On Wednesday the company announced its entry into the voice-activated virtual assistant race with Google Home, its answer to the Amazon Echo.Google Home promises to live alongside you wherever you reside, answering your questions, playing your music and reading your news, much like its popular rival.It ll also have Google search built in, which means it ll know a lot about you as soon as you sign in.According to its makers, Google Home is a sleek little device that will learn your music tastes, your commute and your daily plans — with your permission, of course, a spokesman said — and will use that information to tailor itself to your needs.Predators can already hack our baby monitors and computer cameras, and as Gizmodo reported this week, the FBI can neither confirm nor deny that it has wiretapped Amazon Echo devices.You can also turn off the Echo s microphone, though it s unclear whether even that could stop the National Security Agency from listening in.
SAP Digital Consumer Insight aims to help marketers tailor their efforts on the flySAP's Digital Consumer Insight service offers information about visitor demographics.Marketers can tap virtually limitless volumes of data about customers' online activities, but the offline world isn't nearly as forthcoming.Called SAP Digital Consumer Insight, the service taps consumers' mobile data to deliver details on where they're coming from, their age groups and gender, and the devices they're using.Equipped with the result, marketers can tailor their advertising, proximity marketing, location planning, and sales strategies and campaigns to the people currently present at a particular location.A crowd can change from night to night," said Emma Matthieson, director of marketing for Brooklyn Bowl, an entertainment venue with locations in New York, Las Vegas, and London.The service is currently based on U.S. mobile data, but SAP plans to add data from additional locations by the end of the year.
In its ethical guidelines Klarna has a long list of activities that may not use the company's services. Finds that companies that sell pornographic or sexual services listed as "unethical" and banned, as well as gambling activities which require a license. In Sofort, which was acquired by Klarna the end of 2013 to just over 1.3 billion, applies, for example, the stringent rules. Sofort have their own tailor-made rules, described in an appendix to the regulations. Sofort writes on its website that e-retailers dealing with adult materials, gaming or gambling can fill in a special form and be contacted shortly. Because the nature of the payments is high risk means it is likely that they are more profitable for the company pay - higher level of risk simply gives a higher price on the payment service.
In case you haven t seen the 2013 sci-fi movie, it s a disturbing love story about a regular guy falling for a voice-based operating system.And while Google is far from announcing a computer OS that s able to respond via voice to all your queries and help out with day to day chores in intuitive ways in human-like fashion, it s certainly laying the foundation for such a future.DON T MISS: 5 Android N features you won t find on any iPhoneThe Assistant APIs will let Android app developers take advantage of the various other APIs that tell a phone where you are, what you re doing, and what s around you to build automatic actions on your smartphone that happen without requiring input from the user.The apps would only wake up and link to each other when needed, and Google s APIs would make sure that the phone is running smoothly, and that computational power and battery is saved.For example, real estate app Trulia has been working with the Awareness API to tailor its notifications so that they only show up on the screen in certain conditions.A user might receive a reminder about an open house only when he or she is in the neighborhood, if he or she is walking rather than driving or running, and if it s sunny outside.
Our challenge is to use that change to solve problems rather than create new ones, and maintain and tailor our existing infrastructure for the future.I ve spent my career fighting for innovation and creativity in our transportation system, from starting the bike planning program for the City of Portland in the 1990s to strengthening tax benefits for transit commuters in Congress.Depending on how we value mobility and the shared space of our streets and highways, our cities could become even more congested and unequal, especially if electric and hybrid vehicle owners pay less and less for use of the roads while drivers of older, less fuel efficient cars have to make up the difference.Integration of this miles traveled charge into market-ready and emerging vehicle technology can provide data to drive transportation planning decisions.It can also be tailored to charge for actual system use by adding modest fees for driving during peak travel times—known as congestion pricing.The platform can be used to incentivize thoughtful planning and integration of semi-autonomous and autonomous vehicles at the local level.
Its new conversational assistant, for example, will take its traditional search product to the next level, letting users ask it questions, find suggestions, or book services through text chat in its new messaging app Allo or voice, in its new smart speaker, Home.Google's building on many years of research, development, and data collecting here and it shows."But despite Google's behind-the-scenes smarts, the company will have some serious challenges ahead to get people actually using its new products.The allure of Assistant is that it can make messaging more productive by auto-suggesting replies based on your speech patterns and through image recognition and "remembering" things about you to tailor recommendations for example, it could know you're vegan and suggest restaurants accordingly .But do you want Google becoming your voice?" As we hurtle towards a future potentially powered by artificial-intelligence and we grapple with what that means for our daily interactions, Google needs to prove that the benefits it can bring us from dancing so close to that "creepy line" are worth it.NOW WATCH: Clever ways to reuse your old iPodLoading video...
The battle is especially intense because hundreds of millions of smartphone users and businesses have embraced payment via phone in China, where credit-card use is limited.Tencent—whose WeChat app has 762 million monthly active users—is spending heavily on discounts and distinct features, as well as making alliances to allow it to offer more on-demand services.The aim: win over hundreds of millions of Alipay users like Wang Wei.Payment platforms enable them to collect more data on transactions, which can help them tailor financial services from wealth management to consumer lending.Since February, Tencent has also been trying to get more overseas stores to accept WeChat Pay.Alipay already offers a wide range of overseas payment services for Chinese travelers.
What s Something You Used to Skimp On, Until You Tried Quality and Now You Can t Go Back?The best part of this answer is that you don t even need to specifically buy tailored shirts for this effect—you can just find a good tailor or seamstress who can modify any kind of clothing to flatter you—and trust us, it s not as expensive as you think, and there s probably someone in your community eager for the business.Well, the banana flavoring we come to know in foods, pastries, desserts, and candies, depending on the product, is a flavor that was designed and inspired by what those old school bananas tasted like—not what we associate as the taste of a banana today.Some of the answers are pretty half-hearted, like I didn t focus as hard as I should have, but others are pretty useful, like I coasted on my skills and thought experience was enough to propel me through a career: For maybe the first 7-8 years of my career, I would say that I operated with more of a fixed-mindset where I relied on my innate talent to carry me.I consider this my biggest career mistake, as I believe it led to self-confidence issues which limited my ability to dream big and stretch myself.That said, no one s expecting you to down a bowl of ramen in four minutes like he explains some folks would, but there is every reason to really enjoy and savor your food, don t try to make it too much of a serious affair, and of course, eat those noodles without biting them into tiny pieces.
Manufacturers are in a particularly good position to benefit from the supply chain visibility that the tools can provide throughout the product life cycle.And with the rapid advancement of the Internet of Things IoT —which is partially enabled by new open-source platforms—visibility can extend beyond a company s four walls and into the field as customers use the products.As early adopters of robotics, process controls, supply chain optimization, test automation and other advanced applications of statistics, manufacturers long ago recognized the importance and benefits of data management and analysis.In fact, open-source technologies have drastically changed the economics of large-scale data storage and processing in these four ways:Commodity and Cloud-Based ClustersWhere floor space is at a premium, cloud-based platforms provide a viable off-premise option for compute and storage.This schema-on-read capability is especially helpful for rapidly evolving data structures.The resulting insights allow for the rapid identification and remediation of defects, optimization or even reduction of testing routines, and the opportunity to tailor a product for a given customer, based on observed usage patterns.
The new Urika-GX is tuned for highly iterative and interactive analyticsCray's new Urika-GX is tailor-made for analytics.Due to be available in the third quarter, Urika-GX promises data scientists new levels of performance and the ability to find insight in massive data sets quickly.Urika-GX enables concurrent workloads using Hadoop, Spark and graph technologies."With some big data systems, you get a big pile of hardware and a recipe book," Waite explained.There's 35 TB of SSD storage and 192 TB of hard-drive storage per rack.Looking ahead, ESG predicts that an increasing proportion of the market will opt for this option as their primary deployment model because of benefits including performance, time-to-value and supportability, he said.
Founded by Australian brothers Travis and Shawn Pittman but relocated to Austria of all places, TourRadar, the travel tour booking site, seems to be on a roll.Austrian VCs, Aws Founders Fund the fund of the Austrian federal development bank and Speedinvest, also participated.Picture yourself wanting to go touring on a wildlife safari in Africa, a 12 day coach tour through Europe or a 5 day trek to Machu Picchu.He also says TourRadar differs from European online travel marketplace Evaneos, which recently snagged $21 million in further funding and also targets travellers seeking tour-type vacations, because the former offers tailor-made or bespoke experiences with a local travel agent, whereas TourRadar is focused on scheduled departures and itineraries with a tour guide run by either local or global tour operators .It currently partners with over 500 tour operators running trips to over 200 countries, and has signed partnerships with Amadeus and Rough Guides.We are amazed that from its office in Vienna, the team has been able to cover the world so effectively and become a recognized leader.
This past year the company has taken a step forward and had sales of SEK 2.6 million 2015. We are now receiving daily calls from companies that want to market themselves online and recruit better, says Teamtailors co-founder Erik Andersson. He was previously CEO of Team Tailor but since late last year switched to a wider and more varied, role in the company. Team Tailor is no external marketplace for recruitment but has built an employer branding platform to help companies to appear as attractive employers. That in turn results in good numbers for us is of course fun. However, there is no other that takes a holistic approach to recruitment as we do.
Players will be able to pick up booster packs at retail for £4.99 each, or larger Battle Card decks at £9.99 each.Characters come to life through what Skylanders produce manager David Duong calls "best in class" augmented reality, allowing players to zoom in and play around with the likes of Snap Shot or Food Fight, manipulating a full 3D model of the characters before sending them to your card decks.Multiple decks can be saved, allowing you to tailor specific decks for different matches.Hands on, Battlecast's similarities to the likes of Hearthstone are undeniable.Activision hopes it will help Battlecast's more committed players make a mark on the esports scene.The digital game is free-to-play, with booster packs purchased through either in-game virtual currency earned through play, or real money purchases.
Gaming company SteelSeries is releasing what it claims is the "world's first modular gaming mouse," the Rival 700.Personalization is the goal of the Rival 700, allowing gamers to tailor every aspect of their mouse.And of course, no gaming mouse would be complete without customizable RGB LED illumination to match your gaming PC's color scheme.The SteelSeries Rival 700 ships with two USB cables, a 3ft rubber cable for gaming on the go and a 6ft braided nylon cable for desktop use.The display can also show your game stats, mouse profiles and CPI settings.All of this can be tweaked using the SteelSeries Engine app.
Shame that, in spite of all the gizmos, he doesn t have the equivalent of real-time event analytics to help him predict some of the scrapes he gets himself and his colleagues into.Eyes frontInsightful as this is, continually looking over your shoulder won t help the business move forward.Quantitative focuses on counting, summing, and averaging what s happened.That way, you can tailor your tactical and strategic actions to control business outcomes.Event-Based AnalyticsEvent analytics start with the creation of a single analytical data set that defines and captures events from all channels related to all products and services, for all customers .Furthermore, by using predictive techniques in machine learning you can begin to anticipate the next event.
Lisa Valder via Getty ImagesA jet lag cure could soon be on the horizon as scientists in Japan have developed a new molecule that modifies the circadian rhythm.alexh via Getty ImagesThis biological clock is managed by four master proteins: CLOCK, BMAL1, PER and CRY.This circle of creation and destruction is what regulates our bodies.What the researchers were able to do is modify a molecule called KL001 into preventing the degradation of CRY, thus shortening the circadian cycle.By effectively tailor making molecules which can adjust our own body clocks the scientists hope that treatments can eventually be synthesised which will help our bodies adapt far quicker to disruptive influences like starting a night-shift pattern or flying a considerable distance.Back in 2013 scientists were able to adjust the body clocks of mice by identifying certain parts of the brain which directly control our physical reactions to the body clock.
Parking places edge lines are painted pink, and their center is a symbol depicting a woman. "Yes, these parking spaces is tailor-made for women. It includes measures that we want to make the region more human, "Pan says. Women's parking places are not a new phenomenon in China, or otherwise unique in the world. However, the rest of the women's car parks are usually related to the safety and genuine driving. Women are often accused China kuskeiksi bad, but Iranian Journal of Public Health study shows that traffic mortality in China is three times higher in men than in women, regardless of location, age, or income level.
Make Your First Point Immediately RelevantNext, with your newfound knowledge of what the hiring manager is looking for, take your resume, find the experience that would make him or her most excited about your application, and rework the document so that s what s at the top.Tailoring your resume means finding what is most relevant, creating a section for it, and filling it up with experience or qualifications that will catch a hiring manager s eye.Revamp Your Bullets Even for Less Relevant ExperiencesNow that your relevant experiences are at the top of your resume, that doesn t mean you should ignore everything else.So, while your tutoring experience might not be directly related to the sales position you re interested in, you can definitely still highlight some of the soft skills that both positions require.After all, this is the document that decides what first impression you make.Lily Zhang serves as a Career Development Specialist at MIT where she works with a range of students from undergraduates to PhDs on how to reach their career aspirations.
So, whilst the internet provides those of us watching with an extra dimension to our experience, it's also good for advertisers - if they can connect how we second-screen to key moments in the action, be it goals, scores or dodgy refereeing decisions.For advertisers, it's about using technology to take a TV moment and extend the audience reach of the ad in real-time for better engagement and ROI.This explosion in sharing is another potential goldmine for marketers as it indicates a strong degree of real-time intent among consumers that can be used to enhance real-time online ad campaigns, particularly using programmatic technology.For example, questionable refereeing decisions will be heavily shared and tailor-made for a brand associated with eyesight, such as Specsavers, or decision-making, such as online take-away platforms like Just Eat and Hungry House, who could identify people interacting with this type of content and send them related messaging.Imagine how much more relevant you'd consider a Specsavers ad if you'd just seen a referee clearly miss something he should've seen!It subsequently targeted this audience as being potentially 'interested in The Cheltenham Festival' and saw a remarkable 12-1 ROI on ticket sales.
The trove of data, which upon analysis appears to date to 2008 and 2009, holds a massive 360,213,024 records reportedly featuring email addresses, usernames and passwords.Why advertise with usAccording to an initial assessment of the data, passwords were stored in SHA1 with "no salting".Based on fresh analysis from independent security researcher Troy Hunt, who operates breach notification website HaveIBeenPwned.com, the hacked MySpace data is from "mid-2008 to early 2009".He added: "It may be that the incident occurred after 2008, but I doubt it was much later as they were still getting registrations and they would have been very heavily Gmail biased by that time."At the time, Tim Vanderhook, chief-executive of MySpace parent company Viant, said the company often relies on its vast collection of email addresses to tailor communications with users.Now, it seems, this feature may have to be used to send a significant amount of breach notification letters.