REUTERS/Mike Blake Reuters - United Parcel Service Inc, the world's largest package delivery company, said on Wednesday it will expand the 3D printing services provided through its UPS Stores to create an on-demand manufacturing network starting this summer.Atlanta-based UPS and SAP SE also announced a partnership in which Europe's largest software company will provide supply chain solutions to help manufacturers get products to market more quickly and at a lower cost."Speed is critical to us and we see tremendous value" in extending SAP's capabilities further down the supply chain via UPS, said John Dulchinos, vice president for strategic capabilities at contract manufacturer Jabil Circuit Inc, in a telephone interview with Reuters.UPS already offers 3D printing services using ABSplus, an industrial grade thermoplastic, at more than 60 UPS Stores around the United States.Under the new system, customers will be able to upload digital designs to First Radius, a company specializing in 3D printing in which UPS holds a minority stake.IDC Research Inc analyst Robert Parker said the network will bring UPS only modest benefits at first because 3D printers have limited capabilities at present and few printable materials available.
From Marketing Land:Data provider Acxiom opens up its turnkey marketing analytics environmentMay 17, 2016 by Barry LevineCalled Acxiom Marketing Analytics Environment or AMAE, it offers the first full integration of the company s 2014 LiveRamp acquisition.9 reasons you should attend SocialPro in Seattle this JuneMay 17, 2016 by Marketing LandAre you a professional social media marketer focused on driving results for your company or clients?Botnet hijacks search results to siphon Google AdSense for Search revenueMay 17, 2016 by Ginny MarvinThe click-fraud botnet Redirector.Paco has infected nearly 1 million computers worldwide since 2014, according to researchers.Email provider Bluecore, UGC platform Olapic team up to use consumers photos in marketing emailsMay 17, 2016 by Barry LevineThe collaboration points to the growing incorporation of user content into more marketing channels.Google launches their new mobile-friendly testing toolMay 17, 2016 by Barry SchwartzGoogle revamped the mobile-friendly testing tool after its launch back in November 2014.The Biggest Mistakes in Usability Testing, www.uxmatters.comAmazon Wants Alexa to Take Control of Your Smart Home, www.wsj.comConnexity, Inc. Launches Enhanced AudienceView, connexity.comFirst Intentionally-Initiated Out-of-Stream Format Displays Both Direct Response and Engagement Ad Creative, www.vibrantmedia.comLatest Hootsuite App Dynamically Manages Social Between Desktop and Mobile, hootsuite.comMavrck Launches Beta Program for Pinterest Influencer Activation Engine, www.mavrck.coNetLine Advances with Account-Based Marketing Platform Powered by First-Party Intent Data, www.prnewswire.comProgress Announces New Digital Transformation Solutions to Combat Digital Denial, www.businesswire.comFive Questions You Need to Ask Before Purchasing New Technology, www.marketingprofs.com30 Practical Tips for Producing Great Facebook Live Videos, www.problogger.net5 Best Practices to Consider Before You Use Livestreaming Video, blogs.constantcontact.comTwitter is testing a Periscope live-streaming button inside its mobile apps,
View photosMoreA man speaks on his mobile phone near a Samsung store in central Kiev, Ukraine, May 11, 2016.REUTERS/Valentyn OgirenkoSEOUL Reuters - Samsung Electronics and Alibaba Group Holding plan to announce a collaboration on mobile payment systems on Friday, South Korean media reported.Under the tie-up, Samsung Electronics plans to allow its smartphone customers to use Alipay, the online payment platform run by a unit of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, media reports said on Thursday.A Samsung Electronics spokeswoman declined to comment.
You can buy an iPhone as you walk down The Avenue, enjoy a seminar with artists in The Forum, fix your laptop under the trees in the Genius Grove and get some training in The Boardroom.The stores confounded early expectations and helped Apple become one of the most admired consumer brands in history.The reboot was led by design chief Jony Ive and Angela Ahrendts, who worked at Burberry before joining Apple two years ago to run the retail operations.If the concept works as designed, you'll buy into Apple's ecosystem of hardware, content and services—at least for another few years.Visitors will be able to enjoy the show from a few dozen wooden and leather stools designed by Ive's elite unit.This space extends Apple's push to attract business customers that has seen the company team up with Cisco, SAP and IBM in recent years.The San Francisco version is also home to a fountain by local sculptor Ruth Asawa.When Apple reported slowing iPhone sales earlier this year, Chief Financial Officer Luca Maestri said customers weren't upgrading their handsets as quickly as they once did.
It looks at the email campaigns of the three remaining presidential candidates — Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders.Sather pointed out that email operations are not just nice-to-have promotions, given that Barack Obama s campaign raised about half a billion dollars from email during the 2012 election.Sather also noted that the wealthy Trump has boasted throughout the primaries that he was self-funding.Nevertheless, Trump s open rates are higher, with Sanders and Clinton s about half Trump s this month.Clinton has a very high reach of actually getting into recipients inboxes and not being stopped by, say, spam filters.About The AuthorEmail provider Bluecore, UGC platform Olapic team up to use consumers photos in marketing emailsHow marketers can identify companies that value email marketing
ATAP s Ivan Poupyrev announced that the company was collaborating with iconic clothing company, Levi s, to launch a connected smart jacket aimed at urban cyclists that will allow wearers to do things like control their music, answer phone calls, access navigation and more, all by tapping and swiping on the jacket s sleeve.The jacket will be a part of Levi s Commuter collection of clothing, which is largely aimed at urban dwellers who ride bikes to navigate their city.The connection points for the tech cleverly takes advantage of the jacket s button-hole to look less obtrusive.Another feature, Compass, was accessed with a swipe.Google says it plans to work with other apparel makers in the future to expand Jacquard s reach, including athletic clothing companies and those who design business wear.Perhaps of most interest is that this jacket isn t some far-off pipe dream, as it turns out — it will launch into beta testing this fall, then become publicly available in spring 2017, says Google.
Practice makes perfect.But for a collaborative sport like ping pong, it s not always easy to find the perfect partner.Brothers, Alexander and Harrison Chen, solved this problem by building the Trainerbot.This ping pong robot works in tandem with a smart phone app and allows users to create their own custom shots by choosing the speed, direction, and spin with which the Trainerbot shoots balls.Every summer and winter break, the two brothers would team up to create prototypes until they came up with the 1.2 kilogram, 16 by 32 centimeter Trainerbot.Trainerbot is currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter.
The upcoming port, which will launch exclusively via digital channels for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PCs via Steam, will include an all-new multiplayer mode that lets up to four friends team up to tackle Pac-Man s infamous kill screen.Upon reaching the 256th level in the original Pac-Man, expert players encounter an impassible roadblock in the form of a glitchy maze that cannot be completed.Pac-Man 256 reimagines Pac-Man s kill screen scenario as a world-devouring glitch that chases the player and destroys everything in its path.Players must dodge ghosts and gobble up pellets for score as they attempt to flee the impending digital apocalypse.Crossy Road found success on mobile platforms in 2014 thanks to its smartphone-optimized control mechanics and free-to-play structure that awarded skilled players with bonus unlockables over the course of gameplay.Today s trailer revealed that the console and PC versions of Pac-Man 256 will feature multiple maze layouts and tilesets, including unlockable skins inspired by series entries like Pac-Mania and Pac-Man Championship Edition.
Today's newly minted partnership is mutually beneficial; Uber gets the money, and Toyota gets new opportunities to sell cars.Additionally, Toyota will offer a special fleet program to sell Toyota and Lexus vehicles to Uber.Going globalUber says Toyota vehicles are some of the most popular cars used by its drivers, and that this team up will help expand the ridesharing platform around the world.Technology is also a focus of both firms as they collaborate on bringing in-car apps to support Uber drivers.Note that GM invested half a billion dollars in Lyft to bring an autonomous ridesharing fleet to fruition.Most notably, Apple invested $1 billion into Chinese ridesharing service, Didi Chuxing earlier this month.
The Japanese carmaker wants to build its expertise about how consumers use ride-sharing services, the person said.Toyota and Uber, the largest global ride-hailing provider, declined to comment on the size of the investment.Automakers have been developing alliances with ride-hailing services, seeking partners that can help sell more cars.Gett Inc., an Uber rival in Tel Aviv, said on Tuesday that it raised $300 million from Germany s Volkswagen AG.Didi Chuxing, the Chinese car-booking giant, received a $1 billion investment this month from Apple Inc., which has had a car project in the works.GM leases vehicles to Lyft drivers in Chicago, and the companies plan to expand the program.The hundred-plus-year-old auto industry is grappling with a variety of technological changes, including ride-sharing, self-driving capabilities and increasing regulatory pressure to reduce pollution.Among its global competitors, Uber has a strong position in congested urban centers where ride-sharing is taking root first, Baum said.Toyota and other automakers want to jump on the ride-sharing bandwagon partly because investors are pushing them to do so, he said.Uber has raised more than $10 billion in capital since it was founded in 2009.
Summer s around the corner, and TripAdvisor wants to help you plan your vacation with a side of music to get you hyped.Today, the company announced a partnership with Google Play Music to offer playlists for popular travel destinations, such as London, New York, Cancun, Montreal, Paris, and more.The playlists are supposed to emulate the vibe at these destinations, Latin-inspired dance tunes for Miami and Bay Area rap for San Francisco, to name a few.You ll be able to access these playlists through TripAdvisor s Android app, which will give you two free months of Google Play Music.Services like Spotify already offer themed playlists for road trips and rainy nights, but this is another option if you re looking for a free service to trial as you galavant around the world this summer.Read next: PayPal co-founder hell-bent on destroying Gawker after company 'outed' him years earlier
Gates intends to use the results to breed—and eventually introduce—climate-adapted super coral to the ocean to help bring the world s ailing reefs back to life.This urgency led Gates to team up with marine ecologist Madeleine van Oppen in Australia on a five-year project, funded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen whose company Vulcan supports projects to promote ocean health and conservation , to engage in human-assisted evolution.For decades, a Honolulu bedroom community on its shores allowed sewage and storm runoff to foul the ocean, triggering the growth of bubble algae that all but smothered colonies under stinky green mats.The University of Hawaii team will be sequencing the genomes of the five main coral species in the bay to pinpoint the genes that best equip corals for the rigors of climate change.But just look at the projected temperature in 2030, 2040.Let s put our energy and resources into something that we know will make a difference—cutting carbon, says Jokiel, who fears that focusing on rescuing reefs could divert attention from the real work of tackling global warming.
There s no rest for the wicked at the Naughty Dog team - despite the recent and well received launch of Uncharted 4: A Thief s End, it seems the team were back to work even before Nathan Drake himself was.Lead game designer for Naughty Dog Emilia Schatz has been looking for new team members to join the studio in creating their next release.With heavy rumours surrounding the possibility of The Last Of Us 2, and E3 just around the corner, there s a lot to be excited for when Naughty Dog break their current vow of secrecy.Still, perhaps we'll see a new I.P.Maybe in the style of the Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon team up we'll see a Nathan Drake / Joel team-up where some white dudes with emotions and varying amounts of facial hair will do some things to some people.Oh yes.
View 238936285859Uber will soon be a lot better at finding your destination.Under the new deal, Uber's app will incorporate Foursquare's Places data so that riders can find the addresses for exact locations by only typing in the restaurant or venue name."Foursquare will enable Uber to customize, improve and increase the breadth of our non-personal POI points of interest location data to enhance Uber s rider and driver experience," Foursquare wrote in a blog post.Exactly how much the deal is worth is unclear, but Foursquare described it as a "global, multi-year agreement."Right now, the app is able to find addresses for some locations, like airports and some restaurants, but isn't always able to consistently find relevant addresses when you type in specific venues.The company, once known for its check-in app of the same name, has significantly changed its strategy over the last two years — first by removing check-ins from its flagship app in favor of a more Yelp-like service and then with a new CEO who has said he wants to refocus the business around Foursquare's wealth of location data.
Set to be completed in 2017, new MAREA cable will help speed up cloud and online services at both companiesFacebook and Microsoft have revealed that they are teaming up to build one of the largest subsea cable projects to date.The computing giant and social media titan will work together to roll out the new MAREA cable across 6,600km of the Atlantic Ocean as it looks to deal with growing customer demand for faster data connections.Microsoft does have previous experience in underwater engineering, having earlier this year tested an underwater data centre that it hopes could reduce cloud latency by being placed close to heavily populated areas near coastlines.Project Natick, which held a test rack of servers, was sunk 30 feet off California for four months in 2015, with Microsoft now looking to further develop the research by building larger capsules that could possibly house cloud services such as Azure and Office 365.As the world is increasingly moving toward a future based on cloud computing, Microsoft continues to invest in our cloud infrastructure to meet current and future growing global demand for our more than 200 cloud services, including Bing, Office 365, Skype, Xbox Live and the Microsoft Azure platform, said Christian Belady, Microsoft s general manager, datacentre strategy, planning & development.By building the cable along this new southern route, we will also increase the resiliency of our global network, helping ensure even greater reliability for our customers.
Xiaomi and Microsoft have announced a deal that will move the companies a little closer together, while giving Xiaomi a slightly less treacherous path for expansion into Western markets.The press release notes that, starting in September, "Xiaomi Android devices, including Mi 5, Mi Max, Mi 4s, Redmi Note 3 and Redmi 3, will come pre-installed with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Skype applications."Xiaomi—despite being heavily invested in Android skin with its MIUI skin—hasn't been afraid to team up with Microsoft and experiment with Windows.It currently has an accessory store in the United States, but selling smartphones in the West means diving into the smartphone patent war.Right now Xiaomi is definitely saving money by staying out of the more litigious Western countries.In its move to the West, can Xiaomi license all the patents it needs to, fight all the inevitable legal battles that will come up, and still offer lower prices than the competition?
Orange Is the New Black creator Jenji Kohan has already brought the big house to Netflix users, and soon she ll be partially responsible for a lot of big hair.Netflix has ordered a comedy series with Kohan serving as executive producer, reports Deadline.Set in the 80s, the show centers on the real-life female wrestling league that was featured in the series G.L.O.W.Stream your favorite TV shows and movies with Amazon Fire TVThe Las Vegas-based series ran for four seasons and even had sketches and songs to go with its wrestling.The upcoming Netflix original will be set in Los Angeles and follow a fictionalized character who is a struggling actress trying to realize her acting dreams.Kohan will team up with OITNB co-executive producer Tara Herrmann on G.L.O.W., as well as its creators, Liz Flahive Homeland and Carly Mensch Orange Is the New Black .
International Business Machines Corp. and Cisco CSCO 0.62 % Systems Inc. are teaming up to help customers harness a flood of data expected as devices of many kinds are upgraded with computing and communications capabilities.Experts hope that such data, properly captured and analyzed, will yield insights that can make business and industrial operations more efficient.In some cases, the companies said, Watson software may be installed in Cisco gear to help perform analytical chores locally without having to wait for a response from remote services.IBM Chief Executive Virginia Rometty said she expects such the Watson technology, which IBM calls cognitive computing, to be integrated in many different types of products in addition to Cisco s devices.One of the biggest obstacles, industry executives say, is too much data—if it is allowed to flow in an unregulated ways—could clog networks.The alliance announced Thursday, which includes joint sales and marketing activities, will help those products work better together, the companies said.
Indie studio Zeboyd Games announced that its Super NES-style RPG Cosmic Star Heroine will premiere for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita this summer.Fans will soon be able to pre-order a limited edition physical version from niche publisher Limited Run Games.Soon after the game begins, Alyssa is branded as a spy, forcing her to flee from her employers and team up with fellow outcasts on a quest to discover the truth behind a dark government conspiracy.Gameplay in Cosmic Star Heroine unfolds much in the style of a 16-bit RPG, and its turn-based battle system features multicharacter combo techniques similar to those found in Square Enix s landmark Super NES game Chrono Trigger.Though Cosmic Star Heroine is built on a foundation of 16-bit nostalgia, Zeboyd has taken steps to eliminate much of the tedium associated with decades-old RPGs.The studio parodied RPG tropes in 2010 s Breath of Death 7 before refining its retro-style approach with the popular follow-up Cthulhu Saves the World.
In 1978, one of the strangest and most exhilarating comic book issues in DC s history appeared in stores, featuring one of the greatest team-ups of all time: Superman and Muhammad Ali.Teaming up superheroes and real life personalities was a tried and true trick for comic books: Superman had been paired up with celebrities in the past, such as President John F. Kennedy and Bob Hope before, so when DC Comics wanted to put him together with the World Heavyweight Champion Muhammad Ali, it seemed like a match made in heaven.Neal Adams noted that the idea came from Julius Schwartz at DC comics, who thought that teaming up the two would be a great idea.Adams took over the cover, making some major changes.The same framing and format remained, but he populated the crowd with a number of cameos that included real celebrities such as Presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter, Lucille Ball, Johnny Carson, Ron Howard and Andy Warhol and many more .During the delay, Ali actually lost his title of World Champion, utlimately regaining it in September 1978.