Both upper secondary and higher education students move into the general housing aid 1.8.2017 from, social affairs and the ministry of health told reporters.the STM according to the president of the republic Sauli Niinistö confirmed the housing benefit bill today, Thursday.the Law change does not affect the study abroad students, as well as in Finland, folk high school, physical education center or the Sámi training centre paid on line study and educational institution dormitory resident students.They also get in the future, the current student support system in accordance with the students ' housing supplement.following the reform of some of the students lose housing support altogether and part of the back of the housing subsidy amount is reduced, will increase or remain unchanged.General housing support for eligible students is estimated to be less than student housing for the additional eligible students, but the average general housing allowance amount is higher than the students ' housing supplement.
Particularly in the united states and britain of a familiar phenomenon, employment, poverty, has landed also in Finland, out of Service trade union Pam published today report.This means that workers have to supplement the small salary social benefits.Pam economist Antti Koskela said the floor in his blog that the situation is alarming.Pam according to the report, the trade working in the field can receive an annual 30 million social security taxpayers money despite the fact that the trade sector's net profit in Finland are 334 million euros a year.How can it be possible that the employers imposed the payment of wages to the burden on tax payers?Or whether the taxpayer made to subsidise the profits of the industry the net result of paying part of workers ' income to social security?"
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Instead of vouchers is used more, The Association informs. "Home care support municipal supplement municipalities can direct families to choose the particular case of small children caring for a child at home. the size of the supplement may affect the type of treatment and the parents' income in addition to the child's age and the duration of treatment, Association says. In 2012, the voucher was only available in the 25 municipalities and 23 municipalities designed to enable it for. The 2014 survey found that 38 municipalities had the voucher in use in early childhood education and 24 municipalities designed to enable it for "Lahtinen says. The survey said 86 percent of Finland's 256 municipalities.
Tesla raised $1.46 billion in the stock sale it announced earlier this week, raking in fresh capital to help pay for its ambitious goal of producing 500,000 cars annually by 2018.The shares were priced at $215, according to a prospectus supplement filed Thursday.The Palo Alto electric car maker offered about 6.5 million shares and CEO Elon Musk sold nearly 2.8 million shares.Reuters notes that Tesla has raised $4.5 billion in debt and equity offerings in the past six years, when it raised $226 million in its June 2010 IPO.The company has gone back to the markets to raise capital several times ; in August 2015 the company sold stock at a price of $242, raising $738 million.Tesla is ramping up production amid unprecedented demand for its vehicles.The company has boosted its 2016 capital spending forecast to about $2.25 billion; it had about $1.44 billion in cash as of March 31.Tesla shares are up about 1 percent to $217.50 today.In related news, Reuters is reporting that some suppliers are skeptical about Tesla s production goals, which Musk himself has referred to as aggressive.Among the reasons analysts and supplier executives are raising doubts, according to Reuters: The design and specifications of the Model 3 sedan hasn t been finalized, although Musk has said that will happen next month.Photo: The Tesla factory complex in Fremont, Calif., on Thursday, Jan. 28, 2016.
OSAKA, Japan— Panasonic Corp. PCRFY -1.72 % s auto business on Friday said it expected to add up to $3.6 billion in new revenue in the next two years through mergers and acquisitions that would give it new technologies as part of its drive to become a major supplier for cars of the future.The Osaka-based company said it is considering acquiring or collaborating with companies that could help supplement its existing technologies in areas such as auto sensors and artificial intelligence.The move comes as global technology companies race to capitalize on the computerization of the automobile, including through autonomous driving.Yoshio Ito, president of Panasonic s automotive unit, said the company will aim for ¥2 trillion in sales, a 16% increase from the 2015 financial year that ended in March, in the division by 2018.Panasonic provides nearly all of the batteries used to power Tesla Motors Inc. TSLA 0.90 % s electric vehicles.Corrections & Amplifications:Panasonic Corp. expects to bring in up to $3.6 billion of additional revenue in its auto business over the next two years through investments in mergers and acquisitions.
Analysts said Mr. Cook is likely to advocate for Apple s existing proposal to refurbish and sell secondhand iPhones in the country, which would be key given 70% of smartphones sold last year in India cost less than $150.In addition, Apple in January said it had sought government permission to open its own retail stores and sell products online to supplement Indian-owned distribution firms and retailers.Mr. Cook s movements this week have been tracked closely by local media, resulting in a torrent of print and TV coverage, along with commentary on social media sites.Wearing a traditional scarf and bearing an orange mark on his forehead, Mr. Cook on Wednesday met with Anant Ambani, son of industrialist Mukesh Ambani, outside a Hindu Temple in the commercial capital of Mumbai.iPhones are so far out of range for most people that they wouldn t consider them, she said.Write to Newley Purnell at newley.purnell and Rajesh Roy at [email protected]
Senator John Thune around an inquiry Congress has over allegations the social networking company may be exhibiting political bias with its Trending Topics.In a follow up letter to the chairman of the Senate commerce committee, company general counsel Colin Stretch explained that Facebook found no systematic political bias, but will be making changes to its policy.Improvements with Trending Topics include scrubbing the so-called Media 1K list, which is a list of RSS feeds Facebook uses to supplement its algorithm that pulls in potential trending topics, as well as the top-10 list of news outlets.Facebook will also remove the ability for people to assign an importance level to topics based on its prominence within the top-10 list of news outlets.Other updates include clearing up terminology within Facebook s Guidelines to ensure people understand them better, providing additional training to all reviewers to re-emphasize that content decisions aren t to be made based on politics or ideology, and adding more controls and oversight.These changes all emerged from an investigation by Gawker earlier this month that alleged Facebook were routinely suppressing conservative news.The company denied the claims and it raised the ire of conservatives which prompted Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg to meet with some members, including TV personality Glenn Beck, last week.Members of Congress expressed outrage over this issue, which resulted in Sen. Thune s inquiry.Facebook said that it immediately launched an investigation over the Trending Topic controversy saying that it spoke with current reviewers, their supervisors, a cross-section of former reviewers , its contractors, and its policies to understand if anyone working on the product acted in ways that are inconsistent with our policies and mission.While Stretch claimed there wasn t any systematic political bias, he acknowledged that there was no way to discount the possibility of isolated improper actions or unintentional bias in the implementation of our guidelines or policies.
Facebook is adding the ability for Live broadcasts to be indefinite, but won t let you save or share those streams.A new Continuous Video API will make all of this possible, according to TechCrunch.You could stream a family gathering for a remote relative, but choose to have it shut off after three hours.Professional services can choose to supplement a feed with Facebook Live for sporting events or the like.That also means it s not going to be ready immediately.Read next: Amazon will no longer give you price adjustment refunds except for TVs
He stared blankly out over the capacity crowd of 1,500 in Harlem s famed Apollo Theater, dropped his Xbox controller onto his lap, bent at the waist and buried his head in his hands.Why play as virtual Cristiano Ronaldo or Leo Messi when you can be a commando, a superhero or a mythical creature?That is in part because sports games focused their growth on Xbox and PlayStation — consoles that until the last decade had more limited online gaming capabilities than PCs.If the teams, leagues, companies and organizations that make up the infrastructure of global sports come to view competitive e-sports as a supplement to their popularity, rather than as a threat, that could unlock a new level of success for their virtual counterparts.Details of how much money EA has put into the e-sports market have been scarce since the December announcement, and the company would not comment for this story.Still, while top players in other games can earn millions, even the world s best FIFA players barely scratch out enough to make a living.
In a public press release and in a letter to Committee Chairman Sen. John Thune, Facebook General Counsel Colin Stretch wrote "Our investigation has revealed no evidence of systematic political bias in the selection or prominence of stories included in the Trending Topics feature."He also wrote, however, that Facebook s investigation could not exclude the possibility of isolated improper actions or unintentional bias in the implementation of our guidelines or policies.To improve the system and minimize risk where human judgment is involved, Facebook is updating the terminology in its guidelines, retraining its reviewers to emphasize that content decisions may not be made on the basis of politics or ideology, and adding additional controls and oversight around the review team.It will remove its so-called Media 1k list of RSS feeds used to supplement the algorithm that generates potential trending topics.In his own statement, the Senator praised the company for addressing the allegations.We now know the system relied on human judgment, and not just an automated process, more than previously acknowledged.
It starts at $1,000 with variations that go as high as $1,600 , and that puts it in a great spot for a significant portion of consumers looking to buy a new PC.But you may end up doing most of your work on it.After a month with the $1,200 version of the Razer Blade Stealth that has the lower-resolution UHD 2560-by-1440 screen and a 256GB solid-state storage drive, I ve come away thrilled with its performance as my daily workhorse.If anything, I was thinking about getting a Chromebook to supplement my computing needs with something ultra-lightweight and with great battery.The Blade Stealth has won me over.Razer has made a system that s easy to use thanks to a competent keyboard, a great touchpad and a crisp display.I used it at two conferences, and it didn t overburden my bag, and its battery survived through the various presentations and fireside chats.In a cramped space like a plane, I also found myself grateful that the Stealth has a full Windows 10-compliant touchscreen.The benefits of an IGZO are that it tends to draw less power than something like an IPS, which is probably the reason Razer was able to use the power-thirsty i7 in place of the Celeron, i3, or Core M you find in the competition.All of this means that video and images look great on the Stealth, and you have a wide viewing angle so two people can easily cram in front of it on a flight to watch a movie.The trackpad s buttons are hard to distinguishI love the design of the Stealth, but Razer didn t nail the trackpad.In my use, where I m typically not far from an outlet, I ve never really encounter issues with the battery, but I could see how road warriors might want something a little less powerful in exchange for an extra two-to-four hours of life.If you re in the market for a lightweight laptop that you ll use around the house and while traveling but not while you re away from an outlet for 10 hours at a time , I can easily recommend the Razer Blade Stealth.Razer loaned GamesBeat the Blade Stealth for the purpose of this review.
Sometimes, less is more.Installing a home security system doesn t have to mean placing multiple devices in rooms throughout your home.The device has onboard memory, and footage can also be stored to a secure cloud server.The HD camera, which works even in low-light situations, captures 90-degree views, while the device itself has a 360-degree range of motion.At this point, however, the company still sees Orbii as serving as a security supplement.Indoor use, however, is currently recommended.
You could program it to send an emergency text to someone when you leave your phone at home, call an Uber when you find yourself in a pinch, or a number of other things.Migicovsky describes it as a "tiny computer running Android 5.0," so it could end up being much more than a clip-on running monitor.That's not as good as smartwatches with larger batteries, of course, but considering that continuous GPS use is included in the battery life projection, it's a decent lifespan.It's similar in design to the original Pebble, and it now has a scratch-resistant display, a built-in microphone for voice commands and note-taking, a water resistance level of up to 30 meters, and a built-in AMS optical heart rate monitor on its underside.Migicovsky told us that even with continuous heart rate monitoring during exercise and resting heart rate readings every ten minutes throughout the day, the Pebble 2 should last up to a week before needing a charge.The company wanted to supplement that UI with two new features: "peaking" notifications and smart actions.
When Google again displayed their modular cellphone Project Ara at the Google I / O, many disappointed. "The six small-block modules on the back of the phone is the only supplement that better cameras, speakers, scanners and so on. Well, then you need to replace the entire phone. And in a few years when it has been slower, you need to replace the entire skeleton. " The point is to be able to throw in some extra RAM when needed, instead of buying a new mobile and contribute to even more electronic scrap in the world. They should cooperate with other technology companies to develop a common standard for the modules, he says.
This reinforces our overall approach to find solutions to get data out of accidents as soon as possible, said Charles Champion, Executive Vice President for engineering at Airbus Group SE s plane making unit.The cockpit voice and flight data recorders are equipped with underwater beacons to help locate the storage devices, but the batteries on the beacons last only 30 days.Airbus has been pursuing a dual-track approach for alternatives to the current problems, which have also hobbled other accidents including the 2009 crash of an Air France AFLYY -1.80 % flight from Rio de Janeiro to Paris when it took about two years to recover the storage devices.One concept Airbus is working on is a system to monitor parameters during a flight.Whether that concept would have aided the Flight 804 probe is unclear.The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has resisted calls for mandating deployable recorders, particularly if they would supplement rather than replace conventional versions.
Move forward, it s not worth losing any sleep over, he said at the tech summit Code Conference here Tuesday.Mr. Thiel, a co-founder of PayPal and a director at Facebook Inc., FB -0.48 % has drawn a mixed reaction in media and tech circles for providing about $10 million to finance former wrestler Hulk Hogan s invasion-of-privacy lawsuit against Gawker.Mr. Bezos didn t talk specifically about Gawker, but he broadly defended the media and free speech, saying beautiful speech doesn t need protections.Postal Service, but the company still needs to supplement its own merchandise deliveries.Amazon is putting more of its own trucks on the road to make deliveries while opening new warehouses close to urban centers to help limit its rising shipping costs.Mr. Bezos said he is absolutely committed to the technology and expects it to be central to the future of Amazon and other companies over the next two decades.
H's CEO Karl-Johan Persson television and CEO Stefan Krook th among Kivras investors. The digital mailbox Kivra offers its customers the opportunity to receive an official record that credit letter or tax documents via the mobile phone. Since last year, the company received several large government and enterprise on the hook. Large owner 41: an investment, which is owned by CEO Stefan Krook and H's CEO Karl-Johan Persson, accounting for 22.6 million of the supplement. We are also extremely supportive of our owners and I am very happy and grateful for the great partnership that emerged with the FAM since they came in as owner 2.5 years ago, says Stefan Krook, who is also President of 41: an investment in a comment. Comment: Karl-Johan Persson want to make a Stenbeck
Pre-workout supplements make big promises to boost your performance, and with those promises come high price tags.Pre-workout supplements are pretty popular, and you can find them from pretty much any company that also sells protein powders.When you take beta-alanine or any pre-workout supplement containing more than 2 grams of it, you ll feel a bizarre, tingly sensation, usually in your hands and face.So, it s not uncommon for supplement companies to under-dose on the good stuff, like beta-alanine.This Industry Is Rife With Safety ConcernsThe FDA regulates supplements in general, but their oversight has been lax and often limited by resources.As far as I m concerned, the only people who possibly need pre-workout supplements are fitness models who lack energy from a long dieting period.
Roku Secret MenusRoku has grown to become one of the clear leaders in the increasingly popular market for streaming media boxes.With the cost of pay TV climbing ever higher, more and more people are cutting the cord and looking for more affordable home entertainment.Roku s newest streaming solutions start at just $49.99, so they re terrific options for pay TV subscribers as well.Many people supplement cable TV with services like Netflix or Hulu, and Roku s streaming devices provide one of the best viewing experiences available for those services and more.Using one of several secret button combinations on your Roku s remote that remind us of the famous Konami code, you can access a wide range of hidden menus that offer commands and features most users will never discover.There are also plenty more features to explore, and you ll find out how to access all of them on the great graphic below, which was created by Venngage.