TechWorld wrote in a previous article the exploits of hackers, a five year old bug in the UPnP protocol to infect the home and småföretagsroutrar in order to build the botnet.Now nätverksjätten Akamai discovered a new variant that opens up the router so that the hackers can reach computers and other connected devices on the lan side, reports ZDNet.the Hackers succeed with their venture by taking advantage of a technology called UPnProxy.the Hack is to change the rules in the router's nat table.Nat is a protocol for translating internal ip addresses to external ip addresses when the users usually only get an external ip address from their operators.These rules still works as usual, but instead to redirect the traffic that the hackers pleases so changed the rules so that hackers can connect to the smb-protocol, tcp ports (139 and 445) on the devices on the network lan page.
Security Oded Vanunu has seen it all when it comes to cyber security.In fifteen years time, he has worked at security company Check Point, and today he leads a team of white hat hackers who, among other things nystat up vulnerabilities in services such as Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger. "I have worked in the industry long, but I have never experienced that säkerhetslandskapet been so scared as now," he said to Techworld, and continues: " On the one hand you have the big nations spend millions of dollars on cyber weapon, and on the other hand, you have cyber criminals organizations that are earning a killing on the attack.Sandwiched between the two, you will find consumers that are only going to get worse the more the other two spread out.If you can believe him spending nations millions of dollars to develop cyber weapon, and their search of vulnerabilities has made it more difficult for white hat hackers to keep its ideals.
in the spring have lost a great deal with its largest customer, Apple dropped the british chiptillverkaren Imagination Technologies 70 per cent of its value on the London stock exchange.Apple would start to manufacture these components itself.After this, set the Imagination up itself for sale – and bought up by the CBFI Investment of eur 742.5 million dollars.This writes the news channel CNBC and says that it's a disappointing end for what was once a great european teknikframgång.Imagination, however, has not given up.Techworld wrote last week, has Imagination changed the focus after that they lost to Apple and will now launch specialkretsar for cheaper smartphones.
Techworld wrote in Tuesday will Microsoft does not provide support for the Creator's Update-the update of the Windows 10 for some older variants of the Intel Atomprocessor.The confirm Microsoft now, according to IDG News.It is specifically about Atommodellerna which is sometimes called with the “Clover Trail” (part of the Cloverviewfamiljen): Z2760, Z2580, Z2560 and Z2520.Because the manufacturer Intel do not maintain these models active longer so does Microsoft chance to stop customize the Windows 10 for them.Users who have devices with these processors will have to settle for with Windows 10 Anniversary Update, as well as security updates until January 2023, which coincides with the support for Windows 8.1 ends.this is, perhaps, no major problems, in terms of number of affected users.
p – People are not either completely rational or completely irrational.Everybody has a little bit of both Spock and Homer Simpson in every day, " says the british security and consultant Jessica Barker.the Whole situation is more nuanced than that. A study shows that it is 18 per cent more likely to cyber-security experts, click on the links that you know are dangerous, than to people in general, make it.They want to see what happens.Although Jessica Barker draws to with funny parables about the Simpsons and Star Trek during his lecture at the IDG's event Next Generation Threats (NGT) and during a subsequent interview with Techworld so it is obvious that she is thoroughly annoyed at the many descriptions of it security.
I have participated in many operations, " says Michael Viscuso, now chief technology officer at security firm Carbon Black which he co-founded in 2002.An interesting such insight regarding how to analyze streaming data as network traffic, to identify security threats.– One problem with running such analytics solutions cloud services is that they give rise to many false positive alarms, " explains Michael Viscuso for Techworld.this is not only a problem in itself, therefore, a quality problem, but also gives a worse result as regards the most critical aspect of the work to detect and combat security threats: the Time dimension.Carbon Blacks solution to the problem was that for two years then move analysmotorn for streaming data to the client devices, or ”endpoints,” which is the English expression is used.Each unique event gets its own identifier, tag.
Now, can millions of routers to be at risk, warn security experts.Miraiviruset continues to spread to new victims and infects routers on the several parts of the world.the security Experts from the company Flashpoint claims to have tracked down the virus to countries like the Uk, Brazil and Iran.According to the experts is five million routers and modems at risk due to vulnerabilities in the software, writes IDG News.yesterday, reported Techworld on the new strain that caused a large problem for the German internet users during the Sunday and Monday.900 000 of Deutsche Telekomskunder with routers from Zyxel became totally or partially with its port connection when the virus tried to attack the equipment.
Techworld met Avi Rembaum in the Check Point which was and revealing how the network works.According to the FBI's calculations are Cerbers income from ransoms in the first three months of sek 1.9 billion.the Rest of the profits goes up in the pyramid.unlike other ransomware, which is spread from a group, can ransomware-as-a-service to reach out very far.the Network seems to have started in Russia, when Cerber has not yet attacked any where or in the former soviet Republics, " says Avi Rembaum, responsible for Check point's development of security solutions.Until now, it is difficult to understand how the networks are constructed.
The three available Moto Mods snap onto the body much like a case.When Lenovo revealed its Moto Z line with Moto Mods, it promised there would be more ways to turn your phone into a multipurpose tool.It looks the company will share exactly what it has in mind for new modules during Berlin s IFA event in September.The news comes thanks to a brief promo video Lenovo just posted:While it s short on details, the pledge of more Moto Mods is important as Lenovo is putting a lot of energy and resources behind its modular smartphone.The company teased a HyperCharge mod for a rapid recharge and a OneCompute mod that turned your smartphone into a mini-computer during the Lenovo TechWorld event in June.
Samsung is apparently on the verge of releasing a foldable smartphone, but it won't be the only bendy handset on the horizon: Moxi has a black-and-white phone that turns into a watch, too.At TechWorld today, the company quickly unveiled a couple of fascinating concept devices with working prototypes.What you see above is the Lenovo C or CPlus , a smartphone/wearable hybrid that takes two very different forms.But thanks to the bendy material along the back, you can clamp it onto your arm and turn it into a functional smartwatch.During the Tech World presentation, YouTube star Meghan McCarthy debuted the phone, showing how it can quickly change forms and still apparently be useable.It's actually pretty similar to one of Samsung's foldable device concepts, seen on our Galaxy X preview, but Samsung's idea puts a separate screen on the outside rather than splitting the tablet screen found within.
Moto executives went to great lengths to stress just how revolutionary they think the Moto Z line and its snap-on modules are during a Q session at Lenovo TechWorld on Thursday.The point was made most directly by Iqbal Arshad, senior vice president of engineering and global product design, when he emphasized the Moto Z, is as good a phone as we ve ever produced.He and other Moto leaders described the way the company re-engineered the antenna design, opted to kill off the headphone jack, and sought to design a modular phone that stuck to a predetermined aesthetic as much as possible.Rounding out the panel was Jeff Dietel, vice president of marketing for Verizon Wireless.Well, on Verizon s network anyway, as the company said they took advantage of their previous work with Verizon on the Droid line to optimize the LTE performance.It s as simple as snapping it on and things work.
Today, Movidius announced that electronics behemoth Lenovo is the latest company to adopt their tiny, low-power sub-one-watt Myriad 2 visual processing unit VPU to provide advanced vision processing technology to a variety of VR-centric Lenovo products.Lenovo is a marquee client for the hardware/software company with offices in both San Francisco and Dublin, Ireland.No other info was given with regard to the scale of the partnership but just that the first Lenovo products featuring Myriad 2 are expected in second half of 2016.Knowing that the Myriad 2 is designed for various onboard visual processing no cloud needed and considering Lenovo s TechWorld conference is in two days, I m sure we ll hear more during the event about what these unmentioned virtual reality products will be.However, unless the two companies have been working together unofficially for some time, a new VR-capable headset seems a bit premature to me, but who knows.This announcement follows other earlier adoption announcements from the likes of Google and FLIR and increasingly points to enterprise level confidence in their VPU platform.
Since January 12 this year, Microsoft has completely removed support for older versions of Internet Explorer browser IE, on client versions of Windows. But soon it will end with it, as support for older Jqueryversioner as 1:12 and 2.2 shall cease when the new version 3.0 release in the near future. One reason to use jQuery is that it handles differences between browsers, in terms of how developers to design applications. Now, the pressure increases on the basis of not making it, says Johan Öbrink, creative director at consulting firm Iteam. JavaScript developers Techworld been in contact with do not think there will be some difficult transition to go from older versions of Jquery to the new version 3.0. There is an upgrade guide and also the code to identify the need of rewriting, for those who want to facilitate the transition to version 3.0 of Jquery.