Dutch news organization The Correspondent surprised some of its supporters earlier this week when co-founder and CEO Ernst Pfauth posted an update on Medium saying that the company would not be opening a newsroom in New York City.After all, I wrote an article titled, “The Correspondent launches campaign to bring its ad-free journalism to the US.”But here’s how Pfauth explained the decision in his post (emphasis in the original):We’ve closed our campaign office in NYC, and we have decided that we won’t open a newsroom in the US for now.We don’t aim to be a national US news organization (we have founding members from more than 130 countries around the world!)but instead want to cover the greatest challenges of our time from a global perspective — in English.
De Correspondent, a Dutch news organization aiming to “unbreak the news,” is planning to launch in the United States next year as The Correspondent.To fund its efforts, it’s hoping to raise $2.5 million from future readers.Co-founder and CEO Ernst Pfauth (a former tech journalist who previously served as editor in chief at The Next Web) said this campaign is meant to test the waters of whether U.S. readers are interested in The Correspondent’s journalism.If it raises the money, it will launch in the U.S. next spring.You not just giving us your money — though the money is essential — but you’re sharing your knowledge and spreading articles.”If that sounds a bit touchy-feely, here’s a concrete example: Last year, the organization broke the news that a videotape and related documents showed that Shell had detailed knowledge about the dangers of climate change as far back as 1991.
Shopping Oddities in MichiganWhat sort of authority makes the rules governing shopping in Michigan on Sundays?According to a correspondent, they include these oddities: — People can buy a tennis racket and balls on Sunday, but only if they intend to use them within a mile of the shop.— They can buy a raincoat but not an overcoat, furniture for outdoor use only, and meat for their dogs but not for them.Private shopkeepers, supermarkets and discount houses' are seeking an injunction to stop these nightmarish rules, In the correspondent adds.mo I must say that in the paradise of "free enterprise" thev do seem outlandish.In wit Montana makes its history a thing of joy (Montana history guide on essay help org.Every so often along the highways — maybe twenty miles apart, sometimes fifty miles — you'll see a neat sign: HISTORICAL POINT- 1000 FEET.