A Texas lawmaker is proposing a state law that would prohibit wireless carriers from throttling mobile Internet service in disaster areas.Bobby Guerra, a Democratic member of the Republican-controlled Texas House of Representatives, filed the bill last week."A mobile Internet service provider may not impair or degrade lawful mobile Internet service access in an area subject to a declared state of disaster," the bill says.If passed, it would take effect on September 1, 2019.rejects Verizon’s “customer support mistake” excuse for throttlingThe bill, reported by NPR affiliate KUT, appears to be a response to Verizon's throttling of an "unlimited" data plan used by Santa Clara County firefighters during a wildfire response in California last year.
Another weekend has come and gone, meaning there’s blockchain and cryptocurrency news to catch up on.Thankfully, you’ve got Hard Fork’s weekly wrap-up, Moonday Mornings, to take the stress out of it.The Brazilian Court of Justice in São Paulo has dismissed an appeal made by Spain’s largest bank, Banco Santander, against cryptocurrency exchange, Mercado Bitcoin.The irony that cryptocurrency startups rely on banks needs no explaining, but the fact that the courts sided with the startup in this case is unique.Earlier this month, the Times of Malta reported that, despite gunning to become a “blockchain island,” startups are still struggling to get support from traditional banks.SPACE10, a research and design lab supported by IKEA, has launched a project to explore whether solar power and blockchain can work together.
Richard Christian Dillard, 55, was the congresswoman's Campaign Communications Director and killed himself outside the home in Irving.
Local politicians compared State Rep. Gary Gates to Sen. Ted Cruz. who also left Texas as millions lost power as a result of severe winter weather.
Bill would "directly assign" grid stability costs to renewable power providers.
The bill advanced to the Texas Senate despite criticism from gun-reform advocates and some law enforcement groups.
Gohmert spoke in front of a large image of the event's logo, which featured QAnon's slogan 'Where we go one, we go all."
The Texas Department of Banking affirmed banks may provide crypto custody services as long as there are "adequate protocols in place to effectively manage the risks."
A bill that would have made delta-8 THC illegal in the state did not pass before the end of the legislative session May 31. The bill started out with industry support Delta-8 THC is a cannabinoid found naturally in cannabis plants. When HB 3948 passed out of the Texas House of Representatives, it reportedly had the support of many farmers and businesses. The bill was intended to help the state’s hemp industry by creating a licensing process for research, clarifying some language on behalf of farmers, allowing hemp to be used as animal feed and more. The bill passed the House with 132 votes in its favor and 13 votes against it. The bill was sponsored in the Senate by Senators Charles Perry and Roland Gutierrez.
Texas legislators recently returned to Austin for a special session to enact the restrictive voting measures sought by GOP Gov. Greg Abbott.
Democrats in the state House want to deny the quorum needed to pass voting restrictions and bills targeting trans athletes and critical race theory.
Chris Turner, chairman of the state's House Democratic Caucus, said it was a "sober reminder that COVID is still with us."
Texas Republicans targeted parts of the curriculum teaching about civil rights as part of their campaign against "critical race theory."