Forget extra vacation days, good health insurance, and 401k matching — these companies take their employee perks above and beyond.Glassdoor/FacebookFacebook, Google, Netflix, and other top companies in the US are competing for the best talent out there.See which companies are raising the bar and going beyond free food, on-site gyms, and 401(k)s to attract new talent.According to career site Glassdoor, more than half (57%) of all workers say perks and benefits are among the top things they consider when deciding whether to accept a job, and almost 80% of employees say they would prefer new benefits over a pay raise.Spotify provides six months of paid parental leave, plus one month of flexible work options for parents returning to the office.Lactation consultations for new moms at American Express
Music, movies and books to share which network the use of the services is facilitated within the EU.the EU institutions reached a basic agreement on the reform-related copyright issues on Tuesday night.the content of the mobile security concerns so payable as fees tomiakin subscription services.As the video service Netflix, Spotify as Yle Areena can be used in the future in another EU country as in Finland, i.e. the provider would have the same content.Services can already now be used outside Finland, but for example, Yle Areena can currently view copyright reasons mainly domestic programs.the web services movement is becoming a force estimated at the fall of 2018, but the schedule is still specified.
Android TV will get new features in the update to Android N later this year. A novelty is the picture-in-picture, that is to say that users will be able to play video while browsing for other content. The platform may also an API for recording live TV, as well as enhanced support for 4K video and HDR. New apps are on the way to the platform from the example Spotify, MTV, Starz, CNN, Comedy Central and ESPN. At the same time released plenty of new Android TV hardware from players such as Sony, Sharp, Philips, Polaroid, Toshiba, RCA, Beko, Grundig and Vestel. Xiaomi has not announced the price yet, but hopefully it is beneficial.
Google, not being particularly amenable to letting other robots into your life has unveiled its own version, Home.Just by speaking, you can order an Uber, play Spotify, set alarms or just ask questions.Duo, meanwhile, is quite simply Google's answer to FaceTime or Skype, allowing internet video calls.Both are coming for iOS and Android in the summer.Google's next software operating system update for smartphones and tablets, codenamed Android N, has been released as a developer previewThe new system will be named after a tasty treat, and could be called Nerds, Nutella or NougatNew features include split-app multitasking, the ability to reply to messages from within a notification and increased battery efficiencyGoogle has been dipping its toes in low-end VR with Google Cardboard for a couple of years, but is stepping up by bringing it to Android N.A new feature called Daydream will allow certain phones to up their performance to deliver VR, and Google is releasing a Play Store, Street View and YouTube for VR.Google is also thinking beyond the limitations of Cardboard, and has produced a blueprint for a headset which it will share with third-parties, alongside a natty little controller reminiscent of the Siri-powered pointer Apple unveiled alongside the latest Apple TV last year.
Google has released a preview version of Android Wear 2.0 which, however, at this writing is only compatible with the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition and Huawei Watch. The interface has become darker and support alerts have been expanded. The platform has also received support for standalone apps that can run completely independent of the smartphone. They thus functions even when your phone is not connected. Spotify, for example, able to run on their own and play offline music. Android Wear 2.0 provides a new API for dials - all dials can display information from any installed application whatsoever.
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T-Mobile on Tuesday added more than a dozen new services to its Binge On program as the disruptive wireless provider continues to wage war on the competition and the industry as a whole.Partners joining Binge On, in no particular order, include Google Play Music, NBC, Spotify, Tidal, Great Big Story, Kisew, Ligonier Ministries, Noggin, Qello Concerts, Radio Disney, Univision, Univision Noticias and Toon Goggles.Obviously, some of the new partners will have a greater impact than others.Binge On is a controversial program in which data streamed over your cellular connection from participating partners isn t counted against your monthly data allotment.You may have noticed that Google Play Music, Radio Disney, Spotify and Tidal already take part in T-Mobile s Music Freedom program.In announcing the expansion, T-Mobile revealed that its customers have now streamed more than 377 million hours of video via Binge On and are watching up to twice as much content from participating providers.
The AK T1's inputs include microSD, USB, optical and auxiliary, plus streaming over Ethernet, Wi-Fi and BluetoothThis article was first published in the June 2016 issue of WIRED magazine.Its first all-in-one home media system now lets you share the sound by integrating its 24-bit/8-192kHz audiophile-quality sample rate into a 100cm-tall speaker tower.The six speakers are driven by a hybrid amplifier system.An analogue amp delivers crisp highs to the tweeters; a rich midrange and deep bass for the subwoofers comes courtesy of a digital system.£2,499The 6.2kg bar is 100 x 13.1 x 12.5cm, and was created by Torsten Valeur, who has been designing Bang and Olufsen products since 1997A pair of centrally placed four-inch bass drivers coupled with a three-quarter-inch tweeter on either end give this characteristically stylish Bang & Olufsen all-in-one system a balanced but room-filling sound.Integrated streaming services including Spotify, Deezer and TuneIn can be controlled from the device's touchscreen, the remote or the BeoMusic app.
Google today introduced the latest generation of Android TV partnerships.The connected television platform will be integrated into Sony s and Sharp s next product lines, specifically the 2016 Bravia and Sharp Net Player, continuing a long relationship between the companies.In addition, Google has struck a partnership with RCA, which will produce its first Android TV, and Xiaomi, which will make its 4K set-top box.In Europe, Android TV will be available on Beko, Grundig, and Vestel starting in June.Google also revealed that more apps are in the works, coming from media partners like CNN, Comedy Central, MTV, Freeform, Nickelodeon, Spotify, Starz, Watch ABC, Watch Disney Channel, Watch Disney Junior, ESPN, and others.Soon Android TV-enabled devices will receive some of the features within Android N, which Google also covered at this year s Google I/O developer conference.The platform will receive support for picture-in-picture, recording APIs, and high dynamic range so you can watch videos in 4K quality.Making its debut in 2014 at the Google I/O developer conference, the Android TV is the successor to the company s previous attempt at a smart TV offering: Google TV.It has garnered quite a bit of interest from manufacturers such as NVIDIA, and its technology has been incorporated into televisions made by Sony, Sharp, and Philips.Google most recently released a remote app for the Android TV that works on iOS devices and added support for channels like Showtime, HBO, CBS, WWE, UFC, and Twitch.
Forget about buying a new car or tearing out your car's dashboard.Let me be almost recklessly honest: I allow my Android phone to distract me while driving.It s not officially called that—it s still just Android Auto —but Google used that phrasing during my demo, and asked that I make an explicit distinction between Android Auto on phone screens, and Android Auto on dashboard screens.There s a back and home button on the bottom of the screen, a button to engage voice control, and a hamburger menu in the upper left-hand corner of the interface.Google says it will soon bring hotwording to Android Auto so that you can issue commands with a simple OK Google prompt rather than tapping on an icon to get started.Android Auto, now with WazeOne of the best things about Android Auto on your phone screen is that all the applications already supported by the platform will work—this includes Spotify, Pocket Casts, and Waze, for which Google announced compatibility at its I/O keynote.
It s a voice-activated device that looks like a small bookshelf speaker and acts as a voice-recognizing, intelligent front end to music and other entertainment, everyday tasks like calendar appointments, Google s search engine and home automation systems like Google s own Nest.But while Amazon can offer the world s largest retail store and content inventory, Google has search and its immense knowledge and product ecosystem.Users access the always-listening device, according to a video shown during the I/O keynote address, by saying Okay, Google.The video, which showed a typical family employing the device in the morning rush to work and school, indicated that Google Home is designed to work with devices throughout a house, including speakers, TVs and lights via home automation.Google Home, which will only support one account initially, is intended for release this year at an as-yet-undisclosed price.More than a dozen services are already integrated, including Uber, Pandora, OpenTable, Spotify, WhatsApp and Ticketmaster.
However, the new Assistant is able to answer questions and have two-way conversations, as well as perform tasks like playing music, interact with smart home devices including Nest thermostats, and more.That means that it won t be limited to Google Play Music, but should also support other services, like Spotify.The speaker lets you customize the base with a variety of colors to match the home s style, and includes LED lights, speaker, and mic.What s unclear, however, is if consumers are uninterested in smart thermostats in general – perhaps perceiving them as more of a luxury device – or if they re hesitant to invite Google into their homes.While it has launched other consumer gadgets – the ill-fated Nexus Q media player, its Android TV platform which runs on OEM hardware, Google Cast previously Chromecast , the OnHub router, and so on – none have presented Google as a virtual assistant that can help you with various life tasks.Of course, both the OnHub router and now Google Home also both look a lot like Amazon s Echo speaker with their black, circular design and sleek looks.
While much of today's Google IO keynote was spent on Google Home, the Mountain View company's answer to the Amazon Echo, there was a brief moment where they talked about the future of Android TV.Now entering its third year of life, Android TV will soon add picture-in-picture, live TV DVR and support for high dynamic range HDR content to its repertoire of tricks.The ability to multi-task has always been something Google products have excelled at, so it's perhaps somewhat unsurprising that it became a priority for its Android TV operating system.That news came by way of GPU giant, Nvidia.In a press release sent to techradar, Nvidia says that it has plans to leverage the technology in its Nvidia Shield and will be the first streaming video device to support the technology.Finally, Google announced that it would add several new channels to Android TV, including apps for CNN, Comedy Central, MTV, Freeform, Nickelodeon, Spotify, STARZ, WATCH ABC, WATCH Disney Channel, WATCH Disney Junior and ESPN.
Today NVIDIA has announced a collection of new apps for the SHIELD Android TV like VUDU and updates to apps enabling 4K60 content on YouTube and HDR on Netflix.Exclusive content for NVIDIA SHIELD includes GameStream HDR as well - this being a newly bright and colorful version of GameStream for this device enabled by the newest graphics processors shown by NVIDIA just this past week.A set of new games is coming to the console as well.GeForce NOW will be getting the games Shadwen and Homefront: The Revolution very soon.Android TV users of all sorts will find a new collection of apps coming to the platform very soon - we'll have to wait and see with exact dates, save Spotify, which has been confirmed for release today at 3PM Pacific Time.• WatchESPN• Watch ABC• ABC News• Freeform• Disney Channel• Disney Junior• Disney XD• CNN Go• NPR News• MTV• Comedy Central• DeezerWhile it's anyone's guess why the rest of the very few Android TV devices on the market today don't get access to the exclusive apps and updates listed at the head of this article, what we can be sure of is NVIDIA's continued dominance of this market for a variety of reasons - not least of all because of their continued success in grabbing exclusives like these.
Drake is the new king of Spotify, having toppled fellow Canadian popster Justin Bieber for the most all-time plays ever on the service this week.The rapper, who just released his latest smash record Views late last month, hit the new record despite the fact that his new album is an Apple Music exclusive — one which also set the all time record for most plays in a debut week.Still, Bieber is no slouch with more than 3.176 billion individual plays compared to Drake s 3.21 billion.Spotify has been racking up massive numbers for big pop artists for years, with over twenty musicians that have now broken the billion-play mark on the service.So far, the competition doesn t seem to have hurt the service much.If Drake is able to continue building steam — even with his latest release missing from Spotify — that indicates plays will probably never stagnate much, even for artists who have moved on from the Swedish media giant with new releases.
Star Google exec Diane Greene says that it's not winner-take-all as the company races to overtake the leading $7 billion Amazon Web Services cloud computing juggernaut."One very pleasant, slightly a surprise, is how much the Fortune 1000 wants to have a Google approach to the cloud," Greene said at this week's Google I/O developer conference." A quick reality check bears Greene out: Companies like Apple and Spotify made headlines when it came out that they were moving huge chunks of their technology from Amazon Web Services to Google Cloud Platform — but by all reports, Amazon's cloud still hosts significant chunks of their data in both cases.Punch in a credit card number, and get access to fundamentally unlimited supercomputing power.Generally, people think of Google as a distant third-place player, of big interest to small startups, but lagging in selling to the lucrative enterprise market.But in the seven short months since Greene took over leadership of Google's cloud computing business, the search giant has seriously accelerated its push to win over big businesses and large enterprises.Indeed, Google thinks that the cloud could make it more money than ads by 2020.Greene recounted some meetings with top, Fortune 50-level customers in the last few weeks, where they were already basically sold on the Google Cloud Platform.
And Google wants a piece of that action.In that respect, it's following in the footsteps of Google's OnHub routers, which also put smarter tech in your space without obviously looking the part.Google says it can pull up songs, playlists, podcasts, and more from an array of services: certainly Google Play Music, but hopefully also Spotify and others.Home will also let you set alarms and timers, manage to-do and shopping lists, pull up package delivery information, give you a heads-up on traffic concerns for your commute, and read off travel itineraries from Gmail.Naturally, Nest hardware will be compatible since it's all owned by Google: the company's smart thermometers, smoke detectors, and security cameras will all be controllable with your voice via Home, letting you make changes wherever you are.But we'll surely see a lot more cross-compatibility with other devices, too, letting you manage lights, switches, and locks with a simple voice command.
Google Assistant is a new assistant who is a bit of a mixture of Siri and Google Now - and it will be everywhere. The new assistant combine what Google can about the world through its search engine, what it can about you by NOW and your Google account, and the company's powerful voice to try to outdo both NOW and Apple's Siri. Google CEO Sundar Pichai said the assistant, for example, will be able to answer questions by blending information from different sources, such as the camera and your location. Google Assistant is not a standalone app, but will be baked into the company's search services and therefore evoked everywhere. Other developers will also be able to link their services to function, and a number of companies have already expressed an interest, including Uber, Spotify and Whatsapp. Google says Assistant will be released sometime later this year.
Poor performance helped kill Google TV, but so did a lack of support from the major networks and other video providers.Google said that many new apps will be arriving on Android TV at some point in the future: CNN, Comedy Central, ESPN, MTV, Freeform, Nickelodeon, Spotify, Starz, Watch ABC, Watch Disney Channel, Watch Disney Junior and many more.It will be capable of decoding 4K VP9 streams at up to 60 fps, with support for HDR10.Android N has tons of new features, but only a certain few really affect Android TVs: picture-in-picture, new recording APIs that will turn Android TVs into DVRs, and HDR support.Google also reiterated that Google Cast, the technology that throws video content from phones and tablets to devices like the Chromecast, would be supported on TVs, displays, speakers, Chromecast, and Chromecast Audio devices.Roku and other manufacturers quickly stepped into the void with products that, while less ambitious, were superior with the core function of streaming video primarily Netflix, in the beginning over the Internet.
During yesterday's Google IO, we got a lot of Android devices as new apps Ello, new version of Android Wear and little VR stuff. The gang, however, mentioned briefly some news about Android TV that will emerge in the near future. The great news is that the TV version of Android will get a picture-in-picture mode, meaning you can watch a YouTube video while navigating the interface. Then you will be able to record live TV via the Android TV and the developers will throw in high dynamic range HDR compatibility. On Android blog also writes gang to Android TV will get a bunch of new apps such as Spotify and channel overlap such as ESPN, CNN and Comedy Central. Probably in connection with the release of Android N.