Ingenuity interacts with the Perseverance rover by using 900MHz Zigbee radios.It uses the same technology you utilize to put on a Philips Hue lightbulb.We get this news via an unbelievable tweet from Ben Bromley.And Bromley found it on the Linux Unplugged podcast with guest Tobin Richardson, CEO of the Zigbee Alliance.As per the tweet, Zigbee is the ideal protocol (wireless) to send telemetry data between the Perseverance rover of NASA.A copter that under the name of Ingenuity overcome the scant Martian gravity to take off.Afterward, utilized Zigbee to be capable of being controlled remotely.Technology Used in Light BulbsIngenuity flies over Martian land and does not require Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or something exotic to interact with Perseverance.That is why it serves similar between the garage remote and the door, a light bulb, and a hub.According to the Zigbee Alliance, the preferred Zigbee protocol provides a great reach.
Smart lightbulbs, door locks, thermostats and other items should be easier to install and interconnect, and Google will upgrade many current products with Matter software updates.
Smart lightbulbs, door locks, thermostats and other items should be easier to install and interconnect, and Google will upgrade many current products with Matter software updates.
NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter communicates telemetry over Zigbee to the NASA’s Perseverance rover. | Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech Today I learned that the Ingenuity drone copter twirling about on Mars communicates with the Perseverance rover using 900MHz Zigbee radios. Not Wi-Fi, GSM, or something exotic like fission-powered lasers or space algae, but the same consumer tech you use to turn on a Philips Hue lightbulb. I came across the news via an incredulous tweet from Ben Bromley who discovered it on the Linux Unplugged podcast with guest Tobin Richardson, CEO of the Zigbee Alliance. According to Richardson, Zibee is the ideal wireless protocol to transfer telemetry data between NASA’s Perseverance rover and the semi-autonomous flying drone. “Looking at really extreme environments, like Mars, it’s good to have a very lightweight purpose-built standard,” said... Continue reading…
Computer scientist Jenny Wang says digital tokens can empower young creators to own and sell copies of their work independently and profit directly.
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Partners behind a standard called Matter want to make it easier for us to embrace smart lightbulbs, door locks and thermostats.
"The situation is critical in Brazil. This should further strain the global balance sheet, while the U.S. will have to partly compensate," Agritel said.
The new series of Strictly Come Dancing may still be a long way off yet, but rumours about who will be taking part are already in full swing. A number of famous faces have been listed as potential contestants in the press, ahead of the 19th series of the hit BBC ballroom show. It’s been reported that bosses are hoping to stage the series as normal – including a studio audience, the return of Strictly’s Blackpool special and a full 13-week competition – after the pandemic forced a number of changes the the regular proceedings in 2020. As excitement for that possibility builds, let’s take a closer look at all the names currently in the mix for Strictly 2021...Gregory PiperThe actor has been propelled to new levels of fame after taking a central role in the most recent series of Line Of Duty as bad cop and organised crime group member Ryan Pilkington. According to The Sun, his name is on a shortlist of stars bosses are hoping to sign up for the new series of Strictly, with the tabloid claiming he would be a “dream signing”. Tom MaloneThe Gogglebox star recently announced his departure from the hit Channel 4 show after deciding to “explore new opportunities”. Tom has plenty of dance credentials, as he has been a professional break dancer since he was 14, and even appeared in a Strictly opening number as one of the B-Boys.He recently told the Daily Express he would “love” to do Strictly, saying: “If the opportunity came up to go on Strictly as a contestant, I’ve never done Ballroom in my life, so it’d be interesting to see how as someone who breaks, I’m used to dancing upside down, how those two worlds could come together.“And, how I could use skills from breaking in Ballroom or if there is even anything you can use from breaking in Ballroom.”If he does end up taking part, Tom would make history as the first Goggleboxer to ever appear on the Strictly dance floor.Chris WhittyIt was recently reported Strictly bosses were hoping to secure a high-profile name who has aided the nation through the coronavirus crisis for the new series. According to The Sun, Chris, who is the Chief Medical Adviser to the UK Government, was “top of the list”. Jonathan Van-TamChris’ colleague JVT was previously linked to a role on Strictly, but appeared to rule himself out during an interview with ITV News earlier this year. The Deputy Chief Medical Officer said: “I think it would be rather like watching Jumbo [the elephant] on ice. But I don’t want to spoil the bookmakers’ books, so I’ll say no more than that.”However, he has the backing of professional dancer Janette Manrara, who told Channel 5′s Jeremy Vine: “If we had Ed Balls, we’ve had Ann Widdecombe, then why not? Bring him on. “It comes down to height and styles. I feel like he could be really good in ballroom because he’s quite elegant.”Alex Beresford The Good Morning Britain presenter became one of the most-talked about figures of the year when he stood up to Piers Morgan on the ITV breakfast show in March.The Sun later claimed BBC bosses were keen to sign Alex – who competed on Dancing On Ice in 2018 – up for Strictly, with the presenter later addressing the rumours on Twitter. “Do I need to brush up on my 2 step and shuffle?” he tweeted. Laura TobinAlex’s fellow GMB star Laura has also been rumoured for the upcoming series, with The Sun reporting that both of their names were “in the mix”.John BercowStrictly has a long history of casting political figures past and present, and this year it looks like they are courting the former Commons speaker for the new series. The Sun claimed bosses had approached him about taking part in the past, but are keen to convince him to say yes this year.Maya JamaMaya’s name has long been attached to Strictly Come Dancing, and last year she revealed she’d turned the show down on a number of occasions in the past. However, in an interview with Hello! magazine, the former Radio 1 DJ admitted she “loves a dance” and “wouldn’t say no forever”, so could 2021 be her year?Martin and Roman KempThe Spandau Ballet musician recently revealed he’s keen to take part in Strictly, telling The Jonathan Ross Show: “I think it’s one of the best shows on television, I absolutely love it.“Would I do it? Maybe, but I’d only last one round. My knees are so bad. I’m sure I’d be out first round.”His son Roman was less keen after previously auditioning, with the Capital Radio DJ saying: “I would like to do it, they did ask me. I ended up going, it’s like an audition… if I’m totally honest, I had a great time, but it’s too much effort. It’s so hard. It’s so hard.”TikTok starsWe’ve already seen YouTubers like Joe Sugg and Saffron Barker pave the way for a different kind of celebrity on Strictly, and the show’s star booker recently revealed she is now looking at TikTok as a hunting ground for potential contestants. Talent executive Stefania Aleksander told The Mirror: “In order to do my job is just knowing a broad range of celebrities. It’s not just about actors, actresses.“In order to entertain all genres, it’s about investing some time in learning about them.“Social media is a whole world that I immersed myself into to learn about.”READ MORE:Oti Mabuse Claims Her Days On Strictly Come Dancing Could Be NumberedStrictly Come Dancing Winner Abbey Clancy Reveals The One Part Of Show She 'Hated'Vernon Kay Reveals The Reason Why He'll Never Appear On Strictly Alongside Wife Tess Daly
A woman pays respect to a mural of George Floyd by the Cup Foods where he was killed by Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis, Minnesota." src="" />Derek Chauvin has been convicted of two counts of murder and one count of manslaughter in the death of George Floyd, concluding a trial that drew intense national interest and amplified concerns over the disparate ways police treat Americans of colour.The former Minneapolis officer, who is white, may now face time behind bars. His sentence will be determined by Judge Peter Cahill. The 12 jurors reached their verdict after 10 hours of deliberation that began on Monday.Chauvin was one of three officers who pinned down Floyd, a Black Minnesotan, for 9 minutes and 29 seconds last spring as Floyd repeatedly said he couldn’t breathe. Yet Chauvin knelt on Floyd’s neck the entire time, and Floyd’s death sparked international racial justice protests in his name.Over three weeks of testimony, prosecutors argued that Chauvin’s method of restraint had hindered Floyd’s ability to breathe as he was pressed facedown on the street outside a convenience store called Cup Foods. A small group of bystanders ― several of them minors at the time ― took the stand to explain why they were so concerned for Floyd’s safety as they witnessed him fighting to breathe underneath Chauvin.  Testimony from his loved ones helped to illustrate the way Floyd’s life and struggles mirrored those faced by many Americans: He had been grappling with addiction for years after initially receiving an opioid prescription for pain. He had recently lost his job due to the coronavirus pandemic, and tested positive the virus in early April. He was still grieving for his mother.“On May 25, 2020, George Floyd died facedown on the pavement right on 38th and Chicago in Minneapolis,” prosecutor Steve Schleicher said in his closing arguments. “Nine minutes and 29 seconds. During this time, George Floyd struggled, desperate to breathe, to make enough room in his chest to breathe. But the force was too much. He was trapped.”“Facing George Floyd that day did not require one ounce of courage, and none was shown on that day,” he told the jury. “All that was required was a little compassion, and none was shown on that day. ... This wasn’t policing. This was murder.”Throughout the trial, defence attorney Eric Nelson worked to sow reasonable doubt among jurors, trying to convince them that Floyd’s preexisting health conditions mattered more to the final outcome than Chauvin’s actions. The officers, Nelson suggested, were simply following police training and doing their best to make decisions under pressure while facing a possible threat from the small group of onlookers, several of whom were filming the incident on their phones. Nelson used the drugs in Floyd’s system and his documented heart disease to substantiate the argument.Anticipating the defence’s focus on Floyd’s health, prosecutors were aided by several medical experts who said Floyd died of asphyxia, a common term for a lack of oxygen. They dismissed claims that drugs or underlying health issues played major roles in his death.Dr Martin Tobin, a top pulmonologist who works for a Chicago hospital, spent hours on the stand explaining with the help of slides, graphs and 3-D renderings how Floyd’s positioning made it difficult ― and then impossible ― for him to breathe. Jurors followed along as Tobin showed how various parts of Floyd’s anatomy were impacted, encouraging them to feel corresponding parts of their own necks.Chauvin’s position over Floyd made it so his left side was “in a vise”.“A healthy person subjected to what Mr Floyd was subjected to would have died as a result of what he was subjected to,” Tobin testified.Several of Chauvin’s former colleagues provided criticism of his actions, breaking the so-called “blue wall of silence”. Most notably, Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo testified that Chauvin “absolutely” violated the department’s use-of-force policy.Chauvin, however, chose not to testify, invoking his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination on the final day of the evidentiary portion of the trial.Experts called by the defense pointed to the unpredictable nature of police work and suggested the unusually large amount of video evidence still might not have told the whole story at the scene.Police had been called to Cup Foods after a young cashier told his boss that he suspected Floyd had used a counterfeit $20 bill to buy cigarettes. The store had a policy that if a cashier accepted a fake bill, the amount would taken from their own wages. The cashier, Christopher Martin, 19, testified about the guilt he felt over Floyd’s death.“If I would have just not taken the bill, this could have been avoided,” Martin said in court.Several of the state’s first few witnesses similarly felt emotional over the incident. Darnella Frazier, 18, the girl who filmed the video of Floyd’s arrest that went viral in the aftermath, said Floyd appeared “terrified”.“When I look at George Floyd, I look at my dad,” Frazier testified. “I look at my brothers. I look at my cousins. I look at my uncles. Because they are all Black. ... And I look at how that could have been one of them.”Frazier’s 9-year-old cousin who was with her at the time also spoke up in court.Outside the courtroom were scenes of resistance: protesters carrying Black Lives Matter signs and flags rallied, at one point observing 8 minutes and 46 seconds of silence led by the Rev Al Sharpton ― the amount of time it was initially reported that Chauvin had knelt on top of Floyd. (The trial subsequently revealed the restraint to have lasted nearly 10 minutes.)The mood shifted toward urgency by the end of the trial, after police in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota ― a half-hour drive north of Cup Foods ― killed a Black man on April 11. Daunte Wright, 20, was shot by a veteran officer who says she mistook her firearm for a stun gun.Wright’s mother, Katie Wright, joined Floyd’s family in front of the Minneapolis courthouse to give a heart-wrenching press conference about her son.To the south, in Chicago, a police accountability group released body camera video on April 15 showing the shocking death of 13-year-old Adam Toledo, who had empty hands raised when an officer shot and killed him.Chauvin’s conviction will undoubtedly raise questions in police departments across the country about use-of-force policies and how officers’ actions will be evaluated.“Police departments need to be reexamining their practices,” Barbara McQuade, University of Michigan law professor and a former US attorney, told HuffPost. The Chauvin case may “send a message”, she said, “that police officers will “no longer get the benefit of the doubt from a jury the way maybe you did 10 or 20 years ago”.“And so you need to conform your behavior to a higher standard, because if you don’t, you will be held accountable,” McQuade said.Related...Jury In Derek Chauvin Trial Reaches Verdict Over Death Of George FloydJury In Derek Chauvin Trial Begins Deliberation As Minneapolis Braces For VerdictWhat Brits Need To Know About The Derek Chauvin Murder Trial
You might not have heard, but there’s now a vacant seat behind the Good Morning Britain desk.Five years after joining GMB, Piers Morgan has permanently left the show, following an even more controversial few days than usual.  He departed after casting doubt on various claims made by Meghan Markle during her recent interview with Oprah Winfrey, storming off the set when confronted by a colleague and attracting upwards of 40,000 complaints.The question now turns to exactly who will be taking over from him on ITV’s flagship breakfast show?Well, that’s yet to be confirmed, but while we await news from the broadcaster about Piers’ successor, we’ve rounded up 11 candidates we predict could be in the running...Ranvir SinghStarting with a pretty obvious one, on Susanna Reid’s first day hosting GMB after Piers’ exit, it was Ranvir Singh who sat on her right-hand side, so she’s obviously a favourable choice with both the show’s producers and its main anchor.Ranvir has been with GMB since its launch, but is having a real moment right now, thanks in no small part to her involvement in last year’s Strictly Come Dancing, where she made it through to the semi-final. Since Strictly, Ranvir has covered for Lorraine Kelly while she was on holiday from her show – so she’s obviously held in high regard by ITV daytime execs. Eamonn Holmes Eamonn Holmes obviously already has plenty of daytime experience, with GMTV, Sunrise and This Morning all under his belt, and he’s previously co-hosted GMB numerous times while Piers has been on holiday.Having recently had his regular Friday slot on This Morning handed to Dermot O’Leary and Alison Hammond, Eamonn does have more time on his hands too, which would free him up for a more permanent slot at GMB.However, if GMB bosses were hoping for a safer pair of hands after Piers’ exit, Eamonn might not be the way to go.The presenter has come under fire a number of times in recent history – including for his harsh criticisms of Meghan Markle on talkRadio and his comments about a coronavirus conspiracy theory live on This Morning early in the pandemic, which led to Ofcom issuing guidance to ITV.Jeremy KyleAlthough Jeremy Kyle’s talk show was axed in 2019, ITV has always made it clear that the presenter is welcome to return to the broadcaster with a different project, with director Kevin Lygo saying over a year ago that they were “looking to find another show” for the host.Jeremy has also guest hosted GMB in the past on multiple occasions, so he’s obviously up to the job.Again, though, it’s all down to whether ITV would want to replace Piers with another host known for his abrupt and confrontational style.Richard MadeleyCould the departure of Piers Morgan signal the return of the UK’s king of daytime to the early-morning slot? We have to admit, we kind of hope so.Like Eamonn Holmes and Jeremy Kyle, Richard Madeley has also served as a guest presenter on GMB on multiple occasions, last hosting in February 2020, right before the pandemic hit.And let’s face it, his unique presenting style (which often includes faux pas and various unintentionally hilarious scenes) would definitely be a change of direction for the daytime show after Piers’ departure.Alex BeresfordAlex Beresford has been with Good Morning Britain since its 2014 launch, initially serving as a relief weather presenter for Laura Tobin, but as the years have gone on, he’s become increasingly popular with viewers and seen his role grow.In recent times, he’s sat on the panel with the main presenters and even guest presented GMB.Given the praise he received after calling out Piers Morgan on what would ultimately prove to be the presenter’s last day at GMB, we could imagine producers wanting to give him some more airtime, so would not be surprised if he became part of the main presenting line-up in the near future.Sean FletcherSimilarly, Sean Fletcher was also part of Good Morning Britain’s original line-up as a sports presenter, but has since taken on the role of relief newsreader and occasional guest host.With another reshuffle on the cards at GMB, this could be Sean’s time to take on an even bigger role at the daytime show. Adil RayCurrently a holiday relief presenter on Good Morning Britain, Adil Ray has also stepped in during Piers’ absences in the past, meaning he’s already got experience hosting the show with Susanna.More recently, Adil has been hosting the new ITV gameshow Lingo too, so he’s had an even bigger presence on the daytime scene.We’d love to see Piers’ face if Adil were to be given the role though, given that the two clashed on Twitter just a few months ago, when Adil made a joke at Piers’ expense while guest hosting Have I Got News For You. Charlene WhiteAfter more than a decade presenting the news for ITV, Charlene White branched out even further in 2021, when she became a permanent anchor on Loose Women, which has already seen her win praise from viewers.This mix of news credentials and favour with daytime audiences mean the presenter would be a great fit for GMB, especially if they’re looking to recruit someone completely new for the team. Richard Bacon Admittedly, Richard Bacon might seem like a left-field choice, but like many of the other presenters we’ve listed, he has actually presented Good Morning Britain before, filling in for two episodes in April 2019, and later returning for a handful of shows the following August.In recent years, Richard has taken his career Stateside, fronting the magazine show Top 30 and producing a “whodunnit”-style gameshow called The Hustler. But with a vacant slot on the GMB line-up, this could be a chance for the former Blue Peter star to stage a mainstream TV comeback in the UK. Kate GarrawayOf course, Kate Garraway is currently already a key presenter on Good Morning Britain, hosting on Thursdays and Fridays, as well as occasional appearances during school holidays.Kate has been with ITV breakfast shows in their various incarnations for over two decades, so many viewers would not doubt be happy to see her role expanded – plus she’s proved in recent times that she can give politicians a grilling every bit as good as Piers Morgan. Andi Peters Good Morning Britain fans can see Andi Peters on the show most days, fronting competition coverage and other one-off segments. But let’s be honest – who wouldn’t want to see more of Andi Peters on their TVs in the morning?With countless presenting roles – not to mention work behind the camera– to his name, Andi would be more than qualified for the job, as he proved when he filled in for Lorraine Kelly on her daytime show last year.Good Morning Britain airs every weekday from 6am on ITV.READ MORE:Meghan Markle Reportedly Complained To ITV About Piers Morgan Prior To GMB Exit'We Agreed To Disagree': Piers Morgan Insists Good Morning Britain Exit Was 'Amicable''Shows Go On, And On We Go': Susanna Reid Addresses Piers Morgan's Good Morning Britain Exit
Choosing the right influencers your brand uses is perhaps the most important step in influencer marketing, but monitoring their influence is as critical because their impact will change over time.
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Bachelor of Science | PreparatoryDoctor of Medicine at Yale University School of Medicine | Valmont UniversityAdmissions office work experience:• University of Pennsylvania Admissions OfficeConsultant Expertise:• Liberal Arts College/Medical School Preparatory Course Application and Advancement Planning• K-12 Private School Admissions Guidance
Bachelor of Science | PreparatoryDoctor of Medicine at Yale University School of Medicine | Valmont UniversityAdmissions office work experience:• University of Pennsylvania Admissions OfficeConsultant Expertise:• Liberal Arts College/Medical School Preparatory Course Application and Advancement Planning• K-12 Private School Admissions GuidanceClick here: 
Bachelor of Science | PreparatoryDoctor of Medicine at Yale University School of Medicine | Valmont UniversityAdmissions office work experience:• University of Pennsylvania Admissions OfficeConsultant Expertise:• Liberal Arts College/Medical School Preparatory Course Application and Advancement Planning• K-12 Private School Admissions GuidanceClick here: