Black Desert Online is one of the best sandbox-oriented multiplayer RPGs out there.The game allows users to experience fast-paced and action-packed combat.In the game, players get to hunt monsters and massive bosses.Gamers can create their hero using a customizable character creation system.But recently, many users are reporting that they are facing some crashing issues while playing the game.Here is how you can fix the issue.Repairing the Black Desert Online LauncherLaunch the Black Desert Online launcher, then sign into the account.Thereafter, click on the Settings button located on the right side.You should choose the option of ‘Click to start’ beside the Repair Mode.Hit on the Yes button and wait to finish the repair procedure.Once the process is over, reopen the game.Fix the Game on SteamFirstly, open Steam and select the tab of the Library.After that, choose the ‘Black Desert Online’ game and right-click on it.Then choose the Properties option.Later, click on the tab of Local files and choose the ‘Verify integrity of game files’ option.Once the repair is complete, you can reopen the game.Close Background AppsGo to the taskbar on your system and right-click on it.After that, choose the Task Manager option.Select the app you would like to close and right-click on it, then choose the End task option.Remove the Cache of GameFirst, shut the game client on your system.Thereafter, hit the Windows and E hotkeys simultaneously to launch the File Explorer.You should choose the Documents option and reach the folder of ‘Black Desert.’Now, double-click on it.Navigate to the folder of UserCache and hit the Delete button.You should reach the installation folder of ‘Black Desert Online’ and remove the folder of Cache.Now, reboot the game.Reinstall the GameHit the Windows and R hotkeys simultaneously to launch the Run pop-up.Then insert ‘ appwiz.cpl’ in it and select the OK button.After that, select the ‘Black Desert Online’ and right-click on it, then choose the Uninstall button.Now, hit the Windows and E hotkeys simultaneously to launch the File Explorer.Thereafter, insert ‘%appdata%’ into it and hit the Enter button.You have to remove the folder of BlackDesertOnline.Finally, input ‘%localappdata%’ into the upper bar of File Explorer and hit the Enter button.Then, remove the folder of BlackDesertOnline.John Hunt is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats.
Flickering refers to a visible change in brightness between cycles displayed on the video display.Screen flickering in Windows 10 is normally caused by either a display driver issue or incompatible applications.If your Windows 10 screen is flashing or flickering, then do not worry.Read on and check out the solutions mentioned below.Fix the Display Flickering ProblemYou can fix the flickering display problem by following these steps provided below:In case the Task Manager is flickering alongside everything else over the display, that means the display driver installed in the system is faulty.In case the Task Manager does not flicker, but the rest of the screen is flickering, then it is highly likely to be caused by an unsupported app.Uninstalling the Graphics DriversYou can fix uninstall the graphic drivers by following these steps provided below:Go to the Windows icon and right-click on it, then pick the ‘Device Manager’ option.You should pick the ‘Display adapters’ option.Reach the installer driver and then right-click on it.Then choose the Uninstall device option.Once you see the next pop-up, tick the box of ‘Delete the driver software for this device.’You should click on the Uninstall button and wait to finish the process.Finally, restart the system to apply the changes.Install the Newest DriversYou can install the newest drivers by following these steps provided below:Firstly, invoke the Device Manager on your system.Thereafter, expand the section of Display adapters.You should reach the driver and right-click on it.Then pick the Update driver option.Thereafter, choose the ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’ option.Now, wait for the process to complete.At last, restart the system.Turn off Windows Error Reporting ServicesYou can turn off Windows error reporting services by following these steps provided below:Hit the Windows and R hotkeys simultaneously to launch the Run prompt.After that, insert ‘services.msc’ in it and select the OK button to open the Services screen.You should move down and find the ‘Windows Error Reporting Service’ option.Then right-click on it and hit the Properties option.Go to the option of Disabled via the pull-down menu of Startup type.Click on the Apply and then OK buttons.Later, redo the same steps for the service of Problem Reports and Solutions.Now, reboot the device.Uninstall Some AppsYou can uninstall some apps by following these steps provided below:Open the Search section.Then input ‘control panel’ in it and select the OK button.After that, reach the Programs option.Go to the ‘Uninstall a program’ option.Sort applications by the installation date by selecting the column of ‘Installed on.’Select the program, and right-click on it, then hit the Uninstall button.Adjust the Suitable Refresh Rate for the MonitorYou can adjust the suitable refresh rate for the monitor by following these steps provided below:First, input ‘display settings’ in Windows Search and select the OK button.Then move down and select ‘Advanced display settings’ from the results.If the refresh rate is already fixed to 59 Hz or below, you can modify the 60 Hz rate.You have to pick the ‘Display adapter properties for Display 1’ option.Thereafter, select the Monitor section.Beneath the ‘Screen refresh rate’ section, adjust the value to 60 Hz.Now, restart the device.Source: Fix Screen Flickering on Windows?
Read this article to learn a few methods to identify the reason and solution for high memory usage in Firefox.If you own a Windows machine, you can use the Windows Task Manager to recognize memory hogs.Restart FirefoxKeeping the Firefox window On for a long time leads to more usage.Below are the steps to configure Firefox to save previous sessions.Step 1: Start by navigating to the menu and click  “Options,” followed by “General.”Step 2: Find and click on the option named “Restore the previous session” under the Startup tab.Step 3: Exit the preferences window.Also, note that the above action will not log you out of the websites that had signed into before you closed the browser window.Start by clicking on the hamburger menu at the upper-right, then click “Help (?),” followed by “About Firefox.”Step 2.
Baldur’s Gate 3 was launched so that it could carry on the legacy of the Baldur’s Gate franchise from the early 2000s.Moreover, the game has also adapted the 5th Edition ruleset or Dungeons & Dragons, the most sought-after tabletop role-playing game on the globe.While the game is interesting and packed with amazing features, it might, at times, crash on PC.To fix the issue, check out the solutions mentioned below.Switch to DirectX 11 You can move to DirectX 11 by following these steps mentioned below:First, open Baldur’s Gate 3 on your device.Thereafter, select the gear button located beside the Play option and click on the DirectX11 option.Now, open the game to check whether the crashing issue is solved or not.Shut Unwanted Apps Working in the BackgroundYou should shut unwanted apps working in the background by following these steps mentioned below:Go to the taskbar and right-click on it, then choose the Task Manager option.Now click on the apps that are consuming high Memory, Network, and CPU resources, then select the End Task option.Now, refresh Baldur’s Gate 3.Launch Baldur’s Gate 3 as an AdministratorYou can launch Baldur’s Gate 3 as an administrator by following these ways steps below:Reach the folder where the game’s installation file is stored and locate the bg3 executable file.Users will most likely find it in steam\steamapps\common\The Witcher 3\bin.Then select the file of bg3.exe and right-click on it.After that, hit the Properties option.You should navigate to the Compatibility section and check the ‘Run this program as an administrator’ box.Later, click on the OK button.Confirm Game Files IntegrityYou should confirm game files integrity by following these steps mentioned below:Firstly, open Steam on your device.Later, click on the Library section and reach Baldur’s Gate 3, then right-click on it.Then go to the Properties option.You should choose the ‘Local Files’ option and pick the ‘Verify Integrity of Game Files’ option.Now, wait to complete the process, and the corrupted game files will get fixed.Lower the Video OptionsYou can lower the video options by following these steps mentioned below:First and foremost, open Baldur’s Gate 3 on your device.After that, click on the options tab at the top left side of the screen.Hit on the Video option.Change the graphics option to medium or low and check how the game performs.source-What to do When Baldur’s Gate 3 Crashes
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is an amazing first-person shooter video game.The game has been developed by Treyarch & Raven Software.It is available on all primary platforms like PS4, PC, and Xbox.However, there is nothing more frustrating than trying to play a game that stutters, freezes, or crashes.To avoid these issues, you need to boost FPS.Here is how you can boost FPS in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.Update NVIDIA Graphics Drivers via Control PanelYou should update the NVIDIA graphics drivers via control panel by pursuing these steps provided below:Navigate to the desktop and right-click on it, then choose the NVIDIA Control Panel option.Once open the screen, select the Help button and then click on the ‘System Information’ option.You should check the recent Driver version.Go to the page of NVIDIA Driver Downloads.Now, input the required info of the graphics card type, product, download type, language, and OS.Then hit the Search button.Install the latest driver, if available.Shut the Programs Working in the BackgroundYou should shut the programs working in the background by pursuing these steps provided below:Navigate to the taskbar, and right-click on it, then choose the Task Manager from the options list.Once you reach the tab of Processes, check which programs are using up the most memory.After that, select the programs, right-click on them, and choose the End task option.Once you reach the tab of Startup, you should additionally stop a few programs from starting up on boot.It will lower the overall CPU usage.Turn off Screen OptimizationYou should turn off the screen optimization by pursuing these steps provided below:First, invoke the launcher on your device.Then go to the Call of Duty: BOCW.Thereafter, select the menu of Options and click on the ‘Show in Explorer’ option.It will transport you to the installation directory of the game.Reach the ‘Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Beta’ folder and right-click on it.Then go to the ‘Black Ops Cold War Launcher’ and right-click on it, and choose the Properties option.You should click on the Compatibility tab, and don’t forget to mark the ‘Disable full-screen optimizations’ box.Now, click on the ‘Change high DPI settings’ option.Afterward, mark the ‘Override high DPI scaling behavior’ box and then hit the OK button.Now, click on the Apply button.Click on OK.Turn off Steam OverlayYou should turn off Steam Overlay by following these steps provided below:Go to the Steam client and launch it.Then choose the LIBRARY section.Afterward, right-click on the game and pick Properties.You should go to the General tab and tick the ‘Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game’ box.After applying the changes, reboot the system.If the above-mentioned methods do not work, then try disabling the Discord overlay.Source :- 
To figure out why your PC is slow, try eliminating startup programs, using fewer browser tabs, and changing the way you schedule scans and syncing.
The “this file contained a virus and was deleted” error occurs on the Internet Explorer web browser when users try to download any file from the internet.Many users believe that this error occurs because the file is infected, however, it is not true.This error appears when the system is infected with a rootkit.If you want to fix this error, you should read on and follow the detailed stepwise solutions mentioned below.Boot into the Safe Mode with NetworkingYou can boot safe into the safe mode with networking by pursuing these guidelines mentioned below:First of all, reboot the device.Once you see the Login screen, hit the ‘Shift’ button and reboot.Once the device reboots, you will see the screen of ‘Choose an option.’Now, you should click on the Troubleshoot option.After that, click on ‘Advanced options.’Click on the ‘Startup Settings’ option.Thereafter, reach the ‘Restart’ button and hit on it.After rebooting, you will view an options list, hit the F5/5 key to enter Safe Mode with Networking.Run a Clean BootYou can run a clean boot by pursuing these guidelines mentioned below:Navigate to the Search section on your device.Thereafter, insert ‘msconfig’ into it and hit the Enter key.You should click on the ‘System Configuration’ option.Then, locate the Services tab.You have to mark the box of ‘Hide all Microsoft services.’Go to the ‘Disable all’ button and click on it.After that, reach the tab of Startup and click on it.You need to click on the ‘Open Task Manager’ option.Later, shut the Task Manager and then hit the OK button.Now, restart the device.Exit the Safe Mode with NetworkingYou can exit the safe mode with networking by pursuing these guidelines mentioned below:Go to the Windows icon on your device.Thereafter, right-click on it, then choose the Run option.Once you open the Run prompt, input ‘msconfig’ into it and press the Enter button.You should reach the tab of Boot and click on it.Then untick the ‘Safe Boot’ box.Now, reboot the system.Run the MS Safety ScannerYou can perform the MS Safety Scanner by pursuing these guidelines mentioned below:Firstly, download the utility from the Microsoft official page.Launch it, and choose the scan type you would like to perform.You should begin the scan process and check the scan outcomes on the window, which lists each malware recognized on the system.Remove any threat that gets detected.These were some of the best solutions to help you fix the “this file contained a virus and was deleted” error.Ava Williams is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats.His passion is to write about Cybersecurity, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media.He writes for Mcafee products at - How to Fix “This File Contained a Virus and was Deleted” Error
For this purpose, you can use a keyboard shortcut or Windows search bar option, or even the Task Manager tool.Often, we come across a situation where we drive ourselves crazy, looking for the files or folders that we need at that time.With the Command Prompt, you can perform various tasks on your computer like opening any files, automating any tasks, troubleshooting any issues, and can do much more than that.Here, in the following article, we will tell you the proper procedure to perform this task on your Windows 10 computer.So, to get the methods, please go through this complete article.The Process to Open File Explorer Using Command Prompt on Windows 10Before going through the procedure, it would be better to get to know some basic information about the Command Prompt.It is a Windows utility that you can find in most of the Windows operating systems.
There are a lot of errors that appear on Windows 10.These errors are typically fixed by updates and patches.One of the common Windows 10 errors is Unhandled Exception.Usually, the OS of Windows is designed to deal with this error.This error happens when the program code is unable to correctly manage exceptions.To learn how to fix the unhandled exception error in Windows 10, read on.Perform a Virus ScanYou can perform a virus scan by following these instructions mentioned below:Open Settings.After that, reach the section of the ‘Update & Security’ option.You should choose the ‘Windows Security’ option through the left side panel.Reach the right pane and choose the ‘Open Windows Defender Security Center’ option.Now, choose the ‘Virus & threat protection’ option, then select the ‘Quick scan’ option.Run a Clean BootYou can run a clean boot by following these instructions mentioned below:Open the Run command window.Thereafter, insert ‘msconfig’ into it and select the OK button.You should reach the ‘System Configuration’ screen and choose the tab of Services.Then mark the ‘Hide all Microsoft services’ box.Go to the ‘Disable all’ option and click on it.You should click on the tab of a Startup and choose the ‘Open Task Manager’ option.You will get the startup items to list relevant to the system.
In the digital world, trojan horse or trojan, refers to any malicious software which misleads users of its actual intent.The name has been derived from the Ancient Greek story of the deceitful Trojan Horse.This malware that can take control of your computer and is often disguised as a legit software.While Windows Defender is an effective security tool, it may, at times, be incapable of removing trojans.To fix this issue, read on.Run a Clean BootYou can run a clean boot by following these instructions provided below:Firstly, sign-in as administrator, then input ‘msconfig’ into the address bar and hit the Enter key.Then you should choose the ‘System Configuration’ option.After that, locate the tab of Services.You have to mark the box of ‘Hide all Microsoft services.’Thereafter, select the ‘Disable all’ button.Later, reach the tab of Startup and click on it.Go to the ‘Open Task Manager’ option and click on it.Now, shut the Task Manager and select the OK button.Finally, restart the system.Modify Windows Defender Service Startup to AutomaticYou can modify Windows Defender service startup to automatic by following these instructions provided below:Go to the Windows icon and right-click on it, then choose the Run option.After that, insert ‘services.msc’ into it and select the OK button.You should choose the service of Windows Defender and right-click on it.Then reach the Properties option and select it.Don’t forget to check that ‘Service Status’ is working.Make sure that ‘Startup type is set to Automatic.Now, hit the Apply button and then select the OK option.Finally, reboot the system.Clear the Cache or Temp File  You can clear the cache or temp file by following these instructions provided below:Navigate to the Internet Explorer on your system.After that, select the Tools option.You should choose the ‘Internet Options’ button.Go to the tab of the General and click on it.You have to choose the ‘Browsing history’ option.Hit the Delete button.Now, untick the ‘Preserve favorites website data’ box.Finally, remove the temporary file, history, delete cookies, passwords, and more.Perform a Full Scan into the Safe ModeYou can perform a full scan into the safe mode by following these instructions provided below:Hit the Windows menu then choose the Settings option.You should choose the ‘Update and Security’ option.Choose the Recovery option through the left side panel.Reach the ‘Advanced Startup’ option and select it.Choose the ‘Restart now’ button.You have to select the ‘Troubleshoot’ option through the screen of ‘choose an option’ and select the ‘Advanced options.’Navigate to the ‘Startup Settings’ then select the Restart button.Once reboot the system, you will get an options list on your screen.Hit the F4 or 4 keys to start the system into the safe mode.Now, perform a full scan.This is how you can get Windows Defender to remove trojans from your computer.Wilder Zayn is a Microsoft product expert and has been working in the technology industry since 2002.As a technical expert, Wilder Zayn has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as  How to Fix Windows Defender is Not Removing Trojans
Back in the 1990s, Windows users had access to a number of small, free software tools from Microsoft handy for everyday tasks, such as accessing desktop items from a menu on the taskbar or quickly changing the screen resolution. Collectively, these programs were called “PowerToys” (see the eponymous Wikipedia article for more history and a list of items).Today, Microsoft offers a set of tools under the control of a single UWP app by the same name. Unlike the ‘90s tools, which had to be downloaded and installed individually, the newest Windows 10 PowerToys app gives users access to all available PowerToys in one go.To read this article in full, please click here
Modern web browsers can dominate your Task Manager window - here's why.
Have you ever faced any performance issues while playing any games on your Windows 10 PC?Any person who loves to play a lot of games does not want any interruptions during their ongoing game.And now, Microsoft is about to launch another new feature, particularly for game lovers.The company is working on a feature for Windows 10 users that will enable them to free up resources to improve the working condition of their computer during their gameplay.In the following article, we have provided a detailed description of the new Task Manager that is soon going to be added to the Windows 10 operating system by Microsoft.More to Know About Windows 10 New Task Manager FeatureWhenever we face any performance issues during our ongoing game, we generally press the “Ctrl + Alt + Del” command to open the Task Manager to find out the exact problem.
No more faffing around dropping to the desktop to access Task Manager, because it’s right there integrated in the Bar.
You’ve just sat down at your desk preparing for the night-long session of Destiny 2 when suddenly your computer starts acting strange.You don’t remember configuring any of the settings or downloading any new programs.Opening task manager leads to more questions, as your CPU is at 100% workload.Restarting the computer does not work, and uninstalling a few unnecessary programs shows no solution either.The issue that is ruining your night is known as malware and they can infect both Windows and Apple operating systems.TheseMalware is any type of software that sneaks its way onto your computer to complete a certain task.Adware will make ads pop up in your browser sessions.Spyware snoops around on the computer it infects to gain certain information.There are many types of malware to take into account when considering your information security, but luckily there are many cheap antiviruses available & many ways to tell if there is malware is on your computer
If you want to fix this issue, then follow the troubleshooting tips given below.Now, input the following command and then hit the Enter key: Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers |Where-Object {$_.InstallLocation -like "*SystemApps*"} | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"} End Task Task You should follow the guidelines given below: 1.Hold the ‘Shift + Ctrl + Esc’ buttons altogether to launch the Task Manager.2.Then you should find the service of Cortana by browsing the list of Processes.Go to the ‘Task Scheduler Library’ and double-click on it through the left panel.5.Select the exported file and copy it to a USB, then paste it to a doubtful system.11.
Windows key is the most versatile key in your Windows PC’s keyboard as it brings you the shortcuts for almost any task (major or minor) you want to perform.Here are the steps to run the troubleshooter:Right-click on the Start button and click on Settings.Select Update & Security and choose Troubleshoot.Click on Additional Troubleshooters.Now, click on Keyboard followed by Run the Troubleshooter.Grant permission to the troubleshooter for running so that it can start detecting and repairing the problems simultaneously.Re-Register the Start MenuSometimes, the problem lies in your Start menu rather than the Windows.Use the following steps to do so:Give a right-click on the taskbar and select Task Manager.Click on File and select Run New Task.Insert ‘powershell’ and hit the OK button.Insert the following command and hit the Enter key:Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.Windows.ShellExperienceHost | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}Once the command completes it works, you’ll notice the Start menu getting back to normal.Use Another KeyboardAt times, the equipment of your keyboard can get broken or damaged, and it’s important to find the root cause of the issue.If the Windows key still doesn’t work, then it’s time to throw away that keyboard.To fix this issue, go to the Task Manager, and open the Processes tab to check all the apps and background processes running.Now, check all the apps and close one at a time.Once you find the culprit, go to that program’s settings to find a way to disable its shortcuts.
This could especially be appealing during the current days of the coronavirus pandemic when everyone is using their laptops and computers more than ever.Well yes, you can do that.After a few quick shakes, all other windows opened on the screen will minimize, and the one you were shaking will be left open.Open the ‘secret’ Start menuAll of you must be aware of how to get to the Start menu with the help of your keyboard (Press the Windows icon on your keyboard).But, did you know that Windows 10 has another Start menu to directly access important features like the Command Prompt, the Control Panel, and the Task Manager?To do so, follow the steps below:Step 1.The easiest way to screenshot your entire screen is to press the Windows key + Print Screen key.If you want to capture a particular part of your screen, then press the Windows key + Shift + S. Snip & Sketch tool will open up, allowing you to click, and drag to create a screenshot.Shut down background appsAlthough apps running in the background help your system to stay updated, they end up consuming your battery and data.
AppHangB1 error is an issue that may randomly pop up when users try to launch games on Steam or other apps.It is an incredibly annoying problem and reportedly, a number of users have faced this error.Because of this error, systems become very slow and unresponsive.If you would like to fix this error, then here are some solutions given below.Turn off Antivirus SoftwareYou should pursue the directions given below:Firstly, find and click on the icon of the Windows Firewall at the lower right side of the taskbar.Or else,  insert the ‘windows firewall’ in the Windows Search and select the OK button.Then select the section of ‘Turn Windows Firewall on or off’ situated at the left panel.You will have to disable Windows Firewall on Public and Private settings.Later, click on the OK button.Now, reboot the Steam or the app that you have an issue with, then run it as administrator.Configure Launch Settings on SteamYou should pursue the directions given below:First of all, find the standard location of the Steam client by going to the C: drive and then choose Program files (x86)\Steam folder.After that, you will be required to create a ‘steam.exe’ shortcut into a similar folder.Go to the shortcut and right-click on it, then pick the Properties option.You should reach the tab of the Shortcut of properties and find the Target section.When you see ‘C: Program Files (x86)\SteamSteam.exe’, add ‘-dx9’ at the end.Select the OK button.You have to launch the Task Manager and end the task of Steam Client Bootstrapper.Modify the Launch Settings of Game IndividuallyYou should pursue the directions given below:Navigate to Steam and launch it.Then select the section of the Library wherever each of the games is kept.Select the game and right-click on it to invoke the error, then select the Properties option through the list.You should click on the tab of the General.You can select the ‘Set Launch Options’ option.You will see a box on your screen, insert ‘-dx9’ into it, and select the OK button.Click on  Apply, and then OK.Later, you will be required to close Steam.Using Safe Mode You should pursue the directions given below:Open the Run command prompt.Thereafter, input ‘msconfig’ into it and tap the Enter button to launch the System Configuration Windows.Then select the tab of Boot.Go to the ‘Safe boot’ option and choose the Network option beneath it.Click on Apply.Later, reboot the system.By following the stepwise solutions mentioned above, you can fix the Apphangb1 error on Steam.source:
In that case, it’s always better to disable these startup apps on your computer system.This report will show you the methods for disabling the startup apps on your Windows 10 computer.Here, we have mentioned two different procedures for doing that.The techniques are easy enough to follow and will not consume much of your time.Here’s what you need to do to disable the startup apps using the Windows settings:To get started with this method, launch the Settings on your computer system by clicking on the Windows icon that you can see at the lower-left corner of your screen.Now, on the settings screen, you will be provided with the list of the apps installed on your computer.You will also see the toggle button given next to each app.