Forget Halloween, Christmas and Kwanzaa, there's only one annual extravangza worth celebrating this time of year: the Stuff Gagdet Awards.Yep, our yearly tribute to techy brilliance is back for Stuff's November issue, with 115 nominees across 23 categories.From Phone of the Year to Drone of the Year and all manner of accolades inbetween, the Stuff Gadget Awards is your essential guide to the best tech that 2017 has had to offer.But what will win out as our Gadget of the Year and will it prove a more revolutionary pick than 2008's Asus Eee PC 901?Of course, that's not all we've crammed into the latest edition of the world's best-selling gadget mag.We've also picked out the best go-karts money can buy, given Apple's iPhone 8 and 8 Plus the full review treatment and taken a look at the finest turntables you can get on a budget.
As if we were gonna stick any other gadget on the cover.Apple’s iPhone X is the most exciting phone in the world right now and this month’s Stuff magazine has the inside lowdown on what you can expect from the £1000 blower when it launches in November.Basically, it’s going to be huge and the same goes for hybrid cars.With a whole host of auto manufacturers ditching the internal combustion engine, we’ve gotten behind the wheel of every new hybrid worth driving.From Toyota’s latest Prius to a ludicrous BMW with gull-wing doors, this is the issue to get if you’re thinking of ditching your old petrol motor.Alas, not everyone is flush enough to afford a new car or iPhone X. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best gadget bargains money can buy in this issue as well.
There’s just too much choice in life, whether we’re talking ice cream flavours or TV channels.But in terms of gadgets releasing in 2017, we thought we’d do you a favour and pick out the absolute best buys of the year.From the best kitchen gadgetry to tech toys that will appease your inner child, there’s something here for everyone.Birthday gift hunts will never be difficult again with this handy guide.Although you’ll likely be tempted to buy everything for yourself – we know we were.Concerned about your bank account’s health already?
Quick, grab your sun cream and head for the beach!Or, if you’re feeling a little more creative, pick up anything that can take a picture and head wherever takes your fancy.Worried that you haven’t got the right gear to get some stellar summer snaps?Worry not: Stuff’s photography guide will help you take amazing photos with just about anything.So grab your smartphone, DSLR or compact and get shooting.And, just to make sure you’re not late for tea after a long day’s shutterbugging, we’ve picked out a crop of our favourite watches - from a ruggedly smart ticker to a World War II inspired number.
Stop what you’re doing, drop a podtrap and get ready to catch something fresh from Stuff HQ, because there’s a new episode of the inexplicably-not-yet-award-winning Stuff Gadget Podcast on the loose.In Episode 29, host Tom Wiggins is joined by Marc McLaren and Tom Morgan to run through a week’s worth of tech, starting with the Hot 5.Will Microsoft's Surface Laptop steal our hearts or will it be Microsoft's super-powerful new Xbox One X console?Hang on, that's two Microsoft products there.Elsewhere, we're primarily concerned with games - not surprising given that the E3 games show has been taking place in Los Angeles.Our special correspondent Rob Leedham joins us from the event to talk us through his personal highlights, while the rest of gang in London heckle and generally try to undermine him.
Step away from the fishfingers!Yes, you with the sallow face and weary expression!You can do better than that - and technology can help you.Today's kitchen can be as techy as you want it to be.So while a good, sharp knife, chopping board and some fresh herbs will always go a long way to improving your cooking skills - and diet - adding some culinary-friendly gadgets can take things to the next level.Here's the kit that the Stuff team uses when we're in the kitchen.
Work s tough when you can t take a mid-morning break for a handful of Celebrations and then knock off at lunchtime, isn t it?Well take your mind off all that troublesome nine-to-five stuff without having to resort to sipping from a flask under your desk by picking up a copy of the new issue of Stuff magazine – in shops and available digitally right now.This month, we ve spent even more time than usual slaving away in front of a bank of computers, not only to generate the words that fill the hallowed pages, but to find out which out of five premium laptops is the world s greatest.Is it Apple s new Touch Bar-toting MacBook Pro?Razer s frag-friendly Blade Stealth?Microsoft s transforming Surface Book?
We like a lot of gadgets that, like you in high school, don t fit into neatly organized categories that the man tries to put them in.It s also way cheaper than it s ever been, so if you want to help your friends and family take their party on the go, this one s essential.You can also check out our list of the five best Bluetooth speakers here, if you want to shop around.Of course, why bother buying dedicated wireless speakers when you can make your own?The Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter $24 plugs into any speakers or audio receiver and turns it into a Bluetooth-connected device.The cheapest model is the E1 which provides 5,200 mAh of power for $16—for reference, your phone probably has somewhere around a 2,500-3,500 mAh battery inside.
You can read about a piece of tech as much as you want, but often there s no substitute for actually having it in your hands to help you decide whether you want it.That s why we found five Stuff readers from all over the world who wanted to try out the Honor 8 for a week.The only thing we asked was for them to tell our intrepid, globe-trotting camera-crew what they thought of it - and you can find out in the video at the top of this story.We wanted to know what they thought of its innovative dual 12MP rear camera.One lens captures colour, the other monochrome – an arrangement designed for stellar low-light performance.We asked them whether they liked the all-glass construction; the zippy 2.3GHz octa-core innards; the tweakable 3D fingerprint sensor.
You might think deciding upon the Stuff Gadget Awards is an easy process: you just rock up to your desk, write a few things down, then publish something about it.There's actually a lot more to it.For instance, we have to decamp to the pub to argue about it for six hours first.Then we have to argue about it a bit more in the office.And then we have to email each other repeatedly over the next few days.Only after all that's done do we write anything.
Now that the usual Apple event dust has settled, a million 3.5mm-to-Lightning adaptors have been misplaced and even more people have Googled what are the best Bluetooth headphones?you re probably still wondering whether to get one.Well, wonder no more, because the November issue of Stuff has the ultimate iPhone 7 guide inside, revealing every single thing you could need to know about Apple s latest blower.And it s not just the phone we ve fondled to death either.We ve been wearing a pair of AirPods and taking the inevitable funny looks on the chin , and living with an Apple Watch Series 2 to really get under the skin of Apple s new wearables.Whether you decide to upgrade or not or, indeed, if you re a complete Apple avoider there s something for everyone in our list of 100 great free apps, whether it s a Shazam for artwork, something to help spruce up your selfies, or a service to claim money back from delayed flights.
Another year, another fantastic crop of console games vying for a Stuff Gadget Award.So, what's on the list?Well, massive - and massively hyped - space-exploration-sim No Man's Sky is an obvious contender, as is the hugely popular reboot of the legendary Doom franchise.Hitman is another reboot which we enjoyed hugely this year, while Deux Ex: Mankind Divided, XCOM 2 and Forza Horizon 3 all took their respectives franchises to new heights and Uncharted 4: A Thief's End finished the series in spectacular style.OK then: Overwatch offered immensely entertaining multiplayer antics, Inside was one of the year's standout indie games and The Division plunged you into a nightmare New York in which you could go multiplayer inside an even more nightmareish Dark Zone.Frankly, it's one of the most competitive years ever, hence why we ended up with a mammoth 10-strong shortlist.
There are certain gadgets that will be remembered forever.You voted for your favourites, along with some choice picks from the Stuff team, and we ve collected them all together in one beautifully shot parade of nostalgia.Did Nintendo s Game Boy manage to fend off its less portable gaming brethren?Is the skinny Motorola RAZR worth a place ahead of the iPhone 3G?But it s not just old dusty stuff on the hallowed pages this month.Down in the labs we ve taken a squadron of drones out for a test flight, including Parrot s Bebop 2 and Yuneec s six-blade Typhoon H. It was also judgement day for a pair of juicers, an orchestra of Bluetooth speakers, Xbox s 4K-capable One S, Sky s new NowTV Smart Box and many more.
So what's the greatest games console ever then?We're going to induct one classic games console into the Stuff Gadget Hall of Fame for a special issue of Stuff magazine, out on September xx, and we want you to choose the winner.Below we've assembled a shortlist - itself compiled after a mammoth debating session among the Stuff team - and all you need to do is vote for which you think is most worthy.This, children, is what games consoles used to look like: faux wood panelling, two joysticks, a whole lot of analogue-style buttons and 128 gigabytes of RAM.Forget the seemingly unimpressive specs, though, because the Atari 2600 was state-of-the-art on its release in 1977.As one of the first home consoles to use cartridges rather than only being able to play built-in games it had access to a massive library of titles: Pitfall, Space Invaders, Breakout, Adventure and many other titles which came to define the early years of gaming.
This month we ve had the taxing task of testing four stonking 4K TVs to find the most eyeball-tickling telly available.Don t worry, we ve also got Ultra HD suggestions for each set, from remastered retro classics to the latest bingeable Netflix show.Between episodes of Bloodline we found time to take a fleet of electric cars out onto the streets of London.Could we commute for a whole week without conking out in the middle of Piccadilly Circus?But electric cars aren t just about saving money and the planet .This month s Projects section will teach you how to get the best out of Garageband, offer a whole summer s worth of reading in our sci-fi ebooks Playlist, and help you level up your interior design.