Microsoft announced Windows 10X back in 2019 as an operating system designed for use on dual-screen devices. Then last year, the company changed direction and ... The post First big demo of the all-new Windows 10X for inexpensive devices appeared first on
To properly factory reset a Windows 10 computer, you'll need to both reset the OS and wipe your hard drive - and make sure you have a backup.
By the end of the year, there might be two versions of Windows being installed on PCs. One is the much-delayed Windows 10X which will drop by single-screen computers first before exploring dual-screen contraptions if it ever lasts that long. Microsoft, however, won’t be exactly be dropping the traditional Windows 10 and might be giving it a substantial visual refresh. … Continue reading
AVG is a leading cybersecurity firm that offers a plethora of anti-viruses and security software to help computer users protect their digital world.With an AVG antivirus on your system, you can ensure safe web browsing, secure online transactions, and privacy of your online identity.It is quite easy to download, install and uninstall AVG.Un-installation is usually required in the following scenarios: activation avg with key If the currently installed AVG antivirus is not functioning properly then it is recommended to uninstall AVG and then reinstall it immediately to maintain your PC protection.If you have switched to a new PC and want to install the same AVG subscription to it.If any of the AVG antivirus files corrupts then also it is advised to uninstall AVG and then reinstall the same.How to uninstall AVG?To uninstall AVG from your Windows 10 computer, follow these steps: Quit all the ongoing application on your deviceLog in to the Windows 10 as an administratorRight-click the Start menu buttonChoose Apps and Features from the menuNow, hit the AVG version installed on your computerChoose UninstallIf you see the User Account Control box with the message “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device” click YesYou will be prompted by an AVG WizardChoose UninstallConfirm AVG uninstall by clicking YesWait until the process of uninstall AVG finishesRestart the device, if prompted!Please note that your PC may be at the risk of viruses, malware, and other online threats.
To turn on dark mode in Windows 10, head to your computer's "Personalization" menu, which will let you change most of your PC's visuals.
Looking forward to Windows 10’s new look? You may have to wait until June at the earliest…
It is a glitch on the Windows operating system that causes some features on your computer to disappear.It is possible to restore all lost features on your computer.If yes, then don’t think that something is wrong with your computer as it is fairly common among Windows users.Select the ‘show search box’ option.Now you should be able to see the search box in the taskbar of your computer.If you are still not able to restore this item, then please perform a right-click on the taskbar.Pick the ‘Taskbar settings’ option.Now make sure the option that reads ‘use small Taskbar buttons’ is turned off.You can undo the settings and bring the taskbar back.
As part of the Dev Channel, Microsoft is introducing a news and interests section in the Windows 10 taskbar.
The new Windows 10 taskbar feature. | Microsoft Microsoft is making a big change to its Windows 10 taskbar soon, with the addition of a news and weather widget. The new feature is available to testers today, and it will allow Windows 10 users to access a feed of news, stocks, and weather information straight from the taskbar. You’ll be able to quickly glance at the weather without having to open the Start menu, install a third-party app, or check online. The taskbar feature will pop out into a mini feed of content that can be personalized with the latest sports news, headlines, and weather information. Microsoft is using its Microsoft News network to surface news and content from more than 4,500 sources. The company has been curating this through artificial intelligence in recent... Continue reading…
AVG VPN or Virtual Private Network available in AVG Secure Connection enables users to use the internet without the worries of getting their confidential information leaked.It usually works when you connect your PC or mobile phone to a public network.To know how to turn on AVG VPN, contact AVG online support team at download key for avg .However, if you need to enable it manually then here are the instructions?Install AVG Secure Connection using the standard installation instructionsNow, right-click on the notification panel and confirm if this safety program is active in the backgroundClick the AVG Secure Connection iconIf you don’t find AVG Secure Connection in the notification panel, then open the Start menu and search Secure Connection from the list of programs displayedTo turn on AVG VPN, simply toggle switch over to activateYou will be agreed an selection to set location manuallyChange if need or leave it as it isIt’s done Whatever you will do on the connected network is protected now!After connecting your device to your home network, turn off the AVG VPN.
Microsoft is planning a “sweeping visual rejuvenation of Windows” that is designed to signal to users of the operating system that “Windows is BACK.” That’s according to a job listing posted by Microsoft recently, advertising for a software engineering role in the Windows Core User Experiences team: “On this team, you’ll work with our key platform, Surface, and OEM partners to orchestrate and deliver a sweeping visual rejuvenation of Windows experiences to signal to our customers that Windows is BACK and ensure that Windows is considered the best user OS experience for customers.” Microsoft quietly removed references to this “sweeping visual rejuvenation” this morning, after several Windows enthusiasts spotted the job listing over the... Continue reading…
This error code usually occurs when the browser fails to understand the IP address of a particular domain name as the problem is related to the DNS settings.This error also indicates that the webpage you want to visit does not exist.Fortunately, you can fix this issue in minutes by following the different methods given below:Clean Your DNS CacheCleaning or wiping away the DNS cache is the primary and essential step to resolve this error from your device.If you are a Windows user, follow these steps:Use the Start Menu search bar to search and launch the Command Prompt utility.Then, insert the following command in the new window and hit the Enter key:ipconfig/flushdnsFollowing are the steps for Mac users:Click on Launchpad and search for Terminal.Open Terminal, insert the following commands, and hit the Enter key after each:dscacheutil -flushcachesudo killall -HUP mDNSResponderRenew Your IP AddressYou should also check if you have inserted the correct IP address.Renewing the IP address can help fix this issue.Follow these steps on your Windows:Open the Command Prompt.Type the following commands in order and hit the Enter key:ipconfig/releaseUse this command to wipe the DNS cache: ipconfig/flushdnsNow, renew the IP address with: ipconfig/renewNow, you can set new DNS servers using: netsh int ip set dnsThen, reset the Winsock settings with this command: netsh winsock resetFollow these steps if you are working on Mac:Click the Wi-Fi icon and select Open Network Preferences.From the list of connections, select your Wi-Fi network and click on Advanced.Now, go to the TCP/IP tab and click on the Renew DHCP Lease button.Tweak the DNS ServersAs we mentioned earlier, the DNS server is sometimes the root cause of this error code.
Canon is the world-wide famous brand which offers the best quality of the printer that holds the attention of many people.You can do multiple things with the help of the Canon Printer such as Print, Fax, Scan, and Copy at a time.Here are the Easy Steps for Installing Canon Printer without using the CD on Windows operating system.Quick Guide for Install Canon Printer Without CD using Wired Connection  If you want perfect guidance to establish a wired connection without using the CD on Windows as follows: • Initially, you must establish a proper connection between the Canon printer and Windows PC by using the USB cable.• Then click on the ‘Devices and Printers’ option from the Start button.• Right-click on the printer icon and then choose the ‘Properties’.• Now check the Canon printer’s name and model number.• Click on the ‘Ok’ option.• Tap on the ‘computer’ option from the Start menu.Then choose the option ‘Manage’ from the given options.• Click on the ‘Device Manager’.
Epson is the most used printing machine all around the world.Here, we have shared some easy Epson XP-440 Troubleshooting steps that can help you troubleshoot the issue so you can continue printing the documents again and enjoy the Epson services.Epson XP440 Not Printing: Troubleshooting Steps To Follow  Check the Cartridges Before you do anything, you need to check your printer cartridges.Check the Paper Size Sometimes, the wrong paper size is the reason that users are unable to print the documents.So, if you want to troubleshoot the problem, follow the below mentioned steps and do the task:  Go to the ‘Windows’ settings.You can open the settings from the ‘Start’ menu.
You can download and install this application through office install with key.Access OneDrive on Window PC:First, you have to open the Start Menu and then search for OneDrive.After this, you have to select the checkbox which is next to the folders which you want to sync.Remember, you can also select Sync all files and folders option to keep all your documents in the cloud.this blogThen, you have to open File Explorer and then view the OneDrive folder to check all the content backed up to the cloud.And the files or folders which have a green checkmark have been successfully backed up, and the files which have a circular arrow are still uploading to the cloud.Access OneDrive on iOS or Android:You have to download the OneDrive app for either iOS or Android.And the iPhone and iPad users can search for OneDrive in the App Store, and the Android users can find it in the Play Store.When the OneDrive app is installed, then you have to launch it from your device’s home screen.
Resolve To Fix Webroot Critical Error:Uninstall Webroot Software For Windows 7 or below:First, you have to press the window key from your keyboard just to activate the start menu.Then, you have to select the Control Panel option from the menu and then just select Program and Features.Now, in Programs and Feature you have to select uninstall a program option from the list.Then, you have to download the file again from the Webroot website and then start the installation process.Reinstall Webroot Software:To reinstall, you should go to the Webroot official website www webroot com safe to download the product setup file in your computer.Here, you have to click on Run option and then just follow the instructions.At this point, you have to enter your 20 digit Webroot keycode in the required field.
If you share your Windows PC with a family member and want to maintain your privacy, the only method to keep others from invading is password-protecting the apps.Other apps like Folder Guard can also protect apps; however, it is a paid service once the free trial ends.Talking about My Lockbox, it is a great app to protect your files and folders, but it has some setbacks.In case someone is logged in with the Administrator account, they can change the settings and get access to all the apps or folders.For instance, if your kids are working on your PC, set up screen time using parental control settings offered by Windows 10.Additionally, you can create multiple user accounts for separate access to files and folders.You can also create an encrypted container file and download the app to the location where you want to protect the files.If you still want to stick to using the third-party app for password-protecting your data, here’s a guide for the same.How to Lock Apps on Windows 10?The steps to use the My Lockbox app and password-protect apps on Windows 10 are:Visit the FSPro Labs website.Search for the ‘My Lockbox’ app and open the result.Hit the ‘Download’ button and install the app on your PC.Once downloaded, the setup will appear on the home screen.The first two windows will prompt you to enter your language and agree to the license agreement.Select a folder where you would install the app.Note: To change the location, click on the ‘Browse’ button and select the one suitable for you.Once you’ve selected the location, hit the ‘Next’ button.Follow the on-screen instructions and click on the ‘Install’ button in the last window.
Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge has rapidly replaced the old EdgeHTML-based browser across Windows. It’s an important piece of the Windows platform, offering modern Web content and browser APIs delivered on a six-week cycle outside of the standard semiannual Windows updates. As well as the new WebUI 2 Windows controls, Edge is the host for a new generation of progressive Web apps, installed on the desktop and in your Start menu and running outside the traditional browser context.Using PWAs to bridge the app gap PWAs are an important tool for delivering modern desktop applications quickly across a varied Windows estate. The Chromium-based Edge releases support more than Windows 10, following Google’s support lifecycle and offering versions on macOS, Linux, and back as far as Windows 7. A PWA written to run in Edge will work across a broad set of different devices, reducing your support load and allowing apps to update as necessary, without user intervention.To read this article in full, please click here
Working with AVG antivirus software is very important for the safety and security of the system that is in use and also security software installed on the PC keeps the privacy of the system user well protected.If there will be no antivirus protection working on the system it will then become very easy for the unwanted access to get into the system and all the sensitive and important data will be leaked and that can be very harmful to the personal as well as professional interests of the download avg key for free But security software are not simple for the people of non-technical backgrounds to understand, therefore, they are often seen struggling with the workings of the software such as installation, activation and also sometimes removal gets tricky.So, here the experts from the AVG support will help out those customers who due to any reason wish to remove the AVG antivirus software from the computer but are unable to do so payable to lack of technical knowledge.Here we will see the simplest procedure of removing AVG antivirus from various windows operating systems using the In order to remove AVG antivirus from the Windows 10 operating system through settings the user should follow the below-given procedure: In the windows search window, the customer wants to enter “settings”.Then under the windows settings, the customer should select the option “apps.”From the search box, the customer wants to select the product that is to be uninstalled.Then the customer wants to click the option “uninstall.”Also, the customer needs to choose the option “Uninstall” once again.As the software gets removed from the Windows operating system the customer can then close the settings window.The computer should then be given a restart in order to ensure if the software has been removed successfully or not.
Mozilla Firefox is the best most excellent browser because it provides you great browsing speed and also gives you lot of features.If in case, the user needs any assistance then they can contact to the Microsoft team through installation office product key.Uninstall Firefox in Windows 8 and 7:You have to open the Windows Control Panel and then just select Programs and Features.Then you have to Select Uninstall again to move further.When the process complete, then the Mozilla Firefox will no longer shown in your installed application list.If you want to delete these files, then you have to open Windows Explorer and then go to Users\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla.www office com setupUninstall Firefox in Windows 10:For this, first you have to type the apps and features in the search bar by clicking on the Windows Start menu.