Sometimes you just want to line up every computer screen in the office and run them all over with a 12-ton steamroller.Hey, YouTube channel Road Roller has already done the hard work for you and watching it is just as satisfying.Road Roller s video gets straight to the good stuff: A bunch of high-quality LCD screens—ones that could easily be used for making spreadsheets or sending important emails to new clients—are lined up in a row and totally decimated by this man s steamroller.Like that isn t enough, the driver then backs up over the LCD screens and leaves them all flat like pancakes.For those wanting a close-up, a GoPro attached to the steamroller s bumper shows the moment of impact.The whole thing makes this iconic scene of workplace stress relief look pretty tame, really.
Carmageddon provides a wide variety of weapons and mods that range from the ridiculous to the revolting.There s a bit of a 90s resurgence going on recently – Ninja Turtles, Independence Day, Power Rangers, awful punk bands – so it kind of makes sense that desperate developers would dust off long-forgotten franchises and give them a new coat of virtual paint.Carmageddon was a lot of fun back in 1997 – gladiatorial-like vehicular mayhem spread over huge maps, where one of your few goals was to smash any given target with your ridiculously powerful killer car.Carmageddon: Max Damage available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One might be an awful name, but it s not half bad given the quality of most 1990s-influenced products flooding the market these days.Sure, it lacks the freshness of the original, the maps might be a little too large in the current sandbox era, and some of the AI can be frustrating at times, but when it comes down to getting rid of stress and just straight-up relieving any aggression, Max Damage delivers.The concept is fairly simple: you win races by either coming first over the finish line boring , destroying all rival cars fun, but difficult or slaughtering every pedestrian on screen strangely cathartic .
The usual solution, as many magnifying-glass-toting children already know, is to concentrate sunlight and increase its intensity.Solar thermal plants, for example, use massive arrays of mirrors to focus sunlight and generate electricity.This heat consequently created higher localized temperatures.While they managed to boil water with this method, they weren t able to ditch optical concentration completely.But in a new paper, researchers from MIT and the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, led by George Ni, describe a prototype design that boils water under ambient sunlight.Central to their floating solar device is a selective absorber —a material that both absorbs the solar portion of the electromagnetic spectrum well and emits little back as infrared heat energy.
We’re not talking about those muffled Storm Trooper-looking Apple EarPods or whatever came with your phone, though.Sure, we could recommend Ultimate Ears Pro’s custom molded RM’s, or even Shure’s mind-blowing electrostatic KSE 1500, but at $1,000 and $3,000 respectively, we may as well recommend a summer home at Cape Cod for stress relief — most people just can’t pay those premiums.The result is sparkling clarity, smooth and powerful bass, and balanced sound that outdoes everything we’ve heard at the $100 line.The mention of in-ear monitors might conjure up thoughts of a rock show, which is appropriate given the Audiofly AF180 take center stage on almost all accounts.The high-end headphones swap standard dynamic drivers for a four-pack of tiny balanced armatures, and in doing so, manage to deliver warm mids and vividly-accurate treble without sacrificing any bass in the process.The robust build and above-average passive noise isolation of the SE112+ help mask the melange of sounds peppering the outside world as well, and though the upper register can come off as a tad snappy at times, we adamantly prefer that over the muffled competitors you’ll find at this price.
The Thync Relax Pro purportedly relieves stress, poor sleep, and anxious thoughts.Los Gatos, Calif.-based Thync is announcing the new “neurostimulation” product (a second generation following a 2015 model), which stimulates your brain through an electronic device that you put on your scalp.High stress levels costs the American economy about $300 billion per year.Stress levels have reached unprecedented levels in the U.S., according to a survey in January by the American Psychological Association, which conducts annual stress polls.Thync Relax Pro consists of a simple-to-use padded pod that sits only on the back of the neck to tap into the body’s natural mechanisms to deliver stress relief through gentle nerve stimulation.It also includes two neurostimulation programs, Thync Deep Relax and Thync Deep Sleep, which are controlled by the user via the Thync Relax Pro app from a smartphone.“There are nerves in back of your neck, connected to two regions of the brain, and they affect your stress and sleep,” said Isy Goldwasser, CEO of Thync, in an interview with VentureBeat.When used together, the app, pod and accompanying electrode pads gently stimulate nerves on the neck that connect directly to areas of the brain which help control stress levels, mood, and sleep quality.“We have been at this for five years,” said Goldwasser.It’s important to get it to people who need it the most, for those who sleep less than five hours a night.”The idea is to proactively enable you to let go of your daily worries and sleep soundly.You can think of it as your “off button,” and it doesn’t involve artificial substances, like Xanax, sleeping pills, or alcohol.“Thync uses low level electrical stimulation to activate specific nerve pathways on the head and neck,” said Sumon Pal, a doctor and Thync’s head of science, in a statement.“These pathways communicate with areas in the brain that help control stress levels, mood and sleep quality.
For those who have a hard time tuning it all out and de-stressing, there's a new gadget that can help.Thync, which specializes in neurostimulation wearable devices, is launching the Thync Relax Pro.The Relax Pro — Thync's second generation device — aims to relieve stress and "encourage restful sleep and relaxation."It works by sticking to the back of your neck and delivering stress relief through "gentle nerve stimulation.
On Friday, the Yik Yak app officially closed up shop.The company’s founders, Tyler Droll and Brooks Buffington, wrote up a short blog post saying that they would be “winding down the Yik Yak app over the coming week as we start tinkering around with what’s ahead for our brand, our technology, and ourselves.” (What that means in plain English, we have no idea.)Droll and Buffington confirmed the recent acquisition of its engineering team by Square, and they said it “feels like a great fit.”The statement mostly celebrated what the two men loved about the app (“a place for laughs, camaraderie, stress relief... ”) but did little to acknowledge many of the social network’s uglier sides.As Ars reported last year, the Yik Yak app allows users to post anonymous or pseudonymous messages restricted within a certain GPS radius.While many of the messages are silly or goofy, the app often results in a cesspool of hateful speech.
p Massaging your dog sounds a little crazy, sure—but if you want to pamper your pet, there may be real benefits to giving your dog the spa treatment.If your dog likes being petted, then they’ll probably enjoy a massage.Massage sessions relax both of you and give you special time to bond together in a calm environment.Some of the other benefits that are commonly believed to come from dog massages (but that haven’t been studied by science) include pain relief, improving circulation and healing, reducing tension in muscles, and dealing with illnesses like arthritis.If you decide to use dog massage for medical reasons, check with your vet first to make sure your dog doesn’t have issues that could be exacerbated by massage.You can easily get started by watching videos (like the one above or this one from eHow).
p Fidget spinners may be the weird fad of the summer, but they're simple.The Worry Stone comes in dead last because it lacks a physical motion like the rest of the sides of the cube.It's just a smooth side with an indentation in the shape of a thumbprint.If you've anxiously rocked a controller joystick in your hand, you know what this side is about.My version of the fidget cube has a smooth glide and a silent click, which keeps my coworkers from getting annoyed with me.The cube is too small to spin comfortably, and the resistance on my cube's dial is too high, requiring too much effort to use regularly.
p If you want to have some good time with pals, family, or say colleagues you can always look for the best entertainment platforms to go with.A dance on a roof top bar isn’t bad; some good food with friends is also cool.A get together party back at home is fine, but my, there are simple more relaxing fixes you would get without a sweat.The beauty of having to bop to your most favorite tunes; choosing your personal playlist and letting the music flow.With a simple and less complex music system at home you are certainly guaranteed of this.The good thing about it is you can tune in anytime you want and still enjoy every moment of it – good for stress relief too.
Arccos thinks it has figured out how to turn golf statistics into a machine learning-powered Caddie feature that can improve your game.See, I’m not a good golfer.I like hitting the driving range for a little stress relief every now and then, but a journalist’s schedule combined with a journalist’s salary means that I very rarely end up on the course.According to Arccos CEO Sal Syed, the nature of golf makes this a particularly useful assist.“Before every shot, you’re spending 45 seconds to a minute making a decision that generally is biased about your own views about your game, and your own bias, optimism, frustration, and whatever,” he said.I did have a chance to look at how Tom Williams, Arccos’ senior vice president of sales and marketing, got recommendations from Caddie on his phone when I joined him to play through the Presidio Golf Course’s front nine on Monday morning in San Francisco.
Fidget spinner toys have continued to grow in popularity this year, with the twirling 'stress relief' aids satiating restless fingers in high streets, classrooms and offices all over the globe.Regular fidget spinners are free to spiral away on airlines too, but the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) was forced to confiscate one particular spinner that raised a few safety eyebrows.The toy in question - dubbed "Satan's fidget spinner" - was nabbed at the Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport in the US state of Georgia on Friday (16 June).Rather than a mere distraction from take-off or in-flight turbulence, this particular item, was deemed to be a possible deadly weapon.The TSA posted an image of the impounded spinner on its Instagram account - a profile which the governmental agency often uses to humourously remind would-be passengers that guns, knives, grenades and the like are unacceptable hand luggage items.A quick look at the satanic spinner is enough to see why it didn't make the flight, as the metallic object resembles a Japanese shuriken weapon, which many refer to as ninja or throwing stars.
Did you know that there’s an app for relieving stress and anxiety?It’s called Aura, and in February this year it stormed the Apple store as the highest rated new app.Now it’s available on Android, and you can get it at a reduced price.The world’s a stressful place, now more than ever.You might know that meditation can reduce stress and anxiety, but knowing the best times and exercises are areas for the expert.Aura answers these questions, and the more you use it the better it learns how to look after your wellbeing.
If you don’t, and you’re stressed out, it might be something to consider.New research shows that, despite the stigma and social awkwardness of talking out loud to nobody but yourself, the act of doing so is actually beneficial to your mental wellbeing, especially if you’re looking to control emotions and calm your mind — but there’s a catch.A study, published in Scientific Reports and run by researchers from Michigan State University as well as the University of Michigan, suggests that address yourself out loud is an effective way of managing emotions.The catch here is that not just any mindless chatter provides the positive results, and talking about yourself in the third person is apparently the key to managing your feelings.“Essentially, we think referring to yourself in the third person leads people to think about themselves more similar to how they think about others, and you can see evidence for this in the brain,” explains MSU associate professor of psychology Jason Moser.“That helps people gain a tiny bit of psychological distance from their experiences, which can often be useful for regulating emotions.”
Who doesn’t love puzzle games?Well, a lot of people, probably, but if you’re not one of them, you might enjoy the current “pay what you want” Humble Mobile Bundle.The minimum payment of $1 will bag you a trio of minimalistic puzzle experiences.Hook, Zenge, and klocki all follow a similar ideology — they’re meditative games that don’t pressure you with timers, move counters, or anything else.It’s just you, a puzzle, and all the time in the world.They also arrive with some beautifully atmospheric soundtracks — these titles could make for some great stress relief.
A US government body has released safety guidance for battery-operated fidget spinners, following incidents of the toys catching fire.The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is advising people to avoid charging the toys, some of which are Bluetooth-enabled, overnight.Children of all ages are also warned not to put fidget spinners of any kind in their mouths.A recent BBC investigation discovered unsafe toys on sale in the UK.Although intended for stress relief and popular with both children and adults, fidget spinners have also reportedly been the cause of accidents."Fidget spinner users or potential buyers should take some precautions," CPSC's acting chairwoman Ann Marie Buerkle said in a statement.
Video Six would-be Mars colonists have emerged from eight months of isolation on top of a Hawaiian volcano as part of preparations for an eventual manned mission to the Red Planet.The six members of the fifth Hawai'i Space Exploration Analog and Simulation (HI-SEAS) experiment were sealed in a solar-powered geodesic dome with around 1,200 square feet of floor space, one shower and two composting toilets.All communications with the outside world were time delayed for 20 minutes to simulate the distance between the Earth and Mars.The crew had to wear spacesuits or hazmat suits to leave the facility, situated 8,200 feet up on the Mauna Loa volcano."Carrots, peppers, pok choi, Chinese cabbage, mustard greens, radishes, tomatoes, potato's, tons of parsley and oregano," said mission botanist Mark Watney Joshua Ehrlich."It was phenomenal, just that delicious fresh taste from home – it was good."
I turned my about page into a squeeze pageWhen someone visits your About Page, it means two very important things:They enjoyed what they’ve read on your blogThey want to learn more about youIn other words, they’re already primed to subscribe.I used this box to turn my homepage into an email-sucking vacuum
With four controllers, 3D games, and complications over bringing Goldeneye 007 back, a retro version of the N64 would make for some expensive nostalgia, particularly when the Game Boy would be far cheaper to resurrect.I’d certainly be first in line for an N64 Classic Edition, but I’ve always preferred portable gaming as developers were forced to focus on gameplay instead of graphics, given the hardware limitations of handheld systems.Its current hardware lineup consists of multiple versions of the 3DS and 2DS handheld systems, and the Switch, a flagship console you can play on the toilet.So here, in no particular order or ranking, are the 25 games we’d love to see included on a Game Boy Classic Edition.The Legend of Zelda: Link’s AwakeningI’m still exploring the seemingly endless version of Hyrule featured in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Nintendo Switch, but my favorite Zelda game of all time is still The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening.
Preparing for exams is both an exciting and stressful task at the same time.Some may take the preparation as dreadful and nightmarish, while for others its mighty challenge they feel the need to challenge.Whatever the approach and perception, getting yourself ready with the right tips is a completely different thing.There has been ample talk about some of the commonly known tips such as preparing early, having sufficient sleep, revising the subject material as nearly as perfection, participating in a group-based study, etc.As for this discussion, we’re going to talk about some rarely talked tips that are equally important and contribute well in the in uplifting the confidence of the student in the exam hall.Relax the handsEven though the digital age and the rise of eLearning tools have diminished the ‘writing’ work greatly, but still there are institutions that practice the written exams for students.It might not seem much, but a standard 2-hour length exam that requires an average 2000+ words to be completed tends to take its toll in the hands of even the best and fastest of writers, hence a poor performance in the exams is definitely on the cards.Luckily, there are ways through which you can keep your hands from soaking in pain.Try to bring a stress relief toy, preferably a toy in the day of the exam to ease the tension accumulated in your fingers from the year-long writing in and out of the classroom.Just a reminder, these items are to be used in the breaks or before the commencement of the exam, and not in the exam hall itself.Smart use of the downtimeBesides preparing your body for the exam, it is also equally important reinvigorate your mind.