of Android a spin.and yes, we know Gogle hasn't given it a name yet - but we're firmly voting for Android Nutella!So far, Google is supporting the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X phones, Pixel C and Nexus 9 tablets, and the Nexus Player streaming box.Installing new versions of Android manually is usually all manner of command line hell, but Google has made things a lot easier this time around.It was less than a minute before it turned up on our Nexus 6P, but the download is over 1GB so could take a while.Read this...Android powers the coolest, smartest bathroom mirror we & ... Google I/O dates set, get ready for Android N
Project AraInitially a Motorola project that was ultimately unveiled at Google I/O 2014, Project Ara has been an intriguing project that has been on our radar for years now.For those unfamiliar, Project Ara is an ambitious program designed to create an entire hardware ecosystem for smartphone modules.DON T MISS: 10 Marvel movie mysteries that still need solvingSo, for example, if a particular user needed an upgraded camera, they would simply swap out their existing camera module for a more advanced version.And while the first incarnations of Project Ara envisioned users being able to swap out all sorts of components, from a device s RAM to its processor, Google wisely reconsidered and has since limited the number of swappable modules.With Google I/O still ongoing — it is a 3-day event after all — the search giant today announced that it s almost ready to let developers start playing with its long-awaited modular smartphone.In fact, Google said that progress on Project Ara is encouraging enough that they ve decided to spin it out as its own dedicated business unit.
Indeed, it s most startups first luxury purchase.It s an interesting move for SPiN to open now as tech funding is becoming harder to come by.Today in San Francisco, SPiN ping pong club opens its doors to their fifth location it would ve been the sixth if the chain hadn t shut down in Dubai due to a much milder drinking scene .With 19 STIGA tables, two bars, a VIP lounge and an outdoor patio, SPiN is a competitive force by day and bougie club by night.And a lot of famous authors, musicians, and crazy mixtures of celebrities would somehow show up at our parties.But the atmosphere felt a bit over the top to me.
The lack of transparency effects enhances clarity, and tab-based access to app sections improves on the swipe-happy iPhone navigation.At the foot of the screen, the tab bar enables you to quickly jump to today s forecast, predictions for the coming week, a satellite rainfall/temperature globe map that you can spin with a finger, alerts, and the means to report local weather to help improve subsequent forecasts .Needless to say, people are annoyed about the discrepancy and making lots of noise about what the developer is calling a bit of an experiment .For our money, we reckon it s worth looking at the bigger picture.Ultimately, the users of any platform must decide whether they re going to support developers by paying for nice things, or put up with intrusive ads.Liked that?
I was being hyperbolic but the idea of a sequel to the futuristic shoot-em-up has me salivating.This one isn't confirmed yet, but there's news filtering out that Michael Beihn confirmed Blood Dragon 2 during a UK comic.conventionFar Cry: Blood Dragon was an April fools joke made real, a slice of 80's inspired blasting that took all of Far Cry 3's mechanics and put a more actiony spin on them.Far Cry 3's sniper rifle?There's no fall damage, no boring crafting all crafting results in things that explode or otherwise and generally it's just all the fun of a Far Cry without any of the upkeep.At a show today, Michael Beihn, voice of the first games protagonist Rex Power Colt no kidding confirmed that he'd been in the studio recording dialogue for a Blood Dragon sequel, although he didn't talk about what form that might take.