Most at risk are tourist island of Madeira and Georgia and the Black Sea coast. That is, the regions where the mosquito - Aedes aegypti - which spreads the virus there. WHO is worried, however, that many more countries may suffer as a completely different myggart - Aedes albopictus - has also been identified as a potential virus carriers. In the United States as far north as New York and there is nothing to say that it would not be able to come to Sweden, says Anders Lindström, entomologist and insect expert at the Swedish Veterinary Institute SVA The risk of zikaviruset will gain a foothold in Sweden because of this mosquito, he assesses to be small. - Although Aedes albopictus come here it will be probably no large populations, since it requires fairly high temperatures for a long time to be able to multiply in large quantities, says Anders Lindström. Right now, South and Central America hard hit by zikaviruset.
In connection with the construction of the new subway route Line C in Rome excavations not far from the Colosseum resulted in several discoveries that archaeologists call unique. This is among other things, the remains of buildings that belonged to the Emperor Hadrian mounted bodyguards, including the weapons bay, dormitories, kitchens and stables. Among the findings include coins, pottery and the building itself, where the remains are left in the form of low walls. - We will try to preserve as much of the site as possible in the future metro station so that when you are heading to the train can look down on everything and enjoy the view, says Andrea Sciotti, head engineer for the project. He is also immortalized thanks to Hadrian's Wall, built by the Anglo-Scottish border, and a large contemporary tourist destination. Rome's third subway line, which will have 30 stations, construction began in 2007 but has been delayed several times due to archaeological discoveries made.
While consumers debate spending hundreds of dollars to bring PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, or HTC Vive virtual reality devices into their homes, Starbreeze is inking a different kind of deal for its competing headset.The IMAX Corporation revealed today that it plans to make content for Starbreeze s StarVR headset.The company noted they will aim for certain multiplexes as well as tourist destinations and shopping centers.IMAX is now fully embracing VR, which is a business that analysts predict will generate nearly $40 billion in revenues by 2020.IMAX established itself in the theater industry by providing tools that enable filmmakers to capture wider, more detailed images than ever before, and now it s deploying a similar strategy for VR.StarVR is similar to a Rift or a Vive, but it has a 210-degree field-of-view.IMAX wants to make content that takes full advantage of that while also leveraging its many theater locations around the world.In a canned statement, IMAX chief executive officer Richard L. Gelfond said that he wants his company to continue to innovate and find new platforms for The IMAX Experience.And we ve already seen that VR has a lot of appeal for Hollywood and global brands looking for the newest, most exciting way to reach consumers.Starbreeze is already building a VR game based on the Keanu Reeves action film John Wick from Lionsgate.
Exchange rates can trip you up when you re traveling, making you spend a lot more that you expect.On the flip side, you can save some money when the dollar is strong.GOBankingRates looked at exchange rates and a few other factors to put together a guide to spending money in other countries.GOBankingRates analyzed data and information on tipping etiquette, currency exchange, ATM availability, credit card acceptance, and entertainment costs for 42 of the most popular travel destinations.Here are a few countries where the US Dollar is particularly strong this year:BrazilExchange Rate of Brazilian Real BRL : 0.29 USDAverage Cost of Dinner for Two: $28.42JapanExchange Rate of Japanese Yen JPY : 0.0092 USDAverage Cost of Dinner for Two: $38.70South AfricaExchange Rate of South African Rand ZAR : 0.064 USDAverage Cost of Dinner for Two: $27.20For the rest of the list, check out their chart below, then head to their full post for their guide to spending money in all of these countries.Ultimate Guide to Spending Your Money in 42 Countries This Summer GOBankingRates
That compares with 5.9 percent in the Bay Area.Annual venture capital funding for Los Angeles area technology companies rose to $2 billion in 2014, a 185 percent increase in five years, according to Upfront Ventures and CB Insights.On sites where Howard Hughes developed aircraft after World War II, Rubicon Project Inc. is pairing advertisers and websites; Fullscreen Inc. is working to turn Internet personalities into mobile-video stars, and Gehry Technologies Inc. is developing software to model buildings and urban environments.The company has drawn from L.A. s film and television talent pool to offer longer visual narratives, he said, belying its reputation for viral pet videos.Playa Vista was a cluster of airplane hangars surrounded by wetlands into the late 1990s, well after the rest of L.A. s coastline had filled in with homes, aerospace companies, tourist attractions and a nascent technology scene in Santa Monica.The disappearing-image messaging platform Snapchat, founded in Venice Beach, was developed by a trio of students at Stanford University."We knew that Playa was uniquely located in terms of its proximity to whatever you would consider the tech hub before 2012 in Los Angeles, which was pretty much Santa Monica," said Adrian Foley, Brookfield s western regional president."Even in its relative infancy, L.A. s technology sector already is undergoing a pattern familiar to San Francisco Bay Area firms seeking refuge from Palo Alto rents.Mitu Inc., which creates online videos, quizzes and other content for young Latinos, is headquartered in Santa Monica in a building with many of the hallmarks of a tech startup: an open workspace with exposed wood ceilings, colorful artwork, free snacks for employees.Mitu s 60 employees will move east to downtown Los Angeles when the company s Santa Monica lease expires this year, said Roy Burstin, the company s chief executive and co-founder.
List: From reading newspapers with video content to getting tourist information on the go, these five AR apps will change the world as you see it.The augmented reality AR market is poised for an enormous growth over the next four years, with revenues forecast to reach $120bn in 2020, up from this year's $1bn, according to Digi Capital.IngressAvailable for Apple and Android devices, Ingress is an AR 3D game originally launched in November 2012.Through the app, users can give pages of a magazine or a newspaper a richer experience through video messaging, photo slideshows, music clips and others.The app company is part of the Dutch Blippar group and together, Layar and Blippar have collaborated with different global brands, including Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, General Mills, Anheuser-Busch, Elle, Glamour, Honda and BMW.Being one of the most complete AR experiences in the market today, Wikitude does not come cheap.
Martinelli is accused of using public money to spy on more than 150 people illegally.3.China began tourist cruises to the South China Sea on a trial basis in 2013.4.Google has won its trial against Oracle, with a jury deciding that Google's use of disputed computer code was "fair use."5.German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that a G7 leaders summit did not discuss a potential British exit from the European Union, but that there was a consensus that they wanted the country to stay in.7.Facebook is shutting down the video-ad company it bought for about half a billion dollars two years ago.Buzzy Cohen has won $133,402 in just seven days.10.
They were deemed unsafe by U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission CPSC in February and then pulled from the market by virtually every retailer tourist traps in lower Manhattan excepted .The company did appear to have UL certification for its chargers, but the new regulations required similar certification for the hoverboards themselves.Mashable has contacted the UL for confirmation.The biggest change, though, will be the claimed "battery shield," an air-tight aluminum chamber for the battery.Swagway plans to start selling the Swagtron on its website on May 31 and promises it will eventually come to Modell's Sporting Goods and other retailers.We probably won't know that until the first units ship from China and if they actually make it from the piers into American consumers' homes.
iOS: There are plenty of options to find directions when you need to get from point A to point B in a car, but what if you want a leisurely pedestrian route to explore a city?Sidekix offers urban navigation on foot that highlights interesting places en route to your destination.Just tell the app where you want to go and Sidekix creates a route that incorporates other locations like cafes and restaurants if you want to grab a bite while you re walking.Even if you don t have a destination in mind and are exploring a new city, you can use the app just to see what s nearby.Currently the app works in about a dozen major cities like London, New York, and Paris, with more locations to be added, so it s particularly useful for common tourist destinations.Sidekix: Urban Navigator App Store
Wile Dutch startups have sprung up only very recently in this space, they ve done so in large numbers — and they re highly concentrated in the content creation end of the supply chain.Adriaan Rijkens, who runs the country s top VR meetup events, estimates that there are about 30 VR companies in the Netherlands at the moment.And while the focus now is very much on content creation, we should begin to see platforms and product companies emerging soon too.I was raised in Vancouver and I m allergic to cloudy, rainy, weather, so the Netherlands, although lovely and a favourite place to visit as a tourist, was not a place I ever thought of moving to.But after doing two modules at the THNK – School of Creative Leadership campus in Amsterdam, seeing all of these Dutch VR companies, and how talented they are, visiting the world s first permanent VR cinema in Amsterdam, and finding out about the country s awesome startup visa option, the decision to move there was unavoidable.While I was in town for my second THNK module, I scoured Linkedin for relevant contacts that I could interview for the sake of sanity testing my concept.One of the key barriers to attracting investment and getting their hands on capital is the fact that while there are plenty of technology and content players, there is a lack of companies addressing the issue of deliverability and distribution models that fill the gap between users and products.But community spirits are strong and each startup seems to have steady work for the time being.Adriaan Rijkens, who I mentioned earlier, runs VR/Heroes, a two-year old VR agency based in Rotterdam.He started ArtBeat in 2001, which means he has a whopping 15 years of experience creating VR projects.Versteeg describes the following types of companies in the VR space in the Netherlands based on his broad view of the landscape:The VR market is projected to hit $30 or 40 billion globally by 2020 depending on whether you reference Tim Merel at Digi-Capital or SuperData Research.But for those who aspire to be, as Molsbergen puts it, true belieVRs , their aspirations will have to be tempered by the sobriety of indicators like the Gartner Hype Cycle, which currently places VR on the slope of enlightenment, with still at least four years left before we can expect the kind of maturity to arrive that allows for investor confidence.Follow him on Twitter: @whiteboxamir.
The Blue Origin spaceflight agency has successfully launched and landed its reusable New Shepard rocket three times now, an impressive record on its own.But if the goal is consumer space flights, they need to know how to prepare for and deal with situations where things don't go perfectly.Once they reach a certain altitude, they separate, and the rocket makes an upright landing on solid ground while the capsule drifts back to Earth with the use of parachutes.Bezos writes:"On this upcoming mission we also plan to stress the crew capsule by landing with an intentionally failed parachute, demonstrating our ability to safely handle that failure scenario.An exact date for this flight hasn't been scheduled yet, but Blue Origin will need to conduct many more tests if it wants to meet its goal of offering tourist flights to space in 2018.The capsule is designed to hold up to six passengers, and while they won't go into actual orbit, they will experience four minutes weightlessness, Blue Origin says, before returning to Earth's surface.
Pic: NASA TVNASA has successfully inflated a new experimental room at the International Space Station, two days after running into problems during the first attempt.The operation to expand and pressurise the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module, or BEAM, took much longer than expected, stretching over three days - but victory, when it came, was sweet.Enough air finally seeped inside so that the white pod could stretch to its full 13ft 3.96m in length and 10.5ft 3.2m in diameter - the volume equivalent to a small bedroom.Internal air tanks provided the final pressurisation to complete the job.Bigelow Aerospace, based in Las Vegas, hopes BEAM will be a precursor to moon and Mars habitats, and orbiting tourist hotels.Its founder Robert Bigelow, a hotel entrepreneur, is reported to be already is working on a pair of private inflatable space stations that "could fly in a few years".
International roaming rates in the U.S. are among the highest in the world for what you get, according to, and prepaid plans aren t necessarily any better: data AT s $30 monthly plan, for instance, is capped at 100MB.But starting today, there s an alternative: T-Mobile s Tourist Plan, a three-week, $30 prepaid arrangement that includes up to 2GB of 4G LTE data, 1,000 minutes of domestic calling, and unlimited texting to over 140 countries.Simple Choice plans, Simple Global, which offers free international roaming to 145 countries.But the Tourist Plan, importantly, differs in duration, since it s automatically cancelled after three weeks, and in terms — you get just a tad less data than T-Mobile s $40 per month, 3GB plan, and for $10 less.And you ve got to bring your own GSM phone — the Tourist Plan is strictly a SIM affair.Still, the Tourist Plan s pricing is attractive compared to the mainstream competition.
While Siri reminded me that I had to leave for my 3 p.m. flight to Hong Kong on Monday, the Google iPhone app did that, too—and then piled on loads of helpful information: currency exchange, weather forecast, time zone info, even tourist destinations I should consider seeing.Within Facebook Messenger, you can send money to a friend, order an Uber, even get fairly quick customer service from airlines like United and Delta.Forget the big-feature reveal, just start rolling out improvements like others do.Your lack of deep data mining is hurting you in less obvious places, too.It wasn t only the original bugs and issues that landed Music in my hidden folder, or the fact that on my Mac, I have to use the awful iTunes software to access it.There s also that free, unlimited storage for lower resolution images, while iCloud costs $3 a month for 200GB.
Planning to visit the U.S. soon and not sure what you're going to do about cellphone service?T-Mobile is hoping you'll subscribe to its newly announced 'Tourist Plan,' a $30/month subscription option that grants travelers access to the carrier's U.S. service for three weeks.During those three weeks, subscribers will get unlimited data, including a couple gigs of high-speed, a bunch of minutes, and more.The T-Mobile Tourist Plan is designed to give travelers an easy way to get service while they re in the U.S. without having to buy a cheap prepaid phone or use a subsidiary carrier with poor coverage.For that reason, it may not be the best option for those planning to stay longer than three weeks.As well, you ll max out at 2G data speeds once you use up the 4G LTE allotment.
T-Mobile has been making waves in the wireless industry with its aggressive promotions but to date, only those living in the US have been able to reap the full rewards.That changes next month when John Legere and company will roll out a Tourist Plan for visitors to the states.For $30, those vacationing or otherwise visiting the US will receive unlimited domestic and international texting to 140 countries and destinations, 1,000 minutes of domestic talk within the US, unlimited data and a free SIM card to use.With the unlimited data, only the first 2GB are of the high-speed 4G LTE variety.From there, you ll pay up front and be on your way with a new SIM card and service that lasts for three weeks.It s worth noting that T-Mobile s controversial Binge On feature, which lets customers watch streaming video from a wealth of partner providers without counting against their monthly data allotment, isn t included in the Tourist Plan.
Just because it s summer doesn t mean you have to go outside.Netflix has plenty to help you with that impulse.In the new show, five students at a flight academy stumble upon one of the lions, and get whisked away to become a team and defend the universe.The fourth season will continue last year s for-profit prison storyline as Litchfield adds more guards, restricts the inmates even further, and sees tensions ratchet up to new levels.This year s Oscar winner for Best Picture, about the Boston Globe journalists who uncovered a long history of abuse within the Catholic Church, is by no means a flashy movie, but it s persistent and picks its moments of stylistic emphasis carefully.They embark on a road trip to see tourist traps, and along the way connect with a foul-mouthed runaway.
In this photo released by the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation, the remains of tiger cubs and a bear are laid out at the "Tiger Temple" in Saiyok district in Kanchanaburi province, west of Bangkok, Thailand, Wednesday, June 1, 2016.A Thai national parks official says authorities have found 40 dead tiger cubs in a freezer at a Buddhist temple that operated as an admission-charging zoo.The cubs were found in a freezer where the temple staff kept food, said Anusorn Noochdumrong, an official from the Department of National Parks who has been overseeing the transfer of the temple's 137 tigers to shelters.The temple's Facebook page said in March that the temple's former vet had decided in 2010 to stop cremating cubs that died soon after birth.Calls to the temple's office were not answered.The temple, a popular tourist attraction, has been criticized by animal rights activists because of allegations it is not properly set up to care for the animals and flouted regulations restricting the trade of tigers.
GrabTaxi Holdings Pte and Lyft Inc. have linked their apps so customers of Southeast Asia s largest ride-hailing service can hail a car in the U.S., and vice versa.The integration goes live in coming weeks and stems from a global alliance between China s Didi Chuxing, Singapore-based Grab, San Francisco-based Lyft and India s Ola to curb Uber Technologies Inc. s international expansion.The two-way tie-up announced Thursday comes after Didi first began letting Chinese customers order Lyft cars through the Didi app when visiting the U.S.Grab gains access to a network of more than 200 U.S. cities, while Lyft s users will be able to call up cars in 30 cities across the six Southeast Asian countries where Grab operates, they said in a statement.Their four-way coalition reaches almost half of the world s population.Southeast Asia is a popular tourist destination.The number of travelers to a region that includes Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam is expected to almost double from 2015 to about 200 million in the next 10 years, according to the World Travel and Tourism Council.The Grab-Lyft tie-up will let travelers call up on-demand rides without having to worry about local currency, language or setting up new accounts.They pay for rides via credit cards or services such as PayPal and Alipay.As more and more people travel to and from the U.S. and Southeast Asia, our work with Grab gives travelers peace of mind when abroad, Kristina Gibson, Lyft s head of international product, said in the statement.
File photo - a Postojna Cave olm Postojnska Jama Cave-Grotte-Hohle .The pale, blind salamander, known as the olm or proteus, only reproduces every 5 to 10 years, and is thought to live to 100, according to the BBC.There are another 21 developed eggs in an aquarium at the Postojna Cave, which is a popular tourist attraction.Originally there were 64 eggs, which were laid by a single female over a period of weeks, according to the BBC, which notes that only 23 embryos developed.So, this time biologists isolated the female and her eggs in a dark spot, added extra oxygen and removed any outside influences.Related: Bodies of 40 tiger cubs found in Thai temple freezerNative to the underground rivers of the Balkans, olms have long fascinated scientists, included legendary naturalist Charles Darwin, who discussed the creatures in his famous On the Origin of Species.