Microsoft is warning of fake copies of its Security Essentials that if executed will throw a fake blue screen of death, pwn machines, and lead users to technical support scams.Redmond regards the threat dubbed Hicurdismos as a severe threat which compromises PCs typically through bundled software installers and drive-by-downloads.Microsoft's anti-malware and security men Francis Tan Seng and Alden Pornasdoro warn customers Hicurdismos will throw a full screen blue screen of death, disabling the ctrl alt delete task manager to prevent the user bypassing it, and hiding the mouse cursor to make it appear more legitimate.Hicurdismos misleads users and lures them into "calling a number that can lead to a fake technical support scam," the pair say."The threat of technical support scams has been around for years, but it s recently been observed to be growing."We ve seen attackers becoming more sophisticated with their social engineering tactics to try to mislead users into calling for technical support and then they are asked for payment to 'fix the problem' on the PC that does not exist."
Who doesn’t have a love/hate relationship with their laptop battery?Save cycles, save your batteryAll laptop batteries are built to handle a certain number of charge cycles, usually somewhere around 500 full cycles and sometimes more.Essentially, a charge cycle equals one full discharge down to zero percent and then a recharge back up to 100 percent.Hibernation uses no power, as opposed to various sleep states available with modern laptops that use at least some power over time.In Windows computers, you can look at your System Tray, your Task Manager, and your Processes tab to see which of those little icons really aren’t necessary.
Microsoft has finally pushed out a fix for those who found their PCs were freezing up in one way or another after they had installed the recent Anniversary Update for Windows 10.While there have been a number of problems caused by the Anniversary Update, this was the most severe because it affected the overall operation of the system – and didn't just break a single element such as webcams or plugging in Kindles.The freezing issue meant that some PCs were locking up entirely, or elements of the interface such as the taskbar or task manager were getting frozen, and Microsoft had previously acknowledged the flaw, saying that it affected those with the OS installed on an SSD, and apps/data stored on another drive.The company also said it was working on a fix, and that fix has now been deployed in the form of Windows 10 cumulative update KB3176938, which was released yesterday.A Microsoft representative posted on the forum to announce the release of the patch, and also to clarify that this update will automatically be applied when installing the Anniversary Update going forward.In other words, those updating from now on won't experience the freezing issue in theory – unless there are any gremlins remaining in the works that Microsoft didn't spot, of course .
If starring your important emails is your way of creating a to-do list in your inbox, but you long for something more robust, a new product from aims to help.With for Gmail, the idea is to combine an email client with a task manager you can use to organize your to dos, documents, projects, calendar, contacts, and more.This system is not for the faint-hearted or casual user, but rather for someone with an overwhelming inbox, a nearly unmanageable amount of tasks hidden in email messages, and the willingness to learn a new way of interacting with your productivity applications.That s not meant to discourage you from trying it, but it does cater to a certain audience – the highly-productive, tightly-scheduled business user, primarily.To get started, you connect to your Google account so it can access your email, which is then presented to you in the left pane of a multi-window interface.You can additionally import data from third-party services including Wunderlist, Workflowy, Trello, and Todoist, as well as Google Tasks.
It s called Task Manager, and to fire it up, right-click the Start button and choose Task Manager, or press Ctrl-Alt-Del and choose Task Manager.Click the More Details button and Taskman s power unfolds.The Task Manager Processes tab allows you to do the following:If, say, Edge refuses to stop—a well-known bug in the Win10 Anniversary Update—you can kill it here.If it isn t successful, it presents you with the option of summarily zapping the application called End Now or simply ignoring the shutdown and allowing the app to go its merry way.See which processes take up most of your memory, hit your disk, or gab over the network.
Here's a tip: watch out for the adware and other skrä researcher Andrew Brandt, Symantec has been running a little experiment at home, and filled a computer with every struntprogram he could find.Every time a misspelled pop up asked him to download an obviously fake Java update he accepted.1 So, call me a masochist if you will, every so often In the bomb a testbed PC with so-called adware/junkware applications.— Andrew Brandt @threatresearch August 24, 2016a Few days into the experiment kicked he started Process Explorer, a sort of advanced version of Task manager.
Xiaomi releases MIUI 8 Global Stable ROM for supported devicesAs promised, Xiaomi has started rolling out the global stable build for MIUI 8 to supported devices via an over-the-air update.Users should progressively see the OTA notification on their phones through the Updater app.Along with the global ROM, Xiaomi has also released the MIUI 8 China Stable ROM.Xiaomi devices that are eligible to receive the latest MIUI version include Redmi 1S, Redmi 2, 2 Prime, Note 3 Qualcomm, Note 3 Special Edition, Note 2, Note 3G, Note 4G, Note Prime, Redmi 3, 3S/Prime, Mi 2/2S, Mi 3, Mi 4, Mi 4i, Mi 5, Mi Note and Mi Max 32GB .At present the OTA update for MIUI 8 is live for users of Redmi 1S, Mi 2 and 2S, Mi 4i, Note 3G, Note 4G, Note 2 and the Redmi 2 and will be widely available for more users on 25 August.
Microsoft has acknowledged that there's an issue with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update causing some PCs to freeze up in one respect or another, and the company has offered some details on the problem, with a patch incoming hopefully fairly soon.If you missed this one, some of those who installed the major update for Windows 10 have found their system freezing up – either the whole thing locking up, or some elements such as the taskbar or task manager.In a thread on Microsoft's Answers forum, the company explained that this problem is affecting those with the operating system installed on an SSD, with apps and data stored on a separate drive.That's not surprising, seeing as last week when this issue first popped up, some users noted they had some success by using the workaround of changing the app install location which is in Settings, System, Storage, then look under Save locations back to the system drive i.e.And while the company works on a proper fix, Microsoft is making a similar suggestion, with the company stating: "In the meantime, you can work around this issue by signing into Windows 10 using Safe Mode the freezing issue doesn't occur in Safe Mode to move your apps and data to the same drive as your operating system."Or, if this doesn't work, Redmond further advises that you should rollback to uninstall the Anniversary Update.
More issues with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update have popped up, and the latest complaints are far more serious than the troubles we reported on last week.Apparently some folks who've upgraded to the new version of Windows 10 have found that while it might install fine, their PC is subsequently out in the cold – quite literally affected by various 'freezing' issues.As in either the whole system freezing and locking up after a bit, or the taskbar or task manager freezing up, or more minor issues like scrolling in the web browser being jerky.Whatever's going on, there's clearly a nasty underlying problem somewhere.The advice on the Reddit thread covering this spotted by the Register has offered various suggestions of workarounds, a few of which appear to have provided a solution for some, but not for others.They include using the Media Creation Tool to reinstall Windows, which is what Microsoft is advising, but that certainly isn't working for everyone.
The premise of CCleaner is simple: improve your PC's performance by deleting unnecessary files including temporary files, cookies and the contents of your Recycle Bin and protect your privacy by wiping your web browser's search history and recently typed URLs, and eliminating tracking cookies that report your online activities back to advertisers.In theory that could all be done using Windows' own optimization tools, the Task Manager and your browser settings, but that would take time that many of us simply don't have to spare.For example, CCleaner can erase usernames and passwords saved by your web browser, but only if you explicitly tell it to.CCleaner scans your PC's hard drive for files that can be safely deleted to free up valuable spaceThere are four versions of the CCleaner desktop software:All four will clear your PC of clutter for a speed boost and improved privacy, but the Professional version also includes real-time monitoring, scheduled cleaning, automatic updates and premium support.
Everyone likes free apps, but sometimes the best ones are a bit expensive.Now and then, developers put paid apps on sale for free for a limited time, but you have to snatch them up while you have the chance.These apps normally cost money and this sale lasts for a limited time only.If you go to the App Store and it says the app costs money, that means the deal has expired and you will be charged.Cubious is the journey of a lost cube over 100 levels of 3D warping puzzles.Make your way through five 3D worlds, and construct cubic creatures to help you through over 100 levels of highly original gameplay.
Prevent programs and services from running in the background One reason that your Windows computer may seem tough, you have too many programs and services running in the background. Most likely, you have only joy of some, the rest you can benefit off. The main difference is in the boot of your computer, it will launch a large bunch of background processes every time you reboot, you will have to wait a while. First, start the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl-Shift-Esc, or right-click in the date field in the lower right corner of the screen and select Task Manager from the menu that pops up. Then click on the small arrow with the text More information bring up all the options.
This week s roundup of apps includes two new games from the folks who make My Little Pony and Pokémon.This might be the biggest gaming app news of the week: Pokémon GO freemium, iPhone and iPad brings all your favorite characters into the real world.In this augmented reality game from Niantic, you walk around the neighborhood and your iPhone buzzes when there s a Pokemon nearby.Throw a Poké Ball to collect it before it gets away—as you probably guessed, you gotta catch em all.See larger image See larger image See larger imageFocus Matrix Free, iPhone and iPad is a task manager based on the Eisenhower box developed by former President Dwight Eisenhower to separate a day s tasks into urgent and less-urgent items.
We should mention keeping your version of Chrome up to date, which will give you the best possible performance, and running regular spyware and virus checks on your machine are a great way to get started.1 Cut down on the extensionsThis might be an obvious tip, but it s worth emphasizing—particularly because a lot of add-ons may not be visible on the toolbar, and you may have forgotten about them.Most extensions won t slow down the browser too much, but if you let them pile up they can cause sluggishness and buggy behavior.Disabling extensions should help a little but uninstalling them is your best bet you can always put them back again later .Open up the Chrome Task Manager Shift Esc on Windows to see which extensions and apps are hogging CPU time and memory space on your system.
In theory that could all be done using Windows' own optimization tools, the Task Manager and your browser settings, but that would take time that many of us simply don't have to spare.CCleaner scans your PC's hard drive for files that can be safely deleted to free up valuable spaceCCleaner versionsThere are four versions of the CCleaner desktop software:All four will clear your PC of clutter for a speed boost and improved privacy, but the Professional version also includes real-time monitoring, scheduled cleaning, automatic updates and premium support.CCleaner FreeYou'll be keen to dive in and begin optimizing your PC straight away, but before analyzing you drives it's a good idea to take a look at CCleaner's settings.CCleaner will then begin running through each issue it's found, explaining why it's been flagged up and giving you the option to fix it, skip it, or go ahead and fix everything.CCleaner can also check for plug-ins in all of your browsers, and analyze your drives to see what type of files are taking up the most room.The free version is limited to three devices, whereas the Professional edition covers your whole household.
Currently sitting at the top of the desktop and mobile market share charts, Google s browser is flexible, feature packed, and cross-platform.This is why you see a lot different entries for Chrome when you open up Task Manager on your computer, and since the browser needs to duplicate some tasks for every tab, it all adds up.Google isn't blind to these issues and is continually improving in this area, but there are some things you can do to curb RAM usage and keep Chrome from becoming slow and annoying.Info about discarded tabs can be found at chrome://discards.You can also delete the History Provider Cache to free up some space if needed, and avoid using custom themes as you'll just use up more system resources unnecessarily.Be sure to give other browsers a try, too.
As well as aggregating all your messages in one convenient place, a good email client can add features like encryption and integration with calendars, RSS feeds and VoIP apps.The free version is limited to non-commercial use and two email accounts, but otherwise it's identical to the paid-for edition.Mailbird LiteA great-looking client packed with features to supplement your emailsMailbird Lite isn't just an email app - it's a whole communication platform to which you can add apps for scheduling, chatting, file syncing and teamworking.After downloading Mailbird you'll be treated to a 30-day trial of the Pro version, which is downgraded to the more limited Lite edition if you choose not to upgrade at the end of the month.Free users miss out on features such as speed reading, email snoozing and quick previews of attachments, but Mailbird Lite is still an excellent choice.It offers to connect with your Facebook account, so it can liven up your inbox with your contacts' profile photos, and can also link with Whatsapp, Google Calendar, free task manager, and teamworking app Asana.
Over thirty vulnerabilities fixed in the latest Android update. June update of Android's security patch stopped the eight critical and 28 serious security holes in the system. Google: "Android is safer than ever" It is known that some of these programs require more permissions than necessary. Other relevant security holes were found in media server, libwebm, sd kortshanteraren and task manager. So far, Google has released an update for their own devices, that is to say, the Nexus 5, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6 and Nexus 6P. The company has also forwarded the matter to other mobile manufacturers who eventually learn to release their own system updates.
After all, Apple s strategy of controlling every layer of the mobile experience, from the hardware to the operating system to the app store, seemed to inspire the notion that success in the mobile market meant building your own phone.Needless to say, the results were rotten.Microsoft hasn t quite given up on Windows phones, but it s certainly headed in the same direction.When Satya Nadella took over from longtime CEO Steve Ballmer, he ditched his predecessor s devices and services tagline and rebranded Microsoft as a productivity and platform company for the mobile-first and cloud-first world.It snapped up well-designed mobile apps that already enjoyed cult followings on Android and the iPhone, such as Acompli the basis of its much-praised iOS version of Outlook , Sunrise Calendar now being integrated into Outlook , and the Wunderlist task manager.Google sold Motorola but acquired Nest and still manages the Nexus line, among other hardware initiatives.
Microsoft has tweaked the system requirements for Windows 10, but Computing Editor Michael Passingham argues it hasn't gone nearly far enoughOPINIONHooray, Microsoft has finally admitted that the laptops its OEM partners were selling weren t quite good enough to be worthy of Windows 10.I ve used ultra-budget laptops from the recent past running bottom-of-the-range Intel Celeron and AMD E1 chips, and I couldn t recommend that experience to anybody.Related: Acer Cloudbook suffers at the hands of low-spec processorPrograms take an age to load, ad-heavy websites slow to a crawl and you ll spend half your time in Task Manager culling processes in the hope that it ll make a difference.If I buy my first ever laptop and it s a horrible experience and it just happened to be running Windows 10, I m unlikely to come back, especially given the competitive state of the market right now.For a full desktop operating system, it s laughable and yet manufacturers of super cheap machines take that target and run with it.If manufacturers think it's fine to carry on the age of the netbook for another decade, we're all losers.