I ll admit that when ZTE first launched Project CSX, I was a bit underwhelmed, believing that the initiative was simply focused on handsets.Limited the crowdsourcing competition to those devices seemed like the company was resigning itself to a fate of suggestions along the lines of bigger screens and battery batteries.And as well and good as those things are, they re the kind of thing the company is fully capable of figuring out on its own, thank you very much.The whole undertaking still feels a touch gimmicky, but the trio of finalists announced today do point to a company that might truly be willing to give anything a shot in the name of making a splash in the overcrowded mobile space.The concept removes the need to touch-based interactions to complete more competitive tasks.Also, the phone would have an adhesive backing, because why not, right?
Apple held court in San Francisco on Tuesday to announce updates for the iPhone and Apple Watch lines.A very swimmable Apple WatchFor the new Apple Watch, designated Series 2, water resistance will now be offered for depths up to 50m.This will allow Apple to add a host of new fitness tracking features for swimming activities.In addition to swimming trackers, Apple is adding more software to aid land-based workouts and is including a special Nike edition of the phone that will offer additional tie-ins with the shoemaker's own fitness tracking tools.Apple is also touting a brighter screen and a white ceramic case offering.
Apple Inc. AAPL 0.61 % Wednesday announced improvements to the iPhone that stopped short of a major overhaul, hoping that the upgrades will revive sagging sales of its flagship product.The new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus offer longer battery life, more storage and brighter screens than their predecessors, but eliminate the traditional headphone jack.But the new phones lack a must-have feature, like the larger displays that debuted with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in 2014, igniting a meteoric sales surge.That breaks an Apple tradition of major design changes every other year and poses a crucial question for the new models: Will users find enough value in the improved features to upgrade from older models?In particular, he cited the dual camera, which he believes will eventually be included in lower-cost Apple phones.I think it is a minor upgrade, said Chetan Sharma, an independent consultant.
Leppävaara renovated swimming pool has attracted so much kuumast of the matter is also a council initiative, told the Helsingin sanomatthe Hall's toilet facilities has been considered to reveal as the stove elusive and lockers in the quirky small.the hall of the reform project head-, architectural - and interior design, was responsible for the consulting and engineering company Pöyry, whose architect department director Pekka Pennanen defends solutions.according to Him, upgraded toilet facilities is predecessors, such as and they are located on the same spot as before.Not those previously selected, but may now look at a more detailed eye than before , Pennanen said.TOILET facilities, although not in individual booths, was born in the line of sight of the fact that Pennanen according to the original swimming pool in the bathroom was supposed to be available on the pool side.
That's right: Apple has finally pulled back the curtain, revealing its 2016 flagship smartphone to the world - spilling several cans worth of beans concerning the CPU, camera, storage, screen and features in the process.Sure, there are a few minor differences - and some bigger ones too, like the lack of a headphone jack.That's a big deal, and likely to upset a fair few people – even if Apple was thoughtful enough to include a Lightning-to-3.5mm adapter.The obvious question is, "Why remove the jack at all?"The waterproof seals will keep the delicate inside bits safe from moisture, so you won t get caught short in the rain either.It was only on the iPhone 6s before, but now it's on the mainstream model too.
If you have used some of the top Bluetooth headphones by Bose or Sennheiser, you would see how wireless sound can come very close to matching the sound on wired headphones.Besides, do you really like wires dangling when you are working out?People have been asking for an iPhone with stereo speakers for years, and it looks like they ll finally get their wish.True, you can just listen to your videos and music with headphones, but there s something special about watching and listening to a film such as Jurassic World without needing any accessories.The 1080p screen resolution on the iPhone 6s Plus is still low compared to competing smartphones.The 1334 x 750 326 ppi screen resolution on the iPhone 6s and the 1920 x 1080 401 ppi resolution on the iPhone 6s Plus are so three-years ago, but that could be changing.
It will feature hologram tour guides, conference rooms that adjust temperatures based on attendance and alerts for the best parking spots before commuters arrive."In China today, there has never been smart architecture of this scale, Ivan Wan, general manager and chief architect of Tencent, said in his first interview on the project.In California, Apple Inc. enlisted Norman Foster for its spaceship building in Cupertino while Facebook Inc. hired Frank Gehry to expand its base in Menlo Park.The design for Tencent's building came from NBBJ, a firm with a very long list of clients from the tech world, including Amazon.com Inc., Google, Samsung Electronics Co. and the finance affiliate of Tencent s archrival Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.With the second tower reaching 39 stories, Tencent's new building covers 340,000 square meters in the Binhai district, about a mile from the company's existing headquarters.The multi-story connecting bridges, which intersect at floors 1,  21 and 34, aren't just visual elements to link the two buildings.They also house most of the common areas like pantries, auditoriums, conference rooms, the exhibition center as well as facilitating a 300-meter running track through both buildings.There are also rooftop gardens, a swimming pool and rock climbing center, as well as multiple hotel-standard canteens and meditation rooms dispersed throughout the two buildings.While the Chinese company drew on all its businesses in designing the building, it still features the personal imprint of founder Ma Huateng, who chose the ergonomic chairs to be used when construction is complete.
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Competitors swim back and forth across a pool, for a set distance, using a set stroke.There are more technical skills needed to succeed in the pool than on the track, but hydrodynamic butterfly entry techniques aside, it s a straightforward sport, and determining the hierarchy in a given event is a matter of putting everyone in a pool and racing.Not much else, to the naked eye, goes into it.Now a series of recent reports assert that there was a current in the pool at the Rio Olympics Aquatic Stadium that might have skewed the results.A current would affect a race of any distance, especially in a sport with such tight margins, but less so in longer events.If you re swimming three kilometers, you ll go back and forth enough that the boost given by the current will be cancelled out by having to take a return trip in the opposite direction.
A place where you can ski in the morning, shop in the world s biggest mall in the afternoon, and, from 2018, explore a tropical rainforest in the evening.It s true, the city that s also home to the world s tallest building and a bunch of extraordinary floating villas will soon become the first place on the planet to feature a hotel with its own rainforest.The small matter of Dubai s location in a baking hot desert clearly hasn t deterred Zas Architects in its quest to build the tropical oasis.In fact, it probably spurred them on.Along with the requisite trees and plants, the Rosemont Hotel & Residences 75,000-square-foot rainforest will also include a beach, splash pool, stream, and adventure trails, though there s no word on whether it ll be populated with lots of exotic critters and creatures to scare the bejeezus out of unsuspecting visitors.And as if that wasn t enough, the luxury 448-room hotel will also feature a swimming pool 25 stories up – an overhanging swimming pool with a glass bottom offering a view 25 stories down.
In just 24 days, Thymann dove 100 feet into a sinkhole, trekked one of two glaciers abutting a rainforest, and peered over the edge of an active volcano.Thymann traveled thousands of miles around the world to visit three unusual and remote ecosystems for Timezone.This planet still holds diverse environments that are full of surprises, he says.Lava Ash Lightning the Perfect Volcano PhotoWhat It s Like to Surf Earth s Frozen SeasDrone Lighting Brings Out the Desert s Otherworldly Side
As Alfred pointed out in The Dark Knight, some men just like to watch the world burn.To them, a day at the beach spent lounging in the sun isn t particularly enjoyable.But a day at the beach spent terrorizing swimmers with this amazing animatronic shark suit?Now that s an afternoon well spent.This incredible creation is the work of artists at VFXLAB special effects, who recently tested it out at a hotel swimming pool.Even knowing it s fake, and knowing there s no way a real great white shark could have gotten into this pool, we d still be unsure about going into the water.
After a week of trying to part with green tides in two outdoor swimming pools, Olympic officials over the weekend wrung out a fresh mea culpa and yet another explanation—neither of which were comforting.According to officials, a local pool-maintenance worker mistakenly added 160 liters of hydrogen peroxide to the waters on August 5, which partially neutralized the chlorine used for disinfection.The revelation appears to contradict officials previous assurances that despite the emerald hue, which first appeared Tuesday, the waters were safe.Of course it s an embarrassment, Gustavo Nascimento, director of venue management for the Rio Olympics, told the New York Times.We are hosting the Olympic Games, and athletes are here, so water is going to be an issue.We should have been better in fixing it quickly.
We all have bad days on the job.But when your bad day involves accidentally turning the world s most famous swimming pool right now an unnerving shade of green, it s not a fair comparison.The New York Times discovered the truth behind the oddly-colored Olympic diving and water polo pools at the Rio Olympics.A maintenance worker added 160 liters of hydrogen peroxide to the pool 10 days ago, neutralizing the chlorine and letting all manner of nastiness grow in the water.DON T MISS: iPhone 8 concept shows the major design overhaul everyone wanted on the iPhone 7The peroxide was added by a well-meaning worker, but it seems to have messed badly with the pool s chemistry.