Discover over 50 free, responsive, email marketing templates you can modify and adapt for your own email program.You'll also learn which types of templates are needed to kickstart your own email program.
iOS/Web: Most apps that automatically generate things like images or web pages end up looking like crap.Adobe s new free app Spark can do a bit better job than most.The app lets you quickly design nice-looking images for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or your own blog with a handy selection of presets.Pick a size, color palette, and title themes.You can also choose from ready-made templates to design videos and web pages.Spark will guide you through each step, doing all the heavy lifting behind the scenes.
I can't speak for what was going around in Josh Folland's head when he proposed it – for this is entirely his monster – but I know why I liked it.The problem with VMUGsVMUGs – indeed user groups of any kind in tech – have a very similar problem.By showing they're working on this, hopefully they'll get some folks interested in what they do.Given that most of my interaction with VMware now is about benchmarking, testing and reviews a lot of my life focuses around templates, clones, snapshots and the like.To contrast, the Edmonton VMUG is doing really well if 30 people show up.But if we succeed, we might well open up a fun way to help put the user back in user group.
And at some point, your less-engaged audiences may simply churn out of your funnel.As tempting as it may feel to want to keep everyone engaged with your email campaigns, it s important to take a step back and reflect upon how much your company has likely changed over the last few years.In a digital ecosystem where audiences are more scatterbrained than ever, it s mission-critical that all brands bring something unique to the table.That s because, as a marketer, you re likely hyper-focused on achieving results for your company.Instead, examine your leads needs: pay attention to the messaging they re responding to, the content they find most engaging, and the questions they re asking before deciding to become customers.Download the B2B Demand Generation Playbook and learn how to align your marketing and sales team for a full-funnel approach to demand generation.
You might not have heard of Automated Insights before, but chances are you ve probably seen what its software can do.The company has developed Wordsmith, which is essentially AI that can write human-sounding reports from raw numerical data, such as financial reports and sales forecasts.Available from today in beta for free, the plugin comes with an ExplainIt feature that can automatically generate descriptive captions for charts and graphs, making it easier to interpret your data.It works just like any spreadsheet formula: select your data visualization and hit the ExplainIt button, and Wordsmith will automatically generate a description you can place on your spreadsheet or embed right into your chart.The templates let you define how Wordsmith should interpret your data, what words it should use to describe things like rising and falling figures and which parameters it should focus on, such as average sales or median prices.And if you re using it in Microsoft Office, you can export those descriptions in other apps like PowerPoint and have them update on-the-fly.
I love asking emerging entrepreneurs if they have a lead generation strategy.WhatYouAreReallySaying: We don t know what to do to build a strategy, and we don t have the money to buy expensive consultants.For example, LeadPages team has spent years perfecting their landing page templates.Your $50 will go a long way.A link to a downloadable white paper is a great way to collect email addresses.The main advantage of the Twitter Cards is a shorter path to receiving leads.
The primary one for ecommerce stores is that it would be difficult, if not impossible, to maintain the HTML, beyond a few dozen pages, for a complete site.In fact, since the early days of the Internet, people have used programs to help generate code for websites.A visitor navigates to a page in her browser.All of this happens in less than a second, ideally.require 'sinatra'require 'active record' Setup the databaseActiveRecord::Base.establish connection YAML::load "database.yml" ActiveRecord::Schema.define docreate table :products do table table.column :name, :stringtable.column :price, :decimaltable.column :description, :textend unless table exists?That is an increasingly viable option for companies that want to use a specific platform but still need to customize, say, 10 percent of it.
New research into B2B marketers with account-based marketing ABM in place has revealed more than three-quarters are developing resources to further continued usability and best practice sharing in order to scale their programmes and expand their efficiency.The Information Technology Services Marketing Association ITSMA released results from a March 2016 survey, which polled B2B marketers globally on what approaches they re using to scale their account-based marketing programmes.Of those surveyed, 77 per cent said they were developing tools and templates to encourage repeat use and best practice sharing.More interestingly, 69 per cent said they were adding technology to automate and create more leverage.While marketing technology is top of mind for all marketers, B2B marketers evidently lack some of the resources they need, but are trying to make the best of them.According to a separate survey released in August 2015 by Ascend2, more than two-thirds of B2B marketing professionals worldwide said they didn t have the marketing technology tools they needed.
That technical preview has now been formalised as a first order feature set , director of Ansible Core Jason McKerr wrote in a blog post today, with support for Cisco, HP Enterprise, Juniper, Arista and Cumulus.Ansible s agentless model works particularly well in the network management space, McKerr wrote, and with a lot of help and support from the vendors, we are very pleased to have our first major release with support for these features.We re happy to take the beta tag off of our Windows support, and make it a fully supported part of the Ansible automation platform.This includes Kerberos and NTLM support, and a full suite of modules for Azure, which according to McKerr, allow first-class management of most basic resource types eg, virtual networks, storage accounts, NICs, virtual machines , as well as deployment of Azure Resource Manager templates.Even the smallest product rev would feel half-cocked these days, without mentioning containers, and Ansible 2.1 plays the game with McKerr saying a key focus for 2.1 was to further mature our Docker support.In practice this means rewrites of existing Docker modules, and the addition of a new one, docker service, which allows users to use Docker s compose language from the file system or embedded in an Ansible playbook, with the former allowing deployment and scaling of multi-container applications within the context of broader Ansible playbooks .
But with the release of the iPhone and iPad, Apple went one step further and introduced an iOS version of iMovie to enable you to edit on the go.Apple's iMovie is now available as a free download on the latest iPhones.Movies use a range of different templates such as News, Travel or Neon good for creating pop videos ; trailers are like mini-movies packed with text overlays.One big tip: you can record video in both portrait and landscape orientation, but we strongly recommend you use landscape if possible, even if you shot your video in portrait mode.Landscape enables you to see longer video clips, editing is easier overall, and the icons feature accompanying text in case you forget which one does what.Here's how to put together a cinematic masterpiece on the move with the iMovie app…
If you ve ever had to write a reference paper, essay, or lab report, you know what it means to struggle with an overwhelming amount of information to organize, or a blank page looking back at you.WriteWell helps you organize that information easily, and offers writing templates to help you get started with your paper.WriteWell has templates for college research papers, specific types of essays compare and contrast, argumentative, reference, and so on , news articles, scientific papers, and even cover letters and new job pitches.To make the most writing with WriteWell, you ll want to use it to create sections for your paper, and then jump into those sections—and a full text editor—to either do your writing, or to paste in your relevant text.The service is free to start, and you can sign up with an email address, see all of the features and templates, and see if it s something that would work for you.Free accounts are limited to three documents though, so if you want to keep using it, you ll need to upgrade to a paid plan, for $6/mo, or $60/yr.
I do know, however, that the site gets over 70 million visitors a month, and has up to five times more traffic from business owners than Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.Focus on the content and then leave it to a professional designer to make the magic!Ayesha Ambreen: SlideShare The formula to create Featured Slide decks is simple: Stick to a niche topic, add value through content and use simple but eye-catching graphics.I personally prefer vector graphics but it is okay to experiment with different themes and graphical elements to find what works best with the topics or ideas specific to your subject.In this type of presentation, with limited real estate, less is often more.Presenting is an art, and your slides should compliment everything you say, be a trigger for you and what you want to say, and pique the interest of the audience so they are only left hanging on your every word.
You get the new document icon which takes the shape of the icon for the program you're working on along with an Open Document icon, Save icon in the form of the good old-fashioned floppy disk, and an icon for sending the document you're working on as an email, exporting it to a PDF file, or printing it.On the right of the window, click the icon with the arrow.Choose from one of the templates and create helpful and professional-looking spreadsheets in CalcThese templates range from budget spreadsheets that you can use in Calc to help you keep your finances in order, professional presentations for you to use in Impress, and leaflets you can create in Writer.When it comes to the saving process while creating a brand new document, you have a large choice of file types that you can save the documents as – just click the save icon or hit CRTL S or Command S on a Mac to open the Save dialogue window.From standard bar and pie charts, to more complex scatter and line graphs, there's a huge choice to help you display results from your data in the most useful and accurate way.Impress makes this easy with a number of useful formatting tools, that include layouts, graphics and colour schemes.
My wife and I own a small business where we do one on one coaching and workshops on finance and budgeting.We are launching a new "Corporate Financial Wellness Program" where we do educational workshops, followup webinars, templates and tutorials on how to budget, save money and pay off debt for employees of businesses paid for by the business .Ideally we will be reaching out to human resources or owners of businesses from small business to large corporations with a marketing packet.Flyers, samples of templates, specific information, etcThere is a lot of data/ research out there specifying how money is the leading cause of stress and how much productivity is lost per employee each year because of financial issues.Also, we are considering having a videographer make a highlight video of the workshop.Thanks!
Although San Jose-based MapR tips its hat to MapReduce by name, the increasing obsolescence of Google's 2004 framework – and the public enthusiasm for Apache Spark as its successor – has provoked the company into developing its own enterprise-grade Apache Spark Distribution.This will include the complete Spark stack the company says, alongside its own IP in what it terms the MapR Converged Data Platform, to offer customers speedy in-memory processing, speedier app development, and code reuse across those applications.MapR is also going to include its Spark Distribution in its plug-and-play "Quick Start Solution" Hadoop offerings, which first came out last year to flog pre-built templates, configuration, and installation help.Corresponding with El Reg, Jack Norris, MapR's new senior veep for data and applications, said: "There is a lot of excitement in the developer community around Spark."MapR is seeing more growth in its free on-demand training classes, which relate mainly to Spark, and Norris added: "Developers talk about the ease of development in Spark and say the streaming analytics options are very strong."Norris said that a "hybrid open source model that can combine architectural innovations while supporting industry standard APIs and supporting the full rich open source community is the best model for meeting customers needs."
After launching a preview for select customers last September, Microsoft is now rolling out free access to Planner, its project management app, to all users of its Office 365 productivity suite.The tool lets you plan projects for your team, whether it s for your business, school or non-profit organization.Once you ve added collaborators, you can assign them tasks with due dates, share files and get a visual overview of everyone s progress.The board-based interface is similar to apps like Trello and Asana, but the obvious advantage here is that it will instantly become available to the numerous companies and teams that have already adopted Microsoft s popular Office 365 suite.However, it s still early days for Planner – unlike its rivals, it doesn t have native mobile apps and you ll instead have to log in to the service through your browser, and rely on email notifications to know when you ve been assigned a new task.Microsoft says it s working on apps for Android, iOS and Windows, as well as features like reusable plan templates, an option to grant external users access to your boards and the ability to assign a task to multiple users.
IBM reckons the rigs assembled to run the likes of Hadoop and Apache Spark are really just supercomputers in disguise, so has tweaked some of its supercomputer management code to handle applications that sprawl across x86 fleets.As explained to The Register by IBM's veep for software-defined infrastructure Bernie Sprang, apps resting on clusters need to optimise workloads across pools of compute and storage resources, and can benefit from templates that make it easier to deploy without dedicated hardware.That second point, Sprang says, is important because he's starting to see cluster creep , a phenomenon whereby different teams inside an organisation each cook up their own compute clusters that could perhaps be shared instead of hoarded.There's also the Spectrum LSF tool for workload scheduling.It does think the Spectrum range is a fine idea for those contemplating cloudy or hybrid cloud analytics rigs, as it will happily span on-premises and public clouds.But that's where the similarities end: this lot is aimed squarely at clustered apps and Big Blue hopes its high-end pedigree will interest those now wrestling with hyperscale workloads.
But are we really getting a true and accurate picture of our SEO performance?As marketers, we pore over data all the time — but in order to glean meaningful insights, we need to make sure our data collection tools are set up properly and managed correctly for accuracy.Global taggingInconsistent tagging is the most common mistake that I come across.I often see that tracking code does not get added to new page templates, or the web developer overwrites a new page template and forgets to add in the tracking code, or the website has many page templates and a lot of pages, which can be difficult to manage.Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land.True performance baselines & ROI for SEO without attribution modelingTaming The Beast Of The Messy Enterprise SEM Campaign2 Tales Of Clarity Using Google Analytics' Multi-Channel Funnel ReportingGoogle Analytics Begins To Roll Out New Benchmark Reports
From the Blueshift web siteBlueshift, which has offered a personalization platform since 2014, is today launching a new service that it says allows marketers to tailor their own.One way to think about this, co-founder and CEO Vijay Chittoor told me, is that every business is very different from others , and so has different personalization needs.Other platforms offering personalization — like Oracle s Responsys or standalone recommendation engines like RichRelevance or MyBuys, as well as what his company has previously offered — are cookie cutter, he said.By contrast, he said, the patent-pending processes employed in the new Studio accept a wide range of real-time event streams reflecting user behavior from sites, apps, wearables, Internet of Things connected devices and other sources, as well as from a customer relationship management CRM system.Studio then allows personalized templates to be created for emails, display ads on the web, mobile notifications and other channels.As an example, he pointed to The Muse, a job site for millennials.
The new Sprightly app helps businesses market without using a PC or MacA set of screenshots showing how Sprightly works.Microsoft has built its business helping companies be productive on PCs, and this tool could be a way for it to stay relevant in a world that has moved to mobile.The app could attract users of Microsoft Publisher, the company's desktop publishing application.Sprightly already has a host of mobile competitors, including Adobe Spark Post.The app launched on Android earlier this year, and Tuesday's update brings a greater variety of templates, with more colors and styles.The Garage has released a whole stable of mobile apps, including the Word Flow keyboard, News Pro newsreader and Arrow launcher for Android.