Images via University of Cambridge A little brown bird in sub-Saharan Africa known as the greater honeyguide is known to cooperate with humans to locate honey-rich bees nests.The bird calls out to honey hunters and then leads them to the nests.In a new paper published today in Science, South African researchers report that the birds seem to recognize and respond to human calls in turn.We ve known about this unique partnership for hundred of years, according to lead author Claire Spottiswoode of the University of Cambridge and the University of Cape Town.He found that humans could significantly increase their chances of finding bees nest if they followed the little brown birds.
You ve probably seen escape rooms advertised on TV or around your city.They re interactive experiences that force a group of people to work together, solve clues, and get out of a made up scenario.It s something you d expect to do on a Friday night, not on the floor of a convention.However, to promote X-Men: Apocalypse s Blu-ray release, Fox created the X-Men: Tomb of Apocalypse Experience for the floor of San Diego Comic-Con.And it s pretty fun.I don t want to give too many secrets away because if you are in town and want to try it, it s a cool activity and you get a free t-shirt.
The Late Roman belt — including a buckle, belt plate and strap end — that researchers found in skeleton 23.The 1,600-year-old remains of a middle-age man buried alongside an ornate belt decorated with images of dolphins and dogs have been found in a grave in Leicester, England, archaeologists report.The belt's style suggests that its owner worked as a solider or civil servant during the Late Roman period, during the second half of the fourth century A.D or the early fifth century A.D., the archaeologists, from the University of Leicester Archaeological Services ULAS , said on July 7.One of the graves, a simple one dug into mudstone by the bank of the River Soar, held the middle-age man's remains, as well as the extraordinary belt.In Photos: The Ancient Roman Baths of Bath, England The cemetery is located southwest of an ancient Roman town and close to what was once a major Roman road known as Fosse Way.
Calling all code breakers: are you in the mood for a scavenger hunt?Is Pokémon Go not doing it for you anymore?How about an international treasure hunt for a statue that could be anywhere?Thank Alex Hirsch, the creator of Gravity Falls, for a hunt that will test your ciphering skills and help you remember your favorite show.You can find the Bill Cipher statue.Spoilers for Gravity Falls below, which is a show you should totally watch if you haven t already.It followed the adventures of twins Dipper and Mabel Pines, who went to spend the summer with their uncle in the Oregon town of Gravity Falls.
There's a new consumer drone in town and it's got a real need for speed.With an average top speed of around 70 miles per hour the drone can reportedly fly at up to 85 mph in the right conditions , the Teal drone is nearly twice as fast as DJI's Phantom 4."This drone really started from my own love of flying," says Matus in an introductory video for the Teal drone.Matus' obsession with drones eventually led him to create a wish list of features he wanted in one.As his list expanded, he finally decided to just build his own dream drone.Though Matus has no formal background in electrical engineering or software development — he told Mashable he picked up a lot of his knowledge from the internet — he was heavily involved with the concept, design and engineering, which has expanded beyond him to Teal Drones, Inc., which now employs three full-timers, 12 full-time contractors and 30-40 people working on the engineering and design side.
Imagine every Starbucks in your town is a "Pokémon GO" gym, every that's already arrived in Japan — starting soon, all 3,000 McDonald's locations in Japan will become "Pokémon GO" gyms,That's the next major step for "Pokémon GO," the mobile Pokémon-catching game that's quickly become the cultural is such a major addition that the game's been delayed from
Last night, we spent almost two hours walking around a nearby town ours is too small collecting Pokémon and visiting Pokéstops.My older kids, nearly 7 and 9, normally would complain during such a long journey, but were oddly occupied following the GPS-enabled map to yet another point of interest.Could Pokémon GO stop trying to send me to church, please?Maybe keeping my trainers up until 10 p.m. isn t the best parenting idea but we were having fun and it s summer.My twins tagged along in the stroller and once again the pair, with limited arguing, took turns capturing and spinning.Marshmallow was kicked out of it s gym and we re still too weak to take over any ourselves, but we did manage to hatch a Bulbasaur, which was pretty exciting.
There's a new bat in town, and it ain't your older brother's Batman.In development, and teased, for quite some time now, "BATMAN - The Telltale Series" is a video game that takes quite a different stab at the uber popular Dark Night.Because instead of mashing buttons to dish out pain, which you can't do anyway on mobile, you will instead be relying on your wits and decision making abilities to solve crime, beat the bad guys, and maybe catch a kitty by its tail in the process.Majority of the Batman games from the last years have mostly revolved the Dark Knight's martial prowess and butt kicking skills.Sure, there's some thinking involved and some emotional pull even, but let's not kid ourselves.Titles like the Arkham series are action games through and through.
The Pokemon Go craze is in full swing, with more than 30 million players hunting Pokemon around the world.However, it might be tough to find new Pokemon to add to your roster, and not everybody has time to walk around town hoping to encounter missing characters.Thankfully, there s an app for that – install Poke Radar right now if you need help catching Pokemon.But if that s not enough, then you should be aware of another cool trick that uses Google Maps to point you to Pokemon near you.Yes, you can call it cheating.But it gets the job done, especially if the Nearby feature breaks down, which is the way to find Pokemon inside the game.
Life is Strange was one of 2015 s best games, with wonderful characters and heartfelt vocal performances , as well as a unique time-travel mechanic that changed how players approach choice in video games.While we hope you ve had a chance to play Dontnod s masterpiece already, if you haven t, Square Enix has a mighty fine deal to get you on board: The first episode will be completely free.By making the first episode of Life is Strange completely free, we re very excited to be able to open up Life is Strange to a host of new players and really look forward to seeing their reactions to the game throughout our vibrant community, says Square Enix community manager Toby Palm.The first episode will be free starting Thursday, and the announcement comes will an all-new trailer showing off the beautiful Arcadia Bay.The impending destruction of the town by an enormous tornado drives protagonist Max and her best friend, Chloe, to literally race against time — and the mysterious disappearance of local student Rachel Amber has the two girls questioning everything they hear.Even if you re not typically a story first player, we highly recommend giving Life is Strange a try.
After more than 20 years, Tele2 breaks new ground in Kista when autumn moves into new premises. With the acquisition of Swedish TDC, Tele2 is substantially on the offensive with a focus on its main competitor Telia. It is not, however, the acquisition is behind the move, but the new office has been planned since a few years. Read also: Today is the wagon for 3300 - Telia and Cygate assumes Solna The move will take place on 18 November. But while Telia switched to the other side of town, Tele2 will be Kista faithfully.
After more than 20 years, Tele2 breaks new ground in Kista when autumn moves into new premises. With the acquisition of Swedish TDC, Tele2 is substantially on the offensive with a focus on its main competitor Telia. Read also: Today is the wagon for 3300 - Telia and Cygate assumes Solna The move will take place on 18 November. But while Telia switched to the other side of town, Tele2 will be Kista faithfully. - We will remain in Kista, but moving just over a kilometer away to Torshamnsgatan.
This weekend, a girl was stabbed for playing Pokemon Go.In the small town of Redding California, three girls were in a park playing the game through their smartphones when they were set upon by three women and four men.While the wounds weren t life threatening, while trying to help her friend, Zacariya Bradshaw was clubbed in the neck with a pipe and mugged.Police in Northern Ireland had to explicitly tell players, But there s a Zubat in there is NOT an excuse for breaking into someone s house, or even wandering round their property.While the idea of a game that takes millions of people and forces them to go and walk around their neighborhoods is new, the real world impacts of gaming and technology are certainly not.The rise of physical gaming
Just don't go on Facebook, people.But the arsenal he showed - a mix of open source intelligence, custom tools, a knack for correlation and experience in how to siphon personal information - show how identity theft and worse are not hard to accomplish.And also how the most locked-down Facebook accounts leak like sieves.You can see they are Kanas plates because of the colour, the way they are shaped, and how many letters and numbers it has, Nixxer says.A well-loved playground in the house's back yard points to at least some young children in the home.There is a local school in town, and a local gridiron team, and that's information you could use to help craft phishing attacks, Nixxer says.
Cameras have become a critical aspect of smartphones for the past year or so, to the point that now almost every new flagship is waiting in line for a DxOMark verdict.While definitely not the only game in town, the name has become synonymous with digital camera benchmarks.Which is why Lenovo, Moto, and Verizon should count themselves fortunate that the site has just given the Moto Z Force Droid the second highest score so far, second only to the HTC 10 and the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and surpassing any of Apple's iPhones.On the one hand, it's not that surprising, as the Moto Z Force Droid is advertised to have one of the best camera technology and components in the smartphone industry.Aside from a high resolution 21 megapixel sensor, it boasts of Phase Detect AF, Laser assisted AF, Optical Image Stabilization, and Deep Trench Isolation DTI .Of course, that's the marketing spiel, and doesn't guarantee real world performance.
Pokémon Go is bringing people together in the real world like no video game ever before, but another company is stepping in to combine online chatting with these physical meetups.RazerGo is a new app from Razer that enables location-based chatting using your GPS on iOS and Android.It will launch today on the Apple App Store and Google Play market.The company is positioning this as a companion to Pokémon Go so that players can find others in their town playing the game.Pokémon Go is an app that uses Google Maps data to empower players to catch virtual pocket monsters around their towns.This has led to people swarming parks and other points of interest in search of the digital creatures.But now, with the help of RazerGo, players can plan a meetup with strangers or acquaintances before leaving their homes.
Parishioners who had far to the medieval Nederluleå Church could dispose of cottages and stables when they were at worship. It is the best preserved church town in Sweden, dating back to the 1600s. It consists of 405 cottages and church stables. There have been 71 church villages Vanhakaupunki in Sweden, but today it remains only 16th The first map of Gammelstad designed 1817th Many of today's homes are included, and some had already been in generations.
Mercedes' Future Bus could actually make travelling by public transport enjoyableMercedes-Benz has road-tested its semi-autonomous Future Bus in Amsterdam to offer a glimpse of the future of public transport – and it looks a lot more luxurious than today's standards.Mercedes' futuristic bus comes equipped with radar, cameras and the automaker's CityPilot connectivity platform, which allows it to self-drive.The vehicle has a top speed for 43mph and is capable of accelerating, steering and braking itself, and will even stop automatically at bus stops to pick up passengers.It is currently being put to the test on the 20km Bus Rapid Transport BRT link between Amsterdam's Schipol airport and the town of Haarlem, North Holland.The interior of the Future Bus is inspired by city parks and public squares, claims Mercedes
STUNNING: Google Maps reveals this hidden beach in GlasgowForget booking a flight to the Maldives as it appears the UK has something just as idyllic.Searching for Bishopbriggs on Google Maps reveals the town has a stunning white sandy beach and crystal clear blue sea.The town, which is a few miles north of Glasgow, also features beach huts and posh swimming pools.However, before you pack your bags and book a flight to Scotland there's some bad news.A mix-up at Google has replaced an image from the town with a picture from the Constance Le Prince Maurice resort on Mauritius in the Indian Ocean.
Making cocktails for a large group of people can be vexing.Do you make a big batch beforehand, and risk wasting booze?Do you play bartender all night, mixing up individual drinks and potentially missing out on the fun?I suggest you do neither, and instead turn your guests into amateur bartenders with recipe cards.All you have to do is a pick a cocktail or cocktails , buy the ingredients for your libation of choice, and print out a few recipe cards to hang out at the cocktail station.Set up your station with the required booze, mixers, garnishes, and glassware, and let your guests go to town playing mixologist.