Just because a product gets the job done doesn't mean it's a one-trick pony.In a recent AskReddit thread, people shared their favorite products that also pull double-duty as solutions to other problems (One caveat: we haven't actually tried these, so experiment at your own risk).How many of these products have you found alternative uses for?Newspapers rival any rag for streak-free cleaning.Nail polish remover on a cotton ball easily removes hair dye from surfaces.Binder clips make better chip clips than the actual chip clips.
In case you forgot to mark the date or got distracted by Google's huge keynote today, here's a friendly reminder: the HTC 10 is now available from T-Mobile, right on time.As previously promised, the Uncarrier has a couple of gifts for those who grab one of the new HTC handsets…assuming you do so by May 24 and that supplies don't run out first.Those who grab the HTC 10 from T-Mobile before the aforementioned date will get an HTC Ice View case and an HTC Rapid Charger for free, whereas buying them separately would be $85.Those who get the handset on T-Mobile s monthly device plan will pay $28.34/month for 24 months, as well, on top of a $20 SIM starter kit fee.The handset features a 5.2-inch 2560 x 1440 display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage, and the option of expanding the storage up to a huge 2TB.Battery life is substantial at up to 30.4 hours of talk time and nearly 21 days of standby time.
Fossil fuels are choking the atmosphere, and their supplies are dwindling - which means the combustion engine is on a limited lifespan.The market then, is crying out for more alternatives to come to the fore, and currently second place in the renewable, eco-friendly race is hydrogen.In the UK, for example, there are only four publicly accessible Hydrogen refueling points - all of which are based in and around London.Hydrogen is an exciting new technology, but it's currently crippled by lack of infrastructure.Early verdictI managed to clock up some decent mileage during my weekend with the ix35 Fuel Cell and it was an enjoyable one.Normal drivers aren't Hyundai's main focus though.
As you probably know, gasoline engines combust fuel with air within each cylinder, and that combustion moves the pistons—and therefore the crankshaft, powering the car.That comes down to the way that the fuel combusts after it's injected into the cylinder, which normally happens around the center of the cylinder by the spark plug the bit that ignites the mixture .a leaner burn , less energy is wasted as heat and more of it is converted to work.Rather than traditional fuel injection, which squirts fuel into the engine upstream of the cylinder in the intake port the bit that the air gets sucked through on its way from the outside of the car into the engine , direct injection uses a high-pressure system to add the fuel into the cylinder itself.Several years ago, we delved into this tech in depth, which does away with the spark plug altogether, instead relying on the compression of the fuel-air mix inside the cylinder to cause combustion, similar to the way things happen inside a diesel engine.But one team's advantage rarely remains exclusive, and a mid-season upgrade to Ferrari's engines in 2015 can now be explained as that team's adoption of TJI, a fact that was confirmed recently by Mahle which supplies Ferrari with its pistons and which also used to supply Mercedes-Benz .
Since the start of Tesla Model S electric-car production in 2012, the company s lithium-ion cells have been supplied by its Japanese partner Panasonic.That applies to the more recent Tesla Model X crossover SUV as well—and Panasonic was also an early investor in Tesla Motors shares, owning a small percentage of the Silicon Valley company.For the upcoming $35,000 Model 3 sedan, Tesla is building its massive gigafactory outside Reno, Nevada, to lower the cost of that car s cells through a single integration production site.Panasonic is a partner in that project, although its financial commitments have been cautious and conservative.Now, according to an article yesterday in The Korea Times, Tesla is talking with three other possible cell suppliers for the Model 3: LG Chem, Samsung, and SK Innovation.According to the newspaper s report, LG Chem is expected to win the Tesla business thanks to its output commitment, good pricing and on-time delivery.LG Chem is one of the world s three largest suppliers of lithium-ion cells for electric vehicles, with contracts to supply more than a dozen different vehicles—including both the Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid and the Chevy Bolt EV that will go into production by the end of this year.Panasonic is another of the three, with Tesla as its primary customer.The third large cell supplier is Automotive Electric Supply Corporation AESC , the joint venture between Nissan and Japanese computer giant NEC.That venture supplies cells for the current Nissan Leaf, the world s best-selling electric car.Earlier this month, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the company had moved up its target date for producing 500,000 electric cars a year.Formerly planned for 2020, he now says that will be the rate for 2018—an escalation in production rates that some industry insiders say simply cannot be met.The Model 3 is scheduled to go into production before the end of 2017, another extremely aggressive target, using cells from the Nevada gigafactory.At the moment, that plant is assembling battery packs using cells assembled elsewhere, but Tesla says it will begin fabrication of the cells themselves by the end of this year.Still, if Musk s remarkable volume target is to be met, it appears that Model 3s may require more than one cell supplier.Hence the discussions with the three Korean companies.If the newspaper s report is accurate, and even some Tesla Model 3s are built using cells made by LG Chem, that would likely catapult the Korean company to the leader among global battery suppliers.The Model 3 is expected to use 4.9-Amp-hour cylindrical cells from Panasonic in the 26650 format, somewhat larger than the 3.4-Ah 18650 cells used in the Model S and Model X.To ramp up to the required battery-pack volumes for Musk s Model 3 targets, LG Chem, Samsung, or SK Innovation would have to offer cells in that format that offer the same energy and power characteristics as the Panasonic cells—which Tesla likely helped to design.Whether those cells would be shipped to its pack-assembly line from elsewhere, or fabricated in the gigafactory, remains unknown.But with such aggressive goals for Model 3 volumes, it appears that Tesla wants to ensure that the capacity of the world s lithium-ion cell suppliers won t constrain production of the car for which Tesla says it has taken almost 400,000 deposits.In fact, the ability of battery suppliers to provide enough cells to meet growing demand for battery-electric cars promises to be a fascinating story over the next two or three years.hat tip: Joseph Dubeau This post first appeared on Green Car Reports.
And where it may - after a third bottle of rosé - danced a bit small hours. If a party other hand, is all about rocking through the night on the beach or festival area along with another 100 partygoers, while drinking backvis with beer, so it requires heavier stuff. The battery supplies the whole glory of power is an accumulator of the same type that sits on eg motorcycles. Each of the four elements is driven by its own 42-watt Class D amplifier. After just three hours reached the investment objective of 100 000 dollars. It is also a natural consequence of the demand for high sound pressure.
Baking soda is useful for cleaning everything from electric stove burners to sneakers, and your natural-fiber couch is no exception.You just need a few supplies: baking soda, two clean white cleaning cloths, and a vacuum with brush attachment.If you want to deep clean it, mix in a dry carpet cleaner.Spot clean any tough stains that remain with a clean cloth and cleaning solution that is suitable for your couch s fabric.Before you clean the whole couch, spot test the cleaners on a hidden portion of your couch to make sure they don t damage the fabric.Deep Clean Your Natural-Fiber Couch for Better Snuggling PopSugarImage from apreche.
Video: 3D Printing In Disaster ZonesThe use of 3D printing in disaster zones is transforming the way communities can be helped to rebuild after a crisis."There are quite significant problems with the supply chain after a major disaster - logistical problems of getting supplies into a country," said Field Ready innovation adviser Andrew Lamb.Student Huseyin Dervish created his outfits using computer-aided design software then 3D printing them in nylon.Video: Aug: 3D-Printing Prosthetics"What we are looking at, as things are emerging, is faster print times, slightly cheaper materials and a wider variety of materials," he said."You can print nylons, metals, rubbers, ceramics, glass but as the technology improves you will see much wider applications of printing."In the future he plans to impregnate it with Kevlar for easily repairable body armour and also with medical drugs to provide slow release pain relief to an injured part of the body.
How to join the networkUPS recently entered into a partnership with Zipline, a medical drone delivery startup, to begin aerial transport of healthcare supplies in Rwanda.Included in the deal is Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance, a Gates Foundation supported non-profit specializing in immunizations.Investors include Sequoia Capital, Google Ventures, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang, and Paul Willard–a former aerodynamics engineer now at Subtraction Capital.The digital database and mobile phones allowed people to know when someone needed help, but the other half of the system—medical supplies and transport infrastructure to get them there—was missing, said Rinaudo.This mirrors South Africa s recent passage of commercial drone legislation covered here at TechCrunch , which regulates the sector under the country s Civil Aviation Authority and created special drone Commercial Operating Licenses.They shave simpler airspaces, smaller and more innovative governments, and can actually implement modern regulator practices faster.
Bar carts save space and keep all your drink supplies handy, but can be expensive, if you find a good one.You ll probably also want a few other items, depending on how you want to personalize the cart.Some casters so the cart can move more easily are one option, and some drawer pulls to act as handles would be a good upgrade.You may also want some peel-and-stick drawer liners or colorful tiles for the top of your cart, for example.After you ve put everything together, add your booze collection but don t load up the cart too much or it ll be difficult to move if you need to, and you want some space to store glassware and serve out your drinks.The video above has some ideas and a lighthearted demo on styling the cart, but this project is pretty simple once you put together the changing table.DIY Bart Cart How to Style It Miss Kris YouTube
It then lets you record experiments, make notes on your observations, and turn your data into graphs.In addition to the app itself, Google has partnered up with a number of vendors to offer a range of supplementary tools that can extend the app's experimental potential.These include additional sensors, microcontrollers, craft supplies, and other materials."Fundamentally, we think this application will help you learn how to think like a scientist," says Google.The company has also said that it will make the app open source later this summer, and that it is "eager to work with hardware vendors, science educators and the open source community to continue improving Science Journal."comments powered by Disqus
Indeed, look in the news today and you'll see that the word drone is not generally used positively.It doesn't need a lunch break, it doesn't get tired and should it need some help, you can take control using something as simple as an iPad.Zipline, a tiny company based out of California, have built Zip an incredible little drone that can deliver emergency medical supplies over huge distances.In partnership with the Rwandan government, Zip will start delivering all blood products for all 20 hospitals around Rwanda this summer.Drones are being used to do some truly awful things, but that's because they're in the hands of some truly awful people.HuffPost UK Tech is running a two-week focus on our Tech For Good campaign, which aims to highlight the technology that is driving social change and making a positive, long-lasting difference to our world.
Nasa's Bigelow Expandable Activity Module Beam is set to be expanded this week – and it's going to live-stream the mission.Beam was sent to the International Space Station in April as part of SpaceX's flight to deliver supplies to astronauts.Astronauts on board the ISS will be entering the habitat for the first time on June 2 before routinely entering the module to "monitor its behaviour and measure its performance" in the hostile environment of space.The inflatable pod will remain attached to the ISS for two years, with Nasa hoping that a similar module may accompany astronauts to Mars.According to Nasa, expandable habitats require "less payload volume on a rocket than traditional rigid structures", and also provide a "varying degree of protection from solar and cosmic radiation, space debris, atomic oxygen, ultraviolet radiation and other elements in space".The deployment will start at 5.30am EDT 9.30am GMT on May 26.
Whether you re writing direct mail sales pieces, a blog, a job application or copy for your website, there are certain basic rules you can follow to help you get and keep your readers attention -- and motivate them to action.But coming up with a really good teaser can sometimes be difficult.You might even highlight specific health benefits -- like it helps you maintain weight, it promotes muscle growth, it leads to glowing skin.But just asking for the order is not enough.Or explain why supplies are limited and it s first come, first served.Many successful video sales letters today contain some of the scariest scenarios you can imagine, but throughout the letter the impression is made that an ideal solution will be provided in the end.
Facebook announces changes to its Trending newsFollowing an internal investigation in the wake of reports that unveiled the team of human journalists behind Facebook's 'algorithmic' Trending news ticker and made allegations of bias, Facebook has announced that it will be renaming and reworking some of the tools and policies behind Trending news Gizmodo .Royal Society recommends assessing GM crops on a case-by-case basisThe Royal Society has published a new guide addressing popular concerns about genetically modified crops, which suggest that, rather than the current EU blanket ban on the technology, GM plants should be assessed on the case-by-case basis BBC .SpaceX to attempt a ground landing at Cape Canaveral following ISS supply launchSpaceX has confirmed to The Verge that it will attempt to land its Falcon 9 rocket booster on solid ground at Cape Canaveral, following its planned mission to send supplies to the International Space Station in July.Researchers publish 5,000-year-old Chinese beer recipeA new paper reveals the precise details of a recipe for beer brewed in 3,400 BCE China: the earliest evidence of established in situ beer production in the country Popular Science .The team found artefacts such as ceramic funnels and storage jars used to make the beer and were able to work out the 5,000-year-old recipe from plant residues found on the equipment.Thanks to all of you," the game's developer, Rasheed Abueidah, tweeted.
Cryorig's Taku pictured and Mac Pro-inspired Ola represent the cooling company's first foray into PC case designs.Cryorig is refreshingly honest about the inspiration for its Ola case, describing it in its official press release as 'a Mac Pro inspired cylindrical home theatre lifestyle ITX PC case' and claiming to have focused on performance and cooling.Coolers of up to 82mm in height are also supported, providing the top is no larger than 92mm by 92mm, along with SFX power supplies up to 130mm in lengthWhile the cylindrical design of Apple's Mac Pro hides a triangular layout of components nestled against a central heatsink, Cryorig's Ola is more traditional: accepting mini-ITX motherboards, the design includes individual components for the CPU, PSU, and GPU, side air intake ducts across the full height of the case, and a 140mm exhaust fan at the top - a layout claimed to be up to the job of housing high-power graphics cards and CPUs with up to a 100W thermal design profile TDP .The case will also include modular front and back panels, available in a range of finishes including brushed aluminium and wood veneer.The Ola is joined as a launch product by the Taku, which hearkens back to the early days of computing where desktop systems generally did sit on your desk and provide support for a monitor.As this would prevent access to components if the case opened in a traditional manner, the Taku is designed with a sliding drawer which can be pulled from the front to provide easy access to all internal components, including graphics cards up to 250mm in length, up to two 2.5" or one 3.5" hard drives, and the SFX power supply.
Google has pulled the Asus-made $99 Nexus Player set-top box from the Google Store.It s still listed on Google s Nexus website, but you can t get the Android TV device from Google s first-party online retail site, and it s been disappearing from other online retailers, too.The product is no longer available online from Asus, Newegg, Sling, Staples, or TigerDirect.Plus, Google last week released a version of the third developer preview of Android N just for the Nexus Player.But that said, supplies of the gadget are clearly dwindling.Google introduced the product in October 2014 but opted not to come out with a new Nexus set-top box at its Nexus event in September 2015.Last week at Google I/O, Google showed off a new Xiaomi Mi Box Android TV set-top box and said more devices would be coming from RCA, Sharp, and Sony.Google didn t say the Nexus brand would be used for those systems.Other set-top boxes that don t run Android TV — with its support for Android games and streaming content from several providers — include Amazon s Fire TV, the Roku 3, and the Apple TV.Last month the Nexus 9 tablet went out of stock on the Google Store.
Amid the shift of commerce to online stores like Amazon, one huge segment of the industry has been overlooked: dollar stores.Recently, Hollar had its first million dollar month, and raised another $12 million in Series A funding.But while the value proposition between these sorts of shopping experiences is similar to Hollar s, there s little overlap in terms of merchandise.In total, Hollar today hosts over 20,000 SKUs across 18 major categories, including home, beauty products, pet items, toys, party supplies, accessories, groceries, and others – and nothing on its site costs more than $5.00.It will work with Chinese manufacturers to produce select items in categories like kitchen, gadgets, stationery, and electronic accessories, then expand from there in the future.Yeom believes Hollar has a shot, and its focus on merchandise quality will aid it in reaching that goal.
Sony Corp. shares jumped the most in four months in New York as investors ignored a weak profit forecast, looking instead to the company s long-term prospects in entertainment and sensors needed for driverless cars and other emerging products.Sony s annual profit outlook fell short of analysts estimates due to costs for repairs after the Kyushu earthquake, lost sales and slowing demand for smartphone components.But profit at Sony s games and network services business will rise to 135 billion yen $1.2 billion on anticipated sales of PS4 consoles this year, the company said Tuesday.Sony is looking to cement its lead over Microsoft Corp. s Xbox One and Nintendo Co. s Wii U consoles by launching a virtual-reality headset in 2016.The PlayStation VR will be available to the more than 36 million people who already own a PS4 when it goes on sale in October for $399.Investors are confident in Sony s ability to introduce new video game products, like the VR headset, that will help it convert more Playstation owners into video game subscribers who pay monthly fees, said Jitendra Waral, an analyst with Bloomberg Intelligence.The slowdown in demand for image sensors that power cameras in smartphones -- including Apple Inc. s iPhone -- will test Sony s ability to generate more of its earnings from PlayStation 4 gaming consoles, streaming services for its 65 million online users as well as movies and music.The company s earning power has strengthened considerably, Yoshida told reporters at a news conference.While much of the drop in demand is seen in mature markets and China, where Sony no longer develops phones, the broader slowdown has implications for the image-sensor business, which supplies camera components to other handset makers.Last week, Sony resumed operations at its Kumamoto facility, which was shut down after the factory, clean rooms and equipment were damaged during the April 16 earthquake on the southern island of Kyushu.
The Pebble Time made a huge splash on Kickstarter last year, but once the watch actually hit stores, the buzz seemed to fade in the wake of the higher-profile Apple Watch and Android Wear models.Both the Pebble 2 and Pebble Time 2 were announced this afternoon, and they're already up and available for pre-order via a Kickstarter campaign, along with the new Pebble Core fitness device - see our other news story for the full scoop on that newcomer.The Pebble 2 is an update to the original 2013 smartwatch, maintaining the black-and-white display while bringing in a slightly revised design and other new features.It's better primed for fitness this time around, with both heart rate and activity tracking included along with support for top tracking platforms like RunKeeper, Google Fit, and Strava.The new model comes in five different colour options - Flame, Aqua, Black, White, and Lime - and now has a microphone for quick voice-dictated replies to text messages and the like.It sells for US$129 £88 and will be available this September, although you can grab one now for US$99 £68 on Kickstarter before supplies run out.