Well, if you are currently using Windows 10 and not satisfied with its performance, then you are at the right place.In this article, I will share some tips that will help you boost the speed and performance of your PC (Windows 10).Here we go!Disable Transparent IconThere is no doubt that the transparent interface looks beautiful, but it utilizes too many resources and leads to slows down the system.So if you are good with a simple interface, then I will suggest you disable this function.Now click on Colors in the left column and you will get a ‘transparency effects’ option, switch it to Off.Shut Down Background ProgramsBackground running programs are one of the reasons for the sluggish performance of Windows 10.You can easily do this, you just need to follow a few steps, they are: first of all, right-click and select the Task Manager option, and you will be directed to the Task Manager tab.
From sorting through work emails and expenses to staying on top of budgeting and bills, life admin includes a whole range of activities which have one thing in common – they’re not exactly fun to do. While we can’t make admin more exciting, we can help you get everything in order as painlessly as possible before the end of the tax year, leaving you more time for the fun stuff.  We asked an expert for their tips on how to make sure everything from your daily to-do list to those once-a-year jobs are ticked off with ease.It’s all in the planning First things first, sit down each month and make sure you know exactly what’s coming up.Suzy Sanders, organisational whizz and founder of virtual assistance business Alchemy VA, starts each month by spending one to two hours familiarising herself with everything in her digital diary and scheduling in time for the important things – including vital work meetings, family time and even popping a birthday card in the post. “I make sure I’ve got a grip on everything,” she says. “That gives me focus and then I know everything is in my diary, so I don’t have to worry. With anniversaries or check-ups, put them in once as a reoccurring event.” Make a to-do list – but keep it realistic Now isn’t the time to be too harsh on yourself or bite off more than you can chew so make sure you’re prioritising your own peace of mind. “We have to be realistic about what we can achieve each day,” Sanders says. “Have a good old fashioned to-do list so you get the satisfaction of crossing it off. I have to ruthlessly prioritise, so I do try and pick just three things that I need to achieve. Rolling the to-do list over each day becomes quite demoralising.” Stay on top of your emails Now that many of us are no longer in the office with our colleagues, email exchanges, which should be quick and easy, can slowly eat up hours of your working week. Sanders recommends allocating time to check your inbox (she deals with hers strictly at 10am and 2pm) and leaving it alone for the rest of the day.When Sanders goes through her correspondence, she uses the “touch it once” rule. “I’m not a big fan of ‘Inbox Zero’ and I think that’s just another impossible standard,” she explains. “But this idea is that you touch an email only once. If you open it, you’ve got to do something with it. You could put it on your to-do list or into your task manager, or if it’s something you don’t need to see, set up a folder and filter.” Another top tip is to implement a 15-minute rule. “If an email will take more than 15 minutes to deal with, I’ll put it on my to do list and I’ll do it later,” she says.Go paperless This simple change can make a big difference when it comes to managing your expenses, says Sanders. “Switch to paperless bills so everything can be on one device. You don’t necessarily need to see the emails, you can have rules and folders set up.” Thanks to your planning, you should know exactly which direct debits are due to leave your accounts when and time to sort any other paperwork will be diarised too. The key, Sanders says, is to “be more proactive than reactive” by staying one step ahead on weekly, monthly or annual tasks. Another of Sanders’ top tips is to have a separate email account for when you order things online. This will keep all of the marketing emails away from your work or personal ones, creating a handy filing system which also stops you from getting distracted by the latest sales. Been WFH a lot? Apply for tax relief A little bit of extra admin can go a long way and it’s well worth taking time to apply for government schemes, grants and tax relief that could save you money in the long run. There are a whole host of schemes you might be eligible for and it’s well worth having a look through the government’s website to see what you could apply for.  One of the most straightforward forms of tax relief you can claim is money towards expenses incurred by working from home. If you’ve been unable to go to the office, you can claim £6 a week – dated back to April 6 2020 – without needing to provide evidence of costs. If you have receipts and records, you can put in a claim for extra money. Find out more here. 
Slow computerThe most common symptom of a malware infection is a slow-running computer.Are your operating systems and programs taking a while to startup?Is your data bandwidth suspiciously slow?If so, your computer may have a virus.However, before immediately assuming that your computer has a virus, you should check for other causes for your computer to slow down.Check to see if you are running out of RAM.For Windows, open task manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc) and go to the Performance tab, and check how many gigabytes of RAM you are using in the Memory section.
QuickBooks is the best accounting software, but many a time, the unexpected error happens while doing transaction, and you can resolve unexpected errors when opening QBPOS.The reasons behind this error and the steps are given below.Reasons for unexpected errors when opening QBPOS1) Unable to Perform a point of Sale Database Manager2) Incompatible system requirement3) Installation of Microsoft.NET framework is damaged/corruptedEffective Methods to resolve unexpected errors when opening point of saleSome of the Methods to resolve unexpected errors when opening QBPOS are mentioned below:-Method 1- Check QuickBooks Point of Sale updates are installed1) Go to QuickBooks and locate product updates page2) Be sure that point of sale is selected as your product3) Proceed by following the instructions:Go to the Help option and tap on Software UpdateSelect the option Check for Updates.Tap on Update Now and then Hit on OKReboot the deviceMethod 2- Attempt a new Windows user:1) Go to the Windows Start button.2) Type User Accounts in the search box, and press Enter.3) Select the option of user accounts, and then click on Manage another account.4) Choose create a new account and give a new name.5) Select Administrator for user type.6) Sign-off Windows7) Now, Log in as the newly created user8) Attempt to open Point of Sale againMethod 3– Restart QBPOS Shell and Check the Compatibility1) Select Point of Sale window2) Tap on Ctrl+Alt+Delete from the keyboard3) Open the Task manager and tap on the Image Name column title to search.4) Go to QBPOSShell.exe and hover right-click on it.5) Now, click on the End Process.6) Close the Task Manager7) Again open Point of Sale and start the Troubleshooting process8) Open the point of sale icon 9) Do right-click on it and tap on Troubleshoot compatibility10) Click on Try recommendation settings.11) Once finished, you have to reboot your device and then open QuickBooks Point of Sale.We presume that, by going through the steps, you can easily resolve unexpected errors when opening QBPOS.If facing any issue, you can contact the specialists.
fix QuickBooks Error Code 15101No software is perfect; everyone has its shortcomings and glitches, and so is the case with QuickBooks too.QuickBooks users face errors while using this amazing accounting software, and one such error is error code 15101.This error will usually appear when users try to update their payroll.You can read this blog to know the exact cause of this error code and resolve it.This error can even be resolved by availing the help from experts by calling QuickBooks Error Support available 24*7.Why QuickBooks Error Code 15101 Occurs?The update error 15101 occurs in QuickBooks when you are trying to update it.This error arises because of the following reasons:When the digital signature certificate is uninstalledDue to incorrect internet settingsIf the QBWebconnector.exe is not running properlyThese are some of the causes responsible for the occurrence of error code 15101 in QuickBooks; however, you can easily fix these errors by availing the help from experts.How do I fix error 15101 in QuickBooks?To fix QuickBooks Error 15101, you need to follow these below-mentioned tips:Install a Digital Signature CertificateYou first need to search for QBW32.exe in the Start MenuYou have to right-click on the program file and then select the Properties option.Now select the tab of Digital SignatureFrom the signature list, you need to choose Intuit Inc.Then select the Details option and in the digital signature window, select View Certificate.Now go to the Certificate window and here you have to click on the Install Certificate.Follow the on-screen instruction to finish the installation process.In the end, restart QuickBooks and then try updating your accounting software.Make Correction to Internet Explorer SettingsOpen Internet Explorer and then select Tools.Here click on the Internet Options and select LAN Settings that are there in the Connection Tab.Make sure to select the option of Automatically Detect Settings.Leave the proxy server blank and select SSL 2.0 or SSL 3.0 and even uncheck the box of TLS 1.2.End the QBConnector.exe FileYou have to open the Task Manager by pressing together the Ctrl+Shift+Esc key together.In the Processes tab, you have to look for the QBConnector.exeOnce you found the file, right-click on it to select the option of End Process.If the above solutions do not, you are advised to contact the support team who helps resolve QuickBooks error code 15101.
Is error code 65535 giving you a hard time while using TurboTax software?It is probably yes, as general installation error can arise in your Windows 7,8,10, Vista and XP.This installation error will not let you install or update the TurboTax error on your system.You can reach out to experts by dialing TurboTax Support Number available at all hours to help you resolve the issue you face.You can even read this blog to know more about TurboTax error code 65535.Also visit here: How to install TurboTax without CD drive on windows 10Why TurboTax Error 65535 Occurred?Thinking why TurboTax error code 65535 occurs in the first place?It arises because of the following reasons:If you installed corrupted software on your computer Corrupted Windows registry files can be the probable cause behind error 65535Due to incomplete or failed installation of the TurboTaxYour system is infected with various malware and virusesWhen infected file corrupts your TurboTax software or OS.How to Resolve Error Code 65535 in TurboTax?You need to perform these solutions that are mentioned below to fix TurboTax error 65535:How to Resolve TurboTax Error 65535 Windows XP and Vista?Open your Windows XP system, and if the online back-up is running, you need to disable it.You also have to disable the antivirus software and firewall of your computerNow, you are good to implement installation or update steps for the TurboTax software.At last, you can re-enable the antivirus software or firewalls.How to Resolve TurboTax Error 65535 on Windows 7?First, you need to log into your Windows 7 system as an administrator.Then you have to disable all the security software and third-party software.Once done, you can install or update the TurboTax software.In the end, re-enable the security software.Also visit here: Check Tax Refund status of TurboTaxHow to Resolve TurboTax Error 65535 on Windows 8?You need to tap on the Taskbar > Task Manager > More Details > ServiceWhen you see the status of the misserver showing "running," then wait till the time Windows 8 has completed the installation of another software or file.Once the installation of TurboTax is finished, you can reinstall or install it on your system.How to Resolve TurboTax Error 65535 on Windows 10?Click on the Taskbar > Task Manager After that search for "Intuit update service" and once you find it click on the "end process.
Key FeaturesOne can directly comment on diagrams.Range of exciting templates and designs.Accessible to team members.Share easily in presentation mode.Save and control the changes.Ease to create Collaboration Diagram2.Zoom: Zoom is undoubtedly the first choice for online collaboration.The notification manager of Mural won’t let you miss any important notification from your team.Meister Task: MeisterTask is one of the most innovative collaboration tools that acts as a task manager.Key FeaturesKeep up with your routine by scheduling your meetings on Microsoft Office 365 calendars.Use Webex to send links to Microsoft Teams.Join the conference with a single click.8.This cloud-based software helps automate IT Service Management that offers the dependability to tackle any trouble.
Summary:MeisterTask is an easy to use online task management tool that helps manage tasks and workflows on a customizable platform.It helps teams create a streamlined and automated workflow to execute tasks and maximize productivity.It uses notifications and Kanban-style boards to manage project progress.MeisterTask project management software assists transparent and efficient communication between teams with the benefit of time tracking and data integration with major online applications like Dropbox, Gmail, GitHub, Slack, etc.MeisterTask USP:MeisterTask is a best project management software platform that provides simple management of projects by providing essential planning necessities in one place.It simplifies work by allowing users to import data from major task manager tools and letting users access projects through the free mobile application.Top 5 Reasons to Use a Project Management Software, [email protected]://blog.360quadrants.com/2020/top-5-reasons-to-use-a-project-management-software/MeisterTask Pricing:MeisterTask pricing has three systems to cater to different user’s requirements.MeisterTask pricing segments are as follows:Pro- 4.19 USD/ month.Business- 10.39 USD/month.Enterprise- custom pricing depending on the user’s requirements.MeisterTask Demo:MeisterTask Project Management Software offers a basic version of simple light-duty task management.
Stumbled upon QuickBooks error code 1618 and unable to decide what to do?Well, need not to worry, as we have come up with this post, where we will be talking about the step by step process to fix the QuickBooks error code 1618.This error is accompanied by an error message “There was a problem installing Microsoft Runtime library (Error 1618)”.This error is usually seen when the user tries to install or update, the software or when the user runs the Setup program to install QuickBooks programs.To know more, make sure to read this post carefully.Or get in touch with U.S based industries best accounting experts and certified professionals for further technical assistance.Solutions to fix QuickBooks Error 1618: Another Program is Being UpdatedThe user can carry out any of the below stated methods to resolve the QuickBooks error code 1618.
.NET runtime optimization service is a component of the Windows Operating System, which is also known as mscorsvw.exe and used to optimize the system by helping it start apps and programs faster.But if you are experiencing long delays or slow processes, you will see high CPU usage in the task manager.Once you have ...NET runtime optimization service high CPU drain the system resources and occurs when you update the Windows to the latest version.It is also known as mscorsvw.exe and used to optimize the system 
Along these lines, the solution of this error has gotten exceptionally important and we are here with the Yahoo Customer Care Number experts to sort it out in the most limited time period.Close The Conflicting ProgramsAt the point when you get a runtime error in Yahoo at that point remember that it is going on because of the programs which are conflicting together.The most importantly thing you can do to solve the issue is to stop these conflicting programs.For that,          Open the Task Manager and see the programs loss that are right now running.After that you can open the Processes tab and afterward stop the programs individually by featuring each program and tapping the End Process link.You should check if the ERROR message will recur each time you stop a procedure         When you will perceive which program is causing the error, you may proceed with the following steps and that is reinstalling the appUpdate & Reinstall Conflicting Programs Use the Control Panel:         For Windows 7 you can tap on Start option and tap on the Control Panel and Uninstall a Program option.For Windows 8 you can tap on the Start option and afterward, look down and tap on More Settings         Now just tap on the More Settings, at that point press the Control board > Uninstall a program link.
The Surge 2 is a highly popular action role-playing video game.This game features a character maker, which permits you to modify the gender and appearances of the player’s avatar.It is also supported on all leading platforms like PS4, MS Windows, and Xbox One.According to many gamers, they were encountering some crashing issues while playing the game on PC.It’s a very frustrating issue and if you want to solve this annoying problem, then follow the solutions given below.Running The Surge 2 as an AdministratorFirst of all, close Steam on your device.Thereafter, select the icon of Steam and right-click on it.Now, choose the Run as administrator option.Then hit the Yes button.Now, reopen the game from Steam.Rule out software conflicts on Windows 7Go to the taskbar and right-click on it.After that, click on the ‘Start Task Manager’ option.You have to choose the tab of Processes and look at the ‘CPU and memory usage’ option to check what procedures are using the most resources.Pick the procedure you would like to close, and right-click on it, then select the ‘End Process Tree’ option.Now, reopen the game.Rule out software conflicts on Windows 8 or 10Navigate to the taskbar, and right-click on it.Now, pick the Task Manager option.You should look at the recent ‘CPU and memory usage’ to view what procedures are using the most resources.You should select the process, and right-click on it.Finally, select the End task option.Validate the Game File’s IntegrityFirst, launch Steam on your system.Then select the LIBRARY option.You should choose ‘The Surge 2’ and right-click on it.Now, pick the Properties option.Later, go to the tab of LOCAL FILES, and choose the ‘VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME FILES’ option.Allow the process to get over.Modify the Compatibility SettingFirstly, right-click on the Steam icon, and pick the Properties option.Then go to the tab of Compatibility and mark the ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for’ box.Click on Apply.Click on OK.Set the Virtual MemoryHit the Windows key on the keyboard to launch the Search section.After that, insert ‘advanced system settings’ in it and press the OK button to launch the ‘View advanced system settings’ option.You should select the Settings option.Now, choose the tab of Advanced and click on the Change button.After that, untick the ‘Automatically manage paging file size for all drives’ checkbox.Select the ‘C drive’ option.You have to select the option beside the ‘Custom size’ and input 4096 into the given section.Afterward, click on Set.Finally, restart the system.Source :- https://enterproductkey.a7setup.co.uk/how-to-fix-the-surge-2-keeps-crashing-issue/ Kellie Minton  arrived on the cyber security scene in the early 2000s when virus and malware were still new and slowly evolving.Her longtime affair with writing with an interest in the cybersecurity industry, combined with her IT degree, has contributed to experience several aspects of security suite industry such as blogging at norton.com/setup  .
All the more significantly, you should have the option to fix it pretty without any problem…What is LogiLDA.dll?As a Windows DLL (Dynamic Link Library) record, the document LogiLDA.dll is a product segment of Logitech Download Assistant.It contains the program code, information and assets of Logitech Download Assistant.Simply manage the rundown until you locate the one that gets the job done for you.Reestablish the LogiLDA.dll documentIncapacitate LogiLDA from Startup in Task ManagerErase the Logitech Download Assistant Key from Registry EditorUninstall the Logitech SetPoint SoftwareUninstall and Reinstall the Logitech mouse driverReward tip: Update your Logitech mouse driverFix 1: Restore the LogiLDA.dll recordYou can fix this issue by reestablishing the LogiLDA.dll record from a dependable source.You don't need to know Which adaptation of Windows framework is running on your PC, and you don't have to stress over downloading some unacceptable document.If not, attempt the following fix, underneath.Assignment ManagerIn the event that Fix 1 neglected to fix this issue, you can take a stab at impairing LogiLDA from Startup in Task Manager.So before you roll out any improvements, if you don't mind ensure that you have supported up your Registry first.On your console, press the Windows logo key and R simultaneously to open the Run discourse.
Numerous clients face this issue and here are some convenient solutions.Fix-1 Modify Registry-Alter the library following these simple advances and the difficult will be comprehended quickly by any means.NOTE–Prior to proceeding to the principle fix, we emphatically propose you to make a reinforcement of the library on your PC.In Registry Editor window, on the left hand side explore to this areaComputer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop3.Snap on "alright" to spare the progressions on your PC.Close Registry Editor window on your PC.Restart your PC to spare the changes.In the wake of rebooting your PC, Alt+Tab alternate route should turn out great.Arrangement 2-Through Change in the vault esteem1.Search regedit in the windows 10 hunt confine present the left hand corner of the screen.2.Peruse the accompanying way :- HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer.Search AltTabSettings DWORD.Search Task Manager in the windows 10 hunt box, click on the assignment administrator symbol which shows up.Presently, discover windows pilgrim in it.2.
Dota 2 is one of the most phenomenal and trendy multiplayer battle arena games by Valve.This game offers you ultimate challenges and lots of fun.Some users may face some lagging issues while playing this game.If you want to fix the lagging issue, then consider the solutions mentioned below.Stop Unnecessary Background Programs on Windows 8Navigate to the taskbar and choose the ‘Start Task Manager’ option.You should choose the tab of Processes and look at the recent ‘CPU and memory usage’ to check what procedures are consuming the resources most.Select the resource using the procedure, and right-click on it, then choose the ‘End Process Tree’ option.Once shut the unnecessary programs, reboot the game to check the issue.Stop Unnecessary Background Programs on Windows 10Navigate to the taskbar, and right-click on it, then choose the Task Manager option.Then check the recent ‘CPU and memory usage’ to view what procedures are using the resources most.Go to the process of resource-consuming and right-click on it, then choose the End task option.Now, reopen the game to check whether it is fixed.Roll Back the Graphics Driver to the Earlier VersionHit the Window and R hotkeys simultaneously to launch the Run pop-up.After that, insert ‘devmgmt.msc’ in it and select the OK button.Go to the Display adapters and twice click on it to extend the category.You should select the driver, and right-click on it then choose the Properties option.Now, select the ‘Roll Back Driver’ option and hit on the Yes button to verify the action, whether a window prompt.Now, reopen the game to check the problem.Configure In-Game Video SettingsLaunch the game on your device.After that, select the button of Settings.You should choose the tab of the VIDEO.Then change the settings of the video.Later, hit on the Apply button.Now, reopen the game to check the issue.Change the Power Plan of PCYou should change the power plan of the PC by following these points applicable below:Hit the Windows button on the keyboard to show the Search section.Thereafter, insert ‘control’ in it and select the OK button to open the Control Panel.Beneath the ‘View by’ section, select the ‘Large icons’ option.You should choose the ‘Power Options’ options.Navigate to the ‘High Performance’ option.Now, reboot the system and reopen the game to check the issue.Set the Proxy SettingsYou should set the proxy settings by following these points applicable below:Hold the Windows key on the keyboard to invoke the Search section.Thereafter, input ‘internet options’ into it and select the OK button.You should choose the Internet Options from the results.Go to the tab of Connections and then choose the LAN settings.Now, untick the ‘Automatically detect settings’ box and select the OK button.Finally, reopen the game to check whether they solved the issue.Remove Steam Cookies and CacheYou should remove Steam cookies and cache by following these points applicable below:Select the icon of Steam and right-click on it, then choose the ‘Run as administrator’ option.After that, select the Steam and choose the Settings option.You should choose the ‘Web Browser’ option and pick the ‘DELETE WEB BROWSER CACHE’ option.Later, click on the OK button.Then pick the ‘DELETE ALL BROWSER COOKIES’ option.Hit on the OK button.Choose the Downloads option and pick the ‘CLEAR DOWNLOAD CACHE’ option.Now, click on the OK button.Finally, reboot the game to check whether this fixed the issue.Julia Robert is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security.She writes about the latest updates regarding mcafee.com/activate and how it can improve the work experience of users.Her articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.Source: How to Fix Dota 2 Lagging Issue
Those who use a VPN as their primary connection or even occasionally may come across an error message stating, “The Remote Connection was not Made Because the Name of the Remote Access Server Didn’t Resolve“.You may get this error when trying to launch a VPN connection.Thankfully, this error can be fixed rather easily.If you are facing this error, then check out the troubleshooting guide given below.Reset the Winsock and Flush the DNSHit the Windows and R hotkeys simultaneously for opening the Run prompt.After that, insert ‘cmd’ in it, select the OK button.Now, hold the ‘Ctrl+Shift+Enter’ keys to invoke the Command Prompt with admin rights.Now, input the following into the screen of Command Prompt and hit the Enter button after each command: ipconfig /flushdnsipconfig /registerdnsipconfig /release ipconfig /renewnetsh winsock resetDisable Firewall TemporarilyHit the Windows and S hotkeys simultaneously for opening the Search section.Thereafter, insert ‘firewall’ in it and select the OK button to launch the Windows Defender Firewall.Reach the side panel and select the link of “Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off” on the screen of the Windows Defender Firewall.Once you reach the screen of “Customize settings for each type of network,” choose the option of “Turn off Windows Defender Firewall (not recommended)” beneath the public and private network settings, respectively.Now, hit the OK button to save the changes.Reboot the RasMan in Windows 10Go to the Windows Search section.Thereafter, insert ‘services’ in it and select the OK button to launch the Services app.You should move down to the services list and find the Remote Access Connection Manager.Go to the service and double-click on it, then choose the Properties option.You should choose the option of Stop beneath the Service Status to turn off the service and select the OK button.Now, choose the button of Start beneath the Service Status to reboot the service, and click on the OK button.Fix the Connection Error through Clean BootHit the Windows and S hotkeys simultaneously to invoke the Search section.Then input ‘msconfig’ in it and select the OK button to open the System Configuration.You should choose the tab of Services and mark the box of “Hide all Microsoft services.”You should select the button of ‘Disable all.’Switch to the tab of Startup and select the link of ‘Open Task Manager.’Select every startup item, and right-click on it, then choose the Disable button.Return to the screen of System Configuration.Now, hit the Apply button.Click on OK.Restart your computer.Emily Johnson is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cybersecurity.He writes about the latest updates regarding mcafee.com/activate and how it can improve the work experience of users.His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs, and websites.Source : How to Remove ‘The remote connection was not made’ Error Message?
Starcraft 2 is one of the most popular science fiction genre real-time strategy video games by Blizzard Entertainment.It is available on two primary platforms: Mac and PC.But some gamers are encountering crashing problems while playing it on PC.If you are also dealing with this annoying issue, then here are a few solutions to help fix the issue.Launch Scan and Repair for Starcraft 2Firstly, invoke the desktop application of Blizzard Battle.After that, click on Starcraft 2.You should choose the Options icon under the game title and click on the Scan and Repair option.You have to choose the Begin Scan option.Now, you need to finish the repair process.Prevent OverclockingGo to the desktop and right-click on it, then choose the ‘NVIDIA Control Panel’ option.You should extend the Help menu and select the option of Debug Mode.This process will stop overclocking.Reset the Starcraft 2 In-Game OptionsFirst, launch the Blizzard launcher on your device.Thereafter, select the ‘Options’ icon and choose the Game Settings optionYou should scroll down to Starcraft 2 and select the ‘Reset In-Game Options’ option.Later, select the Reset button.Now, hit on the Done button and reopen the game.Launch Starcraft 2 as AdministratorFirstly, reach the directory of the game and right-click on the file of SC2.exe.Thereafter, click on the Properties option.You should reach the tab of Compatibility.Now, mark the box of ‘Run this program as administrator.’Adjust Affinity for Starcraft 2First, open Starcraft 2 on your device.Thereafter, hit the ‘Alt + Tab’ hotkeys altogether to move to the desktop of Windows 10.You should hit the ‘Ctrl + Shift + Esc’ hotkeys simultaneously to launch the Task Manager.Then reach the tab of Details.After that, find the process of Starcraft 2 in the given list and right-click on it.Later, choose the Set Affinity option.Once you see the new screen, untick one of the CPU’sFinally, hit on the OK button and return to the game.Launch the Starcraft 2 in Windowed ModeOnce again, launch the Blizzard application.Thereafter, click on the tab of Starcraft and click on the Options.Then go to the ‘Game Settings’ option.Later, select the ‘Additional command-line arguments for SC2’ option.Now, input ‘-Displaymode 0’ into it.Run a Clean BootTap the Windows and R keys at the same time to launch the Run prompt.Then insert ‘msconfig’ in it and select the OK button to invoke the System Configuration.Later, select the tab of Services and mark the box of ‘Hide all Microsoft services.’Now hit the ‘Disable all’ button.You should click on Startup and choose the ‘Open Task Manager’ option.Beneath the tab of Startup, choose all the items of Startup, then hit on the Disable option.Later, return to ‘System Configuration’ and click on the OK button.Now, reboot the system.Elina John is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats.Her passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media.She writes for norton security products at norton.com/setup.Source : How to Fix Starcraft 2 Crashing on PC?
Kindle is a famous e-book reader trusted by millions of users across the world to read, browse, and purchase the books from the Amazon Store.This is a very common issue faced by the users and fortunately, with some simple troubleshooting guidelines, users can fix this problem.In this post, we are going to share the simple step by step instructions that can help you to deal with Kindle Won’t open issues on your device.So, read on and follow the simple steps to fix the issue: Kindle App Won’t Open: Troubleshooting Steps to FollowThere could be a number of possible reasons due to which your Kindle app may not open.For example compatibility issues, internet issues, and a lot more.Or, you may have installed the wrong system drivers.
There are some ways through which you can kill any unresponsive apps on your Chromebook.Want to know the solution to fix this problem?Want to see how you can close any unresponsive apps on your Chromebook computer.You can use the Chrome OS Task Manager tool to quit the apps.To get the method to fix this problem, you will have to go through this complete article.The Ways to Close Unresponsive Apps on a ChromebookHowever, the issue of unresponsive apps on Chrome OS is not that common.You will rarely find any problem with these computers.
Dota Underlords is a popular free-to-play strategy video game.In the game, players hire a crew, allot weapons, and then start a battle against the Underlords.The game enjoys immense popularity and is quite addictive.But, what happens when the game randomly crashes on your computer?Simply check out the solutions mentioned below.Download the Driver ManuallyThe video card manufacturers keep upgrading the driver.To get the latest video driver, you need to visit the site of the manufacturer, find the compatible driver, and then install the updated version.Running Steam as an AdministratorFollow the instructions mentioned below:First of all, shut the Steam on your screen.Thereafter, select the icon of Steam and choose the ‘Run as administrator’ option.Then hit on the Yes button.Now, reopen the ‘Dota Underlords’ through Steam.Rule Out Program Conflicts on Windows 7Follow the instructions mentioned below:Navigate to the taskbar on your system.Thereafter, right-click on it, and pick the ‘Start Task Manager’ option.Then choose the tab of Processes and look at the ‘CPU and memory usage’ to check which processes are consuming the most resources.Go to the process you would like to end, and right-click on it.Click on the ‘End Process Tree’ option.Now, reopen the game.Ruling out Program Conflicts on Windows 8 or 10Follow the instructions mentioned below:Go to the taskbar and right-click on it.Then click on the Task Manager option.Now click on the tab of Processes and browse the ‘CPU and memory usage’ to check which processes are consuming the most resources.Go to the process you would like to end, and right-click on it.Click on the ‘End Process Tree’ option.Now, reopen the game.Confirm the Game Files IntegrityFollow the instructions listed below:First, launch Steam on your device.Thereafter, select the LIBRARY option.You should right-click on the Indivisible option and pick the Properties option.Go to the tab of LOCAL FILES and choose the ‘VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME FILES’ option.Finally, reopen the game.Look for Windows UpdatesFollow the instructions listed below:Go to the Search section.After that, input ‘windows update’ in it and hit the Enter key.You should click on the ‘Windows Update settings’ from the results.Then choose the ‘Check for updates’ option and wait till Windows downloads the updates itself.Now, reboot the system.Reinstall the GameFollow the instructions listed below:Hit on the Windows key on the keyboard to open the Search section.Then insert ‘control’ in it and select the OK button to launch the Control Panel screen.Beneath the View by section, click on the Category option.Click on the ‘Uninstall a program’ option.Later, select the ‘Dota Underlords’ and right-click on it, then choose the Uninstall option.Now, download the game and then install it again.David Maxwell is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security.