Plex Arcade adds game streaming to Plex’s feature set with over two dozen Atari titles and any ROMs you have on your computer.
Move seems designed to push users to expanded $15/month Game Pass Ultimate sub.
This week the modder known as Mechachoi delivered a robotic masterpiece, connecting Mario Kart on Nintendo Switch to an exercise bike. He worked with a variety of off-the-shelf parts and made the whole experience just as wireless as the original, pushing the exercise bike to act as the controller without ripping the original controller apart whatsoever. This is the sort … Continue reading
I’m a Nintendo Switch Lite owner and I have buyer’s remorse. It’s not that the Switch isn’t a great console, because it absolutely is. In fact, the console is so much better than I’d anticipated that I can’t ignore everything I’m missing out on. I love the Switch but I regret buying the Lite, and you probably will, too. My … Continue reading
The beloved war game franchise, Worms, is set to get a real-time battle royale title called Worms Rumble.
After the success of the Sega Genesis Mini and the Game Gear Micro, a producer for Sega speculates that it will produce more compact versions of its consoles.
The PlayStation 5 is nearly here, and when it arrives, Japanese players are going to have to contend with a change that seems simple on the surface but could be massive in reality. Apparently, Sony is changing the function of some of the PlayStation 5’s controller buttons in Japan, swapping the functionality of the “X” and “O” buttons. That, as … Continue reading
Super Mario 3D All-Stars is an interesting Switch title to say the least. It’s a compilation of three really good games – in fact, three games that are arguably among the greatest games ever made. If, however, the original Super Mario All-Stars, which saw Nintendo remake the first four Mario platformers with 16-bit graphics for the Super Nintendo, had you … Continue reading
The truth is about as complex and murky as it gets.
Nintendo has announced a new smattering of SNES and NES games that will soon be heading to Switch Online. Chief among these fresh arrivals is Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong’s Quest. Back in July, we saw the original Donkey Kong Country added to the lineup of SNES games available to Switch Online users, so it seems that Nintendo’s goal … Continue reading
Nintendo has announced the next round of games to be added to the ever-growing Nintendo Switch Online retro library. The headliner is Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest, the 1995 sequel to the original Donkey Kong Country that was added to Nintendo Switch Online back in July. I will be straight with you and admit that I am not a Donkey Kong Country fan. But I am a Picross fan, so I’m excited for the next addition: Mario’s Super Picross, a 1995 SNES game that has never been released in the US. (It did see release on the Wii and Wii U Virtual Console in PAL regions, though.) If you’re not a Picross player already, Nintendo has posted a tutorial for Mario’s Super Picross here: The other additions this month are Jaleco’s 1993 SNES... Continue reading…
The feature-length documentary takes you back to the '90s, the legendary days when Mario took on Sonic for the video-game crown.
In a very Nintendo twist, the upcoming collection of classic 3D Super Mario games will only be available for a limited time on the Nintendo Switch.
"Super Mario 64," "Super Mario Sunshine," and "Super Mario Galaxy" are among several classic games getting updated for the Nintendo Switch.
Nintendo today revealed in a special Direct that it’s celebrating the 35th anniversary of the first Super Mario game. It’s doing so by packaging several of its old classics in a special anthology called Super Mario 3D All-Stars. It’s also releasing one of the Wii U’s Mario titles, and we’ll also get an (official) Mario battle royale. All in all, a great haul for Nintendo fans. Super Mario 3D All-Stars is a compilation of three extremely popular Mario titles from the fifth, sixth, and seventh console generations: namely, Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy. The name recalls Super Mario All-Stars, a SNES-era compilation of the first three Super Mario… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Nintendo
Secrets, upgrades, and interconnected levels: These 12 Metroidvania games will keep you playing for hours.
Let's see how the Asus ROG Phone 3 stacks up when emulating PSP, PS2, 3DS, and GameCube games.
This documentary offers a satisfying deep dive into how Sony's uber-successful console brand got started, but says little about the PS3 and PS4 eras.
Story is, of course, the cornerstone of any role playing game, and that was as true 25 years ago as it is today. The less-capable hardware of the Super Nintendo didn’t diminish the storytelling capabilities of Yuji Horii, Masato Kato, and their team of writers when it came to crafting Chrono Trigger‘s plot, and I would argue that they wound … Continue reading
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