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Super Smash Bros. initially started out as the ultimate crossover battle royale for Nintendo’s many franchises but eventually became a fertile ground for tie-ins with other gaming company’s iconic characters. You know what other game has become a similar fertile ground for franchise tie-ins? Yes, Minecraft. It’s not exactly surprising, then, that these two worlds will collide, though on Nintendo’s … Continue reading
A Minecraft challenger appears in 10 days!
Nintendo revealed on Thursday that Steve and Alex from Minecraft will be added to the character roster in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch, and now we’re getting the full reveal: they’ll arrive on October 13th, and there’s a whole video you can watch where longtime Smash series director Masahiro Sakurai shows off their new moves, including the ability to build your own platforms out of blocks! See it above. The video reveals that you’ll effectively have six different Minecraft characters to choose from, because Steve and Alex have three different skins each: Plus, there’s a Zombie and an Enderman at around 4 min into the video. You’ll be able to harvest materials from the walls and ground with your... Continue reading…
Nintendo today revealed the latest character to join the already bloated roster of Super Smash Bros Ultimate. And it’s… Minecraft Steve? The heck? Steve and Alex from @Minecraft are joining the #SmashBrosUltimate roster! Get ready to mine and craft your victories on the battlefield! — Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) October 1, 2020 Yes, apparently Steve from Minecraft will be part of the latest Smash Bros DLC, called Fighter Pass Vol. 2, following the addition of Min-Min from ARMS. Their inclusion comes with a new Minecraft stage, along with echo fighters like Alex, Zombie and Enderman. The reactions I saw on Twitter were utter bemusement at… This story continues at The Next Web
Microsoft and Nintendo are collaborating once again, this time to add "Minecraft" main character Steve to "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" on Switch.
New characters, Fighters Pass, soundtracks, and more to come in Nintendo's Smash Bros Ultimate DLC – though we may see the DLC planned for 2020 delayed for a while.
As promised, today Nintendo and Sora Ltd. unveiled the next DLC for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and it’s safe to say the reveal was a surprise to everyone watching. The next DLC characters will be Steve and Alex from Minecraft, along with what appear to be Zombie and Enderman skins that both characters can wear into battle. Sorry Geno fans, … Continue reading
Super Smash Bros Ultimate's new fighters are actually a number of Minecraft characters, including Alex, Steve and Enderman.
It’s been a while since we last heard from Masahiro Sakurai and his Super Smash Bros Ultimate development team, but that’s all going to change tomorrow. Nintendo has revealed that the next DLC fighter for Super Smash Bros Ultimate will be revealed bright and early tomorrow, giving us our first look at who’s coming to Smash next. This new fighter … Continue reading
To create a Mii on the Nintendo Switch, or edit an existing one, you can head to the System Settings menu.
Goku vs. Superman? Donkey Kong vs. Zangief? Two decades of fan work made it happen.
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s fighting roster is one of the most legendary rosters in the whole gaming community.The game was the fifth title of the crossover fighting game series and first released in 2018, published by Nintendo for Switch.And thus, living up to the name of such excellent games is no easy task to complete, neither are the competitors for the spot any less scary.But over the years, Ultimate developers, Bandai Namco Studios, and Sora Ltd. have added some of the most coveted fighters from all over the world.But as Min Min joins the team, the start of Wave 2 of The Ultimate Fighter Pass looks like the beginning of the end.Everything is speculation right now, with people going lengths to find out hints on the future.
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Bandai Namco Studio and Sora’s crossover game, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, is luring new users enormously.As we know, it is only developed for Nintendo Switch as a part of Super smash bros fifth installment.To make the game more exciting, here is the complete breakdown of the newest update, 7.0 that went live recently.Sheik: Enhanced the down smash attack speed that made it convenient to attack several times.Extended launch distance for the up special explosion.Enhanced the grabbing range of immobile grab.Decreased damage when landing after utilizing a special neutral move in mid-air.Boosted size of the shield.Decreased the damage of side special after utilizing such a move in the air and on the ground.Zelda: Enhanced, the amount of attacking time detection lasts alongside with special side range of serious damage.Enhanced the size of the shield.Extended launch distance along with increased power of side tilt attack.Extended launch distance along with increased power of the special down attack.Enhanced up air attack range, the amount of time attack detection lasts.Extended up air attack launch distance when an attack in the high damage range.Decreased damage of neutral air attack when landing after utilizing the move and made it convenient to attack several times.4.
Consumer spending on video games was not as bleak as it looks on the page.While this is down 34% from last October, 2018 was an outlier due to the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 and four weeks of Call of Duty sales.October 2019 was actually above average, with strong sales performances from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, The Outer Worlds, and Luigi’s Mansion 3.Here are the full results:Video Games Accessories & Game Cards“October 2019 tracked spending across video game hardware, software, accessories, and game cards totaled $1.03 billion,” NPD analyst Mat Piscatella said.
If you’re looking forward to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate‘s next DLC character, then you’ll probably want to mark tomorrow on your calendar.Nintendo has revealed that Super Smash Bros.Ultimate director Masahiro Sakurai will be hosting a live stream all about Terry Bogard, who will be the fourth DLC character for the game.Unfortunately, the livestream will take place very early in the morning for those of us here in the US, so some will have to set their alarms if they want to watch it live.Nintendo has scheduled the livestream for 5 AM PT/8 AM ET on November 6th.The livestream will last 45 minutes too, so be prepared to see Sakurai do a deep dive into Terry Bogard and what he’s capable of.