MaaS Australia, founded by investors in MaaS Finland, is on board to take the concept to a country very different from Finland.One click would pay for it all and you could choose based on price, time, possibly a preferred route, or maybe even sights and scenes along the way.The monthly commuter package would include all your travel that month, whether by car, bus, taxi or other mode of transportation.As a bonus, this package would cover home grocery order deliveries, too.The economic models for consumers show that most people would save money by only using cars when they need them, along with other transportation services, rather than paying the costs of ownership.It ll be a big change from the long-standing love affair Americans and people in many other countries have had with their cars, and it won t change overnight.
Comixology, the digital comic reading app, has launched an all-you-can-read, Netflix-style subscription service for $5.99 a month.So if you re interested in reading The Walking Dead, Saga, Hellboy, and Attack on Titan, this might be right up your alley.You won t find any Marvel or DC comics, though Marvel has their own subscription service , and the comics available won t be full series runs—just selections.To access Comixology Unlimited, you just use the Comixology web site or any of the mobile apps for iOS, Android, or Amazon Fire Tablet.If you want to check it out and see if it s right for you, they re currently offering a free 30-day trial.Update: This story originally stated that DC Comics has their own subscription service, but they do not it s about time they got on that .
The new figures, which come as Spotify s paying users reach 30 million, could raise questions about whether the subscription model, which accounts for a growing proportion of music industry revenues, is sustainable in its current form.€mSpotify is succeeding at encouraging more people to pay for its services, but its rapid global growth has also meant pay-outs to artists and publishers increased.Of Spotify s 89m users at the end of 2015, more than two thirds are on its advertising-supported free service, although ads accounted for just 10.1pc of revenue.The economics of the freemium tier remain challenging and every single freemium user is lossmaking on a gross margin basis, said Alice Enders of Enders Analysis.Ms Enders said Spotify still had to significantly grow its base of paying users to be near to profitability, and that it could adjust its model, for example by raising prices for customers.HistoryLaunched in 2008, it has grown to 30 million paying subscribers, the world's biggest streaming serviceSongsPrice£9.99 a month for unlimited streaming, or free, advert-funded option.
Digital comics service ComiXology is adding a new way for readers to get their fix of sequential art in the form of ComiXology Unlimited, a subscription service that opens up thousands of graphic novels, single issues, and collections for a single monthly fee.ComiXology's subscription plan isn't as unlimited as the name suggest, however, with only a curated selection of books across publishers such as Dark Horse, Image, Archie, BOOM!, and Oni Press being eligible for free reading.That said, the list does contain some contemporary must-reads, like the the beautifully somber mythical Western Pretty Deadly, the kid-and-adult-friendly Lumberjanes, the better-than-the-show-trust-me horror epic The Walking Dead, sci-fi/fantasy hotness Saga, the retro-flavored chronology Hip-Hop Family Tree, and Mark Waid's surprisingly hip and earnest Archie reboot.Best for beginnersHowever, only the first volume or two of each series is available for free, meaning that getting hooked on any particular book will require dropping more money on top of the Unlimited subscription fee.Additionally, ComiXology Unlimited is currently exclusive to the US, and iPhone owners will still have to deal with Amazon taking out in-app purchases from the iOS app following the company's buy-up by the retail giant in 2014.ComiXology also offers a decent recommendation guide on its website, if you're looking to make the most of Unlimited's 30-day free trial.
Comixology is the leading digital comics platform, offering up individual issues and subscriptions for books from nearly all major publishers and plenty of indies too, but its new service goes beyond mere à la carte purchases.Launched yesterday, Comixology Unlimited is the company's all-you-can-read subscription service, which lets you plunk down a monthly fee to gain digital access to thousands of comics on all platforms - complete with offline reading, too.Marvel and DC, of course.Marvel Comics has its own dedicated Marvel Unlimited service with more than 17,000 comics available, and the apps and selection have improved steadily since the initial launch.You'll find The Walking Dead, Scott Pilgrim, Locke & Key, Saga, Hellboy, The Complete Peanuts, Chew, Attack on Titan, Archie, Adventure Time, Usagi Yojimbo, Spawn, Sex Criminals, and many, many more.That's an incredibly enticing offering, even if you only subscribe short-term to blow through a couple runs.
View photosMoreThe Netflix logo is shown in this illustration photograph in Encinitas, California October 14, 2014.REUTERS/Mike Blake/File Photo - RTX2B4O8BRUSSELS Reuters - European subscribers to online video streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Video and Sky will be able to access the services when visiting other countries within the European Union under proposals agreed by member states on Thursday.The proposal on portability of digital content will become law after it is approved by the European Parliament.Consumers with subscriptions to services such as Sky TV Now, ProSiebenSat.1MaxDome TV in Germany or Netflix in France, would be able to view content they have paid for when they are "temporarily" in other countries within the EU."This means that citizens who are in another member state for purposes such as holidays or business trips can enjoy for example music, films, games or sporting events just like at home," said Henk Kamp, Minister for Economic Affairs in the Netherlands, which holds the rotating EU presidency and managed the proposal.What constitutes "temporarily" was left open, but member states specified that it is a "limited amount of time".
This week, Amazon announced that its comic book platform, ComiXology, would begin offering an unlimited reading subscription for $6 per month.However, that comparison proved to be inaccurate and frustrating for fans who expected to be able to binge-read all their favorite comic books.As for seasoned comic readers, Steinberger thinks Unlimited is still a great service for discovery.We wanted to help smaller series get the spotlight they deserve," explains Steinberger.If you're sick of the typical superhero comic, ComiXology Unlimited is a great way to discover unique stories that aren't all about superheroes, which you'd find with competing subscription services like Marvel Unlimited.It is useful, though, for those who are just getting started and readers who are bored with their usual rotation.
DEAL: How to get Spotify Premium for £2.50Premium music streaming has never been the cheapest option.Monthly subscriptions from services such as Apple Music and Spotify cost around £10 per month for a single plan.Spotify has just slashed the price of its Family Plan option from £30 to just £15 and the music streaming firm has also upped the number of people who can use the account from five to six.The latest price cut to Spotify Premium is a response to Apple Music, which introduced a similarly competitive family price plan alongside the service when it launched last year.Nicki Minaj has boobs and bum and showcases them bothBoth Spotify Premium and Apple Music also offer discounts for full-time student, verified through UniDays.Apple is expected to announce some major changes to its Spotify-rival durings its annual developer conference, WWDC, next month.
Neither flash nor html5 is supported!Comixology recently launched Comixology Unlimited, a subscription plan that offers unlimited access to thousands of digital comics for just $5.99 per month.Put another way, if you want to try out a comic like Bitch Planet or Saga, you can read the older collections through Unlimited.Then, if you re really hooked, you can get fully up-to-date by buying the newest issues individually.I also asked Steinberger about the absence of the two biggest comics publishers — DC and Marvel.He said he s certainly open to adding them in the future, and he also touted the fact that Comixology Unlimited is the only digital comics subscription that includes titles from publishers Dark Horse and Image.
Google is giving away Chromecasts to some of its subscribers - but that probably won't include you.Pay $9.99 per month, and you get an ad-free YouTube experience, plus some added perks like downloadable videos and access to Google Play Music.Google has recently dropped the price of its premium video service to $0.99 for the first three months, so it's clearly not shifting as many YouTube Red subscriptions as it would like.Related: Chromecast tips and tricks"Thanks for being a part of YouTube Red," reads a recent email received by certain YouTube Red subscribers via BGR ."Here's a gift we hope you'll love," it continues.Next, check out our Google I/O 2016 highlights package:It's unknown if this offer will roll out to all current subscribers, or whether it's just for a small number of day one adopters.
Cleanly, the on-demand laundry service looking to take on FlyCleaners, has today announced a new annual or monthly membership program that discounts service while offering a recurring pick-up and drop-off schedule.The company was focused squarely on the logistics of delivery, giving Cleanly drivers back-end access to help map out various types of buildings, parking situations, etc.Because of this attention to detail, Cleanly is able to make a pick-up as soon as thirty minutes from the time of order.The app also lets you take photos of stains and other issues with clothing to ensure the best clean possible.Annual Reserve users pay $89/year to get access to the perks/savings, while monthly users pay $14.99/month for a more limited set of perks.We think of it a lot like Amazon for laundry, said CEO Tom Harari.
At 400 million downloads, Hotspot Shield Elite VPN is the clear solution for digital security, anonymity and access.A lifetime subscription from TNW Deals is now 59 percent off, protecting your personal data from hackers and prying eyes while bypassing censorship to access geographically blocked content, all without compromising internet speeds.Even the most popular antivirus software still won t protect your activity from being logged and monitored by third parties.Connect to your choice of 20 virtual locations in the USA, UK, Australia, Japan, Canada, Hong Kong, China, India and Germany.Receive immediate alerts when visiting suspected malicious or phishing websites via AnchorFree s database of more than 3.5 million malicious sites.Take a step into security confidence with the world s most trusted privacy solution – get lifetime access for just $39.99 from TNW Deals.
Geeky commerce startup Loot Crate is announcing that it has raised $18.5 million in Series A funding.When you subscribe to Loot Crate, you get a monthly box with four to seven mystery items, ranging from toys to clothing to books and comics, all tied into big pop culture and geek franchises.The company says the majority of its products are exclusive to Loot Crate.The big funding round suggests that Loot Crate isn t just aiming for that a niche, geeky audience, perhaps because those interests are becoming increasingly mainstream.After all, The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones have audiences of millions of viewers, while Disney generates billions of dollars in merchandise sales.Loot Crate already delivers to 35 countries, and it will open its first overseas office, in the United Kingdom, this summer.
With a ton of incredible original programming as well as all the shows and movies you love, Netflix leads the pack in premium TV streaming.Whether you re drawn to the Emmy-winning, high-intensity political drama of House of Cards , the lighthearted laughter of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt , or the gritty quirk of Orange is the New Black , Netflix has you covered.Winning your own 10-year premium subscription to Netflix is simple – TNW readers can just head to the contest page and fill out the online entry form with a valid email address, and you re automatically entered.Share the giveaway on Twitter, and once you get some friends to enter, you ll receive additional entries to win.One registration per person please!Read next: How to get fit for summer and stay that way
View 27477034220India looks all set to retain its title as the world's fastest-growing smartphone market.By 2021, India is expected to have 810 smartphone subscriptions, a four-old increase from its subscriber base in 2015, according to the latest Ericsson Mobility Report.SEE ALSO: From 2017, all new mobile phones in India will have a panic button for women s safetyIndia had also seen the maximum increase in mobile subscribers in world in the first quarter of this year, according to the recent global Ericsson Mobility Report.Most popular appsWhatsApp is the top mobile app in India, followed by Google search and YouTube.The file-sharing app Xender is the top app according to average monthly data usage, along with similar app SHAREit and YouTube.Smartphone users between 15 and 24 years value high data speed the most and are willing to pay more for it.
Speaking exclusively to the Telegraph, Phil Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of marketing, who in December took over responsibility for the App Stores across all four platforms - iOS, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV – said that introducing paid search ads, which will be chosen on an auction process like Google's AdWords, would allow developers to focus their marketing budgets on the place where people actually search for and download apps.Developers' marketing budgets are presently spent on social media or online adverts, he argued, where they were less effective.Bloomberg first reported in April that Apple was considering paid search for apps, noting that it would be "a new way to make money from the App Store".After the first year of a subscription, Apple will halve its 30pc slice of the payment to 15pc, where it will stay.Schiller said that Apple has also focussed on speeding up the app review process, which checks apps before they can be downloaded for malicious code, faults or other undesirable content.New hardware is expected to be released at an event in September, when Apple typically unveils new iPhones and iPads.
Soon any developer can offer subscriptions and keep more of the revenue, and App Store search is about to get a shake-up with paid ads.The company is planning to encourage all developers to explore the subscription model—and now they actually can.A few features that developers have been clamoring for, like the ability to offer free trials and charge users for major upgrades, are unlikely to appear in iOS 10 this September.The Verge pointed to Spotify as a prime example, which charges $9.99 if you subscribe directly on their website and $12.99 if you subscribe through the App Store.Apple Music is $9.99 no matter how you subscribe, giving the Cupertino company a leg up on the competition.Why this matters: Apple needs to appease developers, who have brought in more than $40 billion since the App Store s launch eight years ago.
Until now, Sketch, the beloved OS X-based UI/UX design app, has charged its users for major releases like v1.0 and v2.0 and delivered minor updates in between for free.Bohemian Coding noted in a blog post that it wasn t fair that some users got more free updates than others, depending on how close to the original release date they purchased the $99 design tool.As such, it will begin rolling out free updates to licensed Sketch users for at least the next six months, or until one year after their date of purchase whichever comes last .The company hasn t yet announced pricing for its new subscription plan, but it ll be interesting to see how that affects its user base.It likely won t ruffle too many feathers, as Bohemian Coding has said that if you stop paying for updates, you ll still be able to use the version you have for as long as you like.Read next: Ehang will test the world s first passenger drone in Nevada this year
After 12 month of your monthly payments, Apple takes a smaller bite of the developer s apple.Remember, you pay more for Apple products in exchange for an ad-free experience until Apple realizes money is awesome.By creating an engaging app with a subscription model, developers can again start to consider a life of independence rather than sit in a cubicle.According to Jim Dalrypmple from Loop Insight, developers will be able to choose one of over 200 subscription price points, and they can create territory specific prices, making subscriptions even more flexible.If a new Twitter client wanted to charge a subscription fee for features power-users may find useful, there s nothing stopping them other than good taste which is lacking in the App Store anyway .The ads won t pop up until this Summer, and the revenue split scheme is still in the works.
This change will apply to all current subscription-based apps as well, so if you've already subscribed to Netflix or Spotify, those companies will start getting a larger share of the money soon.The App Store itself will now be smart enough to filter out apps you've already installed from the "Featured" page, increasing the odds that it will show you an app you don't already know about.And Apple will start running ads paid for by app developers—first as a beta in the summer and then as a permanent change after Apple has had time to tune its system.The rules governing App Store ads are stringent: you'll see just one ad per search results page, and that ad has to be from a developer that already has an app in the App Store.Ads won't track users and ads won't be shown to children with Managed Apple IDs or to those whose Apple IDs say they're under the age of 13.Developers will be able to target their ads using keywords, user age and gender, device type and location, and more, but individual user habits and click data won't be shared with developers.