The HoloLens is arguably one of the coolest augmented reality headsets around, however, the integral Holographic Processing Unit HPU that actually powers it has been shrouded in mystery – that is until now.The Register reports a Microsoft devices engineer named Nick Barber ran a presentation detailing exactly what makes the HPU tick.It turns out the chip is none other than a TSMC – who also manufactures iPhone-processors – made 28nm Tensilica chip containing 24 DSP cores, 8MB of static RAM, 1GB of DDR3 RAM all packed into a 12mm-squared package.Now those specs might not sound super impressive, but the HPU has around 65 million logic gates and can handle roughly a trillion calculations per second.Although, the HoloLens also has a separate CPU and GPU they're really only around to launch apps and display holograms.Meanwhile, the 24-core chip handles the bulk of processing tasks including real-time information feeding in from the cameras and sensors.
Connected devices are becoming more entwined with our lives and habits.Our phones were first, with appliances following.Audi has its own vision for a Connected Car – a smart vehicle designed to bridge the gap between the driver and the connected world.Part of Audi s vision for the future, the concept has seen €3 billion in investment for new manufacturing and future technology, as well as the purchase of Nokia HERE – a navigation platform that supports static HD maps in 200 countries and inch-accurate 3D models of transport networks.Audi s next step is to deliver real-time traffic information via swarm data, with relevant points verified and evaluated in the cloud.Providing warnings against weather, breakdowns, accidents and congestion, receiving updates this way would offer an element of personalisation making the driver more connected than ever.
every third swede is not satisfied with their sex lives, according to the survey Kådiskollen carried out by RFSU.A majority of swedes, 56 percent, " according to the RFSU's study Kådiskollen that sex is important to them.The most frequent reasons for dissatisfaction is that it is too thinly between that and not having a partner.– You can change a sex life that had become static and the call can solve many of the knots.He recommends that during the act itself can communicate that you are craving for something new by, for example, move on a partner's hands or give small instructions.– It can be open to variation to take an initiative and see how the partner responds to it.
Back in January, we described Continuum reviewers as sharing the surprise and disdain that Samuel Johnson had for women preachers.Is Continuum still a limited use novelty or a transformative feature, allowing you to shed multiple devices for one very powerful, pocketable one?It s about to debut not just a powerful Continuum-capable phone, but a static and mobile dock and a streaming app service that plugs the gaps left by lack of native x86 support.Faster and less buggy than beforePlug in, detach, and go: this basic part of the Continuum experience is really fundamental and should work perfectly.Getting going with Continuum has obviously been a major focus for Microsoft this year, so much so it s brushed aside niceties.
If you're a music fan, you've probably amassed all kinds of music on various formats over the years – vinyl records, CDs, MiniDiscs, and cassette tapes being the most popular.Perhaps you're just enjoying the vogue for all things retro and have been busily refreshing your old vinyl collection, but your purchases didn't come with download codes for digital versions.What are you going to do?Or, you can team up your Mac with your existing hi-fi and do it that way.If you're thinking of converting old cassette tapes or MiniDiscs, your options are a little more limited.The most affordable option for most users is the Griffin iMic, which includes 3.5mm microphone and line-in analogue audio inputs so you can record whatever you like.
Wikileaks is hosting 324 confirmed instances of malware among its caches of dumped emails, a top Bulgarian anti-malware veteran says.Random checks of reported malware hashes find the trojans are flagged as malware by Virus Total's static analysis checks.Much of the malware appear to be attachments emailed by black hats in a bid to compromise the various parties affected in the Wikileaks dumps.Dr Vesselin Bontchev @bontchev says the instances of malware are only those confirmed and found in an initial search effort.Dr Bontchev, an anti-virus researcher of nearly 30 years and former founder of the National Laboratory of Computer Virology in Bulgaria, said there were "no doubts" that the malware hosted on Wikileaks was indeed malware."The list is by no means exhaustive; I am just starting with the analysis," Bontchev says.
Ever since Ethereum went live about a year ago there have been critics who questioned the need to launch another Blockchain with its own cryptographic token to secure the network.BTC Relay is an Ethereum contract, that other Ethereum contracts and decentralised applications DApps can use, that is a trust-free way of verifying a Bitcoin payment; there are no intermediaries that need to be trusted with certifying that a Bitcoin transaction took place.He told IBTimes UK: "Ethereum's statefulness and programming language allows applications to be built, and this power, combined with the innovation of Bitcoin SPV simplified payment verification , allows BTC Relay to be trustless: from the static code itself you are ensured that BTC Relay outputs are not cheating, and BTC Relay does not need to trust whoever provides it with inputs."Using BTC Relay, Ethereum smart contracts can set predictions and get answers to a range of questions from what is the Bitcoin difficulty, to whether the Bitcoin blocksize has increased, said Chow."BTC Relay is a building block that Ethereum smart contracts can use to verify Bitcoin transactions.So the ETH buyer pays the BTC and uses BTC Relay to pass along the Bitcoin transaction to the contract.
Mathias Christensen — a former CTO of a firm that built websites for small businesses — says developers have gotten so used to using Github as a central workflow, they expect the entire rest of the developer experience to work the same way.The way that a front-end developer would work would be to go into a server and change how things were structured, but then Git came in and became the basic way of operating, Christensen, co-founder of Netlify, said.That s his goal for his new company.Then, those updates execute and are distributed across a wide network of content delivery networks to deliver pre-built static pages to visitors — with Netlify picking the best one from the cloud services available.Netlify then distributes all those static sites across its own content delivery network, meaning that when visitors access those pages they are pre-built.The idea here is that, instead of a program running every time a visitor goes to a page, the pre-loading has already been done and the user is immediately served a page that s directed from the closest geographic server, in order to reduce load times.
Google is letting parents snoop on their kids school work with a new feature for Google Classroom.When a teacher invites a parent to Classroom, they can see daily and weekly summaries of what their child has accomplished, and view any class announcements.Now parents won t be taken by surprise when it comes time to have that annual parent-teacher conference.The Classroom app is also allowing annotations, making lessons more interactive and probably fun.Google likens it to a portable whiteboard, and notes it s useful for those times a student may be out of the classroom.Similarly, teachers can annotate homework with notes and examples rather than static text.
It s a big challenge turning static sex dolls into interactive love robots, but scientists think they re getting over that hump.Matt McMullen has been creating realistic-looking human dolls for sex since 1997.He tells 60 Second Docs the technology needed to make raunchier robots is getting better all the time.People spend $5,000-to-$10,000 for lifelike dolls, but McMullen believes the real value is making the sex doll experience as real as possible. I m moving into the future.I m going to make the world s finest love robot, he said.
The Linux Foundation has added the Platform for Network Data Analytics – aka PNDA – to its stable of officially supported projects.PNDA aggregates data from multiple sources on a network, be they-real time performance indicators or static sources like logs, then works with Apache Spark to do the usual Big Data thing of finding useful patterns.The tool's all about making it easy to gather, consume and crunch diverse data sources, rather than having to do custom integrations.Cisco's tossed code enabling end-to-end platform provisioning and management, application packaging, and deployment.into the project, which debuted today, the same day as the Foundation's embrace.Today, PNDA is seen as a handy way to monitor OpenStack implementations.
You may not be a techie at heart, but modern technology makes it vital to stay abreast of current trends.In this high speed, technology driven universe, what you don t know will hurt you and you must race to keep up.CDN, or in other words a Content Delivery Network, is a network of geographically distributed servers which caches the static content CSS, Javascript, Images and other static components of a website or blog according to Wikipedia.With today s desire for rapid speed, a majority of website visitors have no patience for slow loading pages.If you have an e-commerce website, or a website that sells an digital product or service, a slow loading page could result in a loss of potential customers and visitors and could greatly harm your SEO rankings.Here s how it works:
This sponsored post is produced by Upsight.With mobile ad spend on track to exceed $100 billion in 2016, publishers and advertising professionals are seeing thousands of new campaigns every year.Consumer brands are poised to make a substantial push into the world of in-app mobile advertising, and that s great news for the mobile industry at large.A 2015/2016 report by eMarketer explains how multiple factors have discouraged brand advertisers from moving into mobile since its inception.Format diversity, pricing variance, and lack of consensus surrounding performance metrics have all helped to slow adoption.Brands have historically preferred desktop and mobile web advertising, which come with their own problems.These include issues of fraud and viewability in which ads are falling outside the view of a person s computer screen or rendering only after a person has scrolled past them.Studies have shown as much as 39 percent of programmatic ad impressions are bot-generated, and never seen by human eyes.Chief among them has been mobile, where static and video interstitial technology has evolved to make this kind of fraud significantly less common.Surveys conducted this year as part of the same eMarketer study revealed that 47 percent of US media decision-makers ranked Increased Brand Awareness among the top three benefits of mobile video advertising.
Although battling doesn't have the same key role in Pokemon GO as it does in the game or the TV series at least not yet , a Pokemon's Combat Power or CP is still an important metric in choosing which Pokemon to keep or ignore, especially when you're intent on duking it out in gyms.But if you've ever wondered how high your Pokemon can go, GamePress has a nifty list that ranks all 150 species according to their CP.Unsurprisingly, the ones with highest CP points are the Pokemon you can't yet catch.To the casual Pokemon GO player, the augmented reality game is nothing more than a novel way to collect cute, and some not so cute, virtual pets and hatch eggs.But for the more invested Pokemon trainer, Pokemon GO hides all sorts of complicated game mechanics, stats and calculations, one of which is CP, which determines the Pokemon's Attack, Defense, and Stamina or HP.CP, however, isn't a static thing and grows as the Pokemon levels up.
Christina Boser sits at the edge of a eucalyptus grove cradling an impossible creature.Its coat is subtly speckled black and white, like TV static, turning rusty around the animal s ears and belly and fluffy tail.Just 12 years ago, fewer than 100 foxes remained on Santa Cruz, driven toward extinction by voracious golden eagles who d incidentally pick off the foxes while hunting the island s feral pigs.Now, thanks to Boser and her colleagues at the Nature Conservancy, the island fox numbers over 2,000.Resetting something as wildly complex as an ecosystem is an intricate balance of subjective ethics and scientific calculations.Santa Cruz Island is just one battleground in a larger war, as humans grapple with the threat of invaders—including themselves.
Ready to make your shots frame-worthy every time?With the The Mac User s Photography Bundle you ll get nine premium apps that will help you easily snap and edit your photos to perfection.And at 91 percent off from TNW Deals, you won t have to break the bank to up your photo game.This app bundle delivers a suite of high-grade photo editing apps designed to take your shots to the next level.Snapheal will help you remove unwanted objects or individuals from any photo without diminishing quality, while Noiseless will clean up digital static while retailing sharp details in your shots.Overwhelmed with the sheer number of photos you ve taken?
Something about the combination of dance and acrobatics, athleticism and grace, gets me every time.Angular momentum, center of mass, friction, levers, static equilibrium—it s all there.There s an Indian sport called mallakhamb loosely translated: pole gymnastics , for instance, wherein the performer executes feats of strength and endurance using a wooden pole.The Chinese version used by acrobats features two or more poles, and the acrobats perform tricks while leaping from pole to pole, like this:In the US, pole dancing acts were common in circuses and sideshows during the 1920s, but it s generally accepted that the apparatus didn t make it into actual strip clubs until 1968, when a woman named Belle Jangles took to the pole at the Mugwump Strip Club in Oregon.Here s the 2009 USPDF champion and former Cirque du Soleil aerialist , Jenyne Butterfly, performing at a pole dancing convention two years later.
Amazon s AWS cloud computing platform today launched Kinesis Analytics, a new service that makes it easier to analyze real-time streaming data with the help of standard SQL queries.Kinesis Analytics builds on AWS s Kinesis real-time streaming data platform, which enables developers to ingest streaming data and use it in their applications.With Kinesis Analytics, developers can immediately make the incoming data useful by running these continuous SQL queries to filter and manipulate it as it arrives.As AWS chief evangelist Jeff Barr writes today, a regular database query looks at data that is basically static.Running a Kinesis Analytics query against streaming data turns this model sideways, he writes.The queries are long-running and the data changes many times per second as new records, observations, or log entries arrive.
Zotac introduced on Thursday the GeForce GTX 1080 ArcticStorm, the company s latest graphics card powered by Nvidia s Pascal-based GPU that s chilled by Zotac s ArticStorm fanless cooling system.This waterblock provides full-board coverage so you don t have to worry about the card buckling under pressure during heated gameplay moments on your PC.ArcticStorm uses innovative designs and the best materials to deliver the one of the coolest temperatures, the company said.The lightweight aluminum waterblock uses a direct copper cold block contact with precision 0.3mm micro-channels for maximum heat extraction throughput.It also uses Zotac s Direct Copper Contact technology, meaning it uses a direct copper cold plate contact lined with 0.3mm precision micro-channels for better GPU contact.With this tool, PC gamers can choose eight brightness levels, the overall color, and four illumination modes including Static, Breathe, Strobe, and Cycle.
One of the most vocal complaints from photographers who submit their work to stock media services is the lack of control over payment.Many stock media sites rely on a static pricing platform based on percentages given each time a photograph is used by a buyer or subscriber.This is the way it s been for quite some time and from the looks of it, not many sites are willing to change their methods.That doesn t seem to be the case for every site however.A new stock media site called Pond5 is setting itself apart by handing over pricing control to the artists who create and submit the content.Rather than creating a financial structure based off razor thin margins and small percentages, Pond5 hopes to change the game by letting the artists set their own prices.