Resident Evil 7 is in development and will make an appearance at the E3 2016 gaming expo next month, according to a gaming industry consultant in Japan.According to Tokyo-based Dr. Serkan Toto, who is building a reputation for breaking big gaming news, the long-rumoured title will be make a triumphant return to the franchise's "horror roots.Toto s impressive track record suggests the information is credible, but until Capcom makes the announcement at E3, we d treat this as a rumour.The last game in the series, Resident Evil 6, was released in 2012 and earned a credible 7/10 rating from TrustedReviews.Last summer Capcom also confirmed it is giving the classic 1998 Resident Evil 2 title a full remake, caving to years of demands from gamers.Do you still hold out hope Capcom's flagship series can recapture its glory days?
While this could significantly increase the robot s software lineup and help with sales, it also cedes a measure of control to Google, which owns the operating system and will now have the power to approve apps and take a cut of the revenues.Billionaire Son, who has long professed his admiration for the late Steve Jobs, took a page from Apple Inc. s playbook by positioning the $1,800 robot as an application platform.The Tokyo-based company said Android will help Pepper broaden its reach and eventually help generate revenue.But it s not designed for menial tasks.The SoftBank founder has bet the robot s friendly physical appearance would spur adoption and attract app developers.That runs counter to the trend of disembodied assistants that reside in a user s smartphone, like Apple s Siri and Google Inc. s Echo voice-activated home assistant is a cylinder about the size of a coffee tumbler.There was a lot of internal discussion on this topic and we decided on a challenge of creating a humanoid robot, Fumihide Tomizawa, chief executive officer of SoftBank Robotics, said at the briefing.
The Olympics may be all about athletic prowess, but its opening ceremonies have always been about showmanship.A startup called Star-ALE is bidding for the right to create a meteor shower over the Japanese capital city of Tokyo, which will serve as the highlight of the 2020 Olympics opening ceremony.Apparently, the company has tested this concept on Earth, placing pellets into a vacuum and hitting them with gas moving at supersonic speeds, creating an artificial environment similar to that of re-entering Earth s atmosphere.Theoretically, when these pellets are launched from outer space, they ll ignite when they re about 35 to 50 miles above our heads, and will be visible to around 30,000,000 people in Tokyo and its nearby areas.It is artificial but I want to make really beautiful meteors that can impress viewers, Lena Okajima, CEO and founder of ALE, said to AFP.But hey, for an event that only happens once every four years, maybe creating a meteor shower of your own is worth the cost.
Call it the Uber effect.Taxi prices have dropped across the globe, according to Deutsche Bank s annual Mapping the World s Prices report.There are signs that perhaps Uber is making its mark on the world as taxi prices in many places are falling sharply, Deutsche Bank strategists Jim Reid and Sukanto Chanda said in the research.Charges fell by 30 percent in San Francisco -- more than anywhere in the developed world -- since last year.Uber Technologies Inc. s ride-hailing app, which allows passengers to summon cabs by smartphone, has upended traditional taxi business models and led to large-scale strikes in cities including Paris.Deutsche Bank also included a cheap date index in its report and found Zurich, Copenhagen and Tokyo are the most expensive cities in which to woo a partner.London dropped by two places, taking it out of the top five most expensive cities for romantic excursions.For those wanting a real cheap cheap date , the Deutsche Bank analysts wrote, India, Indonesia, the Philippines and South Africa are the places to go.
Make sure you've got your crash helmet and race suit at the ready - Gran Turismo Sport has an official launch date.137 different cars have made the cut, split across four racing groups made up of street-legal cars think hot hatches, sports cars and muscle cars , race-modified road cars, race-ready supercars, and cars built specifically for the track.Ever car has been remodelled from scratch, rather than borrow models from Gran Turismo 6 - meaning you can kiss those jaggy edges goodbye.Six tracks have been confirmed so far: the Northern Isle Speedway the first time a half-mile oval has shown up in the GT series , Tokyo Expressway, Brands Hatch both the indie and F1 circuits , Willow Springs raceway, and of course the Nurburgring.With officially sanctioned virtual racing, players will be able to enter races and compete globally - with the winners heading to international finals at the end of the year.Sony will be holding the inaugural Gran Turismo Sport race later today; we've embedded the live stream above, so you can tune in and see what level of competition you can expect when the game arrives.
View photosMoreBoard Director of Product Division for SoftBank Robotics Kazutaka Hasumi R performs with SoftBank's emotion-reading robot Pepper during a demonstration with the robot, to show its compatibility with Google's Android software, at the company's headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, May 19, 2016.REUTERS/Toru HanaiTOKYO Reuters - Japanese developers of a robot are asking the public to come up with ideas for what their waist-high humanoid can do and they are offering a software development kit for programmers to get creative.The fast-selling robot, known as Pepper, can already laugh and serve coffee and is being used as a waiter, salesman and customer service representative in about 500 companies in Japan, including Nestle, Mizuho Bank and Nissan.Now its creators, SoftBank Corp, have started offering a kit, Pepper SDK for Android Studio, that will allow programmers to develop new tasks.The offer comes ahead of the July pre-sale launch of the robot in the United States.The first six batches of the robot, each averaging 1,000 units, sold out in less than a minute.
In today s I can t believe they ve been funded news, a startup called Star-ALE wants to create a man-made meteor shower over the city of Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics opening ceremonies.But unlike fireworks, this pyrotechnics show will be visible from an area over 120 miles across Japan.The reason Star-ALE calls its Sky Canvas light show a man-made meteor shower is because the pyrotechnics will actually rain down from space.Starting next year, the company will launch a series of microsatellites carrying 500 to 1,000 specially-developed pellets that ignite and intensely glow as they re-enter the earth s atmosphere.To make sure the idea actually works, in a lab here on earth the pellets were placed in a vacuum chamber and blasted with supersonic hot gases, simulating the friction they d experience as they re-entered our planet s atmosphere.If the Tokyo 2020 Olympics weren t over-budget already, this would surely not help their bottom line.
View photosMoreVisitors look at Panasonic Corp's luxury brand home appliances called J concept at CEATEC Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies JAPAN 2015 in Makuhari, Japan, October 6, 2015.REUTERS/Yuya Shino/File PhotoTOKYO Reuters - Panasonic Corp is prepared to move up its investment plans for Tesla Motors Inc's battery plant if needed to meet strong demand for the electric car maker's upcoming Model 3 sedan, an executive at the Japanese electronics group said.Supplier executives and industry consultants have told Reuters that the acceleration in the plans to move up the launch of high-volume production of the Model 3 to 2018 would be difficult to achieve and potentially costly.Asked about risks of being heavily involved in Tesla's aggressive production plans, Ito said Panasonic "hopes to play a balancing act" of ensuring investment returns and filling responsibilities as a supplier.Panasonic's partnership with Tesla is part of the Japanese company's effort to withdraw from low-margin consumer electronics products like smartphones to focus more on automotive components and other businesses targeting corporate clients.$1 110.2200 yen Reporting by Makiko Yamazaki; Editing by Chang-Ran Kim and Christopher Cushing
In today s I can t believe they ve been funded news, a startup called Star-ALE wants to create a man-made meteor shower over the city of Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics opening ceremonies.But unlike fireworks, this pyrotechnics show will be visible from an area over 120 miles across Japan.The reason Star-ALE calls its Sky Canvas light show a man-made meteor shower is because the pyrotechnics will actually rain down from space.Starting next year, the company will launch a series of microsatellites carrying 500 to 1,000 specially-developed pellets that ignite and intensely glow as they re-enter the earth s atmosphere.To make sure the idea actually works, in a lab here on earth the pellets were placed in a vacuum chamber and blasted with supersonic hot gases, simulating the friction they d experience as they re-entered our planet s atmosphere.If the Tokyo 2020 Olympics weren t over-budget already, this would surely not help their bottom line.
Takao Someya, a scientist at the University of Tokyo, has created a bionic skin, or an e-skin, that could revolutionize the field of medicine.Capable of equipping humans with unprecedented levels of sensitivity when it comes to touch, Someya thinks that this new skin could help doctors feel a tiny tumor, otherwise undetectable without a scan or surgery.Ambitiously, Someya says that this could happen within the next few years.While Someya s original vision for the bionic skin involved robots rather than humans, his concept has evolved to include an even broader use case.But 15 years later, he s managed to do much more.A simultaneous innovation at the time in Princeton by Professor Sigurd Wagner inspired Someya s team to create stretchable skin by ink-jet printing their organic sensor grids onto plastic films, which were then laminated onto a pre-stretched rubber substrate.
View photosMoreA man walks past a Toshiba Corp logo displayed on one of its television sets in Tokyo, Japan, November 26, 2015.REUTERS/Toru Hanai/File PhotoTOKYO Reuters - Japan's Toshiba Corp said on Monday it would more than halve its capital base - a move that comes in the wake of a $1.3 billion accounting scandal last year.It will cut its capital to 200 billion yen $1.8 billion from 439.9 billion yen to plug a deficit in its earnings reserves on its balance sheet after posting huge losses, it said.The company also said that it was correcting its earnings results for the year that ended in March.Its operating loss came to 708.7 billion yen, compared with the 719.1 billion yen loss announced earlier this month.It will hold a briefing from 4 p.m. 0700 GMT to explain the corrections.
Sarin nerve gas used in a terrorist attack in the Tokyo subway 1995. Progress has been made in the search for new drugs against poisoning by nerve agents such as sarin, according to a study from the Swedish Defence Research Agency, Umeå University and researchers in Germany. - We have made a breakthrough discovery that opens up great opportunities for future research to develop new antidotes against nerve gas poisoning, says Anna Linusson, professor at the Department of Chemistry at Umeå University, the Echo on Swedish Radio. The volatile nerve agent sarin symptoms including shortness of breath, vomiting, and visual disturbances. The researchers have now been able to show how the nerve gas can be removed from the affected protein acetylcholinesterase. The study is published in the US journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
Asia s benchmark stock index rebounded from four weeks of losses as Chinese and Taiwanese shares gained while Japanese equities pared a steep loss.The MSCI Asia Pacific Index rose 0.4 percent to 126.10 as of 4:16 p.m. in Tokyo, swinging from a drop of as much as 0.6 percent.The regional index began 2016 with a 14 percent slump through a February low on concern a devaluation of the Chinese yuan would curb global growth and amid prospects for a Federal Reserve rate increase.It then rallied almost 20 percent through this year s peak in April before retreating again, with the gauge dropping 19 percent in the last four weeks.Hong Kong s Hang Seng Index was little changed.The Topix pared losses of as much as 1.8 percent while the yen gained 0.4 percent against the dollar on Monday to trade at 109.74.Exports from Japan fell for a seventh consecutive month in April as the yen strengthened, underscoring the mounting challenges to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe s efforts to revive economic growth.Fed worries are coming back into focus and this could mean more uncertainty around the U.S. dollar, the yuan and commodity prices.
Last fall, Chinese online-game developer Giant Interactive Group teamed up with Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. BABA 0.60 % and held talks with SoftBank and Supercell over an acquisition, people familiar with the matter said.Tencent, Supercell, SoftBank, Alibaba and Giant declined to comment.The company s mobile games are free to download, and Supercell makes money by selling virtual goods that enhance the players game experiences.Last year, it bought minority stakes in U.S. mobile-game publishers Glu Mobile Inc. and Pocket Gems Inc. Tencent has been assembling a war chest for potential acquisitions and is raising about $4 billion for a bank loan, people familiar with the matter said earlier this month.SoftBank s portfolio of video-game companies is one area that is under scrutiny from company President Nikesh Arora, who in March was put in charge of its international investments and operations, a person familiar with the matter said.Any sale of such assets would help shore up SoftBank s balance sheet, which is saddled with more than $80 billion in net interest-bearing debt, about a third of which is tied to its struggling U.S. mobile carrier unit Sprint Corp.—--Alexander Martin in Tokyo and Matthias Verbergt in Stockholm contributed to this article.
The attackers netted ¥1.4 billion in cash from ATMs located in convenience stores across the country using counterfeit credit cards.Sources told local media the 1600 credit cards used in the attacks contained account information from an unnamed South African bank.Tokyo is working with South African police through INTERPOL to investigate the theft and bank breach, reports.Up to 100 people are thought to have hit the ATMs across 16 prefectures including Kanagawa, Osaka, Aichi, and Fukuoka in the early hours of 15 May in what amounted to a staggering 14,000 transactions.Carder gangs often employ teams of footmen to hit ATMs in coordinated raids.The crims compromised the bank network to roll-back transactions while other crooks emptied ATMs.
A Svindyr army of boys' fantasies boastful lined up facing ordinary mortals. But if Polyphony Digital boss and Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi himself gets his way, we will ultimately not be able to see the difference between the cars in real life, and those who appear in Gran Turismo Sports - the latest installment in the world's largest Car Series and Series premiere at the Playstation 4th Do not miss: Here are the 15 most anticipated games of 2016 When it came to receiving both Gran Turismo 5 and Gran Turismo 6 criticized for, after all, was quite graphically uneven. When we test the game contains numerous items that are popping up noses, blocky shadows, and low-resolution polygons. It's Gran Turismo that you feel it albeit with a more limited focus on racing sports cars. At first impression feel all of the new fantasy fetuses to concept cars fun addition and the new paths are working really well with the old classics, including Tokyo Expressway is a new personal favorite with its long narrow straights.
A coordinated hacking spree involving an estimated 100 participants resulted in the successful withdrawal of 1.4 billion yen $12.7 million from roughly 1,400 convenience store ATMs in Japan, all within less than two hours.Authorities believe the group utilized counterfeit credit cards loaded with stolen account data from a South African bank to withdrawal hordes of cash from ATMs in Tokyo and 16 other districts across the country on the morning of May 15.Sources tell Japan s The Mainichi that in each of the nearly 14,000 transactions, the maximum amount of money per day – 100,000 yen around $900 – was taken out.One possible answer could be skimmers, external card readers fashioned to look like a legitimate card reader on an ATM.With a large batch of skimmed account data, hackers in South Africa may have sold the data to another group via the black market.Given the prevalence of security cameras, especially those pointed at ATMs, it seems plausible that at least a few members of the gang may have slipped up and inadvertently revealed identifying characteristics.
TOKYO—Sony Corp. projected Tuesday a deeper loss for its image-sensor component business this fiscal year due to the effects of the recent earthquakes that hit its factory in Kumamoto on the southern Japanese island of Kyushu.For the current fiscal year ending March 2017, the Japanese electronics and entertainment group now says its device unit, which includes image sensors, would incur an operating loss of 40 billion yen $367 million , worse than the ¥29.2 billion loss for the fiscal year that just ended.Image sensors are a key element in the cameras used in many smartphones, including Apple Inc. s iPhone.Sony s large device-making factory in Kumamoto was forced to completely halt operations for several weeks.Sony booked an operating profit of ¥294.2 billion in the fiscal year that ended in March 2016, and aims reach ¥500 billion for the year through March 2018.Sony has shipped more than 40 million console units since the product was introduced in November 2013, and it plans to ship 20 million in the current fiscal year.
Sony Corp. forecast annual profit that fell short of estimates, hurt by costs to repair a factory that was damaged in the Kyushu earthquake, lost sales and slowing demand for smartphone components.Net income will probably decline 46 percent to 80 billion yen $732 million in the 12 months ending March 2017, the Tokyo-based company said in a statement Tuesday.The shares fell 6.2 percent in German trading.The earthquake erased Sony s previous prediction for its most profitable year in almost two decades, as Chief Executive Officer Kazuo Hirai sought to shift away from consumer electronics.The company s earning power has strengthened considerably, Yoshida told reporters at a news conference.The industry is facing its first slowdown since Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007.Last week, Sony resumed operations at its Kumamoto facility, which was shut down after the factory, clean rooms and equipment were damaged during the April 16 earthquake on the southern island of Kyushu.The company is looking to cement its lead over Microsoft Corp. s Xbox One and Nintendo Co. s Wii U consoles by launching a virtual-reality headset in 2016.
View photosMoreSony Corp's Chief Financial Officer Kenichiro Yoshida attends a news conference in Tokyo, Japan, May 24, 2016.REUTERS/Thomas PeterTOKYO Reuters - Japan's Sony Corp on Tuesday forecast weaker-than-expected earnings this year after partially halting production of its cash-cow image sensors last month to assess earthquake damage to its factory.The electronics maker expects operating profit to rise just 2 percent to 300 billion yen $2.75 billion for the year ending March, versus the 409 billion yen average of 27 analyst estimates compiled by Thomson Reuters.Brisk sales of image sensors for smartphones have helped revive Sony's earnings in recent years, masking slowing sales in other consumer electronics such as television sets.But Sony delayed its earnings forecast from late April after quakes shook the southern city of Kumamoto, home to one of its five image sensor plants.It partially resumed operations this month and on Tuesday said wafer production would resume by the end of August.