For young people pursuing a career in Silicon Valley, enrollment can be a golden ticket to elite technology companies.Over the years, Stanford has educated some of the biggest names in tech, including Google's Larry Page and Sergey Brin and Yahoo's Marissa Mayer.Founded in 1891, Stanford University has built a reputation as a feeder school for Silicon Valley.Source: Silicon Valley Business JournalIn CoHo, a coffee house where I found many students sitting on couches with laptops in hand, portraits of alumni hang on the wall.Stanford has educated titans of tech including Yahoo's Marissa Mayer; Google's Larry Page and Sergey Brin; cofounder of PayPal, Peter Thiel; former Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer; and cofounders of Hewlett-Packard, Bill Hewlett and David Packard.
MoreApple CEO Tim Cook speaks about the Apple TV during an event at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California March 21, 2016.REUTERS/Stephan LamMUMBAI/NEW DELHI Reuters - Apple Inc will set up a software laboratory in India to help Indian startups and developers working on the company's iOS platform, Apple said hours after Chief Executive Tim Cook began his first official visit to the country.The company is also expected to unveil plans to expand its software development center in the southern city of Hyderabad, also home to Microsoft's first India office, where engineers are working on Apple Maps.The app design and development accelerator - the term used for hothouse laboratories in the tech sector - will open in Bengaluru, as Bangalore is now known, in early 2017.Indian government sources expected Modi to encourage Cook to set up production facilities in India, supporting the government's drive to find jobs for millions of Indians joining the workforce every year.Cook will be seeing industry partners during his visit.
Photo: Enoch YiuChina, the world s second largest venture capital market, may have seen a record number of new start-ups last year, but it s struggled on another abstract metric of success -- the output of unicorns, or young companies with a valuation of at least US$1 billion.Premier Li s visit, which the fund managers considered as a sign of government support for start-ups, has helped rekindle interest from venture capital and entrepreneurs alike.Chinese unicorns stand the best chance of spring up from the fields of technology, media, culture, consumption and health care, he said.Technology and entertainment are other fast growing sectors.Internet concepts that only offer information online are not likely candidates.Even if the start-ups fail to reach unicorn status, Guo said they could be successful if they have the right business model and can follow the Chinese saying of accumulate a lot, use little.
While there are indeed some small businesses, especially startups, that follow that culture, every organization has leaders, managers, board members, and what not.Instead, everything DAO does is determined through "contracts" and computer code.And despite that somewhat nebulous description, DAO has already managed to raise more than $100 million from investors.DAO's purpose is to help fund startups and business creating applications for the Ethereum platform.DAO operates entirely based on programs, with code written by, one of the more prominent Ethereum organizations.Business themselves might also be a bit apprehensive about the idea of an organization that can operate without or with barely any human control.
But The European Union has at least managed to harmonize many of the laws surrounding company operation, so that startups don t have to with all 28 jurisdictions at once.Earlier this year UK tech startup industry body Coadec released the results of a survey.Access to Europe means access to talented staff and access to a trading block of 500 million consumers, even before you begin engaging with the rest of the road.The effects of the EU vote will have an impact for years and years to come, and on the many new and young startups being created today.Given the nature of technology, with servers in the cloud humming away, tech staff ought to be able to take a half day, or even day off work without anything breaking.It s up to you how long: a half day, a whole day and a party!
Valentina PalladinoFitbit devices are known for being easy-to-use, fitness-first products, but now the company that makes them may be planning to tack on extra features.Fitbit released a statement today announcing that it has acquired "wearable payment assets" from the Silicon Valley company Coin.Existing Coin users will be able to use their devices for the duration of their "lifetime"; the card itself can last two years without any recharging.One of the biggest differences between standalone fitness trackers and all-purpose smartwatches is mobile payment support: the Apple Watch has Apple Pay, and Google has Android Pay for its smartphones while Android Wear users eagerly await its inclusion on their wearable devices.Jawbone was the first big fitness tracker company to integrate mobile payments into its Up4 wristband, but that feature is in partnership with American Express, so only AmEx cardmembers can use it.Earlier this year, MasterCard and Coin announced a partnership to bring mobile payments to a bunch of fitness-related wearables, including the Atlas wristband, but there's no word on whether that plan will continue now that Fitbit essentially owns that technology.
News: Four years after its launch, Kickstarter unveils where backers' money is going to.During the last four years, more than 1.2 million backers have presented over 1.8 million pledges, according to the organisation.Other countries from where backers supported British entrepreneurs include the US, Germany, Australia and Canada.London's entrepreneurs take the lead in terms of the amount of projects put forward.To date, the most successful project has been Dark Souls - The Board Game, a tabletop game based on the immensely popular Dark Souls video game.This was followed by the technology sector with over £20m of crowdfunding, design nearly £15m and film and video £12m .
There is a new trend emerging in the VC community, that s been a long time coming.Or in some cases, they re using a hybrid model that mixes a little of each concept.At 10x Management, we believe it s crucial that all segments of the private and public sectors adapt to take advantage of these market force changes in order to remain competitive.However, these platforms don t really help companies find the right talent, they just give them broad access to freelancers that they themselves must vet.This has forced the hands of many VCs to embrace option two.Many of these freelancers are trained and versed in building and documenting products for smooth hand-offs.
As the co-founder of a 142-proof software development agency in the Silicon Valley catering to pre- and post-money companies, I ve observed quite a bit of variance when it comes to the development process.In the first few chapters of The Lean Startup, Eric Ries explains how they honed their process such that any developer could commit code to production on their first day at work.It means the tech team has enough process in place, as well as checks-and-balances, that nobody can break things — not even a newbie.The challenge that many enterprises face is a lack of innovation and a slow response to change.I prefer positive reinforcement — after the sprint demo, a medium-sized trophy adorned with Mardi Gras beads is awarded to the geek with the best feature of the week, such as the geeks do at Lyft.When the company knows what it needs to build, but the roadmap seems so daunting and talent so limited, it seems only natural to skip functional tests for now.
French startup Shift Technology just raised a $10 million Series A round from Accel, with existing investors Elaia Partners and Iris Capital also participating.This way, insurance companies can save money.Shift Technology uses a Software-as-a-Service approach so that its tools get better over time.So Shift Technology s platform looks like an easy sell.The startup also suggests actions to investigate on a specific claim.It s not perfect, but it s pretty good.
This time it s, which has closed a new $150 million early-stage fund to invest in European startups.Hernández has founded multiple companies, including real estate listing site idealista, and has been a senior director of product at Google and the general manager at Flickr.He also has 10 years of experience investing, including founding his own VC firm in 2008, StepOne Ventures in San Francisco, in a bid to help European companies access the U.S. market.Mobile marketplace Wallapop, social network Tuenti, and retail CRM Index are some of Hernández s more notable investments.Meanwhile, new fund will be focused on seed and Series A rounds, and, says the VC, will be deployed alongside its existing $290 million growth fund, which invests at later stages and is used for subsequent funding rounds.In this regard, is talking up its ability to support its portfolio startups with capital and operational expertise through the full investment lifecycle, although that isn t entirely unique in European VC or elsewhere.
An accelerator called HAX held its 8th Demo Day for hardware startups in San Francisco yesterday.The firm spins out accelerators to focus on different problems or technologies about every two years and is also the force behind synthetic biology accelerator IndieBio.SOSV will invest even more in select follow-on rounds led by other investors.HAX founder and SOSV Partner Cyril Ebersweiler said that in this last cycle, applications from sophisticated robotics and healthtech companies soared, but the accelerator saw fewer applications from companies making 3D printers.He elaborated: Startups may go to Shenzhen for manufacturing, but what they end up with is low cost and high-speed product development.SanaSleep science mask.
Tattoo culture has pretty much gone mainstream.Tattooing is the sixth fastest growing market in the retail industry with about 30% of Americans getting them now.Back in February we reported that the Copenhagen-based startup had raised $2.5 million from a number of high-profile investors including AOL s Jimmy Maymann President of AOL Content and Consumer Brands , Tom Ryan CEO, Pluto TV , Jake Nickell CEO, Threadless , Rene Rechtman International President, Maker Studios and some other executives.I wonder what Jimmy has…It s now adding an app to its arsenal, on iOS and Android, which carries thousands of galleries, user profiles and other things to attract tattoo collectors and artists.It features Tattoo celebrities like Mike Rubendall, Megan Massacre and Henning Jørgensen; new designs, fashion styles, and artists.Entrepreneurs Johan Plenge and Mik Thobo-Carlsen launched Tattoodo in Copenhagen in 2013 and were later joined by world-famous tattoo artist Ami James.
While all 15 companies in the latest batch hold promise, and encompass some very wild ambitions, these three stood out thanks to creative applications of advanced tech to sometimes overlooked, but truly massive potential markets.The company s ROVéo 250 is a remotely operated vehicle that can navigate rugged terrain, endure harsh environments and do the very heavy lifting that humans would find challenging even with the right tools in tow.Co-founders Lucian Cucu and Thomas Estier said they were inspired by generations of Mars rovers, but also the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, to build their machine.The wearables, called the LIV, contain sophisticated motion sensors and connect to a user s smartphone via Bluetooth.Beyond hair pulling, kids and adults alike struggle with nail biting, skin picking and thumb sucking.When users choose to connect their bracelets to their smartphones via Bluetooth, the LIV app shows them a chart tracking the times of day when they are most likely to fall into their repetitive behaviors.
Troubled bio-tech startup Theranos has told the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services CMS that it voided two years of results from the blood tests that it once staked its future on, reports the Wall Street Journal.According to the WSJ, Theranos also told the CMS—which is currently investigating the startup for compliance issues—that it has issued tens of thousands of corrected blood test reports to doctors and patients, with some results voided and others revised.TechCrunch has contacted Theranos and the CMS for comment.The WSJ spoke to several doctors near Phoenix, Arizona who said they had received corrected reports, including one physician who sent a patient to the emergency room based on erroneous results from Theranos.The CMS is just one of several federal agencies currently investigating Theranos for issues connected to its diagnostic tests and business operations.The CMS investigation revolves around compliance issues at Theranos main lab in Newark, California and may result in a two-year suspension from owning or running a lab for Elizabeth Holmes, the company s founder, and Sunny Balwani, its former president.
Berlin-based eSports startup Dojo Madness is on a mission to help gamers level up.It does this via a mobile app, initially targeting League of Legends, that essentially turns your phone into an eSports coach, offering tips on strategy before and during gameplay, and analysis afterwards based on data culled from your in-game performance.To further develop its eSports coaching technology, which Dojo Madness co-founder and CEO Jens Hilgers tells me utilises machine learning coupled with huge amounts of in-play data, the company has raised a $4.5M in Series A funding.The round was led by March Capital Partners, with Investment Bank of Berlin IBB and existing investors, London Venture Partners and DN Capital, also participating.And although API limits means this doesn t quite happen in realtime, coupled with its own machine learning and algorithms, Dojo Madness is able to provide some in-play guidance — though not enough to cheat the game, Hilgers stresses — as well a more comprehensive coaching debrief afterwards.Meanwhile, eSports as a whole is estimated by market tracking firm NewZoo to be worth $463 million in 2016, up 43 percent from last year.
It sounds a lot like Apple s Find My Friends, a bit like Foursquare, and it s also very reminiscent of dozens of failed startups R.I.P.Sam Altman s Loopt, Gowalla, BrightKite, Highlight… .And they keep looking at what their friends have been doing, if they re hanging out together, if there s a party happening on Friday night.It s clear now that Zenly has cracked the code of seamless location sharing technology.Like other social apps, Zenly needs to become as sticky as possible for existing users.If you don t open the app every other day, you re going to forget about it.
Decentralised ride-sharing startup Arcade City has scooped the winning prize of €20,000 £15,300 at Europe's biggest open-industry blockchain competition, run by the German Tech Entrepreneurship Center.They presented a diverse range of blockchain applications, including decentralised ride-sharing, event ticketing, P2P donations, a decentralised architecture office, international shipping, and land registry in the developing world.The award ceremony was held in Berlin on 17th May, supported by founding partners RWE and GlobumbusDr Carsten Stöcker, innovation programme manager, Blockchain Competence Team, RWE Innovation Hub, said: "The fourth industrial revolution will be built upon a Machine-to-Machine economy with autonomous vehicles, 3D printer, robots, drones and IoT.Globumbus founder and competition sponsor, Jens Hewald added, "I see a recognisable shift towards non-fintech solutions."At the ceremony, attended by over 200 people from Berlin's startup ecosystem, keynote speaker, Trent McConaghy founder of ascribe / BigchainDB described Berlin as one of four blockchain capitals in the world, alongside San Francisco, New York, and London - citing the GTEC Award as evidence of the ever-strengthening interest in the technology.German Tech Entrepreneurship Center GTEC is the first private-sector, open campus for entrepreneurship in Europe, founded at ESMT in Berlin in 2015 by RWE, Henkel, ESMT, Globumbus
Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff has previously said his goal for the company is to hit $10bn in annual revenue.The cloud-based CRM company says the expansion of its London-based office will be necessary to house new hires.Salesforce has previously said it will recruit more than 1,200 people in EMEA this year, to help support a growing customer base in the region.Many of those roles will be based in the UK, which Salesforce describes as "one of the company's largest operations outside the US".Ed Vaizey, the UK minister for culture and the digital economy, welcomed the news, saying: "Digital innovation is at the heart of the U.K. economy and plays an important role in driving growth."Revenues are up across Salesforce as a whole, with the firm's financial results for Q1 of this year beating Wall Street's expectations.
SaaS startup Showpad which has built a platform designed to improve other businesses sales productivity has closed a $50 million Series C funding round, led by Insight Venture Partners — with IVP MD Jeff Horing now joining the Showpad board.Existing Showpad investors Dawn Capital and Hummingbird Ventures also participated in the funding round.While, on the flip side, the marketing department gets to track which content has the biggest impact on the customers sales reps are talking to — with the promise being improved ROI on that marketing content.The 2011 founded mobile-first startup was a relatively early mover in the consumerization of IT trend, powered by the rise of devices such as the Apple iPad being pulled into the enterprise sphere.Showpad touts simplicity as its selling point vs traditional file sharing systems, portals and CRMs — with its platform allowing users to pull in relevant marketing content from other storage services where it might be siloed, such as Box, Dropbox and Google Drive, and showcase, manage and track performance on a single platform.It also now dubs itself a content activation platform , albeit that s a fancier way of saying it makes marketing, channel and sales enablement software.