First, there was the Bob Marley blackface feature, and now, there s the alleged skin-lightening filter.A number of Snapchat users have recently lambasted the popular social media app for filters that seem to make users complexions seem whiter.Particularly problematic, some users note, is the association of words like pretty and beauty with— panda @pandaprince ss March 9, 2016For Coachella, Snapchat debuted a flower crown filter that does indeed whitewash the entire photo or video in question, but Snapchatters are also taking issue with beautify, a filter that makes the skin lighter, the face slimmer, the eyes wider, and blemishes disappear.But the effects were a bit less noticeable on a colleague, who said that her own change was fairly subtle.The filter evened out her skin tone and added pink and yellow hues to her complexion.
Plus, Google wants your input on what Android N should be named when it rolls out later this summer.The Big StuffWhile nothing particularly new showed up during the Android N introduction at Google I/O, the company did spend some time highlighting the OS.We ve already seen the productivity features in earlier developer previews, but here s what Google is most excited about: Android N is going to change the way the recents button the square works to help make using your device more efficient.Instead of showing you what feels like an endless stream of recently used apps, Google will cut it down to around seven.This will allow you to move between apps rapidly, like when you re consulting your calendar while on a phone call.Finally, Android N will come with support for Unicode 9 emoji that include increased skin tone variations and more human-looking emoji.
Analysis: The good news keeps rolling in for Salesforce as profits rise.Well, technology is the backbone of everything, but for a conference keynote it was enjoyably lacking in product pitching, at least not in the typically manner.The show was all about enablement and helping others to reach their customers better, which is why the company took a long time focusing on customer stories - this took up about 80% of the hour and a half presentation.Polly Sumner, chief adoption officer, Salesforce, took control of proceedings and set the tone early on by saying: "The tech isn't important, what's important are the people connecting to it."Yes there were remarks about how the Salesforce tech has enabled businesses to better serve customers, and there were the obligatory live demos role-playing buying an Aston Martin and having a high-fiving robot were good ideas but it simply didn't have the same feel as an EMC talking about its new appliances for two hours.By using its technology, STEMettes has been able to more closely help young girls to build a foundation to break into the science, technology, engineering and maths.
Why is it that so many businesses that consider participating on Twitter little different than shouting into the infinite abyss?The lighter tone makes it accessible to a broader audience because people respond more to positivity, it s science.The takeaway: Sparking a debate can attract attention; keeping the tone light can broaden the appeal.NASAOur 3-billion-mile journey to Pluto reaches historic PlutoFly!Details & the high-res image— NASA @NASA July 14, 2015It s not hard to attract spectators when you re in the business of interplanetary exploration, but one image managed to set the bar remarkably high, even by NASA standards.Playstation collected global stats from a popular title, "Until Dawn", to create an engaging infographic about the community.
We only recently got our first good look at the world of Powerless, DC and NBC s kooky office comedy set in its comic book universe—but now footage from the show has made its way onto the internet, giving us our first real glimpse at the tone this series is going for... and it s looking rather goofy and fun.A trailer, presumably shown as part of NBC s upfronts presentation last week, has made its way online, giving us an extended look at the show and its zany premise.Powerless follows Vanessa Hudgens Emily Locke, a claims adjuster working for an insurance company in the DC comics universe, specializing in cases brought about from superpowered destruction.The trailer seems to pretty much cover the plot of the pilot, which sees Emily gain minor celebrity status for standing up to relatively minor DC hero Crimson Fox for making her late for work, and eventually butt heads with her spoiled brat of a new boss, perfectly played by Alan Tudyk.Some of the effects are definitely not great, but still, there s some pretty decent jokes in there, especially the Wonder Woman crack about whether or not she counts as an act of god.It looks like breezy, harmless fun, and it s wildly different to anything else we ve seen from DC or Marvel s TV output.
The metal speaker grilles of the original BoomJacket have been replaced with plastic honeycomb grilles wrapped in a sporty, soft hypermesh to go with its outdoor appeal.On this model, the outer sleeve is less removable due to a very thin layer of adhesive under it, though if you pry a little, it ll come off fairly easily.Surprisingly, this nearly 2 pound speaker floats, and its certified IP67 waterproof rating makes it submersible to 3 ft while also being dust, snow, and sand-proof.You ll also be able to use the speaker with most standard tripods and other mounting systems.Behind the grilles, each side is equipped with a single 50 mm neodymium driver, passive radiator, and tweeter that provide consistent, omnidirectional sound.Overall, however, the listening experience is enjoyable and when combined with the other features and its rugged durability, there s a lot to like from this portable outdoor speaker.
You ll be guided through a series of steps, which include entering your loved one s account info — meaning they ll probably need to be there when you re setting it up.Once that s done, you can switch back and forth between accounts by saying, Alexa, switch profile.In the kitchenSince your hands are often covered in food or busy chopping, Alexa can be a big help in the kitchen, whether you need her to set a timer for 10 minutes or convert ounces to cups.In the bedroomAlexa is more than willing to help you start and end your day.To edit existing alarms and change the tone, or to get Jason Schwartzman s sleepy voice to coax you from your slumber, you can go to the Alexa app.The Echo, Dot, and other Amazon devices can also tell you what s on your Google Calendar, or you can add an event.
Karyn Smith is the General Counsel for Twilio, a cloud communications company that enables developers to embed voice, messaging, video and authentication solutions directly into software applications.It s been clear to us for some time that, in order to get the full picture, Congress needs to hear from tech companies at all stages of growth; we were encouraged to see that realization dawning on the Hill, as well.Companies like Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google and Microsoft have cautioned against mandating weakened information security measures, a view shared by info security experts, data scientists and the technology sector.Anti-encryption legislation, such as the bill proposed by Senators Burr and Feinstein, exacerbates these privacy concerns.Redeveloping technology and deploying the extensive legal resources required to evaluate and respond to demands or ensure compliance is simply not feasible for many, if not most, small businesses.We are encouraged by the time we ve spent with the legislators and their staff who are seeking to broaden the discussion and strike a more collaborative and inclusive tone.
Portraying mental health and psychology from a critical perspective in video games isn t very common.Thermo-Dynamic Games is an indie studio working on Echoes, a game dealing with the journey through counseling and overcoming mental issues.According to the developer players will have to overcome challenging and alien sections of the environment in order to progress and discover the story behind it all.The further you progress the more challenging it gets, and the player is supposed to be charmed by the game s initial moments.It seems that the game takes visual inspiration from some of the more stylized games of recent years.Anyone looking to try the game before its official release can look into Itch s Refinery program where the game will be found presumably soon as it moves towards the release date.
The point-and-click adventure was brutally hard, and it would take me years of on-and-off play to figure the entire mansion out.Successfully Kickstarted in 2014, Thimbleweed Park is a classic-style point-and-click adventure from Maniac Mansion creators and industry vets Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick.Gilbert and Winnick recently showed off their new creation publicly and spoke to us a bit about the reaction so far.Thimbleweed Park lets you step into the pixelated shoes of five characters, though you don t get to choose your own team at the outset, like in Maniac Mansion or Gilbert s more recent The Cave.Despite the difference in tone and setting, Thimbleweed Park still shares similarities with Maniac Mansion: multiple playable characters, the use of selectable verbs and inventory items to solve the tasks at hand, and plenty of humor.For instance, you can walk using analog thumbsticks instead of clicking around, and the pixel-heavy art style takes advantage of modern graphical techniques to prevent colors from blurring into each other.
View hkthath4eww8x4xmdoxoja4mtsignWhat better way to review the new Chinese instruments in GarageBand than to see how well they fare at playing the Game of Thrones theme song?While Cook's demo saw him mostly playing EDM DJ, the new Chinese instruments are a chance for Apple to show its ability to use the pressure-sensitive 3D Touch screens on the newer iPhone 6S and 6S Plus to coax some expression in the notes.Early on, before its screens could tell how hard you were pressing, GarageBand was able to use the device's accelerometer to detect how hard you were attacking the onscreen keyboard, and adjust the volume of the note accordingly.Image: victoria ho/mashableThis resulted in a far more realistic and expressive tone produced — and is arguably an even more intuitive and natural way of playing an onscreen instrument, compared with cumbersome expression pedals or wheels that are sometimes attached to digital interfaces to mimic real instrument playing.The Chinese instruments are set to the pentatonic scale by default which Classical Chinese music is set to but since I was making them play something completely non-traditional, I had to set them to the major scale to include the extra notes needed.Apple's release of Chinese classical instruments has been heralded by many as a chance for the company to pay lip service to its second-largest market after the U.S., but its implementation of the instruments reflects at least a thoughtful representation of them.
Whether that means the company is going to stop the traditional invite system is not yet clear.OnePlus 3 designThe design on the OnePlus One and OnePlus 2 was largely similar, but OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei has confirmed that the OnePlus 3 will sport a new design.We believe this may be the case here as well, especially as the render suggests OnePlus is dropping laser auto-focus and two-tone flash from the rear camera.The lack of logo and less polished appearance suggests this might have been an earlier prototype, but it's broadly similar to the render above.Supposedly the OnePlus 2 uses an improved version yet it doesn't seem immune to heating up.A similarly low priceAny issues with the OnePlus 2 will be largely negated by its astoundingly low price tag.
For example, here's a DIY video showing would-be Jihadists how to make weaponsIBTimes UKLike al-Qaeda before it, the Islamic State Isis has embraced technology to communicate, spread propaganda and target new recruits, but this new generation of digital jihadis has emerged in the era of free, easy-to-use and fully encrypted mobile messaging apps such as Telegram and WhatsApp.In many ways, at least on Telegram, many channels are similar in tone, speech and structure to a chatroom managed by Anonymous.It's a terrorist-themed whack-a-mole.Its telegram posts back up the idea that the group is extremely limited in actual hacking ability – in some cases proudly boasting about 'hacks' and defacements on websites including car dealerships, florists and CD-duplication studios.Graphics by Daesh supporters explain what a "Kafir" is and why they must be fought against on Telegram click to enlarge Interestingly, through our research on Telegram we also found numerous channels that seemed to be totally peaceful, posting mp3 recordings of imam's prayers and daily Quran scripture reminders.Indeed, some of these people know their way around Adobe Photoshop – bright graphics, striking fonts and perfectly angled shots of men on horseback.
Earbuds are not hard to come by, unless you want a pair that doesn't sound like garbage without costing a minor fortune.The maker has a whole range of wood earbuds, including the ALN, NRG, GLXY, and XTC, and they re all priced at $25, give or take a couple quarters.The newest version also has volume control and an in-line microphone, eliminating the need to pull your phone from your pocket.But I wouldn't at all say the bass is overblown or ridiculous, which is why you'll see the occasional criticism that the NRG 3.0 lack bass...because some people want a lot of bass, and you won't get that with these earbuds.Instead, the audio is crisp and robust, and doesn't fall flat in the treble or distort in the bass.These help isolate ambient noises, but they don't cancel them out, and nearby sounds will leak through if they're loud enough.
Disney keeps knocking it out of the park when it comes to adapting its animated classics into live action films, raking in billions of dollars with the likes of Alice in Wonderland, Maleficent, Cinderella and The Jungle Book.Now, the 'Mouse House' has released the first teaser for the live action version of its classic film, Beauty and the Beast, and the results are suitably spellbinding.Wisely choosing not to reveal everything up front, the teaser focuses on showing us the castle setting and giving us an idea of the film's tone, ending on a quick glimpse of Belle, played by a perfectly-cast Emma Watson Harry Potter saga .Though we don't really see them in the teaser, the Beast will be played by Dan Stevens The Guest, Downton Abbey , with Ewan McGregor Trainspotting playing Lumiere, Luke Evans The Hobbit trilogy, Dracula Untold playing Gaston and Sir Ian McKellen The Lord of the Rings trilogy playing Cogsworth.You can check out the teaser below.
Certain ring tones have become extremely famous over the years — especially the default ones that people just can t be bothered to change.Or the classic Nokia ring tone, which is perhaps outdated but still very well-known.Both of these are instantly recognizable tunes, perhaps as recognizable as Led Zeppelin s Stairway to Heaven, or Beethoven s Symphony No.Some, however, take a little more ring tone history knowledge to be aware of.Of course, the fact that there are ring tones being played on classical piano isn t the only cool part — Ann is also a pretty amazing pianist.His channel also features arrangements of Queen s Bohemian Rhapsody, Nick Jonas Close, and even Adele s Hello and Someone Like You, which he appropriately plays out in a field.
It's been more than a month since the LG G5 officially launched in the US, but it is only today that LG finally released the "Friends" that actually made the LG G5 truly special.Sadly, it seems the speculations were spot on, and the Hi-Fi DAC module is indeed missing from the set.All the rest are simply external accessories.While the LG CAM Plus doesn't exactly upgrade the camera hardware on the smartphone, it does upgrade the experience of taking photos by providing physical controls familiar to users of digital compact cameras.The prices for these accessories are as follows:• LG CAM Plus - $69.99, one model for AT, another Verizon, T-Mobile, US Cellular• LG TONE Platinum - $199.99, available in Gold, Silver, and Black• LG 360 CAM - $199.99• LG 360 VR - $199.99Hopefully LG will be able to solve whatever regulatory problems it has that's blocking the B Hi-Fi DAC module to cement its position in the modular smartphone market.And hopefully soon as Lenovo/Motorola are rumored to take it on with a modular smartphone of its own next month.
Sporting a two-tone e-Ink screen and 7-10 days of battery life, the Classic is a chunky middle finger at sleeker smartwatch offerings.It has a ton of features packed into its blocky casing - an LED light, support for the latest Timeline software, and 50 meters of water resistance the only existing Pebble to still offer this .It's also dead cheap, retailing for $99, but often going for $75 or less.Don't let the bargain pricing fool you, the Classic's got it where it counts.
It has been sued left and right by different parties, ranging from your usual patent trolls to Apple, in its most high-profile patent court battle.Chinese OEM Huawei has filed a lawsuit against Samsung in the US, alleging that the Korean consumer electronics giant has used several of its patents, mostly relating to the use of 4G technology and software, in its smartphones without paying a license fee.In China, Samsung already fell out of the top 5 brands, behind Apple, Xiaomi, Huawei, OPPO, and Vivo.Superstar Xiaomi, for example, has yet to officially bring even one of its smartphones to the US.Huawei's formal lawsuit could just be the opening salvo in that new wave.To its credit, Huawei's tone is less antagonistic than most patent lawsuits.
Apple made a big deal about the advanced technology it developed to facilitate the 3D Touch feature on the iPhone 6s.But engineers at the University of Michigan have not only recreated the feature such that it can work on any smartphone, they ve also improved it by enabling phones to detect when they re being squeezed, too.So how can additional interactive features be added to any smartphone without adding sensors or upgrading its hardware in any way?The software causes the phone to constantly emit an 18 kHz tone, which humans can t hear, but the phone s mic can.As a user presses on the touchscreen, or squeezes the phone s housing, the force of the interaction on the smartphone alters the sound of that 18 kHz tone.The ForcePhone software works a bit like a submarine s sonar, but instead of hunting for other underwater vessels or obstacles, it s using the subtle changes in sound to allow users to interact with their phones in new ways.