Musk, who has been married twice and has five sons, has a new member of the family: a baby boy with his partner, the musician Grimes.
Elon Musk has made more money than any other billionaire throughout the course of the coronavirus pandemic, more than tripling his net worth in the past five months. He is now the fourth-richest person in America. Musk and Canadian recording artist Grimes welcomed a baby boy named X Æ A-12 in May. A notorious workaholic, Musk doesn't spend his money on lavish vacations or expensive hobbies; he even said he planned to spend his 48th birthday improving Tesla's logistics. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The coronavirus pandemic has been an economic disaster for most Americans, but not for Elon Musk. The Telsa CEO has made more than $48 billion between March 18 and August 13, an increase of more than 197%, according to a new analysis by left-leaning think tank the Institute for Policy Studies released Monday. That's significantly more than any other billionaire made during the same time period. Remarkably, Musk made his billions without ever taking a paycheck from Tesla. The CEO refuses his $56,000 minimum salary every year. In January 2018, Tesla announced it would pay Musk nothing for the next 10 years — no salary, bonuses, or stock — until the company reaches a $100 billion market cap. If and when that happens, Musk could potentially overtake Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos as the richest person in the world. Keep reading to find out what we know about how Musk amassed his fortune and how he spends it.SEE ALSO: A look at the demanding schedule of Elon Musk, who plans his day in 5-minute slots, constantly multitasks, and avoids phone calls DON'T MISS: Meet secretive Nutella billionaire Giovanni Ferrero, who built a $32 billion fortune off Tic Tacs, Butterfingers, and his namesake chocolates Decades before becoming a father of six and amassing an $84.8 billion fortune, Musk taught himself to code as a child growing up in South Africa. By the time he was 12, he sold the source code for his first video game for $500. Source: MONEY Just before his 18th birthday, Musk moved to Canada and worked a series of hard labor jobs, including shoveling grain, cutting logs, and eventually cleaning out the boiler room in a lumber mill for $18 an hour — an impressive wage in 1989. Sources: MONEY, Esquire - Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future Musk got a pay cut to $14 an hour when he started a summer internship alongside his brother, Kimbal, at the Bank of Nova Scotia after cold-calling — and impressing — a top executive there. Sources: MONEY, Esquire - Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future After he arrived for his freshman year at Queens University in 1990, Musk quickly picked up a side hustle selling computer parts and full PCs to other students. "I could build something to suit their needs like a tricked-out gaming machine or a simple word processor that cost less than what they could get in a store," Musk said. Sources: MONEY, Esquire - Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future Within two years, Musk transferred to the University of Pennsylvania on a partial scholarship. Sources: MONEY, Esquire - Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future To cover the rest of his tuition, Musk and a buddy would turn their house into a speakeasy on the weekends, charging $5 at the door. "I was paying my own way through college and could make an entire month's rent in one night," Musk said. Sources: MONEY, Esquire - Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future Musk graduated with a bachelor's degree in physics and an economics degree from the Wharton School and moved to Stanford to pursue his PhD. Source: MONEY He left the program within days to found an internet startup with his brother. They started Zip2, a city guide software for newspapers, with $28,000 in seed money from their father. Source: MONEY Four years later, in 1999, they sold Zip2 for $307 million, earning Musk $22 million. He invested more than half of his earnings to cofound, an online banking service. Source: MONEY The company quickly merged with its rival and became PayPal, with Musk as the majority shareholder. In 2002, eBay bought PayPal and Musk walked away with $180 million. Source: MONEY Musk turned his attention to his new space exploration company, SpaceX, after leaving PayPal. A few years later he cofounded electric-car maker, Tesla, and then SolarCity, a solar power systems provider. The success of these companies eventually launched him into the billion-dollar club — but not before he went broke. Source: VentureBeat In late 2008, Musk divorced his first wife and it took a toll on his finances. A year later, Musk said he "ran out of cash" and had been living off loans from friends while trying to keep his companies afloat. Sources: VentureBeat, Forbes, TechCrunch But when Tesla debuted on the stock market in 2010, Musk's fortune sky rocketed. By 2012, he appeared on Forbes' richest list for the first time with a net worth of $2 billion. Source: Forbes Over seven years later, Musk has amassed an $84.8 billion fortune — and he's not shy when it comes to spending it. Source: Bloomberg The CEO bought more than $100 million worth of residential property in California. He has since offloaded much of his real estate after vowing to sell it all and "own no house" on May 4. Source: The Real Deal, Variety, Business Insider Musk went on a buying spree in Los Angeles' ritzy Bel-Air neighborhood starting in late 2012, when he purchased a 1.67-acre estate for $17 million. The mansion has a two-story library, a home theater, a gym, and 1,000-bottle wine cellar. He also listed the neighboring ranch-style home he owns, which once belonged to Gene Wilder, at the same time. Source: Variety, CNBC, Business Insider As the leader of one of the preeminent auto-makers, it's no surprise Musk has an affinity for cars. Back in 2013, he paid $920,000 at an auction for the Lotus Esprit submarine car used in a James Bond movie. Source: MONEY, CNBC In addition to driving Teslas, Musk owns two gas-powered cars: a Ford Model T and a Jaguar E-Type Series 1 Roadster. Source: MONEY, CNBC Despite having funds to spare, Musk isn't a fan of lavish vacations — or any vacations for that matter. In 2015, he said he'd only taken two weeks off since founding SpaceX about 12 years earlier. Sources: Inc., Quartz Musk has five children with his ex-wife Talulah Riley. In a 2014 tweet, Musk said he takes the kids on an annual camping trip. "I'm a pretty good dad," he said. "I have the kids for slightly more than half the week and spend a fair bit of time with them. I also take them with me when I go out of town." Sources: Twitter, Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future Musk and Canadian singer Grimes, his on-again, off-again girlfriend, welcomed a baby boy on May 4. They named the child X Æ A-12 Musk. Source: Business Insider But by August 2018, Musk told The New York Times that he had taken to working 120 hours a week. "There were times when I didn't leave the factory for three or four days — days when I didn't go outside," he told The Times. "This has really come at the expense of seeing my kids. And seeing friends." Source: The New York Times Musk said on an earnings call in 2017 that he doesn't have a desk at the Tesla factory: "I always move my desk to wherever — I don't really have a desk actually — I move myself to wherever the biggest problem is in Tesla. I really believe that one should lead from the front lines, and that's why I'm here." Sources: Business Insider, Fortune Musk admitted to spending "many late nights" at Tesla's Nevada Gigafactory re-writing software during a production sprint for the Model 3. Source: Fortune For a story published in August 2018, Business Insider reporters spoke with 42 Tesla employees, who said Musk is a visionary, but also unpredictably demanding. Source: Business Insider Musk said in June 2019 that he even planned to spend his 48th birthday on June 28 at work, improving the company's "global logistics." Source: Business Insider Musk told CBS' "60 Minutes" that he is, in fact, "somewhat impulsive" and doesn't "really want to try to adhere to some CEO template." Source: Business Insider Not only does Musk spend a ton of time at Tesla, he also spends a lot of his money on the company. In the first six months of 2018, he bought more than $35 million worth of shares in Tesla. Source: CNN Musk also invests a lot of time, energy, and resources into SpaceX. Source: Business Insider SpaceX has raised more than $2.2 billion to develop, build, and launch Starlink, an effort to cover Earth in ultra-fast broadband internet and build the prototype of Starship, a gargantuan reusable space vehicle designed to bring people to Mars, reported Business Insider's Dave Mosher. The company was valued at $33.3 billion in June 2019. Source: Business Insider, CNBC Musk also helms The Boring Company, which he founded in 2016 to develop and construct an underground tunnel in Los Angeles in an effort to mitigate traffic. In December 2018, Musk debuted the first prototype. Source: Business Insider According to The New York Times, The Boring Company raised over $112 million in 2018 — and more than 90% of it came from Musk. Source: The New York Times In 2012, Musk signed The Giving Pledge, vowing to donate the majority of his wealth during his lifetime. Though he's already in the business of improving our environment and the future during his day job, Musk has made sizable donations to causes he cares about, including a $10 million gift to the Future of Life Institute to regulate artificial intelligence. Sources: Twitter, Business Insider Musk found himself in legal trouble with the SEC in 2018 after he tweeted that he had obtained the funding to take Tesla private, which moved the company's stock price. Musk reached a settlement with the SEC in April 2019. Source: Business Insider Musk moved Tesla share price again on May 1, sending it down 13% after tweeting "Tesla stock price is too high imo." Source: Markets Insider At the end of the day, the multibillionaire says he enjoys inexpensive hobbies like listening to music, playing video games, and reading books. "Hang out with kids, see friends, normal stuff," he said. "Sometimes go crazy on Twitter. But usually it's work more." Source: Quartz Musk's Twitter habits once again got him into legal trouble after Musk called the British cave diver who helped rescue a Thai soccer team a "pedo guy"; the diver sued Musk for defamation. A jury ruled in Musk's favor in December 2019. Source: Business Insider Musk has had plenty of headline-making outbursts both on- and offline. When a metal ball shattered the "armored glass" of Tesla's Cybertruck during a demonstration in November, Musk said "oh my f---ing god." Source: Business Insider The billionaire has more than tripled his net worth in 2020 so far, despite the coronavirus pandemic. Source: Business Insider
For years, potential competitors kept an eye on Tesla as it absorbed all the risk of creating a viable market for electric vehicles. While the electric-vehicle market hovers in the single digits, the conventional wisdom was that Tesla would exhaust itself proving that consumers actually wanted to go electric. But with the EV market now poised to rapidly grow, Tesla finds itself with the most powerful brand, nurtured for more than a decade by charismatic, controversial CEO Elon Musk. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. In the car business, it's often said that brands are grand, but products pay the bills. In other words, you can capture or retain customers with what your company stands for, but long-term, if you don't have great vehicles, you're going to have a problem. For almost its entire history, more than 15 years, Tesla has inverted that wisdom. A few years ago, the carmaker was barely selling any vehicles relative to its global competitors. Last year, Tesla delivered only about 250,000 vehicles, while General Motors sold almost 8 million. Investors have decided that this means Tesla should be worth $300 billion in market capitalization, more valuable than GM, Ford, and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles combined — and topping Volkswagen and Toyota, the two biggest automakers on Earth. Vehicle sales obviously don't add up to $300 billion in value; Tesla's quarterly revenue remains far below a Detroit Big Three car company. It's a bet on the future, and a prediction that Tesla should be able to expand its near-monopoly of the EV market as that market grows from a currently tiny basis, merely 1-2% of worldwide sales. Investor optimism is that Tesla will maintain a dominant share, increase it scale, and notch enviable profit margins, perhaps more than 10% (high-volume luxury carmakers operate at that level, while mass-market companies run in the single-digit range).  But for now, the Tesla brand is mighty. Here's how that happened:FOLLOW US: On Facebook for more car and transportation content! The Tesla brand predates its first vehicle. But it was the original Roadster that announced Tesla's objectives to the world in the mid-2000s. The Roadster combined high-performance with a save-the-planet mission. The previously best-known electric car was the innovative EV1, introduced in the 1990s, but infamously killed by General Motors. The original Tesla Roadster, with its sub-4-second 0-to-60 mph time, proved that an electric car could be more than a glorified golf cart. The mission was clear, but it needed a compelling megaphone in the person of CEO Elon Musk. After selling PayPal to eBay in 2002, Musk sunk hundreds of millions of dollars into Tesla and other futuristic ventures. Musk cultivated the image of a maverick nerd who lived by his own rules. His brand-building wasn't limited to Tesla. With SpaceX, he sought to make humanity "multi-planetary," to "back up the biosphere" by ushering in a new age of private spaceflight, with an ultimate goal of colonizing Mars. He was like a science-fiction film character, at times a hero, at times something of a villain — or at least a controversial antihero. He mingled with celebrities. At times, he did more than mingle. After three marriages (twice to Talulah Riley), he partnered with musician Grimes (real name: Claire Elise Boucher). The two later welcomed a son to the world. A big part of the Tesla brand was Musk's seemingly reflexive, problem-solving entrepreneurship, cultivated in Silicon Valley. After he got stuck in LA traffic en route to SpaceX HQ, he founded the Boring Company to dig tunnels under the freeways. He also served as chairman of his cousin Lyndon Rives' startup, SolarCity. Tesla acquired the company in 2016. Musk's master plan was to power electric vehicles, among other things, by using what he called the giant fusion reactor in the sky — the Sun. Tesla's brand was built using almost zero money spent on advertising. Instead, Musk presided over spectacular product unveilings, such as the New Roadster in 2017. Musk also put himself out there as the leading high-tech business leader with ideas about how to decarbonize the planet and head off a global-warming disaster. In 2015, he gave a speech at the Sorbonne calling for a carbon tax. Musk also moved quickly when Donald Trump was elected president in 2016. The CEO wanted to press the carbon-tax case with the chief executive. Musk also kept Tesla in the news for less virtuous reasons. A failed effort take the company private in 2018 landed him in trouble with the Securities and Exchange Commission. He wound up losing his chairman title and had to pay a multimillion-dollar fine. Musk also routinely taunted prominent Wall Street short sellers, at one point in 2020 creating Tesla-branded short shorts. In fact, the entire Tesla-Wall Street story contributed to the brand. By 2020, after a monumental rally, Tesla had become the most valuable automaker in the world, worth $300 billion. Early investors were sitting on a 6,350% return. Musk also knew how to sense when trends were shifting. As the electric-vehicle market expanded, some tech firms moved into self-driving cars. Musk then amplified Tesla's efforts, taking personal responsibility for the carmaker's Autopilot semi-autonomous tech. Tesla's tech was as a big a part of the brand as anything else. The robots at its California factory became mechanical characters, with names from the "X-Men" movies. They even costarred with Musk in revealing new vehicles, such as the dual-motor Model S in 2014. If it seemed like Musk was channeling Tony Stark from the "Iron Man" movies — well, it was actually the other way around. Robert Downey Jr.'s character was based on Musk. Musk is a genius at crossbranding. When SpaceX launched its Falcon Heavy rocket in 2018, Musk's personal Tesla Roadster was onboard, as the payload. It was the most stunning car commercial in human history. But it wasn't all a big show under a big tent. Tesla was selling cars, from the Model S sedan ... ... to the Model X SUV. The Model 3 was a mass-market sedan ... ... And it had a crossover SUV stablemate, the Model Y. There was also the Tesla Semi ... ... The updated new Roadster ... ... And the completely out-there Cybertruck. Beyond vehicles, Tesla applied its battery expertise to both home and utility grade storage. After the merger with SolarCity, Tesla introduced its Solar Roof product. The panels were the roof tiles, rather than sitting on top of the roof. Even Tesla's factories became part of the branding story. The first plant in California, later joined by a Gigafactory in Nevada. A factory in Shanghai went online in 2020, and two new plants were announced for Berlin and Austin, Texas. It wasn't as if Tesla stood alone in the electric-car market. Competitors included the versatile, affordable Chevy Bolt EV (starting at $37,000) ... ... And the exotic, anything-but-affordable Porsche Taycan (started at $104,000). But even though the EV market globally accounts for just around 1% of total vehicle sales, by 2020 Tesla had achieved a near monopoly level of share: roughly 80%. The power of brand-delighted Musk. He never wanted to go it alone, and the arrival of numerous new EVs from major automakers simply meant that Tesla's mission of accelerating the shift away from fossil fuels was for real. An electric VW bus — I.D. Buzz — was but a single example. General Motors and CEO Mary Barra committed to an electric destiny, with a plan to launch 22 new EVs by 2023 and creating an entire battery technology, called "Ultium." GM also revived the Hummer nameplate — as a GMC-badged all-electric pickup with a claimed 1,000 horsepower and 0-60 mph time of 3 seconds. And Ford created the Mustang Mach-E, the first new Mustang-branded car since the mid-1960s. Even Musk rival Henrik Fisker got back in the game, founding a new company, Fisker Inc., that promised four new EVs by 2025. But nobody has the brand power that Musk has created for Tesla. It's apparent now that the competition is playing catch-up. But that might be impossible. Experian recently said that of Tesla owners it surveyed, more than 80% would own again. It isn't going to be easy to take on Tesla.
Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk seems to prefer to keep his personal life under wraps.  It wasn't until 2017 that he opened up in an intensely candid Rolling Stone profile. Musk discussed topics he usually doesn't, from his breakup with actress Amber Heard to his strained relationship with his father. Musk appears to be close with his mother, Maye, his sister, Tosca, and his brother, Kimbal. But he has had a stormy personal life at times as well. He's been divorced three times and his name has been recently dragged into a high-profile lawsuit between Heard and actor Johnny Depp. These days, Musk is dating musician Grimes and the couple just had a baby together. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. In 2010, Elon Musk said he would "rather stick a fork in my hand than write about my personal life." But the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX is a fascinating figure, and over the years, he's opened up here and there about his childhood, his parents, and his relationships. Musk got uncharacteristically candid for perhaps the first time in an in-depth Rolling Stone interview by Neil Strauss published in November 2017. He spoke of his breakup with ex-girlfriend Amber Heard, expressing his heartbreak over their parting. Musk also touched upon his estranged relationship with his father Errol, calling him a "terrible human being." These days, Musk is dating the musician Grimes — the pair debuted their relationship in May 2018, and just had their first child together. Here's a look at Elon Musk's personal life over the years.SEE ALSO: Tennis superstar Serena Williams and Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian have had a whirlwind few years. Here's how the power couple met, and everything that's happened since. Born in 1971 in Pretoria, South Africa, Musk was the eldest of three children. His mother Maye Musk is a Canadian model who's appeared on the cover of Time and became a CoverGirl spokesperson at 69. His father Errol is an engineer. Source: Vanity Fair, Town and Country, Vogue, Forbes Musk told Rolling Stone he's struggled with loneliness since childhood. "When I was a child, there's one thing I said," Musk said. "'I never want to be alone.'" Source: Rolling Stone, Business Insider Overall, Musk's childhood was far from idyllic. He was ruthlessly bullied in school, and even ended up hospitalized after his tormentors shoved him down a staircase. Soon after his parents split in 1980, Musk went to live with his father. Source: Business Insider, Business Insider Today, Musk and Errol are estranged. The Tesla CEO told Rolling Stone that his father is "a terrible human being." "You have no idea about how bad," Musk said. "Almost every crime you can possibly think of, he has done." Source: Rolling Stone Musk's father, who is in his 70s, made headlines in 2018 when it was revealed that he had a child with his then-30-year-old former stepdaughter Jana Bezuidenhout, whom he's known since she was 4 years old. Source: Telegraph Despite this familial rift, Musk is seemingly still close with his brother Kimbal and sister Tosca. All of the Musk siblings seemingly share an entrepreneurial streak. Kimbal is seeking to make the food industry more sustainable and healthy, while Tosca launched the romance film network Passionflix. Source: CNBC, CNBC, Forbes, CNBC Musk also seems to have a good relationship with his mother. Vanity Fair reported that he gifted Maye with a green Tesla. She also moved to California in 2013 to be closer to her children and grandchildren. Source: Vanity Fair Musk obtained Canadian citizenship through his mother. At the age of 17, he moved to Kingston, Ontario, to attend Queen's University. Source: Twitter, Esquire There, he met his first wife, Justine Wilson. Writing in Marie Claire, she recalled that Musk invited her out for ice cream. She decided to stay in to study, but he showed up with "two chocolate-chip ice cream cones dripping down his hands." Source: Marie Claire Musk transferred to Wharton, but kept sending Justine roses. They went their separate ways, but reconnected as Musk started working on his first startup and Justine started working on her first novel after graduation. Justine said Musk wooed her by giving her his credit card to buy as many books as she wanted. The pair tied the knot in 2000. Source: Marie Claire The couple moved to Los Angeles and had a son named Nevada, whom they lost to SIDS. They ultimately had twins and triplets — five sons in total. Musk said he strives to spend time with his sons. In 2010, he called his children "the love of my life." Source: Business Insider, Business Insider, Business Insider       The couple split in 2008, and Justine kept her husband's last name for the sake of their kids. After his divorce, the tech mogul began dating actress Talulah Riley. Source: Bloomberg While Musk and his first wife became estranged, Justine wrote in Marie Claire that she and Riley ended up getting along very well. She even sent her ex-husband's girlfriend an email saying: "I would rather live out the French-movie version of things, in which the two women become friends and various philosophies are pondered." Source: Marie Claire Riley and Musk married in 2010. Two years later, news of their divorce became public when Musk tweeted: "It was an amazing four years. I will love you forever. You will make someone very happy one day" at Riley on Twitter. Source: Forbes The couple remarried in 2013. Musk filed for — then withdrew — a second divorce the following year. Source: POPSugar In 2016, Riley filed for divorce from Musk, which was finalized in late 2016. The two are still on good terms, however — Riley even made an appearance during Strauss' Rolling Stone profile of Musk. "We still see each other all the time and take care of each other," she told People. Source: Rolling Stone, People Musk began dating actress Amber Heard in 2016, but they broke up a year later due to their intense schedules. Source: The Cut, Rolling Stone Commenting on one of Heard's Instagram posts, Musk said he and his ex were "still friends, remain close and love one another" and added "who knows what the future holds." He later told Rolling Stone: "I was really in love, and it hurt bad." Source: Rolling Stone, The Cut In May 2018, Musk arrived at the annual Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art alongside Grimes, a Canadian musician. At the time, Page Six reported that the pair had been "quietly dating" for a few weeks. Source: Page Six Grimes and Musk met over Twitter. Musk was planning to make a joke about artificial intelligence — specifically, about the Rococo Basilisk character in her "Flesh Without Blood" video — and discovered she had beaten him to the punch. Source: Twitter Musk later told the Wall Street Journal that he loves Grimes for her "wild fae artistic creativity and hyper intense work ethic." Source: The Wall Street Journal In January 2020, Grimes posted a photo to her Instagram and Twitter accounts that showed her pregnant with a fetus Photoshopped on her belly. She later confirmed she was expecting a baby with Musk. Source: Instagram On May 4, 2020, Musk announced the birth of their son, who he and Grimes named "X Æ A-Xii Musk," seemingly pronounced "X Ash A-12." "Mom & baby all good," Musk wrote on Twitter. Source: Business Insider, Business Insider More recently, Musk has been dragged into an ugly court battle between Heard and her ex-husband, actor Johnny Depp. Musk has denied any involvement with Heard while she was still married, as well as other salacious allegations that have come up during the proceedings. Source: Page Six
One of Elon Musk's mansions is for sale.The billionaire has listed a four-bedroom, three-bath home in Los Angeles for $4.5 million, Forbes first reported.Tesla's chief executive originally bought the house — which is considerably smaller than some of his others — along with his now ex-wife Talulah Riley in 2013 for $3.695 million.If the asking price of $4.5 million holds, Musk stands to make nearly $1 million in profit from the sale.The home is located in Brentwood, about 15 miles Northwest of Downtown Los Angeles.It's on an odd-shaped triangle lot, but makes full use of the compact space.
After last week’s exploration of the events immediately following the Westworld host uprising — and a short leap ahead, with untold mysteries sandwiched between — “Reunion” offers some juicy hints at the park’s real purpose, and how it ties into the journeys of both Dolores and the Man in Black.We open with a familiar exchange of phrases in a very unfamiliar setting, at least for Westworld.It’s a way-back flashback, with Arnold (Jeffrey Wright) and a heard-but-not-seen Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) preparing to dazzle a potential investor with their incredible invention.Dolores isn’t quite ready to represent the project, at least in Arnold’s fatherly estimation, so Angela (Talulah Riley) is tasked with the job instead.That important early investor, of course, is Logan (Ben Barnes)—full name Logan Delos—who makes his triumphant return to the show bragging about the $60 million Warhol painting he’s situated on his ceiling, so “you can look at it while you fuck.” But even crass, repulsive Logan knows something astonishing when he sees it, like a room full of robots that are completely, utterly indistinguishable from human beings.Less convinced, albeit with much deeper pockets: Logan’s father, James Delos (Peter Mullan).
• Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk was interviewed for an intensely candid Rolling Stone profile.• He discussed his views on relationships and loneliness.• Musk has been married twice, and recently split from his girlfriend actress Amber Heard.Elon Musk got candid about his personal life in a recent, in-depth Rolling Stone interview.It's an usual move for Musk, who said in 2010 that he would "rather stick a fork in my hand than write about my personal life."The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX went on to discuss how difficult it is for him to meet people, saying he is looking for a long-term relationship — and a soul mate.
When 24-year-old author and entrepreneur Stacey Ferreira dropped out of NYU last year to participate in the Thiel Fellowship, the grant program launched by PayPal cofounder Peter Thiel, friends were puzzled by the move.Others were not only more understanding — she even roped a few of them into joining her newest project, the San Francisco-based startup Forge that she launched after joining the fellowship.MUST SEE: Yup, now the iPhone 7 is explodingAlong with her brother Scott and friends Lloyd Jones as well as actress Talulah Riley — who earlier this year filed for divorce from Elon Musk — the venture they launched is built around an app focused on hourly workers in retail and quick-service restaurants.Riley told BGR she and Ferreira met at a GirlGeek panel years ago.I m always looking for brilliant ideas, opportunities, but it s actually extremely rare that a fantastic idea is coupled with such a strong team, she said.
Nearly two months after Amber Heard filed for divorce from Johnny Depp and four months after Elon Musk and his wife, Talulah Riley, called it quits for the second time, the actress and the entrepreneur have been hanging out, according to TMZ.For those doing a double take, Heard and Musk have apparently been friendly for several years, confirming our well-tested theory that all rich people know each other.TMZ claims, however, that Muskheard let it happen have become closer in recent months, following the Justice League actress split from Depp.Sources told the site that Heard and her sister were spotted hanging out at Musk s hotel bungalow in Miami, and the pair had a private dinner at his house together in Los Angeles two weeks ago.If you still have doubts, TMZ also learned that Heard went to ― gasp ― Musk s office, and he in return has been to her home.Make of the news what you will because TMZ says that no one from Team Amber has confirmed that the two are doing anything more than screening old episodes of Heard s forgotten CW gem, Hidden Palms.